24 September 2015

High and annoying

I had been chatting to a guy online about meeting up ... we had previously chatted about 9 months ago, but had never actually met up ...

He seemed quite nervous, and probably hadn't met that many guys, as he was quite recently out of a relationship with a woman.  He dropped into the online chat a question about drugs ... and as usual I replied that I didn't really use them, but I was fine with him doing so.  Normally it's not really an issue when I meet up with a guy - but I'm not really a fan.

I went over to his place, and he was quite a bit heavier than his photos suggested ... but I was horny, and he was keen, so I thought I might as well just get on with it !

He was a nice enough guy ... but I think the drugs he had taken (he said that it was some sort of legal high) put him on edge ... he seemed quite nervous and not fully with it (asked the same question again within a few minutes).

Anyway, after a while we sorted each other out.

Before we had even cum, he suggested meeting again ... but I doubt we will.

23 September 2015

Steamroom gaydar

Sometimes it's really obvious when a guy is up for it ... the best indication is when they are in the steamroom fully naked, and looking around - often sitting on top of their towel ...

Another easy spot is when he has his towel meeting at his crotch for easy access - and he starts to touch himself ...

But there was a guy the other day who entered the steamroom ... sat down the far end ... and had his towel wrapped so tightly around himself that he couldn't possibly access his goods !

I looked over at him (he was really fit), and touched myself through my towel - you never know when a member of gym staff will be using the steamroom, so I'm quite careful - with zero expectation that he was going to react ...

Next thing I know, he stands up and unwraps his towel - I think I gasped as his beautiful dick flopped out - and rearranged it so he can access his dick more easily ... and shortly after, he moved over to my end of the steamroom !

Before too long, I manipulated him into shooting a nice load :)

Just goes to show, you never know who will be up for it in the steamroom!

22 September 2015

Trying out V

A few years ago I bought some Viagra (through a reputable high street pharmacy chain) ... as I wanted to see what it was like.

It has sat in my bedside drawer for ages ... and I recently got it out to see what the expiry date was!  Impressively, it still has another couple of years to go, but I thought I really should use it ...

The instructions say that you should take it an hour beforehand, and not on a ful stomach (for maximum impact) ...

I took half a pill ... and waited ... and within 45 minutes, as soon as I got horny, I could feel that it just didn't go down !

The instructions said that I might feel flushed, and get a blocked nose - and I got both of those.

In the end, I didn't actually meet the guy I was expecting - so I didn't get to use it in anger, so to speak !

But a week later, I took the other half of the pill ... and did meet up with a guy.  I didn't feel quite as flushed, or as nasally as before (maybe next time it will be a bit less again).

Both times I thought I was producuing more precum than usual ... and the guy I met was shocked by how much I was leaking!

I'm lookig forward to using the other three pills :)

21 September 2015

Rugby and fun ...

In case you haven't noticed, it's Rugby World Cup time ... and I took a trip to another city in the UK to watch my country play one of the minnows of the tournament !

Sadly I hadn't managed to persuade any of my family / friends to come on this trip ... but that meant that I was able to look into having some fun after the match ...

One of the guys I chatted to online seemed keen to meet, and lived really close to the stadium ... so we arranged to rendez-vous in the street nearby ...

After some confusion I went to the agreed spot ... and he found me ... I'm not sure I would have recognised him from his photos ... but at least it means that my photos must be reasonably representative !

After getting back to his place, and slowly removing each other's clothes ... it turned out that this guy's dick had the biggest head that I think I've ever seen !  Whilst his dick was generously sized, the head was just enormous !!

After a while we both climaxed.  Quite an enjoyable addition to the rugby win.

20 September 2015

Bad timing

I was in the steamroom with a couple of guys recently ... and things started to happen ... but the temperature was so damn high, that I had to get out for a few minutes ...

When I returned #2 guy had left ... and #3 guy was cleaning up having just shot a load ... I really enjoy watching a guy shoot, so missing an eruption is always disappointing !

I asked #3 guy if #2 guy had cum as well - and apparently he had ... double disapointment !

So I sorted myself out, as I watched #3 guy clean up his cum ... so he got to see me shoot ... before he left for a shower.

Shortly afterwards #2 guy arrived back into the steamroom, as I was about to leave ... and it turned out that he hadn't cum !

What a waste of good cumshots ...

19 September 2015

Steamroom halitosis

Sometimes in the steamroom, when I'm getting it on with a guy, they are keen to kiss ...

And usually I'm very happy to partake ... but recently I was enjoying a nice guy, and we started to kiss ... but he had fairly manky breath !

If this happened elsewhere, I would have told him to go and clean his teeth ... but it's not really something you can do in the steamroom ...

So we sorted each other out without any further kissing !

01 September 2015

just say no (3)

I've written a couple of times before about how uncomfortable it is to say NO after arranging to meet a guy ...

8 years later, and I still don't find it easy !

The other day I arranged for a guy to come over to my place ... and to meet outside my apartment block ...

He turned out to be a lot heavier than his photos, and considerably less attractive !

We chatted for a few minutes whilst standing outside ... before I broke it to him that I wasn't up for it ...

He seemed to take it out, and he headed off ...