31 October 2015

22 hours later

the Label gym will soon overtake the tag date on my blog ... oh dear !

but sometimes a gym encounter can turn into a seriously enjoyable time !!

i was recently in the gym, and saw this really beautiful black guy in the changing room - clearly happy for people to enjoy looking at his body, as he put lotion on his beautifully smooth skin ... walked around fully naked ...

a few days later I saw him in the steam room ... clearly up for some action ... and whilst we enjoyed each other briefly, neither of us got off ...

so when we chatted in the changing room afterwards, I suggested that we meet up sometime ... I didn't realise that he took that to mean straight away ... but after waiting in the lounge for him to finish dressing, it was clear that was what he intended !

which was fine with me - we went back to my place ... and had a very enjoyable session ... and he stayed the night ... and we had some more fun the next day too.