30 July 2016

bloke on a crutch

by the evening of the "report card" encounter, i was feeling horny again ... and thankfully other guys were too !

i started chatting to a guy who wanted to give a Blow Job ... his english was a bit hard to understand, but we sorted out where he was (not far away), and agreed that i would come over and deliver a load.

on my way, i mentioned that i needed a piss ... and he asked for that too !

when i arrived he was just wearing his boxers, and using a crutch !  he was better looking than his pics - both body and face ... which was a nice surprise !

after he took off his underwear and got into his bath, i complied with his request and emptied my bladder i started working up to emptying my balls ... like the report card guy, he also had a beautiful uncut cock, a real handful.  before too long he was shooting his load, and i had to play catch up this time!

he shot a nice big hot load ... so it didn't take me long to add mine to his.

before i arrived he said that he didn't want chat, just cum and go ... but afterwards we did chat whilst he showered to remove all the liquids from his hot body !

he lives fairly close - i'm surprised i hadn't seen him online before ... maybe we will manage a repeat encounter ...

29 July 2016

report card

i had been chatting to a guy on Jackd for about a day ... and he was keen to meet up ... so the other morning we did just that ...

he was quite cute - a bit smaller than i was expecting ... and nice and friendly ...

we'd had some discussion beforehand about kissing - i'm keen on it, and prefer guys who are too ... but he didn't seem overly keen.  thankfully when we met, he was ok with kissing - even if i had to get him to slow down, to enjoy longer / slower kisses !

we knew we only had an hour before he had to head off ... so we got down to business fairly quickly ... he had a beautiful uncut dick - which always helps !

before we met, he suggested that he was looking to btm that day ... so after some preliminaries, i complied with his request !  he was a bit of a moaner - i suspect he watches a lot of professional porn !  but still, i prefer that than somebody who is dead silent.

i was trying to time our ejaculations so we both shot together ... and i thought he was close, so i started shooting ... but it turned out that he wasn't !  i couldn't keep penetrating him, so i had to use my fingers to stimulate his ass for another couple of minutes, until he shot his load.

he was able to stay for a bit afterwards, which was great ... and he seems like a nice guy - although fairly recently out of a relationship, so probably still a bit fragile.

a couple of hours later, he sent a message saying "Amazing", and that he really enjoyed it.  i couldn't stop myself showing it to a mate that i was having lunch with - who knows what i get up to.  my mate laughed, and said it was like getting a report card at school :)

28 July 2016

steam room argument

i was in one of my regular gym steam rooms the other day ... there was an Arrogant guy - with a good body and a nice dick ... and a more Friendly guy - also with a nice body and a good dick ...

it looked like we might get it together ... but sadly a couple of guys came in wearing swimming togs - a clear sign that they were unlikely to be up for any action :(

i headed out of the steam room to take a shower and head off ... but shortly afterwards i saw the Arrogant guy in discussion with one of the Swimming Tog guys ...

i couldn't work out whether they knew each other, or whether the Swimming Tog guy was complaining to the Arrogant guy ... the conversation went back and forth for a couple of minutes ... and ended with the Arrogant guy telling the Swimming Tog guy to "fuck off".

it reminded me that one does need to be discreet in the steam room !

16 July 2016

jointly and severally ejaculating

i went to one of my regular gyms the other day ... and after working out, headed to the male steam room ...

there were a few guys in there - one of them looked like he might be up for it ... another looked like a possible ... and a third was a definite No.

after a while, the definite No left ... and the likely lad opened his towel and started showing off his twitching hard on ... whilst the Possible ignored it all !

i reckoned that the Exposer must have prior experience of the Possible, so decided that it must be ok to join in ...

the only trouble was that the Exposer wasn't very interactive ... but hey, better than having a wank at home on my own !

15 July 2016

very hot

all steam rooms are not equal ... some are just too hot ... and i'm not just talking about the blokes !

i was in my local gym the other day, and there was mostly just one guy in there, who was well up for it ... but the temperature was just so damn high that he kept having to go and and cool down.

he was the type of guy that if it wasn't for the darkness of the steam room, i probably wouldn't have interacted with ... but we were both horny ... and in the darkness we could use our imaginations to conjure up a better looking person !

eventually after a few cooling down breaks, we both shot our loads.