30 June 2015

another session with the guy who lives nearby

I sometimes meet up with a guy who lives really closeby ... they are usually quite quick sessions ... and sometimes not very memorable - looking at the messages on my phone, I think I failed to blog an encounter back in January !

I met up with him recently ... it was quite pleasant ... but he is slighly paranoid about not making too much noise, so his neighbours won't hear ... which is a bit dull !!

Maybe next time I can persuade him to come over to my place ...

29 June 2015

High and Horny / Party and Play

I'm getting really bored of online profiles with H&H / HH (this term seems to have taken over from PnP / chem session) ... why do so many gay guys take drugs !

I'm so clueless about drugs that when a couple of guys I met up with recently started using a pipe - I didn't even know what they were taking !  Asking friends afterwards, it was suggested that they were probably using crystal meths.

It was a strange scenario - one really fit / hot guy ... and an older, rather unattractive guy ... who seemed to be supplying the cocaine and the crystal meths ... no surprise there !

They were really closeby, and it was vaguely enjoyable for a while ... but it felt like a risky encounter ... who know when they might turn crazy, or what sort of unprotected sex they had previously engaged in.

So I left after about 20 minutes ... without even ejaculating !

28 June 2015

another session with the short young guy

hard to believe that it was September when I last met up with this guy ... he lives nearby, and I sometimes see him on the way to the tube station ...

he really is a sweet guy ... but as I said before, the sessions are too short for my liking ... and his mouth does taste of nicotine - but at least the rest of him doesn't !