29 September 2018


i was in one of my regular gym steam rooms the other day ... it was nearly closing, which can be a frustrating time, as lots of straight guys use the facilities !

there was a beautiful guy in one corner, who looked like he might be gay but shy ... a couple of straight guys ... and in walked a guy who spent his whole time looking at the other occupants - so definitely gay !

a while later, i ended up in the sauna with the definitely gay guy ... but as i've written before, non regulars don't realise that the sauna glass pattern makes it hard to see in from outside ... so you can get away with much more than you realise !

this guy didn't want to get himself off ... but he seemed happy for me to ... and i asked him if he wanted me to shoot on him (as he stood looking out with his ass facing me) ...

a couple of seconds after he confirmed he wanted it ... i was unloading a few day's worth of cum all over him ... watching it drip down his ass !


26 September 2018

steam room assignation

i saw a guy on Grindr that looked hot ... so i messaged him ... and it turned out that he knew me ... from years ago !

eventually i worked out who he was ... but we last met almost six years ago ... so i didn't feel too bad about not remembering him !!

he seemed to be interested in a date ... but i wasn't sure about that ... so i suggested meeting up in the gym - as that was how we had appeared on each other's Grindr listings !

we agreed timings ... and there was just one other guy in the steam when we got there ... but he soon left, so there was just the two of us ...

we had a bit of a chat ... and started to get horny ... but he seemed quite worried about getting caught ... which was quite funny since my last memory is of him trying to get me to expose myself in the street !  i guess we all change over the years ...

before too long we both shot our loads ... and showered (separately) ... and ended up back in the changing room ... and chatted a bit more.

he isn't quite as hot as he used to be, and he's put on a bit of weight.  maybe we can hook up again in the steam sometime though ...


21 September 2018


i often see Grindr profiles entreating users to visit their "private gloryhole" but i don't think i've ever actually visited one ...

and there's a residential street near my apartment where i've never had an encounter ... until the other day when i killed two birds with one stone !

after a disappointing visit to the gym steam room ... i decided to take this guy up on his offer ...

it didn't start well, as he didn't tell me which floor his apartment was on, and there were lots of doors ... but eventually i found it !

it looked like a rental property ... so it seems like he brought his makeshift gloryhole equipment with him !

i've often written that i mess around with guys in the steam that i don't really find attractive in the cold light of day ... because in the steam you can use your imagination and pretend they are better looking than they atually are ...

well i think the same holds true for gloryhole scenarios !

before i accepted my sexuality, i used to experiment with some "understall" activities - especially on my way home after drink was taken ...

but i don't think i've ever actually stuck my dick through a gloryhole ... under yes, but not through !

he was a pretty good sucker, and the "hole" was big enough that he could use his hand to play with my balls ... which was good

one problem was the material he used for his fake wall - it smelled a bit strange - sort of plastic like ... so i had to make an effort to keep my face away from it !

there was also the issue of it not being solid - so i had to use the sides of the doorway to get a grip, so that i could work up a thrusting rhythmn ...

eventually i figured it out ... and told him that a load was about to be delivered down his throat !

i'm not used to a guy who keeps sucking as i'm shooting - usually they open their mouths at that stage, as they don't want to swallow

but since this guy was eager to swallow, and he kept sucking ... and it felt weird - sort of uncomfortable but sort of good ... but as i reached the end of my ejaculation, i couldn't take it any more, so i pulled out

he seemed to enjoy the encounter, and said "cheers" as i was leaving !

19 September 2018

nervous players

i worked out at one gym, but there hadn't been any action in the steam afterwards ...

later in the day i was near another gym in the chain i use ... and so i dropped in ...

the steam wasn't working properly, but the sauna was ...

it has a pattern on the glass, so guys walking past can't really see in, but from the inside it looks like they can ...

there was another (slightly older) guy in the sauna with me who obviously wasn't used to this ... and got really nervous each time a guy walked past ... which was often !

before long i was shooting my week's worth of cum on him ... and he shot his load in his towel ... not sure how much there was of it, but sadly i didn't get to see it

maybe next time he will be less nervous and will let me see !


17 September 2018

Fiddles, shoots and leaves

the other day i had barely arrived in the steam when and was preparing my equipment to a state of readiness ... when the two other guys in the steam opened their towels and displaying their manhoods !

i don't need a second invitation ... so i accelerated preparations ... and caught up ...

within just a couple of minutes i was shooting my load ... and exiting the steam !

not the most exciting encounter ever, but definitely one of the most rapid


10 September 2018

stand and deliver

i was in the notorious gym the other day ... it was fairly quiet ... but just enough guys around for some action to happen ...

before entering the steam, i'd used the toilets, and whilst washing my hands, noticed a cute guy having a shave ... and we had some eye contact ...

in the steam, a guy with a beautiful dick that i've seen in there before was clearly up for some fun ... but a non player was present, so nothing happened ...

a while later, the cute guy from earlier was there, so i sat down near him ... and before long he was unwrapping his towel, and gettting his dick out ...

since i'm only just over my recent bout of thrush, i thought it best not to have any genital contact ... so i stood over him ... with some leg to leg contact ... and just as he started to shoot ... i unloaded on him ... which he seemed to enjoy ... giving me a playful pinch of my ass !


08 September 2018

thrush is back

just like last summer ... i thought it was gone ... but then in returned

same has happened this month ... after just a few short steam room visits ... it came back ..

so it's back to applying the ointment ... avoiding the steam room ... and no encounters :(


06 September 2018

slobbery and clumsy

it was late, and i was a bit tired after a gym session ... but after a quick bite to eat, i felt i had the energy for some fun ... with a guy who i'd been in contact with earlier ...

i went straight up to his hotel bedroom ... and as often happens, he was heavier than his photos !

we had agreed that i would play with him whilst he had a bath ... which was fun ...

his dick seemed like an average size whilst he was in the water but once he was on dry land it seemed quite a bit smaller

as soemtimes happens with uncut guys who don't have a lot of experience, he was way too rough with my dick ... and then kept suggesting it was my sensitivity rather than his roughness !

unfortunately he was a really slobbery kisser - at one stage i had a pool of slobber on my face ... it felt like dealing with a slobbery canine

he also seemed unware of his weight / size ... early on he squashed my arm ... and later kneed me in the balls !

whilst i'm almost always up for post coital cuddles and chat ... this guy wanted to stop in the middle of our encounter and have a chat ... wtf ?

after a while i was approaching ejaculation readiness, but he wasn't sure whether he was going to achieve it - apparently due to his tiredness ... but he did

my cumshot was pretty respectable - especially considering i wasn't hugely turned on by this guy, and considering i'd had a wank earlier than afternoon


04 September 2018

another couple in the steam

i've written before about a steam room encounter where it transpired that the guys getting it on were actually a couple ...

the other day i was in a different gym steam room ... and it started off with a guy sitting down beside me and playing with his beautiful long foreskin ... but nothing happened between us ...

he left ... and another guy came in ... and started playing with his own dick ... but not mine !

i noticed that the two of them both had wedding rings on ... and i presumed that they were "straight" ... as there was a third guy in the corner with a wedding ring who kept starting at our dicks but not doing much - the classic sign of a closeted guy !!

but whilst taking a break from the steam ... i saw the two brazen guys sitting right beside each other outside the steam room chatting away.  straight guys don't sit on top of each other like that !

they seemed more interested in the overweight closeted guy ... so i didn't actually get off with them ... but an interesting way for a couple to spend their evening out


02 September 2018

three in the steam

i'd seen this fit (slightly older) guy on the gym floor whilst i was exercising ... he was looking around enough that i assumed he was gay ...

and then he arrived into the steam room and looked at me that it was obvious he was gay !

we started to enjoy each other ... but another guy came in ... and the asian guy left

the other guy looked like he was up for it ... and was quite small ... so i assumed his member would be in proportion ... it wasn't !!

the steam was so hot that we couldn't spend long in there ... but eventually the three of us were there ... and whilst we didn't interact at the same time ... it was still fun

before long i shot my load on the smaller guy ... who seemed to enjoy it