30 June 2016

first day back

i had been away for 10 days dealing with a family death ... and first day back in London i headed to my gym ...

walking into the steam room there was one bloke sitting there ... a good start ...

and pretty much as soon as i sat down he indicated that he was up for fun - no point hanging around !

it's good to be back :)

12 June 2016

stop inserting your fingers !

there's a guy that i've messed around with in the gym steam room before ... and the other day we were at it again ... although this time we also tried the sauna ...

i'd forgotten how much he likes to play with ass !

one time he even went and got some soap - the easier to insert his fingers into my ass !

this time he was at it again ... maybe part of the fun for him is for the guy to tell him to stop ...

whatever it is - we both climaxed.

10 June 2016

stop biting me !

i contacted a guy on Grindr recently who said he was looking for "kissing and cuddling" - since i'm a fan of both activities !

he wasn't too far away ... and it took a while (he was a bit tight with his facepics) ... but we agreed for him to come over to my place.

i met him at the tube station, and he seemed to be a nice enough guy ...

it was a pleasant enough encounter ... one interesting aspect was that despite being Asian, he seemed to get sweatier than me !  i quite enjoy it when a guy gets a bit sweaty during sex - so it wasn't a problem.

the weird thing was that he thought it would be fun to get me to shoot a load, by pretending he was about to cum ... apparently he was going to come once we started up again ... but we never quite did !

he wanted to stay the night ... but i wanted a good night's sleep ... so i ended up walking him to the tube station - he just caught the last tube. 

08 June 2016

sucking opportunity

i was going round to a friend's place for sunday lunch ... so i visited a different gym to my usual ones ... i had been before, so i knew it had a male steam room ... but i don't think i've ever managed to get much action.

after doing some weights, i went downstairs to the shower/steam area ... and there was an older guy in the steam room who looked like he was up for it, as well as a straight guy - in his shorts !

the straight guy left, and was replaced by a middle aged guy, who was clearly up for it as well.  i didn't really fancy either of them ... but i was feeling a bit horny ... so i stood up, with my dick not too far away from the younger of the two ...

he took the bait, and started sucking.  sadly he didn't have enough time to get me off - but it was still fairly pleasurable.

06 June 2016


the other day it was late, and i had been on Grindr for a while - but it hadn't quite worked out with a couple of guys that were possible meets ...

this guy contacted me ... and after i sent him my facepics, he said that we had met before - but i didn't recognise him from his facepics.

he came over - and decided that he had definitely been to my flat before - told me that he remembered it being untidy !

we got down to things fairly quickly ... and it turned into one of the best sessions that i've had for a long time !!

he was a bit bossy - he stopped me from touching myself ... and it was sort of fun - because i was a lot stronger than him, so there was no way he could force me to do anything ... but it was amusing that he kept trying.

i always produce a lot of precum (when the encounter is good) - but this time i produced crazily large amount ... almost as if i had shot a mini load, that then dribbled out ... i've not experienced that before.

he arrived wearing a cock ring - which was sort of strange, as he said he had been out drinking with friends after work ... not sure when he put it on !  apparently it gives him a more intense orgasm.

he was mixed race, and his parents spend part of the year in Asia, and partly over here - apparently he is out to his Mum, but not his Dad.  he wasn't really camp, but i find it hard to imagine that either his dad doesn't realise, or his mum hasn't told his dad !

altogether a very pleasant experience.

04 June 2016


i was at home on Grindr around lunchtime ... and was contacted by a nearby guy ...

turns out that he was horny and looking for some fun !

he arrived over, and was fairly good looking (similar to his photos) ... and we got down to business.

it was a bit rushed, but fairly pleasant ... maybe we can meet again with a little bit more time.

i suspect that he's probably partnered - that he only seems to meet at lunchtime!

02 June 2016

is it wrong ?

a couple of times recently i've been in the gym ... and there's been a guy looking for action that i don't really fancy ...

when i'm really horny ... a couple of times i've encouraged him, or got myself off - by looking directly at his dick ... by focusing on his dick, i don't have to admit that the rest of the guy isn't very attractive !

is it wrong ?!

01 June 2016

carribean holiday

i was recently on holiday for 10 days on a Carribean island that doesn't have very good interent access !

it meant that trying to meet guys using apps was difficult ... and was further complicated by quite a few of the guys wanting to be paid.

i did meet a nice guy - first of all we met for a chat ... and he ended up coming back to my place.

despite seeming quite horny ... he said he didn't have time to have sex.

we tried to meet again a week later when i was back in town on my last night - but we didn't manage to.