13 June 2019

see you again

i had chatted to this guy a few times on Grindr over the years ... he lived nearby ... and seemed interested in meeting ... but never actually did ...

the other day he messaged me, and was keen - mentioning that his phone battery was very low.  that probably forced him to stop wasting time, as he arrived over at my place very quickly !

he had said that he wanted to suck ... and despite being fairly drunk ... he proved to be an excellent oral pleaser !

he was struggling to get hard - and apologised saying he was drunk ... but i wonder if there's more to it than just alcohol ...

eventually i shot my load on him ... and he must have cum too, considering how much post ejaculatory twitches he had ... but there was precious little of his cum to be seen !

after we had both cleaned up and he was leaving, he said "see you again" ... which is an unusual thing to say !  despite him being a good sucker, i'm not sure i will ask him back ...


10 June 2019

alpha male

as i mentioned recently, i've changed gym chain after years of using one with a good number of cruisy male only steam rooms ...

as well as a couple of male of steam rooms, the chain has a couple of mixed ones where male only action takes place !

i tried it recently after a workout, and it was empty ... but before long a guy arrived wearing speedos

he sat close enough to be a potential player ... and after i adjusted myself a couple of times, he showed definite interest ...

before long i was standing over him with my lad in my hand (so to speak) ... which seemed to surprise him ... and he suggested that i was a real alpha male !  not something i often get called - but i guess everything is relative !!

he then asked me if i was married ... and if i was straight !  which seems odd things to ask before messing around with a guy in a gym steam room ...

before long i had shot my load on him ... but he didn't seem to interested in shooting his own load ... as i suspect he was married !


07 June 2019

inappropriate behaviour

as i mentioned the other day - i've recently changed gym chain ...

i tried out another of their gyms with a male only steam room

and on entering there is a sign that tells users to press the emergency button if they notice any "inappropriate behaviour" ... which was a hopeful indication that there might be some action !

the steam room is tiny - about four guys can sit on the bench - quite close together ... and there's space for another couple of guys to stand

which could be good ... apart from some of the customers are clearly gay, clearly up for it ... but either overly picky or just interested in prick teasing !

i've been there twice and experienced the same situation ... it's so frustrating to leave with full balls !!


04 June 2019

nervous neighbour

i chatted to a nearby guy on Grindr, and he seemed keen ... so i gave him my address ... which is a bit confusing, because there are two separate buildings with the same name, just different numbers !

after a bit of confusion he got to my front door ... and looked worried ... as he said he lived in the same building !

he came up to my apartment, but seemed really nervous, and looked like he might leave ... and said "but we're neighbours" ... so i tried my best to calm him down ... and eventually he seemed to relax !

he was quite overweight, but he carried it reasonably well ... the only downside was that he produced quite a bit of sweat at times - but not all the time ...

he said early on (when he was nervous) that he didn't want to be fucked ... but later on he seemed keen for me to play with his ass !

he had mentioned on Grindr that he hadn't cum for a couple of weeks - which seemed odd ... but it seemed like he really struggled to get himself over the edge

eventually he did

not sure if he or i will be up for meeting again ... but it will be fun to bump into each other !


02 June 2019

shhhhh ...

as i mentioned in a post last week ... i've recently changed gym chain ... to one which GayBanker used to frequent many years ago !

this chain doesn't have so many male only steam rooms ... and even the ones it does have aren't so active as my previous chain ...

but i did manage some minor action recently ...

the other guy didn't interact very much, and was seriously worried about getting caught - even though the glass door isn't that transparent ...

and when i shot my load i groaned in appreciation ... he got really worried, and told me to sush !