07 December 2023

Inching over the line ...

Back in one of my regular gym steam rooms ...

And I ended up beside a beautiful asian guy the I recognised from a previous visit

I wasn't sure if he was up for it this time ... but after other guys left ... he started playing with himself

I still wasn't sure if he was up for some interaction ... but after a minute I decided to risk it, and reached over and touched his right nipple ... which he seemed to like ... so then I went for his left nipple ...

And then I reached down to play with his balls - which were completely smooth!

And then had a little play with his ass

And then he started playing with me 

I've written before about how I prefer shooting a load when I'm standing up ... but the trouble is that this sometimes freaks out guys in the steam, as they worry about getting caught ...

But this lovely guy didn't react when I stood up and positioned myself between his legs ...

And shot my load on him!


01 December 2023

just in time delivery

It was a busy evening in the steam room ... and I ended up with the ridiculously hot slim guy on my right hand side ...

I'd seen him plenty of times there - we even exhange short greetings in the changing room ... but I realised that I'd never actually seen him expose himself ...

But since he was getting it on with the guy on the far side ... I finally got to see what was under his towel ... and it was strangely comforting that a guy this tall and hot could actually have quite a small member

It would be unfair if he'd received too many gifts in life - he gets plenty of attention as it is!

Whilst the guy who only seems interested in the porn star sized dick kept to himself at the far end ... the four other guys and I were enjoying things ...

And before long I shot my load ... and just as I was finishing ... the lights went out, and the gym staff closed the steam room for the night !

Good timing


30 November 2023

revisiting the scene

There's a nearby department store with a men's toilet that can be enjoyable ... and whilst I don't often visit it ... occasionally I'm in the mood for something more public than the steam room ...

On a recent visit there was a south asian showing off his beautiful uncut member ...

But whilst he didn't seem to worry about the straight guys around him ... it was a bit too busy for me ... so I left without emptying my balls

A couple of weeks later I stopped by to see if the uncut guy happened to be there again ... sadly he wasn't ... but it was quieter this time ... and one guy was clearly up for it ...

And whilst I wasn't really into this guy ... I closed my eyes and thought back to the hot uncut guy stroking ... and before long I exploded!


29 November 2023

prince albert

I was in one of my gym steam rooms where the benches are in an L shape - so I had a good view of guy on the other side

I wasn't sure if he was up for it ... so I made the usual indication that I was ... and waited to see if he responded ...

It took a while, but eventually he did ... and after a while he unveiled his equipment ...

And it was a lovely dick ... with an impressive piercing ... which isn't something i've seen in ages

After a while it was clear that he was about to shoot ... and previous ejaculations from guys with PAs have all been underwhelming ... but this guy produced a really impressive load

I couldn't help myself and scooped it up and used it as lube on my own dick ... which seemed to surprised him!

And he waited for me to arrive ... which was good of him!!


28 November 2023

stuck in the middle with you

I was recently in my regular gym steam room ... and I ended up between two lovely east asian guys ...

It was progressing nicely ... but we got interrupted ... and I wasn't in the mood for waiting ... so I decided it was time to shower and leave

And whilst I don't normally risk shower fun in this gym ... I'm really bad at stopping another guy entering my shower cubicle ...

It turned out to be one of the guys that I'd previously had some fun with ...

And he was just as good this time at helping me get off ... and he got off too!


27 November 2023

how old are you?

gym steam rooms are strange places - strange things happen, and strange conversations occur!

recently I was in a steam room with two guys ... and before long things started to get interesting ... and one guy took off his swimming togs to expose a partially erect member

the other guy needed a break and left ... so it was just me and the recently naked guy ...

and before we got down to business ... the newly naked guy asked me "how old are you?"

seriously, wtf - i've had some strange conversations in the steam room before ... but this was a new one!

after avoiding the question ... we started making progress ... and he wanted to see me shoot ... but didn't seem interested in shooting himself ...

which is ok, as I like an audience ... but two cumshots is always better than one!

after I'd finished the newly naked guy took a break ... and the other guy returned ... and wanted an update

I mentioned the strange question ... and apparently the newly naked guy asked him the same question too!

I guess we all have our own idiosyncrasies ... but that one really is different!!


26 November 2023

five in a row

I wrote recently about a strangely unexciting encounter with three other guys in the steam room ...

And just a few days later I was back in the same steam room ... this time there were five of us ... and it still didn't work!

I think part of the problem is that there was a bit of a gap between each of us ... which didn't encourage interaction ...

And whilst personal interaction with another guy is preferable ... even just seeing other guys enjoying each other is fun!

So despite there being five of us - there was zero interaction ... with a rather flat outcome


25 November 2023

Left Handed

I'm right handed ... and I'm not really good helping a guy with my left hand ... so if you end up in the steam room on my left hand side - don't expect a great service!

The other day I'd enjoyed the attention of a lovely asian guy on my left ... and I'd enjoyed my explosion ...

And was manipulating him using my left hand ... not expecting great results ...

When without warning he started to shoot !

Maybe my left hand action is better that I thought ... or maybe he was just really horny ...


24 November 2023

me before you

usually when I'm with a guy - either in the steam room or in any situation ... they want me to shoot a load first .. and the sight of a guy cumming helps to push them over the edge

but recently I was having some fun with a guy ... and after getting blocked in the steam room we ended up in a shower together ...

and he expressly stated that he wanted to shoot first ... possibly the first time i've ever heard a guy say that!

i was happy to see him ejaculate ... and quickly returned the favour


23 November 2023

Strangely Unexciting

Usually when you get four guys going for it in the steam ... it's fun!

But I recently had a session which didn't seem to work for any of us

The guy on my left seemed to barely be hard ...

And the two guys on my right seemed to be struggling to perform!

I still shot a load ... but it was strangely unsatisfying


22 November 2023

seeing the boyfriend

gym steam rooms are great places for partnered guys to have some fun on the side in a dark location!

and whilst in the real world I try and avoid partnered guys, in the steam room, a hot guy is a hot guy!!

but usually you don't know who is partnered (unless they are together in the steam) and who is single ...

the other day ... and multiple attempts ... we finally got an excellent session going ... including a guy with a porn star sized dick ... and another guy who only seems interested in the porn star sized dick ... and a hot latino guy ... and me!

afterwards my locker happened to be beside the hot latino guy ... and I noticed his boyfriend's photo on his mobile phone lock screen!

it's not oftern that you see a guy's partner just after helping him shoot!!


21 November 2023


one of the gyms that I visit regularly has a changing room with a strange little mini upper level

if you keep getting frustrated in the steam room - sometimes guys will go upstairs and enjoy each other there!

it's a weird setup and I try to avoid using it ... but the other day I kept getting frustrated in the steam room ... and I was pretty sure that one of the guys I'd been playing with (and had recently enjoyed) had gone upstairs ... so I decided to risk it ...

there were two guys there ... and I think I'd just missed their cumshots ... but they seemed keen to help me out ...

and with the attention of two guys ... it wasn't long before I exploded!


20 November 2023

in front of the picky guy

in the gym chain that I use there's about four or five gyms which have reliably good steam rooms ... so you get to recognise the regulars!

there's one particular guy who isn't particularly young or hot, but is only interested in younger guys - and spends hours in the steam waiting for his type of guy

but for those of us with broader tastes, we have to just ignore the picky guy and get on with business!

on this occasion I was enjoying myself with a guy ... an expressed my appreciation in the usual way ... but sadly the other guy didn't

it was only later on when I saw the other guy in the changing room that I realised he was considerably older ... so maybe it takes him longer to build up to an eruption!


31 October 2023

wham bam

whilst I clearly enjoy using gym steam rooms ... sometimes it can be a frustrating business ... there's just so many ways for things not to work out - straight guys / shy guys / guys who aren't into you / staff interruptions ... the list is long! 

and this can result in it taking a long time for the stars to align ... and for fun to happen ...

but sometimes the stars align immediately on entering a steam room ... and you've shot your load within minutes ... and are on your way to your next appointment!


30 September 2023

Owe you one !

whilst in porn movies the actors often shoot their loads at roughly the same time - or just after each other for dramatic effect ... in real life there's usually a bigger gap between ejaculations!

and this can be a bit of a problem in the steam room when you get interrupted / fear an interruption ...

but sometimes a guy who shoots his load is just selfish and leaves immediately ... or pretends that he's worried about being interrupted and leaves almost immediately!

another type of guy to try and avoid in future!!