31 December 2019

i shot beside you

i'd been chatting to this guy on Squirt about trying to hookup in one of the gyms that we both go to ... and had spotted him a couple of weeks previously ... but i'd forgotten exactly what he looked like ...

i'd had a bit of a frustrating experience after my gym workout ... there was a straight guy in the sauna blocking any action ... it looked like there might be some fun in the showers, but that didn't materialise ...

after getting dressed and just before leaving the building, i stopped to use the urinal ... and was joined by another guy ... and we each shot our loads (without touching each other) ...

it was only when i got home and was on Squirt again ... i discovered that it was the guy that i'd been chatting to for weeks !

small world !!


30 November 2019

Not Proportionate

i've written previously how i usually make a few notes after an encounter, and write up the post some time later ...

considering the lack of posts over the last six months, my "writing up" has been poor ... so this encounter happened months ago ... so i can't really remember it, but apparently ...

he had a unusual dick size (i'm guessing it must have been over sized rather than under sized)

he had a smooth body (which i enjoy), he was good at sucking me, and it was a pleasant enough experience

i noted down that i shot past his head (presumably he was lying down on my bed) - which is usually a sign that i'm enjoying the encounter

and apparently his cumshot was nice and creamy !


31 October 2019

One night in Bangkok

After holidaying in South East Asia for a couple of weeks, I stopped off in Bangkok for a couple of days to meet up with GayBanker who was also in the city at the same time.

After a fun evening out with him and his boyfriend, the second evening it was just GayBanker and myself let loose!  After a very civilised dinner, GayBanker suggested we head over to the gay area, as he was keen to try out some of the erotic gay bars - claiming that he'd never visited any of them on his previous trips to the city!

We walked down the street with the erotic bars - one of them had an open doorway, and you could see a handful of rather unhappy looking guys (and one surprisingly middle aged) pretending to dance on the stage.  You couldn't see into the others, but I'm guessing something similar was happening.  With the "shows" not starting for another hour - we went to another street with more conventional gay bars.

GayBanker had mentioned that there were two bars opposite each other - which were good for people watching.  That sounded like fun, so we selected our seats, and started discussing the other drinkers.  It was noticeable that the gay couples didn't seem to be talking to each other - they seemed to be there to pick up an extra to reinvigorate their sex lives!

In the bar opposite was a middle aged white guy, and a younger cute Asian guy ... but after a while the white guy left - with just a peck on the lips from the cute Asian guy.  I reckoned that the young Asian guy had got nervous and sent him away - but GayBanker reckoned that the white guy had to go catch a flight !

The cute Asian guy knew that we were watching him (amongst others) ... and I got a message on Grindr from a nearby guy (one of many, many nearby Grindr users).  GayBanker thought the photo was the guy opposite us, but I wasn't so sure ...

After some more back and forth it turned out that GayBanker was right ... and GB suggested that I go over and sit with the cute Asian guy ... but that seemed a bit too much pressure to me, and the guy was really quite young looking.  Eventually i told the cute Asian guy that i'd be leaving shortly if he wanted to take a walk and talk ...

GayBanker left first, and as i slowly walked down the little street - i motioned to the cute Asian guy to join me ... which he eventually did.  Almost all my encounters are initiated online (or in the steam room) - so i'm not used to just starting to chat ... but it was fine, and this guy was very easy to talk to - as well as being very cute.

Initially he said he wasn't up for anything heavy - but quite soon he agreed to come back to my hotel room.  We could have taken a taxi back - but it felt less pressure to use the metro ... and it gave this cute young guy an easier opportunity to make his escape if he changed his mind !

Thankfully he didn't change his mind, and a after changing metro line, before too long we were in my bedroom ... and started kissing ...

It turned out that he had incredibly sensitive nipples ... and sucking his lips or tongue also made him shudder!  I've never experienced a guy who was so amazingly sensitive ... to the extent that I didn't risk a 69 sucking position - as I was afraid he might bite my dick whilst shuddering at the BJ i was giving him !

He had a really beautiful body, as well as being incredibly cute ... and he kept looking at me and telling me i was handsome - which is always nice to hear ... although looking at one of his instagram pics later of his previous boyfriend - i'm not sure about his taste in men !

He seemed nervous about penetration, so i thought it would be better to leave that until another time ... i didn't want to scare him off future gay bar pickups ...

I told him that I was sure he would end up back in the hotel room of the guy who had to leave for his flight - GB was correct!  And that I'd wanted to watch him being fucked ... not sure i've ever talked to a shag about him being fucked by another guy ... but he didn't seem to mind ...

He wanted me to come on his face ... the only trouble was the i was so horned up, that it mostly flew over his face - but some of it landed on target !

It took him a bit longer to shoot ... but when he did, he shuddered like i've never seen a guy shudder !  he apologised for the performance - but it was great to see.  i wonder if the shuddering / sensitivity will reduce as he gets more experienced ... or maybe it will reduce with time, even if he doesn't get more experienced ?!

it was a fun evening ... and after a nice bit of cuddling ... i escorted him downstairs where he caught a taxi back to his nearby hotel.


19 August 2019

Afterglow - coming back

the play must have made some money, as it's coming back - this time to Waterloo East Theatre for six weeks in October / November.  TodayTix currently have "presale" tickets for 20 quid

it'd been over a year since i'd seen a gay play or musical with GB ... but with him leaving the country again soon, i suggested we go and check out Afterglow at the Southwark Playhouse

the summary on their website says: Josh and Alex are a married couple in an open relationship. But after young Darius shares their bed for a night, a new intimate connection begins to form, and all three men must come head to head with one another’s notions of love, intimacy, and commitment

most of the reviews i saw gave it 3 out of 5, and suggested that what it lacked for in storyline, it partly made up for in naked action ... which sounded ok to me !

one of the reviews even went as far as to say that it was "no Inheritance" - a play that i really enjoyed in the West End last year ... and i have to agree, the writing was a bit uninspiring ... and the storyline was somewhat predictable, and sloppily conventional - if a threesome can be regarded as conventional !

so that left the actors to take up the weight ... and they are definitely competent actors - even though none of them stood out as being likely headed for the big time

they were also all seriously fit / slim - to the extent that one of GB's friends suggested they could all do with a "good meal" !  and they all had very pleasant equipment, that was unfolded at regular intervals.  but for some reason i just didn't find them very sexy.  sometimes i can get quite turned on watching a play - but this time there was no sticky precum in my underwear !

GB suggested that my failure to get excited by them might have been because i wasn't convinced they were actually gay.  it's also possible that it was just so damn hot in the theatre that even the gorgeous Tom Labert from Coming Clean would have failed to arouse me as i nearly melted in the hot still air !

if this hasn't actually put you off - there's still a week of performances left ... and if you want to get up close to the nakedness, Monday's matinee is the only one with more than an odd front row seat left.  maybe the sex and shower scenes will turn you on, where they failed to do it for me ...


29 July 2019

two and a half years later

i had chatted to this guy on Grindr and previously gayromeo ... and by previously i mean off and on over the last 2.5 years !

i remember him once saying that he'd never actually met up just for sex ... that it had always been for a drink or something ...

our conversations often happened after he'd been out for a few drinks ... so the other day when he contacted me, i assumed that nothing would happen ... so i was probably a bit more abrupt that usual ... i was about to go to sleep - so didn't want to waste time chatting ...

and to my surprise, he did actually agree to come over !

he said he'd only had two drinks ... but he did seem a little drunk ... and he tasted like he was a light smoker - but nothing too bad

he was pretty good at sucking my dick - which is always welcome !

i found him a strange mixture of being reasonably attractive from one angle, and then not so much from another angle ... it was a bit weird

maybe we were both a bit tired, but when we did both cum, neither were the most impressive cumshots ever

he has messaged me again ... maybe if we hooked up when we weren't so tired it might work out better ?!


27 July 2019

odd couple

i was back in the male only steam room at one of my new gyms ... it hasn't been a particularly happy hunting ground ...

this time there was an older guy in the corner ... and a seriously hot guy sitting almost beside him ...

the older guy kept looking over at me ... whilst the seriously fit guy wasn't looking anywhere !

i assumed that the older guy had arrived after the hot guy ... but the hot guy wasn't showing any interest in activities ...

the older guy eventually gave up and left the steam room ... and a good few minutes later the fit guy left as well ... after which i gave up and left too !

afterward in the changing room i thought i was making some good eye contact with the fit guy ...

but then he and the older guy left together ... talking to each other ...

wtf, they were a couple !

25 July 2019


in one of my new gyms i recently had a good time in the communal showers

i was back there again recently, and there was a guy occupying the prime communal shower ... so i took up positing at the other end (not quite as well concealed) ...

the other guy was a bit older than i normally go for ... but he had a really beautiful dick ... and he was playing with it ...

we started touching each other ... and he was good at stimulating me ...

i was about to cum ... when a regular user walked into the shower ... oh shit !

the new guy didn't say anything - either then, or in the changing room afterwards when i saw him again ... and i couldn't work out whether he was interested or unimpressed

i really need to be safer - especially as a new member of this chain of gyms !

after i was dressed i went to the toilets and knocked one out at the urinals


22 July 2019

Airport explosion

after my recent near miss with a guy at an airport ... i was back again there a couple of weeks later ...

i'd added him as a Favourite on Grindr ... but he hadn't been online for almost a week ... so i was about to give up and go through security ... when i spotted him ... and he spotted me ... and looked like he might be interested !

i left the security queue ... and headed to the Arrivals toilets where we had previously met ... and within a minute or two he arrived ...

we made a beeline for the disabled cubicle ... and i was soon playing with his beautiful dick ...

he whispered that he had to go to a meeting ... but his dick said otherwise ... and he soon exploded ... he hit the wall with an impressive cumshot.  i guess he was pretty excited !

sadly i didn't shoot ... maybe next time ...


19 July 2019

Tramp Stamp

i started chatting to this guy on Grindr ... and in one of his pics you could see some nice ink work on his shoulder ...

what i hadn't noticed from the photo, was that he had some more artwork at the base of his back !

when i arrived we got down to business straight away - and he was soon out of his single piece outfit - a bit like a sexy onesie !

and his jock strap was soon on the floor too ...

he really had a beautiful body, and beautiful southern european skin tone ...

i asked him about the writing on his back ... he said it was a signature of a "family member" ... i wondered afterwards whether it was an ex boyfriend ?!

the sex was good ... but the only problem was that each time i pulled out of him, the smell of shit was a bit strong ... which really wasn't good !

not sure i've ever experienced quite such a pungent smell whilst having sex

afterwards i was walking around an art gallery, trying not to let the condoms and cockrings in my trouser pockets be too visible !


17 July 2019


i messaged this guy on Grindr ... and he was keen to meet straight way ...

so i had a quick shower and he came around to my place

he was a bit older than his photos ... and quite a bit heavier ...

we soon got down to business ... and he kept saying "fuck my tight hole" ...

which was a bit weird, because either he was using a lot of poppers, or he just doesn't have a very tight ass !

before long he was shooting his load ... and that pushed me over the edge, and i shot mine too


13 July 2019

Airport near miss

i had an hour to kill at an airport before my flight ... it's a small airport which i use regularly ... i was on my laptop in the cafe before security ... keeping my options open in case a non traveller wanted to hookup !

i started exchanging messages with a guy on Grindr ... and he asked me whereabout i was ... and soon after a bloke walked past and looked me up and down !

turns out it was him !!  we arranged to meet up in the arrivals toilets ...

i tried the door of the disabled cubicle, and there he was - having forgotten to lock the door !

he had a beautiful dick, and was quite cute ... and i was well up for some fun ... but he whispered to me that he needed to go and work !

afterwards he sent me a message on Grindr saying he wished he could have gone to bed with me ...

maybe we will manage to finish off what we started another time ...


10 July 2019

shock and awe

after the recent experience, i was back again in one of my new gyms ... and spotted a guy i think i recognised from the steam room at one of my old gyms

since it was near closing time, this gym is always quiet, and there was only one other guy in the changing room

i made eye contact with the guy i recognised ... and he came over to my section ... and within seconds he was sucking me ... and wanking his own dick ...

we got interrupted as the other guy in the locker room moved around ... but whilst he had to stop sucking me, he kept pulling on his own beautiful dick

he was soon after to suck me again ... and i warned him that i was about to shoot, and he readied himself for my load ...

i was really turned on by the experience ... and my first ejaculation was quite substantial ... and the sucker recoiled as he was hit by my semen !

he seemed to like it though - as he soon shot his own substantial load

i think it was only my second ever encounter in a changing room

we nodded goodbye to each other as i left ... so maybe it won't be my last !


07 July 2019

communal showers

after a recent encounter in one of my new gyms ... i was back again recently ... near closing time when it was very quiet ...

in the changing rooms there was a guy who looked like he might be interested ... and we made eye contact ...

i was getting undressed after my workout ... and he looked like he might be leaving ... but i tried to suggest he follow me into the showers ...

and after a few minutes he did !

the showers at this gym are different to most ... there are a number of cubicles ... and then a handful of open communal showers at the end

i don't know why - but i find communal showers quite exciting ... maybe it reminds me of being a teenager and the communal showers at school ... when sadly, nothing ever happened !

the guy from the changing room took up a shower next to me in the communal section ... and we soon hand our hands on each other ...

and before long i shot my load ... followed soon after by hi

definitely counts as a happy ending to a gym session


04 July 2019

low quality ejac

after my recent first activity in a new steamroom ... i've been back a couple of times, without any joy ...

this time there was a guy who was up for it ...

but the trouble was that he was quite overweight - which isn't really what i go for ...

so i wasn't very turned on ...

not helped by the fact that he pinched on muy nipples - despite me telling him to stop

i didn't eventually cum ... but the low quality stimulation was matched by a low volume cumshot !


13 June 2019

see you again

i had chatted to this guy a few times on Grindr over the years ... he lived nearby ... and seemed interested in meeting ... but never actually did ...

the other day he messaged me, and was keen - mentioning that his phone battery was very low.  that probably forced him to stop wasting time, as he arrived over at my place very quickly !

he had said that he wanted to suck ... and despite being fairly drunk ... he proved to be an excellent oral pleaser !

he was struggling to get hard - and apologised saying he was drunk ... but i wonder if there's more to it than just alcohol ...

eventually i shot my load on him ... and he must have cum too, considering how much post ejaculatory twitches he had ... but there was precious little of his cum to be seen !

after we had both cleaned up and he was leaving, he said "see you again" ... which is an unusual thing to say !  despite him being a good sucker, i'm not sure i will ask him back ...


10 June 2019

alpha male

as i mentioned recently, i've changed gym chain after years of using one with a good number of cruisy male only steam rooms ...

as well as a couple of male of steam rooms, the chain has a couple of mixed ones where male only action takes place !

i tried it recently after a workout, and it was empty ... but before long a guy arrived wearing speedos

he sat close enough to be a potential player ... and after i adjusted myself a couple of times, he showed definite interest ...

before long i was standing over him with my lad in my hand (so to speak) ... which seemed to surprise him ... and he suggested that i was a real alpha male !  not something i often get called - but i guess everything is relative !!

he then asked me if i was married ... and if i was straight !  which seems odd things to ask before messing around with a guy in a gym steam room ...

before long i had shot my load on him ... but he didn't seem to interested in shooting his own load ... as i suspect he was married !


07 June 2019

inappropriate behaviour

as i mentioned the other day - i've recently changed gym chain ...

i tried out another of their gyms with a male only steam room

and on entering there is a sign that tells users to press the emergency button if they notice any "inappropriate behaviour" ... which was a hopeful indication that there might be some action !

the steam room is tiny - about four guys can sit on the bench - quite close together ... and there's space for another couple of guys to stand

which could be good ... apart from some of the customers are clearly gay, clearly up for it ... but either overly picky or just interested in prick teasing !

i've been there twice and experienced the same situation ... it's so frustrating to leave with full balls !!


04 June 2019

nervous neighbour

i chatted to a nearby guy on Grindr, and he seemed keen ... so i gave him my address ... which is a bit confusing, because there are two separate buildings with the same name, just different numbers !

after a bit of confusion he got to my front door ... and looked worried ... as he said he lived in the same building !

he came up to my apartment, but seemed really nervous, and looked like he might leave ... and said "but we're neighbours" ... so i tried my best to calm him down ... and eventually he seemed to relax !

he was quite overweight, but he carried it reasonably well ... the only downside was that he produced quite a bit of sweat at times - but not all the time ...

he said early on (when he was nervous) that he didn't want to be fucked ... but later on he seemed keen for me to play with his ass !

he had mentioned on Grindr that he hadn't cum for a couple of weeks - which seemed odd ... but it seemed like he really struggled to get himself over the edge

eventually he did

not sure if he or i will be up for meeting again ... but it will be fun to bump into each other !


02 June 2019

shhhhh ...

as i mentioned in a post last week ... i've recently changed gym chain ... to one which GayBanker used to frequent many years ago !

this chain doesn't have so many male only steam rooms ... and even the ones it does have aren't so active as my previous chain ...

but i did manage some minor action recently ...

the other guy didn't interact very much, and was seriously worried about getting caught - even though the glass door isn't that transparent ...

and when i shot my load i groaned in appreciation ... he got really worried, and told me to sush !


29 May 2019

one date

i'd chatted to this guy for a couple of week on Scruff ... and after a bit, i figured out that he wanted a proper date before we did anything more intimate ...

so we met up for a couple of drinks - and he seemed like a reasonably interesting guy

physically he was smaller than i expected - but he was definitely attractive

he appeared keen to meet another time at my place (he couldn't host) for some naked activities

the trouble was that he didn't seem prepared / able to find time to actually meet

and then when it seemed like we finally might make it happen - he wanted more details about what i wanted to do when we met !

i couldn't work out if he just wasn't that interested in me ... or maybe he doesn't often actually get naked with guys and was nervous ... or maybe he was a bit too self centred to find time for anything beyond his own interests

eventually i told him that we just needed to accept that it wasn't going to happen

he seemed shocked that i was pulling the plug.  but i really can't be bothered with guys who don't get on with things !


27 May 2019

final time with the beautiful guy

after a couple of previous encounters with a stunning looking guy ... i'd had a couple of instances where things hadn't worked out ... so i didn't think he was interested ...

but we ended up beside each other again ... and it was getting towards closing time ... and he was clearly up for it ...

a canadian guy that i chat to in the gym (and i know is gay) entered the steam ... and it was a bit weird - almost like wanking off in front of a friend ... especially as the canadian guy wasn't showing off his (large) dick on this occasion ...

but the stunning guy beside me didn't seem to mind ... as i played with his nipples and dick and ass !

the stunning guy wanted me to shoot on him ... so i did ... whilst the canadian guy watched

but sadly the stunning guy had been in the steam too long - so didn't produce a cumshot of his own

this turned out to be my last steam room encounter at this gym ... as i ended my membership at this chain soon afterwards.  hopefully my new gym chain will also provide some new opportunities ...

24 May 2019

overly keen sucker

i should be able to tell by now that when a guy is really, really keen ... it's probably not going to end well ...

this guy wanted to come over and suck me off ... so i decided i would, despite him not being the most attractive ever ...

when he arrived he also turned out to be more overweight that his photos suggested ... but i still didn't say know, and we went up to my flat ...

he was a bit rough with my nipples and my dick ... and i told him more than once that i wasn't into it

i'm not sure if he was just too keen and over excited, or he was just selfish as that's what he wanted to do

whatever the reason - he won't get a second invite !


21 May 2019

surprise me

i'd been chatting to this guy on "romeo" for a while, but we hadn't managed to hook up ...

but late one evening, we agreed that i would visit him ...

the trouble was that he turned out to be significantly heavier than his photos ... and he somehow looked more feminine too - not sure how that happened

he was really, really keen to suck me off ... the trouble was that he wasn't particularly good at it !

i tried to encourage him to put more suction into it - but he didn't seem to get it

he wanted me to cum in his mouth ... and told me not to give him any warning ...

eventually i did - which was quite fun, as most guys want to know in advance

unfortunately he didn't shoot his load - apparently he'd wanked off a couple of times previously that day

sadly i won't be back !


18 May 2019

Pushed away

i wrote ages ago about the comedy of guys wanting to sit beside the big dicked guy in the steam room ...

little did i know that i would embarass myself with similar behaviour !

it was getting close to closing time at the gym - so we needed to finish things off in the steam ...

the straight guys had just departed - so there was rush to make things happen ...

the beautiful guy that i'd messed around with twice before was the centre of the action ... an overweight guy was on his knees sucking him ... and and not very attractive guy was sitting beside him ...

since i knew the beautiful guy liked to have his nipples played with - i stood in front of the seated guy, and leant over to touch the beautiful guy ...

the trouble was that the seated guy didn't like me making a move on his man ... to be fair my legs were making contact with him ... so i can see why he might take offence ...

and the seated guy pushed me away ... not just once, but repeatedly !

i know what i did was out of line - i will definitely endeavour to behave better in the future.


15 May 2019

Sleep apnea guy

after not hosting a guy at my place in months ... two followed in quick succession ... followed by a third ...

we got down to business pretty quickly after he arrived ... and he turned out to be a good kisser - which is always a great way to start ...

not for the first time - he seemed to want to Bare Back ... without ever having discussed it in advance ... but it's not something i do ... so i avoided that !

it wasn't long before we'd both shot our loads ...

and thankfully he was able to stay for some post coital cuddle time ...

he'd mentioned that he had only been in the country for a few days on holiday ... and i guess combination of sex and time difference was what caused him to fall asleep in my arms after just a few minutes !

it was nice to hold this beautifully smooth malaysian guy as he slept ... but the trouble was that he suffered from sleep apnea - so i had to shake him every now and again to get him to breathe !

after a bit of a snooze he woke up, and headed off ...

nice guy


12 May 2019

older guy

steam room encounters range from fantastic to fairly rubbish / odd ... this one definitely fell into the latter category ...

it was one of my regular gym steam rooms ... and it was just this one guy (who was a bit older than i normally go for) and myself ...

i was feeling horny, so decided that i would go for it ... and before long i'd shot my load on him ...

he almost seemed too eager ... and also rather odd ... but he didn't shoot ...

i guess you win some, and you (half) lose some !

09 May 2019

another no pics visitor

these days i never meet guys without seeing their facepics ... and of course i have facepics to swap ... but i don't have dickpics ... and some guys require images of my crown jewels in advance - so i miss out on those potential encounters !

but i recently met a guy who didn't seem that bothered about seeing my face in advance - which was unusual ... and within a week i'd met another guy who didn't even ask for my facepics ...

he was a nice enough guy ... but he could have been more freshly washed ... and he was relatively hairy - which is a bad combination !
after messing around for a while, i started penetrating him ... and i accept that if you're going to mess with a guy's ass, shit is an occupational hazard ... but i don't think i've ever end up with brown on my own stomach !

it wasn't particularly sexy, so i decided to move things along ... and i wanked him off ... and quickly follow up with a load of my own ... which accidentally hit his face ... which he didn't seem to worry too much about

he stayed for a good while afterwards - letting me hold him, which i alway enjoy.  but he didn't speak a huge amount himself ...

it seemed like he really was bi (not just trying to convince himself) - and that most of his previous experience was with women.  like the previous guy, he was a lot more mature than you'd expect for somebody in his early twenties.  i got the impression that one of his parents might have died when he was young (but i could have over interpreted) - but he was obviously close to his brother, which was good.

he seemed somewhat unhappy with himself - maybe he really was only trying to be straight ... who knows.

suspect he's the sort of guy who will delete the app ... and download it again in a few months !


06 May 2019


whilst i'm still currently sidelined due to a crotch rash ... here's a gym encounter from beforehand ...

i'd had dealings with this guy previously ... on that occasion he shot, but i didn't

this time, we were again in showers opposite each other ... and he soon began to grow in size ...

before long we were back in the steam again ...

and this time i shot my load on him ... and he followed soon afterwards with a load of his own

he really is older and more overweight than i normally go for ... but i can't resist his beautifuly smooth black skin


03 May 2019

This is going to be good

since i'm currently out of action due to a medical issue that's Probably not Thrush ... this event happend before i was sidelined ...

i had chatted months and months ago to a guy on Squirt ... but he didn't have any facepics ... so i didn't meet him ...

but he contacted me again recently - and this time he did have photos of his face ... and whilst they weren't the best pics ever - i thought he was worth meeting ...

so he hopped in an Uber and made his way over to my place - since he wasn't able to host ...

and i never quite got around to sending him my photos - i'm not even sure if i have ever uploaded any to Squirt - since it's not a site i really use to meet guys

as usual i went down to the front door of my building to meet him - to make it easier to say no ... but there was no need to say no, as he was better looking than his photos !

as we entered my flat he said "this is going to be good" - with just a bit of excitement in his voice ... which seemed like an odd thing to say

we got down to business straight away ... and he turned out to be pretty good

afterwards i asked him what age he was ... and he claimed to be 20 years old ... but he seemed way more mature than that ... and too good at sex for somebody that young !

he didn't hang around for long - as he was flying out that evening

after a couple of less than excellent experiences, i now try to limit myself to guys above 25 years old ... but i might make an exception (again) for this guy if he asks !


30 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day thirteen

Today's job was to go back to the clap clinic and get my dick checked out !

It's still not fully healed - there's still a bit on the tip of my dick that's still a bit gooey ... but it's a huge amount better than before

A very nice female doctor made me very comfortable whilst manhandling my manhood - unfortunately the male doctor who saw me last time wasn't working today

Today's doctor agreed with last week's doctor (as they tend to do) - that it was most likely a reaction to medicine that I'd taken ... and suggested it should be fully cleared up in a week ...

That will be three weeks without sex - what a waste of my life !

As usual there was some interesting people watching to be done in the clap clinic waiting room - a couple of guys scratching their groins was fairly standard ...

what was more interesting was a couple (hetero) who were quite happy to be there together - and were both being seen by doctors.  I'm guessing that they were condirming they're both free of STDs before dispensing with condoms ... as i'm guessing they wouldn't be that happy if one of them had just picked up something !


26 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day nine

I finally did a trip into the city centre on day seven - I couldn’t walk very fast as my dick rubbing against my underwear was unpleasant / sore.

On day eight i went into town again - and it was definitely getting a bit easier. 

I phoned the clap clinic this morning for my results - all of them came back negative. Although the doctor did emphasise that since the herpes swab was taking more than a few days after it first appeared, the test result would probably show negative.

It turned out that the doctor didn’t even bother testing for Thrush / Candida - either it was too long after the original outbreak, or he was so confident it wasn’t that.

So I’m left with “wounds” that are still oozing / messy, but gradually getting better. The doctor told me to complete the course of antibiotics and anti virals - despite the test results all being negative.

The doctor I saw on Day Six said that I shouldn’t use any soap or other cleaning product on my dick - just “ bathe in salt water”. This is easier said that done when you only ever shower, and you wash your hair in the shower !

The results doctor today said I should still attend the follow up appointment, even though it is gradually improving.

Postcript - the clinic's IT system finally caught up a week later and sent me a text msg with my results:

Rectal: Negative
Throat: Negative
Urine: Negative

Urine: Negative
Rectal: Negative
Throat: Negative

On the phone, they also said that my HIV, syphillis, herpes and bacterial tests were all negative


23 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day six

So after five days where the rash didn't go away, and my dick was getting more manky ... i went to my local STD clinic (after being turned away by my local hospital the previous day) ...

On arrival you thankfully don't have to explain verbally what your symptoms are - which you do at the hospital A&E.  At the clap clinic they give you a piece of paper with lots of options to tick ... so i selected the "manky dick" box and handed it back to the receptionist !

She immediately sent me up to the treatment floor with the form I'd just ticked.  The next receptionist took the form and told me to take a seat.  It's usually fun to people watch at the clap clinic - but it wasn't so busy today, so there was less drama unfolding.

When my turn came, the doctor summoned me as "mister X" - rather than by my first name ... am I getting too old to be called by my first name ?!

I explained the last five days of woe ... and he asked me if I'd been taking any medication.  I mentioned some anti inflammatories a few weeks ago, and the hayfever pills.  He suspected it was the Ibuprofen, and that previous incidents of Thrush (he kept calling it candida, he never used the word Thrush) might actually have been drug reactions as well.

I even mentioned that the blisters appeared the day after I'd masturbated ... oh the shame !

He took a look at the mess - and told me that he didn't think it was herpes, and probably not candida either, as he would have expected candida to have cleared up by now.

He took swabs of my dick, and a decent vial of blood.  And he got me to go do a urine sample, and to swab my own throat and ass - separately !

Since it would take a while to get the test results, he decided to give me both antibiotics and anti viral medication, just in case.  I guess he reckoned that after five days, it has been long enough.

So there we are - maybe it wasn't even Thrush ... maybe we will never know.

One thing is for sure - I'm not taking those same bloody hayfever pills ever again !

22 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day five and a half

After a comment on my earlier post today ... i remembered that way back the first time i had Thrush, i was given a single pill to take ...

The commenter suggested that i should get "fluconazole" from my pharmacy ...

So i did a bit of research in advance, and discovered that fluconazole is the active ingredient in Canesten Duo - which is a combined pill and ointment treatment that's available over the counter

I had a look at an online pharmacy that i'm registered with, but this Duo treatment only showed up in the women's section ... so i was forced to head off to my local high street outlet ...

I asked the nice pharmacy man for it - pointing it out behind the counter ... and confirmed that it was for me ... and confirmed that i'd had the active ingredient before ...

But when the pharmacist read the container - he informed me that it was only for female customers ... that if a male customer wanted it, then i would need a prescription !

I should have just said that it was for my "girlfriend" ... and dared him to call me out !!

So off i wander to my local medical clinic, and inform the receptionist that I'm looking for a prescription for the Thrush tablet ...

After not too long a wait I see a doctor, and explain my Thrush symptoms, and the blisters, and the prescription i'm looking for ...

But the doctor tells me that blisters aren't normal for Thrush, and that it might be herpes !

But his clinic doesn't do STD examinations - so i will have to go to the STD clinic tomorrow


Probably not Thrush - day five

i guess it was inevitable that those blisters would burst ... but i had thought that maybe they were just full of air, and they would just deflate !

so the reality of liquid oozing from my dick was not pleasant ... but it wasn't vomit inducingly awful either ... just unpleasant.

the trouble is that now i can't put any more thrust cream on my dick for a while, until the blisters dry up.  but considering that i might have previously been putting too much on (maybe that's what caused the blisters in the first place) - maybe it's not such a bad thing.

the general itchiness is maybe a little higher than yesterday, but hard to tell what is the main thrush, and what is the blisters.

the redness might be slightly higher than yesterday, but not much different.

part of writing this day by day account was so that i would be able to refer to it in future, as i can't remembe how long it took previous instances to fade ... i think maybe a week, but considering my current state - i suspect this one will be more like 10 days before i'm fully recovered

21 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day four

I had hoped that those grim looking blister type things on my dick would miraculously disappear overnight ... but they didn't !

I think they might have gone down a bit, at least some of them ... but a couple of them don't look any better

My dick continues to look a bit less red, and it's definitely less itchy that before

I managed a decent gym session today - previous days my dick has been a bit sensitive to risk too much clothes rubbing.  No steam room though !

I finally got around to reading the instructions - it says to apply the cream two or three times a day ... maybe i was doing it too often

It also says that blisters are a possible side effect of the cream - so maybe it wasn't the wank which did it!


20 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day three

Oh shit - i really should not have had that wank last night ...

I know have weird sort of air blister looking things on my dick !

That really was the most high cost masturbation event ever :(

On the upside, my dick continues to look a bit less red, and feel less itchy

A few more ointment applications throughout the day ...


19 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day two

I woke up the morning of day two - and my dick was probably a bit less itchy

The tube of cream i had left over from last time was nearly finished - so i visited my local pharmacy to stock up.  Why do they put Thrush cream behind the counter ?!

After a couple of applications during the day - it was looking less red by evening

By evening i was feeling seriously horny ... and worked out that whilst wearing underwear ... and using frottage techniques ... i managed to get myself off

I washed my dick without soap, as i read that it could make Thrush worse, i applied more cream before going to bed ...


18 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day one

I've mentioned before that most of my blog posts are written after the event ... often from notes that i've scribbled down immediately after the event !

This time I thought i'd try something a bit different ...

I woke up this morning even more grumpy that usual ... after a while of feeling annoyed that my grumpiness was still present, i thought i'd take a hayfever tablet, to see if that helped ...

An hour or so later, i started feeling an itchy dick and ass ... so i started to check out my local clap clinics ...

When i first wrote a blog post about my visit to an STD clinic - which i think was my second ever visit - they were probably the best funded part of the healthcare system in the UK ... government was so keen to treat STDs that they put a lot of money into it.  Since then things have gone downhill, with the transfer of funding to local government, followed by cuts in money, and cuts in service ...

The last time I tried to get treated in an STD clinic they turned me away because they said my symptoms weren't bad enough ... and the next appointment wasn't anytime soon.  A lifetime away from my original experience.

I range up a few of the local clinics, and as expected, none had appointments available - some of them were around two weeks away ... and I was pretty sure that they wouldn't consider my symptoms were bad enough to be seen straight away.

A couple of hours later i took a look at my dick ... and it had the same red look from my previous experiences of Thrush ...

In some ways it was a relief that it wasn't worse ... but it means that i will be "out of action" for some days - although I can't remember how long it took last time ...

I found the tube of cream I used last time, and applied it to my dick

After showering at the gym, i applied it again

And again before going to bed

08 April 2019

surprising steam

one of the most successful gyms that i visit has a jacuzzi in the male changing rooms ... and sometimes it's a good place to initiate contact, as lots of guys use it without swimwear

the sauna was broken on this visit, so the steam room was way too busy most of the time ...

but after almost giving up hope, i ended up there with just one guy

i had spotted him earlier wearing swimming trunks - usually a sign that he's not interested in action

as he entered the steam room, he had got rid of them, but he sat far enough away from me, that i assumed he wasn't up for it ...

but then an older guy came in, and he was blatantly playing with himself ... but it got the other guy going !

it wasn't long before i was getting close ... and as the ex swimwear guy was touching me it pushed me over the top ...

three days worth of cum exploded all around me ... and the ex swimwear guy wasn't far behind - but sadly didn't produce a significant load

it really goes to show that you never know who is up for it ... and you never know who will act as the catalyst !


06 April 2019


i don't often write about failed encounters - i try not to remind myself of them ... but sometimes i think it's useful to detail them ... partly to encourage myself to avoid similar situations again

on this occasion i was home late, somewhat drunk, after an excellent night out ...

and a guy contacted me on Grindr ... and wanted to come over ...

he warned that he was a bit drunk ... and when he arrived he didn't seem too bad ...

once he got into my flat i got him to eat some toothpaste as he wanted to kiss - but he tasted really strongly of cigarettes

we got into my bedroom ... but he suddenly decided that he was too high ... he suddenly said that he had taken too much coke ... and needed to leave ...

he apologised ... and left ...

he either blocked me on Grindr, or deleted his profile.

i wonder if he was coupled, and suddenly decided that cheating on his boyfriend wasn't a good idea.  or maybe he just decided he didn't fancy me.  or maybe he really was just too high.

whatever the cause - it wasn't a pleasant experience for me.

04 April 2019

stunning guy again

after missing the stunning looking guy's cumshot due to the lights going out ... when i ended up with him again a couple of days later, i was determined not to miss it !

it was a seriously good encounter ... there was the slighly crazy guy that i've hooked up with before ... a slightly strange guy in the corner ... and the stunning guy from last time ...

the crazy guy wanted to shoot on me - so i let him ...

then i ended up shooting on the stunning looking guy ...

and then i ended up manipulating the stunning looking guy into shooting his load ... it was his ass which needed the most attention !

this was one of the best steam room sessions i've had in a long time


02 April 2019

another stunning guy

after the previous encounter with the guy who looked a bit like tom hardy ... the next encounter was with another stunning looking guy ... whose dick wasn't overly large either !

again he was a bit shy ... and when another guy reached for his dick, i though he might react badly, but he didn't flinch !

it was almost closing time, and they were shutting down the facilities ... as i shot my load on him ...

unfortunately the lights were out as he shot his load, so i didn't get to see it


31 March 2019

smaller version of tom hardy

i was in one of my regular steam rooms recently when i spotted a seriously good looking guy ... handsome looks and a stunning body ...

after endless failed attempts to hook up in the steam ... i eventually threw caution to the wind, and joined him in his shower cubicle - something i try to avoid as the risk of getting caught is so much higher than hooking up in the steam

i realised why he seemed a bit shy in the steam - his dick wasn't overly large ... but then i'm not a size queen ... and the rest of him was stunning ...

so it wasn't long before we both shot our loads ...

i'm not sure if he was high - as he didn't seem to notice that he had snot coming out of his nose ... but whilst it took away slightly from my enjoyment, it didn't stop me exploding !

afterwards i saw him on Grindr, and sent him a message - but he didn't reply


29 March 2019

drawing the foul

there's a tactic in many different sports of encouraging an opponent to commit a foul, so their team is penalised ...

i was in the showers recently at one of my regular gyms ... and a guy in the opposite shower was clearly intrested ... and the more i played with myself, the more excited he got ...

until eventually he exploded

i wasn't really that excited by him to shoot myself ... but it's always nice to see another guy excited ...


27 March 2019

semi solo

i wrote recently about a semi solo experience ... which was due to the other guy being nervous ...

this time it was because i didn't really fancy the other guy ... despite it being in the steam - where everybody looks a bit better than they actually are !

the encounter happened in the most notorious gym steam room - which is laid out with the boiler in the middle, so four guys can fit either side - so it's almost like two semi separate areas ...

the far side had a full complement, and they were all at it ... so that was enough to get me off ... despite the guy beside me not being very attractive !

the only trouble was the i shot on myself ... and my showering wasn't very effective ... as i kept finding dried cum in my pubes for the rest of the day !!


25 March 2019

steam snogging

there was a beautiful Asian guy in the steam room recently - i'm sure that i've encountered him before, but i just can't work out where ...

it was one of those days where we just couldn't get a gay only window in the steam ... and i was almost prepared to hook up in the showers - which is something i try and avoid

but then a window opened ... and it was just the two of us in the steam ... and we snogged and manipulated each other ...

and for once, i wasn't the first to shoot !

23 March 2019

eager sucker

i was in one of the regular gyms recently ... and whilst walking to my locker after exercising ... i spotted a guy that i recognised from the dating apps ...

and soon after i settled myself in the steam room - he arrived in ... and immediately wanted to suck me !

there were two other guys over the far side who i didn't recognise ... and i've no idea if the "eager sucker" already knew they were up for action ... or if he was just a massive risk taker !

since the other guys didn't object to the new arrival getting on his knees in front of me ... i let him have what he wanted ... and soon after i exploded - the two other guys did as well ...

the eager sucker didn't seem to ... i suspect he might have been high


21 March 2019

too fast

there's a guy at one of my gym steam rooms that is always in a rush ... he wants to shoot and leave as quickly as possible ... and whilst i'm a fan of grabbing an opportunity when it presents itself ... he's a little too efficient for me !

the other day i had been in and out of the steam room a couple of times ... and finally i was there alone ... and the efficient guy walked in ...

i was already playing with myself ... and it didn't take me long before i was close to the edge ...

the trouble was that he had arrived in "cold" ... and was taking longer to build up to his climax ...

so by the time i shot, he wasn't anywhere close ... and told me that i was "too fast" !


19 March 2019

foreign affairs

i was on a ski holiday recently and visited the local pool / spa complex

thankfully the spa was nude only ... and whilst it was mixed ... most of the customers were male ... some of them seriously beautiful

but sadly hardly any of them were gay

there was an older guy who was clearly watching me ... and we ended up in the showers at the same time ...

and i felt the need to perform ... but just as i was exploding, he seemed to walk away !


17 March 2019

four in the steam

i was in the second most reliable gym steam room recently ...

the same one where i ended up recently shooting in the changing room - due to a failure to get any gay only time in the steam ...

but on this occassion there were four of us in the steam with sex on our minds ...

four cumshots is better than one


15 March 2019


i was in the most notorious gym steam room recently ...

and there were two gorgeous guys there - with seriously beautiful dicks ...

it should have been a fantastic way to satisfy my libido ...

but somehow it was wasn't sexy.

don't get me wrong, i still shot ... it just wasn't very satisfying.


13 March 2019

first time

it was one of those days where there was always a cock blocker in the steam room ...

eventually i gave up, went to the changing room to get a dry towel to shower and go home ...

but one of the guys from the steam room was at a neighbouring locker ... and he loves to show off ... and it got me horny ...

and the changing room was quiet ... and i was so horny ... that i ended up shooting over him in front of his locker !

that was a first for me ... i must not get into a habit of it


12 March 2019


one of the publicity videos for Sauvage suggests the word can be translated into english as Savage, Unsociable or Wild ...

there's definitely plenty of savagery in the movie - which isn't surprising given that it's about a "street hustler" !

there's definitely plenty of wildness about the main character - he takes lots of drugs and sleeps on the streets or in parks

but i don't think he's unsociable.  i guess two out of three aint bad.

i went to a screening recently with GB where the director did a Q&A - sometimes these events can be fairly dry with the director not wanting to give too much away, but this time the director was really forthcoming.

one of the things Camille talked about was that actors who read the script or auditioned for the role were really worried about the sex scenes, and wanted reassurance from him.  he said that if they were worried before filming started, he knew that it would be a problem on the set - so he rejected all of them.

Camille said that the only thing Félix was concerned about was how to convey emotions considering the scarcity of dialogue in the film - he had no concerns about the violent sex scenes !

Félix gained his first major role in 120 RPM - but that hadn't been released by the time Camille was casting his film, so it was something of a leap of faith to cast the unknown as his lead.  It worked out well for both of them, with Félix receiving rave reviews - and film currently has a 91% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes

If you like european films (there's no tidy Hollywood ending), and are ok with rough gay sex scenes, then this is definitely an interesting movie to watch.

11 March 2019

Plausible deniability

i was in one of my regular gyms the other day ... and was in the steam with a guy i see there fairly often ... a handsome, slightly older guy, who obviously looks after himself really well

i've never seen him do anthing in the steam before ... but this time it was just the two of us ... and we were far enough away from each other that he could almost convince himself that it was a solo activity !

i suspect he's partnered (presumably another guy) ... and if he doesn't touch, then maybe he can convince himself he hasn't done anything ?

after we each exploded, we went our separate ways ...

a few days later i saw him in the changing room, and he looked at me a bit more closely ...


02 February 2019

sauna semi solo

i usually prefer the steam room for encounters ... maybe it's partly what i'm used it, and what i first started with - all those years ago!  but it's also a practical matter - the steam gives you that extra second to "scatter like roaches" to avoid getting caught, it also makes people look better than the bright light of a sauna, and it's also a more pleasant temperature for exertions !

but the other day my local gym's steam room wasn't working properly - so i was forced into the sauna ...

and before long a guy appeared who i'm pretty sure i'd half messed around with before Christmas - but who was too nervous to actually do anything.  this time he was still nervous ... but not as scared as before !

whilst he wasn't prepared to get himself off ... he was more than happy to help me get off ... so i did !

and just as i was cumming he started grabbing at my dick !  seriously man - do you have any idea how sensitive dick is at that precise moment in time ?!

anyway, he seemed to enjoy it all.  next time maybe i can persuade him to shoot too ...


31 January 2019

cocky student

i was back in the most notorious gym the othe day ... and it was mad mix of loads of gay horny guys ... but always one straight to screw things up !

but there was some minor fun along the way ... including a beautiful black guy with whom i nearly reached climax before an uninvited visitor arrived !

and then there was the asian guy who sat really close to me, and with whom i shared some caresses ...

and then in the changing room after we had both given up ... he was happily showing off his dick

what was interesting was that he wasn't the prettiest of guys ... he didn't have the most impressive body ... and he didn't even have that great a dick ... but he was clearly so comfortable in his skin that he was happy to show off ...

as it happened, we both left the building at the same time, and as i paused outside the front door of the gym, we started chatting ... and it turned out that he lived nearby - but in a student hall of residence !

unsurprisingly he didn't want to sign me in as a guest - so we didn't get to finish each other off !!

maybe another time 


29 January 2019

ejaculatus interruptus

i was back in the most notorious gym ... and was left with a odd looking guy and myself ...

luckily the steam was strong, so i could sort of ignore him strange appearance ... and he was quite skilled with his hands ... and i leaned back and enjoyed the experience ...

and just as i was about to come ... the steam room door opened !

i quickly covered my dick - but i was past the point of no return ... so my cum flowed ...

it's been so long since this happened, that i'd forgotten just how unsatisfying it is to have an ejaculation without any pressure applied to your dick - it takes away almost all of the enjoyment, at least for me

it also leaves such a feeling of anti climax and waste !


27 January 2019

not cuming

when i was writing up my recent encounters - i remembered the previous one quite clearly ... and i remembered the following one ... but i nearly forgot about this one !

which gives an idication of just how good it was !

at first i thought that he might be straight ... but his towel was joined at the middle - so there was always a chance that he was up for man fun ...

after the straight guy left ... and we started to adjust ourselves ... he moved over to sit beside me ...

unfortunately though he didn't want to shoot ... and he stopped me when i got him close ...

but he seemed happy for me to finish myself off ... so i did



25 January 2019

Making him leak

I was back at the 2nd most notorious gym (in my chain), and there was a guy in the steam who was clearly up for some fun ... and had a beautiful meaty dick that he was happy to show me ...

but there was a guy on the far side who was behaving strangely - one minute he was popping his dick out of his shorts, but then he would become uptight.  after the steam finished for the day, he roamed the showers like a bitch on heat - just a shame he hadn't shown some of that eagerness in the steam room !

after i'd showered i ended up standing beside the guy with the lovely meaty dick applying body lotion - i find that after time in the steam, i need to moisturise !  his towel was open, and his dick on show again ... and as i moisturised myself, including applying it generously to my own dick - his dick started leaking precum.

i thought that i produce quite a lot of "pre-ejaculate" - but it's usually a result of physical manipulation ... this guy was leaking without even touching his dick ... all he was doing was watching me touch mine !

it was very enjoyable to watch ... but it would have been even more fun to get my hands on his equipment

maybe next time


23 January 2019

2nd most notorious gym

as well as the notorious steam room that i write about ... there's another gym that is almost as notorious - it's the one with the jacuzzi in the men's changing rooms

a couple of months ago i hooked up with a guy there ... and when i'm feeling like a local steam - i sometimes visit the 2nd most notorious gym

just like my last visit - there was a naked guy in the jacuzzi ... and after having a look at him ... he left the jacuzzi and followed me into the steam room ...

before long we were playing with ourselves ... and soon afterwards, i was standing over him with my "lad" in my hand, waiting to unload on him ... which he seemed to want ... so i did !

it was all very quick ... and afterward i had my shower and was out of the gym within about 15 mins of arriving !


21 January 2019

caught in the act

i was back in the notorious steam room again recently ... and whilst there were plenty of guys who were up for it ... there was always somebody who wasn't in the steam ...

there was one particular guy who seemed to be interested ... but then backed away from getting involved - i suspect he was a nervous steamer !

as well as the steam room - there is also plenty of action in the showers beside the steam room at this gym ... and whilst a couple of hot guys looked like they might be up for something ... they backed away ...

but one guy was definitely up for it ... and he had such a beautiful (partly engorged) uncut dick that i was seriously turned on ...

like lots of guys, i had my shower cubicle door open (i was at the end of shower corridor) ... and he came over and started playing with my equipment ... and i warned him that i would be shooting if he kept going ... and he kept going ... so i shot my load all over him ...

i find getting wanked off by a guy where i'm not actually touching myself a really strange love/hate sort of experience - maybe it's the loss of control that i find appealing / unappealing at the same time !

the trouble was that the nervous steamer walked towards us as the guy with the beautiful dick was manipulating me !  the closeted guy took a good look at what was happening ... but sadly didn't join in ...

maybe next time


19 January 2019

Coming Clean

This Kings Head Theatre production has a short run at the Trafalgar Studios, near Trafalgar Square - finishing on 2nd February.

Whilst the play was first performed in 1982, it still feels fresh - as the question for gay couples agreeing rules as to what extra curricular activities they are allowed, are as valid today as they were 37 years ago.  And whilst some reviewers have complained about a lack of depth - I thought that the focus on a single issue, using well developed characters, packed a serious punch.

Whilst the publicity photos feature the beautiful Tom Lambert, and the handsome Stanton Plummer-Cambridge, the other two actors Lee Knight and Elliot Hadley have larger roles (but aren't quite as photogenic).  Elliot's is the most accomplished of the actors, both in his main role, and his minor (german speaking) appearance towards the end.  Lee also puts in an ejoyable performance.

Tom really has a beautiful body that we see in it's full glory in the second half - and he's a decent actor too!  Stanton seemed a bit annoyed at appearing naked, and his performance seemed the weakest of the four actors.  The adverts for the play feature warnings/boasts about "full frontal nudity" - and you never know whether it's going to be natural or forced.  In The Inheritance the nudity was brief, unneccesary and seemily there just for titillation, whereas in 5 Guys Chillin it was much more natural that a play about gay sex should feature nudity - although I can't remember how much there actually was!

The nudity in Coming Clean was probably somewhere in between - it wasn't as brief as The Inheritance, so it didn't feel quite as tokenistic.  But I'm not sure it was actually needed or integral to the play.  However, I'm sure it helps sell tickets - and I'm sure the rather aged audience (of mostly gay men) when I attended appreciated it.  And if you want the best view - the seats on the right hand side (low numbers) are probably best!

Aside from the nudity (which may provide good "wank bank" fodder) - the play is definitely worth going to see, to explore the central issue.  Although if it was written today it would probably have been a single act 90 minute production - it really has aged incredibly well.


18 January 2019

rapid firings

it was a busy day ... i had a flight in the afternoon ... but i had time for a quick workout in the morning ... and a quick visit to the steam to see if there was a chance of any action ...

and there was !  and within a few minutes we had both shot our loads ...

but the guy seemed to want to chat afterwards ... and asked me what i was up to for the rest of the day ... so i honestly told him that i was catching a plane in a few hours !

he seemed a bit disappointed ... but i'm sure he got over it.


16 January 2019

perverted dreams

i guess i have some weird dreams ... but this one seemed particularly odd !

it may have been influenced by me watching a nature documentary just before going to bed - where animals were killing each other ...

but in my dream i had a fight with four guys (i'm not sure i've ever had a proper fight in real life) ... and i successfully beat them in my dream - knocked them all out !

but then i decided that i needed to leave them in embarassing positions ... so to humiliate two of them i wanked them off and left their dicks hanging out of their trousers ... and with the other two, i pissed on them, so it looked like they had pissed themselves !

how fucked up is that !!


14 January 2019

playing games after sex

i'd arranged to go on a date with this guy ... who turned out to be a bit younger looking and shorter than this profile pictures - but still cute

we had a pleasant enough time - he talked a lot, which i was quite happy with ... but i sort of knew that there weren't really any long term prospects with him ... but he was cute ... so obviously i wanted to see him naked !

after we'd been together a couple of hours, and as we approached an underground station - i asked him if he wanted to come back to my place ... which seemed to surprise him.  but he agreed.

the sex was reasonably good ... but he really seemed to want me to penetrate him bareback ... which just isn't something i'm prepared to do with a guy that i've never met before.

afterwards i asked him if he was on PreP - and him muttered a yes, but it wasn't really convincing ... which made me thankful that i had insisted on a condom.

he said that he finds it difficult to cum - possibly related to him rather small equipment (not that i'm a size queen) ... but then he said that he had masturbated that morning ... which didn't seem to add up

anyway, after we'd finished having sex, we had some great cuddling time - which i always enjoy.

but what was really weird was that after a lot of cuddling - he got out him mobile phone, and started playing a game !

i reckon that if they're playing a computer game straight after sex - it's a sign that they're definitely too young for me !!


12 January 2019

rent boy - again !

i've written before about the strange guy who advertises himself on the apps ... although i'm not sure if he actually gets any work !

he seems to be in one of my local steam rooms a lot recently ... and once again he seemed keen for me to produce a load for him ... which i duly obliged him with ...

but once again he didn't shoot himself ...

i really can't work him out !


10 January 2019

well done !

i was back in the notorious steam room recently ... and ended up in a corner with another guy who was up for it ...

we had to be discreet, as we couldn't tell for sure whether the guys over the far side were looking for action ... but thankfully there was enough steam that we could enjoy ourselves without disturbing / disgusting them !

i'm often aware that when an opportunity to have some fun in the steam presents itself, you need to get on and grab it - you never know when somebody will walk in and kill the moment ...

so it wasn't long before i was shooting my load ... which the guy beside me seemed to appreciate ...

as he patted me on the leg - almost like you do to a dog who has just performed a trick !