30 September 2016

a strange date

the other day a guy contacted me on Scruff ... but i forgot to reply ... and it was only the next day on the way to the gym that i messaged him back.

we exchanged a few messages, and it turned out that we were both free later on that evening, so we decided to meet up ... and he suggested going for a drink !

it had been a few months since i was on a proper date, and i wasn't really dressed for meeting a guy (and i needed a haircut), but why not ...

i waited outside the tube station, and as guys who i didn't find attractive walked towards me, i kept thinking "i hope this isn't him" ... not helped by Scruff only allowing you to see the most recent chats, so i couldn't look at the facepic that he'd previously sent !

he arrived a few minutes late, and he looked like a nice enough guy ... so we headed off to find a bar.  we had a pint in the bar, and the conversation was good ... so when they started closing the bar, i asked him if he wanted to come back to mine for a drink ...

he agreed, but said that "nothing would happen" ... and since i wasn't massively attracted to him, it didn't worry me too much.

after quite a few drinks at my place and some really interesting conversation (nothing more than an odd kiss) ... he decided to stay the night ... wearing his underwear !

during the night there was some fumbling ... but no ejactulations.

the next morning i walked him to the tube station.

interesting guy, but i doubt i will ever see him again.

29 September 2016

most drunk encounter ever

i've had some fairly drunken encounters ... sometimes it's me ... sometimes it's the other bloke ... but i recently had probably my most drunken one !

i don't drink a huge amount these days, but i got home at about 3am after a great night out with a Uni mate that i hadn't seen in ages ...

i checked Grindr before falling into bed ... but just as i was about to turn out the light, a really hot guy contacted me, and was totally up for it ... and really closeby ...

for the first time in my life, i got out of bed ... put some clothes on ... put a new set of contact lenses in ... and waited for him to arrive !

when he did, he was just as cute as his pics ... and i don't think it was just my beer goggles !!

the trouble was that he was either nervous, or guilty, or unsure about me ... and after some messing around, it felt like he was going to give up and leave ...

we ended up just wanking off together ... and it's a tribute to his hotness that despite my drunken state, i was still able to get off !

the next day i checked Grindr again ... and he had either blocked me, or deleted his profile !

28 September 2016

first day back from holiday

a combination of a two week holiday with family ... and a previous injury ... meant that i hadn't had any sexual activity for a couple of weeks ...

the day i got back home after a long flight, i got a few hours sleep ... and headed to the gym to relax ...

sometimes i can go over a week visiting the gym without any action happening in the steam room ... but thankfully this time i got lucky straight away !

when this happens, it really does make me feel happy that i live where i do !!