30 June 2018


when action is happening in the gym ... the steam room is better than the showers ... and interactive is better than separate ... and sometimes you get what you want ... but sometimes you don't ...

this was the latter ...

the steam room was too busy with straight guys ... so we ended up in opposite shower cubicles ... with the doors open ... watching each other shoot our loads


29 June 2018


at the end of my recent holiday in Asia ... i was chatting to a guy who was keen to meet up ... and for me to visit his place

he turned out to be a bit heavier that his photos - but not too much

when we got down to action, he got quite sweaty - which was sort of fun, as it suggests that he was really turned on ... or just unfit !

eventually he shot a load ... but it wasn't very big ... but mine made up for it !


28 June 2018

a canadian

whilst still on holiday in Asia recently ... i got chatting to a young canadian guy who was also on holiday there ... and was keen to meet up ...

the only trouble was that the place where i was staying was quite small, so i was concerned about walking past reception with a random guy !

eventually we had to risk it - and it turned out to be fine - they didn't say anything to us

this guy was ethnically asian, and had beautifully smooth skin - but i think had some serious acne at some stage, as he had some big marks

we seemed to enjoy each other ... and both had respectably sized expressions of our enjoyment


27 June 2018

strange hair

i was on holiday in asia recently and was contacted by an Italian guy who was living there ... but who wasn't sexually attracted to asian guys

whilst i'm very attracted to asian guys ... i'm also attracted to european guys ... and this guy seemed cute ... so we agreed to meet up and go back to his place

it turned out that he was a bit smelly - which wasn't great ... and probably meant i wasn't as turned on and as attentive to him as i might otherwise have been

but we did eventually both get off

he also had slightly odd hair - thin, but stringy !


26 June 2018

don't look up

i've written before that sometimes i get it on with guys in the steam room who i don't actually find attractive

this guy was a bit older and heavier than i find attractive ... but i was so horny ... that i just concentrated on his dick ...

shot my load ... and got out of there


25 June 2018

dangerously blatant

sometimes guys in gym steam rooms have no sense of the risk involved

i don't know if they are high ... or visitors, so don't have to worry about losing their membership ... or just don't care about offending straight guys ... or they are just stupid

this bloke was so blatant about being horny ... that i was almost trying to cover him up in case somebody walked in on us

we both shot our loads standing up in the middle of the steam room

hopefully he won't be back


24 June 2018

right on time

i've written before about how i try not to leave it until just before closing

but it happened again recently ... in the notorious steam room ...

i had just shot my load ... and the tannoy announced that the facilities were closing

hot sensation !


23 June 2018

no touching

finally the refurbshed steam room in one of my local gyms has re-opened ... so i don't have to use the sauna for action !

there was a hot guy there who wanted to play with himself, but didn't want to be touched ... which is always a shame !

normally i try and reserve my cumshots for encounters ... but that morning i had been obliged to wank off at home alone ... but despite that, i was so horned up by this guy that it didn't take me long to shoot again

but he was too slow, and we got interrupted - shame i didn't get to see him cum


22 June 2018

down below

i was in a gym recently where the steam room is mixed, but the sauna is male only ... but i'm not really a big fan of sauna action - i find steam rooms more relaxing for man on man action

but we have to make the best with what we are given !

it was hard to tell exactly who was up for action ... but eventually two guys left who weren't sure ... and it was just me and one guy on the level below who was definitely up for it ...

before long i was spraying my load ... and watching it land on him

i still prefer steam rooms !


21 June 2018

unfeasibly large

i'm not a size queen - i enjoy all sorts of dick

but sometimes it is fun to handle a monster

but handling is about the only thing i can actually do with it !

i do like feeling the weight of a big one - but they really are so impractical


20 June 2018

too much teeth

it's always disappointing when the best looking guy leaves the steam room ...

and you're left with an older guy ... but you're still feeling horny from the good looking guy !

the older guy really wanted to suck me off ... but his teeth kept getting in the way

eventually i shot my load on him ... and he shot his

not a great encounter.


19 June 2018

five minutes left

i usually try and get into the steam room a reasonable amount of time before the gym closes ... partly so that there isn't pressure to perform ... and partly because the steam room can fill up with straight guys just before closing !

on this occasion i was running a bit late ... and the announcement was made that the facilities would be closing in five minutes ...

there was only one other guy there, and knew that we needed to get a move on ... and next thing he's on his knees sucking my dick

i was afraid that my recent use of body lotion might put him off ... but he didn't seem to mind !

i warned him that i was getting close ... so he stopped sucking ... and got me to shoot my load on him


18 June 2018

w1a sounding bloke

there's an excellent comedy about the BBC on the BBC called W1A ... and one of the characters, Will Humphries, has a sweet posh voice ...

and i was in one of my regular steam rooms recently ... and there was a guy with exactly the same voice / accent as this character !

it clearly wasn't him, but it was quite bizarre !

he seemed keen to have some fun ... but sadly i didn't manage to get him to shoot his load


17 June 2018

mixed steam

most of the gyms where i enjoy steam room encounters have male only facilities

i sometimes go to a particular gym that has a mixed steam room which isn't usually very busy ... and where i have only ever once had fun with a guy ... that i brought with me !

i was back in that steam room again recently ... and there was just one other guy ... who was clearly up for something ... and it was very steamy, so we weren't being too risky ...

i ended up shooting my load into his hairy chest !

i will still think of my FWB whenever i'm in this steam room


16 June 2018

walk and cum

sometimes when action isn't possible in the steam room ... i occasionally engage a bloke in the showers

this guy had such a beautiful and large dick, that i was so horny ... that i ended up taking the risky shower option !

i was standing in the corridor between the rows of showers (sort of drying myself off) ... and he was attending to both of our dicks (whilst standing in his cubicle)

just as i started to shoot ... another bloke arrived into the showers ... so i had to leave ...

but i was still shooting my load !


15 June 2018


usually in the steam room (and in general) i'm the one who is more keen on shooting my load ...

but the other day i was in the steam room ... and playing with a guy ... and i managed to coax a load out of him ... but i wasn't actually that bothered about getting myself off

i find there's something very satisfying about wanking off a guy without him actually touching himself !


14 June 2018

refurbished sauna

one of my local gyms has been undergoing a refurbishment - so the steam room has been out of action for months

the men's sauna recently re-opened ... and i found myself in there the other day with another horny bloke ... and before long we were both exploding in horniness !

now if only they would finish refurbishing the steam room too ...


13 June 2018

Another proper date

One of the problems with Tindr for gay men, is that it doesn't give any clues about what sexual preferences a guy has !

I wasn't sure about meeting up with this guy ... but then i saw his Manhunt profile, and I knew that I really did want to meet him !!

we met up at quite short notice - which i find is better than guys who will only plan things weeks in advance

he seemed a bit heavier than his photos, but it was a bit hard to tell as the bar was quite dark, and his jumper was a bit loose

he was such an easy guy to chat to, and was interesting, and seemed really nice ... but there wasn't really any immediate sexual urgency

i might try seeing him again, and finding out whether that sexual spark appears with time ...


12 June 2018

rapid encounter

i've written before about the notorious gym steam room that i sometimes visit ...

i was back there again their recently ... and whilst sometimes the encounters can be quite slow - this steam room tends to go in cycles of very steamy (good) and almost no steam (bad) ... this was was quite the opposite

very rapidly i had shot my load (with a guy that i've seen there before), and was out of there

i spotted the guy afterwards on Grindr, and we had a quick chat ... which is slightly bizarre !


11 June 2018

Metacarpal deep

i've written before about being in the steam room and burying my finger in a guy's ass

this time it happened in the gym showers ... the guy in the cubicle beside me seemed keen to have his ass played with ... so i did !

sadly neither of us actually shot


10 June 2018

Airport fun

the last time i had an encounter at an airport was four and a half years ago !

this time my flight had been cancelled, so i was waiting quite a long time for the next one ... and the devil makes work for idle hands, as they say ... in my case the devil was dating apps !

we agreed to meet in a quiet toilet near the far end of the terminal ...

he had quite a small dick, and he seemed too nervous to shoot his load ... but that didn't stop me !

we chatted online afterwards and it turns out that he is married to a woman, and that he only does such things when he's away from home.

we were on the same flight back to London, but at opposite ends of the plane - so we didn't bump into each other again

09 June 2018

brief threesome

i'm catching up on posting about old encounters ... i try and write a few notes soon after each encounter, which i write up into a proper post later ...

all i wrote about this encounter was "brief threesome" and that it happened in the gym ... and i'm struggling to remember what happened ... so i guess it must have been very brief !

but hey, i guess brief is better than not at all !!