31 October 2019

One night in Bangkok

After holidaying in South East Asia for a couple of weeks, I stopped off in Bangkok for a couple of days to meet up with GayBanker who was also in the city at the same time.

After a fun evening out with him and his boyfriend, the second evening it was just GayBanker and myself let loose!  After a very civilised dinner, GayBanker suggested we head over to the gay area, as he was keen to try out some of the erotic gay bars - claiming that he'd never visited any of them on his previous trips to the city!

We walked down the street with the erotic bars - one of them had an open doorway, and you could see a handful of rather unhappy looking guys (and one surprisingly middle aged) pretending to dance on the stage.  You couldn't see into the others, but I'm guessing something similar was happening.  With the "shows" not starting for another hour - we went to another street with more conventional gay bars.

GayBanker had mentioned that there were two bars opposite each other - which were good for people watching.  That sounded like fun, so we selected our seats, and started discussing the other drinkers.  It was noticeable that the gay couples didn't seem to be talking to each other - they seemed to be there to pick up an extra to reinvigorate their sex lives!

In the bar opposite was a middle aged white guy, and a younger cute Asian guy ... but after a while the white guy left - with just a peck on the lips from the cute Asian guy.  I reckoned that the young Asian guy had got nervous and sent him away - but GayBanker reckoned that the white guy had to go catch a flight !

The cute Asian guy knew that we were watching him (amongst others) ... and I got a message on Grindr from a nearby guy (one of many, many nearby Grindr users).  GayBanker thought the photo was the guy opposite us, but I wasn't so sure ...

After some more back and forth it turned out that GayBanker was right ... and GB suggested that I go over and sit with the cute Asian guy ... but that seemed a bit too much pressure to me, and the guy was really quite young looking.  Eventually i told the cute Asian guy that i'd be leaving shortly if he wanted to take a walk and talk ...

GayBanker left first, and as i slowly walked down the little street - i motioned to the cute Asian guy to join me ... which he eventually did.  Almost all my encounters are initiated online (or in the steam room) - so i'm not used to just starting to chat ... but it was fine, and this guy was very easy to talk to - as well as being very cute.

Initially he said he wasn't up for anything heavy - but quite soon he agreed to come back to my hotel room.  We could have taken a taxi back - but it felt less pressure to use the metro ... and it gave this cute young guy an easier opportunity to make his escape if he changed his mind !

Thankfully he didn't change his mind, and a after changing metro line, before too long we were in my bedroom ... and started kissing ...

It turned out that he had incredibly sensitive nipples ... and sucking his lips or tongue also made him shudder!  I've never experienced a guy who was so amazingly sensitive ... to the extent that I didn't risk a 69 sucking position - as I was afraid he might bite my dick whilst shuddering at the BJ i was giving him !

He had a really beautiful body, as well as being incredibly cute ... and he kept looking at me and telling me i was handsome - which is always nice to hear ... although looking at one of his instagram pics later of his previous boyfriend - i'm not sure about his taste in men !

He seemed nervous about penetration, so i thought it would be better to leave that until another time ... i didn't want to scare him off future gay bar pickups ...

I told him that I was sure he would end up back in the hotel room of the guy who had to leave for his flight - GB was correct!  And that I'd wanted to watch him being fucked ... not sure i've ever talked to a shag about him being fucked by another guy ... but he didn't seem to mind ...

He wanted me to come on his face ... the only trouble was the i was so horned up, that it mostly flew over his face - but some of it landed on target !

It took him a bit longer to shoot ... but when he did, he shuddered like i've never seen a guy shudder !  he apologised for the performance - but it was great to see.  i wonder if the shuddering / sensitivity will reduce as he gets more experienced ... or maybe it will reduce with time, even if he doesn't get more experienced ?!

it was a fun evening ... and after a nice bit of cuddling ... i escorted him downstairs where he caught a taxi back to his nearby hotel.