17 December 2016

don't touch me

i've written before about a guy who didn't want his nipples touched ... but the other day i saw a bloke who went even further in avoiding contact ...

in the steam room, as soon as a straight guy left, the bloke beside me started jacking off frantically - he was clearly in a hurry !

the guy the far side started to touch the frantic bloke's balls ... but he was pushed away

i started to touch one of the bloke's nipples - but i was pushed away !

he shot his load quickly ... and as soon as he caught his breath ... he got up and left.

i suspect he was mostly straight ... but wanted to shoot.  i wonder if he will relax with time, and enjoy the company of men ?!

14 December 2016

first use of a ...

cock ring !

i'd been meaning to buy one for ages ... but Amex is currently running a "shop small" special offer ... so i made the effort to go to my local gay sex shop - which very handily is part of the Amex deal !

i needed to spend over 10 quid ... so i went for the OptiMale 3 C-Ring set

the other day a guy came over who had already indicated that he wanted to be penetrated ... and once we met he seemed quite a relaxed kind of a guy - so i thought he was a good candidate to try it out on !

whilst the sex was reasonably good ... the trouble was that he turned out to be a smoker - and i suspect quite a heavy smoker.  Unfortunately Manhunt doesn't have "smoker" as a profile field - so you either need to put it in your own profile text as a preference, or remember to ask ... which i didn't

early on in proceedings, i nearly called a halt to things - as the smell of smoke was almost making me retch ... but i worked out that if i avoided parts of him that smelled more of smoke, i was ok to continue !

i think the cock ring worked ok.  we didn't manage to co-ordinate our ejaculations - but we weren't too far apart

he didn't hang around for long afterwards ... but i don't think i would have wanted to cuddle him anyway :(

13 December 2016

The Pass film

this film opened London Gay Film Festival earlier this year - but assuming it would get a mainstream release, i didn't bother even applying for a ticket

i noticed the other day that it had finally been released - but it's only in a few cinemas (and small screens) - so if you want to see it, you need to get a move on !

i think it's safe to say (without giving away any big secrets) that it's not a particularly happy movie !  there aren't any heroes.

but i've been thinking about it a lot since i saw it - which is always a good sign.

definitely worth seeing - just be prepared to be unhappy afterwards !

12 December 2016

higher sex drive

normally i'm the one in the relationship / association with the higher sex drive ... or maybe i'm usually more turned on by the other guy than he is by me ...

but it definitely gives power to the other guy - or at least it makes me feel like the other guy has the power !

one ex-boyfriend - who was a bit of a game player / head screwer anyway - used to really wind me up !!

i'm currently in the unusual position that a guy who i've written about many times - who i guess is a sort of fuck buddy - is more into me than i'm into him ... so every week or so, he sends me a message on Gaydar asking me to go to his place (which is only just around the corner) to have some fun.

sometimes he keeps asking and asking - almost begging - me to go over.

i really only go when i'm absolutely gagging for it.  it makes me feel weird - the strangeness of the role reversal, and the feeling that i'm using him ... but then i guess he's using me too !

11 December 2016

don't stop !

i've always wanted to say that - when entering the steam room ... and the other day, i finally got to !

two guys, both of whom i knew were into man action, covered themselves up as i walked into the steam room ... so i finally got to say it !

not sure why i enjoyed saying it so much ... maybe it sounds like something from a porn movie ?!

30 November 2016

Warning - attending a GB party may result in being groped !

I wrote this over two years ago - but never got around to posting it.
Since I was at another GB party recently, I thought it was about time to get it out ! 

I hadn't been able to make it to a couple of GB's parties/dinners recently ... so it was great to be able to join him recently to celebrate his birthday !

I've met a few of his friends over the years, but there were lots of people that I hadn't seen before ... one of them being the guy he used to refer to as Boyfriend Number 3

Before I arrived, he texted to say that BF3 would be there ... I'm always interested to meet guys that he has blogged about, so it was another reason to make the effort to head over to the other side of town !

As well as GB's boyfriend - who I've met a few times, and who is great fun - and BF3, also there was the original BF1 who I've also met before and is a great guy ... it really was a hareem of boyfriends past and present !!

It was a really fun party ... and it's been a while since I was repeatedly groped in public ... but sadly I didn't fancy BF3 ... and most of the guys that I did like the look of were attached !

It was a fun evening, and GB really does have a great group of friends.

29 November 2016

no nipple touching

i was in the steamroom the other day - with a couple of other guys who were clearly horny ...

i started touching the guy beside me ... he was very happy for me to play with his dick ... but when i went to touch one of his nipples - he instantly pushed my hand away.

whilst some guys obviously love the nipples being played with, most other guys don't mind - even if they don't get much/any pleasure out of it ... i think this was the first guy i've met who actively didn't want it.

thankfully it didn't stop us having some fun ... and watching his abs flex as i jerked him off was particularly enjoyable !

normal service was resumed a short time later ... as i jerked off another guy, whilst a third guy pulled on his nipples !

a busy afternoon.

28 November 2016

it tickles

i was contacted the other day, by a fairly young guy ... and after exchanging pics, he was keen to meet up.

my experience of younger guys is that they don't normally actually show up - whether they get scared, get a better offer, or are just flakey ... who knows !

we had arranged for him to come over to my place late morning ... so as i was having breakfast, i was fairly sure that there wasn't any rush - he would either cancel, or i just wouldn't hear from him ...

but amazingly, he contacted me to say that he was on his way !

sometimes i'm not attracted to younger guys, as it feels too weird ... but this guy was tall, which probably helped, and very cute ... and i was instantly hard !

for a guy who has been meeting up with other guys for less than a year - he was a very good kisser / sucker ... and he didn't rush things

we had a really enjoyable session ... and it ended up with him rubbing himself off on me - no hands used - neither his nor mine ... which i think may have been a first !

25 November 2016

steamroom regular

there's a guy who i quite often seen in the steamroom - but i've never seen him get up to anthing ... i don't think i've even see him make eye contact with other guys, let alone rub himself through his towel !

but he tends to make repeat visits to the steam room in a short period of time ... which is usually a sign that a guy is up for some man action ...

and he's quite cute - so i was interested to find out what his story was !

the other day, it ended up with just three of us left in the streamroom ... with another guy between us ...

and before long ... we were enjoying each other !

we got interrupted before we could christen the occasion ... but it was good to finally find out that i wasn't going crazy !!

22 November 2016

very tight

having not met up with the guy who lives around the corner for over a year ... within a week, we met up for a second time ...

i'd been watching rugby in the afternoon, and was really in the mood to Top a guy ... and before we met up, he had agreed to it ... although he said that he hadn't been penetrated in ages, and that he was "very tight"

despite my best efforts to relax him - he just didn't enjoy it that much ... and whilst it was vaguely enjoyable for me ... it was a reminder that convincing a guy to do something doesn't always work out for the best !

17 November 2016

like a regimental soldier

there's a guy who live a couple of streets away that i used to meet occasionally ... but last time we attempted to meet up - the arrangements went wrong, and he took it badly

a few times over the last couple of months - he has seen me online, and has suggested meeting up ... but either i wasn't horny enough, or i was still upset by his reaction.

a few days ago we were both horny and online at the same time ... and we agreed that i would call into his place on my way home ...

there was the usual irritation of him saying that we couldn't make much noise ... but i was so horny, that when we came to shoot ... mine went over his shoulder !

31 October 2016

you can meet my other half

i enjoy observing conversations between other people ... but sometimes it takes a lot of effort not to laugh out loud !

the other day in the steam room, it appeared that two guys were flirting with each other ... and the first one suggested going to see a new exhibition that has recently opened ...

the second guy agreed, and said it would be a good opportunity for the first guy to meet his "other half" 

deathly silence from the first guy !

i'm guessing he hadn't realised he was flirting with a partenered guy.

oops !

27 October 2016

too scared to cum

i was in my gym steam room the other day - it was just me and one other guy ... and he was clearly up for it ...

but as we started getting our hands on each other ... i found out that he was petrified that somebody might walk in !

this steam room is really steamy - so you have plenty of time to rearrange yourself if somebody does interrupt things.

i don't know if it was just an excuse - maybe he was saving his cum for somebody else - but i suspect he really is terrified !

a few days later we were alone again ... and he encouraged me to shoot ... but i declined - two loads is much more fun !

22 October 2016

foot fetish

i like feet - and would almost consider myself a foot fan - i always make guys take off their socks when having sex ...

but i recently had a couple of incidents which made me realise that i'm a complete amateur !

they both happened in the showers at the gym

sometimes when there are too many straight guys in the steam room, the best you can do is get shower cubicles beside each other, and at least enjoy the sight of each other !

the other day a guy put his foot under the divider and into my shower cubicle ... so we were able to connect feet - shame we couldn't connect anything else !

then a couple of days later - the guy in the neighbouring shower cubicle put his foot to the edge in initiate contact ... and next thing i know, he's reaching down to touch my foot !

it's funny how things happen in convoys

19 October 2016

is it ok to hook up in the showers ?

there's over 60 posts on this blog about gym / steam room encounters ... so i clearly don't have a problem with guys hooking up in gyms ...

but one aspect that i'm not so comfortable with is guys who exit the steam room, go to the showers, put up towels to stop people seeing in ... and get it on ...

if i see a shower (usually at the far end of the shower room) with towels up, it's pretty obvious that there are two guys in there !

it's probably only a matter of time before staff notice / straight gym goers complain ... there's a general clampdown ... and then our steam room fun gets stopped too.

i feel it's selfish to use the showers so obvioulsy for sex.

but then the other day, there were too many people in the steam room ... and a guy in the shower cubicle opposite me got down on his knees in his cubicle, and motioned for me to join him ... which i did !

at least we didn't use any towels, and the smoked glass of the shower meant that he couldn't be seen.

i still feel like a hypocrite ! 

16 October 2016

Hep-B success

i wrote a while ago that my previous set of Hepatitis B injections didn't work ... and i wasn't overly confident that my most recent set would give me immunity either ...

having been for a blood test recently, i was bracing myself for a failed test result, and even more injections ...

but the other day i received a text message that said "You are immune to Hepatitis B" - which is good news !

next time i'm at the clinic, i need to ask them how strong the immunity is - apparently there's a massive range it could be ...

12 October 2016

why don't guys like cum ?

i've often wondered about this ... but an incident the other day really brought it to a head, so to speak !

before i'd even got to the steam room, i noticed a nice guy in the changing room checking me out ...

and a few minutes later we found ourselves alone in the steam room ...

one thing lead to another ... and before long he was shooting his own load - and wiping it off his body with his towel straight away ...

i was standing in front of him and as i got closer to coming, he held up his towel to stop my cum touching his body !

why don't guys like cum (even their own) - it's an amazing substance ?

30 September 2016

a strange date

the other day a guy contacted me on Scruff ... but i forgot to reply ... and it was only the next day on the way to the gym that i messaged him back.

we exchanged a few messages, and it turned out that we were both free later on that evening, so we decided to meet up ... and he suggested going for a drink !

it had been a few months since i was on a proper date, and i wasn't really dressed for meeting a guy (and i needed a haircut), but why not ...

i waited outside the tube station, and as guys who i didn't find attractive walked towards me, i kept thinking "i hope this isn't him" ... not helped by Scruff only allowing you to see the most recent chats, so i couldn't look at the facepic that he'd previously sent !

he arrived a few minutes late, and he looked like a nice enough guy ... so we headed off to find a bar.  we had a pint in the bar, and the conversation was good ... so when they started closing the bar, i asked him if he wanted to come back to mine for a drink ...

he agreed, but said that "nothing would happen" ... and since i wasn't massively attracted to him, it didn't worry me too much.

after quite a few drinks at my place and some really interesting conversation (nothing more than an odd kiss) ... he decided to stay the night ... wearing his underwear !

during the night there was some fumbling ... but no ejactulations.

the next morning i walked him to the tube station.

interesting guy, but i doubt i will ever see him again.

29 September 2016

most drunk encounter ever

i've had some fairly drunken encounters ... sometimes it's me ... sometimes it's the other bloke ... but i recently had probably my most drunken one !

i don't drink a huge amount these days, but i got home at about 3am after a great night out with a Uni mate that i hadn't seen in ages ...

i checked Grindr before falling into bed ... but just as i was about to turn out the light, a really hot guy contacted me, and was totally up for it ... and really closeby ...

for the first time in my life, i got out of bed ... put some clothes on ... put a new set of contact lenses in ... and waited for him to arrive !

when he did, he was just as cute as his pics ... and i don't think it was just my beer goggles !!

the trouble was that he was either nervous, or guilty, or unsure about me ... and after some messing around, it felt like he was going to give up and leave ...

we ended up just wanking off together ... and it's a tribute to his hotness that despite my drunken state, i was still able to get off !

the next day i checked Grindr again ... and he had either blocked me, or deleted his profile !

28 September 2016

first day back from holiday

a combination of a two week holiday with family ... and a previous injury ... meant that i hadn't had any sexual activity for a couple of weeks ...

the day i got back home after a long flight, i got a few hours sleep ... and headed to the gym to relax ...

sometimes i can go over a week visiting the gym without any action happening in the steam room ... but thankfully this time i got lucky straight away !

when this happens, it really does make me feel happy that i live where i do !!

31 August 2016

Out of action due to steam room damage

i was in the gym steam room recently ... and this guy was up for some fun ...

He wasn't that young, but he seemed over excited about getting it on ... and once he got his hands on my dick he couldn't stop ...

the trouble was that he wasn't using any sort of lube, and it started to get sore ... and despite me trying to get him to use some spit ... he just wasn't listening.

eventually i gave up, left the steam room ... and went to the showers to finish myself off !

later that day i realised that my dick was properly sore ... and discovered that it was damaged.

it took a couple of weeks to properly heal ... probably the longest time i haven't ejaculated since puberty !

17 August 2016

saying goodbye properly to FWB

having messed around recently with a friend who is leaving London soon ... i was due to see him a few days ago to go to a concert ... but flakey fecker that he is, he didn't make it ... but suggested going for dinner after the concert finished ...

when he finally arrived ... we had a pleasant meal ... and whilst we were finishing off ... i took off my shoe, and used my foot to massage his groin ... quite discreetly !

he was supposed to have gone out clubbing with other friends after dinner, but tiredness and a hard on convinced him that he should come back to my place instead ...

apparently he came back to my place in May ... but i don't remember it very well ... i guess it wasn't great sex !  i think i will remember this one - but not necessarily for the right reasons ...

over dinner it came up in conversation that he had never been penetrated ... and that he even found fingers sore ... so once we got naked, and started getting down to it ... i started experimenting with his ass ...

watching his face carefully to make sure that it didn't become too painful - i gradually managed to get him to relax and enjoy having his ass played with ...

the trouble was that he started getting really into it, and i was probably putting a bit too much energy into it ... and since his ass was relaxed, i was more concentrating on his dick ... and i didn't realise that his ass was bleeding a bit ...

i stopped and cleaned him up with tissues ... and he didn't seem to be in any pain ... i just hope it wasn't too painful the next day.

we eventually shot our loads ... and fell asleep together.

he got a taxi home a few hours later, as he hadn't brought his contact lenses with him.

hopefully we will see each other again in the years to come ...   

15 August 2016

upgraded STD clinic

my local STD clinic was a bit run down, and last time i was there getting a Hep B vaccination, they mentioned that they would be moving into a separate building (at that stage they were in part of my local hospital).

the other day I went back for what will hopefully be my final Hep B injection - although it will take another couple of months before i find out whether they worked this time ...

the new building is very pleasant - it feels more like a fancy office block than a clap clinic !  on the outside there is barely a mention of what it is !

thankfully the obnoxious receptionists weren't on either the main entrance reception or the floor which i visited (although i did see one of them on another floor as my lift opened to let out another person - so sadly he hasn't left).

there used to be a special time allocated to "men who have sex with men" - but this is no longer available - we seem to have moved down the pecking order !  to get a separate "service" - you now have to fall into one of the following categories:

Specialist sexual difficulty - although it's not clear what constitutes one
Learning disability
Adult entertainment worker
Viral hepatisis
Under 19 years old
Black or Minority Ethnic

as well as getting my Hep B injection, i also had a full STD testing - and it turns out that they now want you to do your own throat and anal swabs.  the nurse who took my blood in fact did my throat swab, whilst i had the pleasure of visiting the bathroom to do an anal swab (and piss in a bottle). doing my own anal swab felt odd !

anwyay, the good news is that despite losing my urine sample, they found it a couple of hours later ... and all of the test results are clear.

13 August 2016

stuck in the middle with you

a good few months ago i was "lucky" enough to be in the steamroom with two guys who both had their hands on me ... although it did result in some pain !

the other day i was back in the same steamroom ... and was again between two guys ... and again they both had their hands on me ... and again it resulted in some pain !

on my left was a lovely asian guy, with a relatively short but extremely hard dick ... and whilst i played with his dick, he played with my ass ...

on my right was a nice enough white guy with a large dick ... and whilst i played with his dick, he played with mine ... and that's where the problem occurred ...

he just wasn't using enough spit / lube ... and was working away fairly vigorously ... and it just got a bit sore ... still is a bit !

eventually i got him to stop, and i worked on it myself ... and he seemed keen for me to shoot my load on him ... so standing in front of him, and leaning into him, i did.

the two guys didn't seem like they were about to cum ... and i was in danger of overheating ... so i left without seeing either of their cumshots :(

02 August 2016

saying goodbye to FWB

the closest i've ever managed to having a Friend With Benefits, is the guy who I dated for a while about 18 months ago ... but whom I now just see occasionally ...

sadly his job in London is coming to an end ... and he sort of looked for a replacement here ... but he's decided to go back home to Asia ...

whilst he was too flaky ever to be a boyfriend ... and probably too flaky to even count as FWB ... but we had fun / enjoyed each other when we did manage to meet !

for probably our last meeting (i might just see him one last time next week) ... we arranged to go to one of the nice gyms in the chain that i'm a member of ... although this gym doesn't have a male only steam room ... there aren't usually many women around towards closing time ...

and so it was again this time ... so i took a chance, and in the far corner of the steam room - that hopefully couldn't be seen through the glass wall ... i started playing with him ... and before too long he was shooting his load ... and shortly afterwards, using his cum as lube ... i shot mine on him !

goodbye.  i will miss our occasional sessions.

30 July 2016

bloke on a crutch

by the evening of the "report card" encounter, i was feeling horny again ... and thankfully other guys were too !

i started chatting to a guy who wanted to give a Blow Job ... his english was a bit hard to understand, but we sorted out where he was (not far away), and agreed that i would come over and deliver a load.

on my way, i mentioned that i needed a piss ... and he asked for that too !

when i arrived he was just wearing his boxers, and using a crutch !  he was better looking than his pics - both body and face ... which was a nice surprise !

after he took off his underwear and got into his bath, i complied with his request and emptied my bladder i started working up to emptying my balls ... like the report card guy, he also had a beautiful uncut cock, a real handful.  before too long he was shooting his load, and i had to play catch up this time!

he shot a nice big hot load ... so it didn't take me long to add mine to his.

before i arrived he said that he didn't want chat, just cum and go ... but afterwards we did chat whilst he showered to remove all the liquids from his hot body !

he lives fairly close - i'm surprised i hadn't seen him online before ... maybe we will manage a repeat encounter ...

29 July 2016

report card

i had been chatting to a guy on Jackd for about a day ... and he was keen to meet up ... so the other morning we did just that ...

he was quite cute - a bit smaller than i was expecting ... and nice and friendly ...

we'd had some discussion beforehand about kissing - i'm keen on it, and prefer guys who are too ... but he didn't seem overly keen.  thankfully when we met, he was ok with kissing - even if i had to get him to slow down, to enjoy longer / slower kisses !

we knew we only had an hour before he had to head off ... so we got down to business fairly quickly ... he had a beautiful uncut dick - which always helps !

before we met, he suggested that he was looking to btm that day ... so after some preliminaries, i complied with his request !  he was a bit of a moaner - i suspect he watches a lot of professional porn !  but still, i prefer that than somebody who is dead silent.

i was trying to time our ejaculations so we both shot together ... and i thought he was close, so i started shooting ... but it turned out that he wasn't !  i couldn't keep penetrating him, so i had to use my fingers to stimulate his ass for another couple of minutes, until he shot his load.

he was able to stay for a bit afterwards, which was great ... and he seems like a nice guy - although fairly recently out of a relationship, so probably still a bit fragile.

a couple of hours later, he sent a message saying "Amazing", and that he really enjoyed it.  i couldn't stop myself showing it to a mate that i was having lunch with - who knows what i get up to.  my mate laughed, and said it was like getting a report card at school :)

28 July 2016

steam room argument

i was in one of my regular gym steam rooms the other day ... there was an Arrogant guy - with a good body and a nice dick ... and a more Friendly guy - also with a nice body and a good dick ...

it looked like we might get it together ... but sadly a couple of guys came in wearing swimming togs - a clear sign that they were unlikely to be up for any action :(

i headed out of the steam room to take a shower and head off ... but shortly afterwards i saw the Arrogant guy in discussion with one of the Swimming Tog guys ...

i couldn't work out whether they knew each other, or whether the Swimming Tog guy was complaining to the Arrogant guy ... the conversation went back and forth for a couple of minutes ... and ended with the Arrogant guy telling the Swimming Tog guy to "fuck off".

it reminded me that one does need to be discreet in the steam room !

16 July 2016

jointly and severally ejaculating

i went to one of my regular gyms the other day ... and after working out, headed to the male steam room ...

there were a few guys in there - one of them looked like he might be up for it ... another looked like a possible ... and a third was a definite No.

after a while, the definite No left ... and the likely lad opened his towel and started showing off his twitching hard on ... whilst the Possible ignored it all !

i reckoned that the Exposer must have prior experience of the Possible, so decided that it must be ok to join in ...

the only trouble was that the Exposer wasn't very interactive ... but hey, better than having a wank at home on my own !

15 July 2016

very hot

all steam rooms are not equal ... some are just too hot ... and i'm not just talking about the blokes !

i was in my local gym the other day, and there was mostly just one guy in there, who was well up for it ... but the temperature was just so damn high that he kept having to go and and cool down.

he was the type of guy that if it wasn't for the darkness of the steam room, i probably wouldn't have interacted with ... but we were both horny ... and in the darkness we could use our imaginations to conjure up a better looking person !

eventually after a few cooling down breaks, we both shot our loads.

30 June 2016

first day back

i had been away for 10 days dealing with a family death ... and first day back in London i headed to my gym ...

walking into the steam room there was one bloke sitting there ... a good start ...

and pretty much as soon as i sat down he indicated that he was up for fun - no point hanging around !

it's good to be back :)

12 June 2016

stop inserting your fingers !

there's a guy that i've messed around with in the gym steam room before ... and the other day we were at it again ... although this time we also tried the sauna ...

i'd forgotten how much he likes to play with ass !

one time he even went and got some soap - the easier to insert his fingers into my ass !

this time he was at it again ... maybe part of the fun for him is for the guy to tell him to stop ...

whatever it is - we both climaxed.

10 June 2016

stop biting me !

i contacted a guy on Grindr recently who said he was looking for "kissing and cuddling" - since i'm a fan of both activities !

he wasn't too far away ... and it took a while (he was a bit tight with his facepics) ... but we agreed for him to come over to my place.

i met him at the tube station, and he seemed to be a nice enough guy ...

it was a pleasant enough encounter ... one interesting aspect was that despite being Asian, he seemed to get sweatier than me !  i quite enjoy it when a guy gets a bit sweaty during sex - so it wasn't a problem.

the weird thing was that he thought it would be fun to get me to shoot a load, by pretending he was about to cum ... apparently he was going to come once we started up again ... but we never quite did !

he wanted to stay the night ... but i wanted a good night's sleep ... so i ended up walking him to the tube station - he just caught the last tube. 

08 June 2016

sucking opportunity

i was going round to a friend's place for sunday lunch ... so i visited a different gym to my usual ones ... i had been before, so i knew it had a male steam room ... but i don't think i've ever managed to get much action.

after doing some weights, i went downstairs to the shower/steam area ... and there was an older guy in the steam room who looked like he was up for it, as well as a straight guy - in his shorts !

the straight guy left, and was replaced by a middle aged guy, who was clearly up for it as well.  i didn't really fancy either of them ... but i was feeling a bit horny ... so i stood up, with my dick not too far away from the younger of the two ...

he took the bait, and started sucking.  sadly he didn't have enough time to get me off - but it was still fairly pleasurable.

06 June 2016


the other day it was late, and i had been on Grindr for a while - but it hadn't quite worked out with a couple of guys that were possible meets ...

this guy contacted me ... and after i sent him my facepics, he said that we had met before - but i didn't recognise him from his facepics.

he came over - and decided that he had definitely been to my flat before - told me that he remembered it being untidy !

we got down to things fairly quickly ... and it turned into one of the best sessions that i've had for a long time !!

he was a bit bossy - he stopped me from touching myself ... and it was sort of fun - because i was a lot stronger than him, so there was no way he could force me to do anything ... but it was amusing that he kept trying.

i always produce a lot of precum (when the encounter is good) - but this time i produced crazily large amount ... almost as if i had shot a mini load, that then dribbled out ... i've not experienced that before.

he arrived wearing a cock ring - which was sort of strange, as he said he had been out drinking with friends after work ... not sure when he put it on !  apparently it gives him a more intense orgasm.

he was mixed race, and his parents spend part of the year in Asia, and partly over here - apparently he is out to his Mum, but not his Dad.  he wasn't really camp, but i find it hard to imagine that either his dad doesn't realise, or his mum hasn't told his dad !

altogether a very pleasant experience.

04 June 2016


i was at home on Grindr around lunchtime ... and was contacted by a nearby guy ...

turns out that he was horny and looking for some fun !

he arrived over, and was fairly good looking (similar to his photos) ... and we got down to business.

it was a bit rushed, but fairly pleasant ... maybe we can meet again with a little bit more time.

i suspect that he's probably partnered - that he only seems to meet at lunchtime!

02 June 2016

is it wrong ?

a couple of times recently i've been in the gym ... and there's been a guy looking for action that i don't really fancy ...

when i'm really horny ... a couple of times i've encouraged him, or got myself off - by looking directly at his dick ... by focusing on his dick, i don't have to admit that the rest of the guy isn't very attractive !

is it wrong ?!

01 June 2016

carribean holiday

i was recently on holiday for 10 days on a Carribean island that doesn't have very good interent access !

it meant that trying to meet guys using apps was difficult ... and was further complicated by quite a few of the guys wanting to be paid.

i did meet a nice guy - first of all we met for a chat ... and he ended up coming back to my place.

despite seeming quite horny ... he said he didn't have time to have sex.

we tried to meet again a week later when i was back in town on my last night - but we didn't manage to.

31 May 2016

hotel action

the other day i was getting ready to leave my gym, and Grindr pinged ...

it was a guy in a nearby hotel ... looking for action ...

his facepics looked good, and he was very close ... so i thought i could go and sort him out and get to the cinema before my film started.

he really just wanted to suck me off ... but i convinced him to get himself off as well ...

the hotel room was a bit hot - which encouraged a good ripe man smell to develop !

he got what he was looking for - i produced a load in his mouth, which made him shoot his own load ... and he went into the bathroom to spit out my cum.

and i made it to the cinema just in time for my film !

30 May 2016

hotel bar date

i had chatted to this guy a good few times - over the space of quite a few months ...

eventually we met - he was staying in a hotel fairly near me ... so we agreed to meet in the hotel bar for a drink.

he looked quite cute ... and i had a reasonably pleasant time chatting to him ... but he was a bit too full of himself.

he didn't seem to be interested in fun ... so after a drink, we said goodbye.

28 May 2016

a Tindr date

a good few weeks ago, i started chatting to a guy on Tindr ... the trouble with Tindr (compared with dedicated gay dating apps) is that you don't get a lot of informaiton about what the guy is into when it comes to sex ...

we moved the discussion from Tindr to WhatsApp ... and we agreed to meet up at a bar ...

i came up with a trendy bar (that a friend of mine suggested) ... and we met there - but it was a bit too trendy, so we went down the street to a proper british boozer !

he was a nice guy, and really easy to chat to.

he was supposed to be staying the night at a friend's place - but i convinced him to stay the night at my place ... although he insisted there wouldn't be any action !

we went to bed in our underwear ... there was a bit of kissing and cuddling - and he clearly was aroused ... but we didn't have any sex.

afterwards he stopped communicating ... but a couple of weeks later, he reappared on WhatsApp and said that there had been a death in his family, and he had been back to Asia for the funeral.

27 May 2016

the wall breaker

in the old days i never told anybody about my sex life ... but these days, one of my best mates gets to hear some of the details !

whenever i talk about the guy that i occasionally see - he always refers to him as the guy who broke your wall !

a few weeks ago he spent the night at my place ... and we even had croissants for breakfast the next day ...

i don't know whether there is any long term future there.

one thing that is annoying is that he never suggests meeting up - it's always me that has to chase him !


30 April 2016

not sharing

they say that "sharing is caring" ... so is not sharing, not caring ?

i was in the gym recently ... and the guy in the shower beside me was getting horny - the glass partition in these showers is virtually see through !

we were both stroking away - sometimes right up against the glass ... and before long he was shooting his load ... but he didn't do it against the glass partition.

how selfish ! 

18 March 2016

upstairs / downstairs ... toilets

i can't remember how it found it ... but i got added to a group on kik which discusses toilet encounters across London !

there's one in a shopping centre near where i used to work that gets talked about a lot ... it's also close to one of the gyms that i go to ... so the other day, i thought i would check it out ...

first i tried the toilet in the basement ... there were three urinals ... and there were guys waiting to use them ... as some of the occupants were spending a lot of time there !

the trouble was you didn't know if the guys in the queue were also up for it ... so it just didn't seem to work :(

a few days later, i went back again, and went to use the other set of toilets upstairs ...

these were closer to the shops / offices ... and seemed to have more straight guys using them ...

whilst the idea sounds hot ... in practice it was just too risky for my tastes ... and i left both toilets without depositing a load !


16 March 2016

no 23rd hour

a few months ago i had a very enjoyable post gym encounter with a guy ...

i hadn't seen him at the gym for a while ... but the other day he showed up again ...

we kissed / touched briefly in the steam room ... but it was nearly closing time ... so i suggested that he come back to my place ...

he didn't reply ... and whilst he was happy to chat away in the changing room after we had showered ... as he left he said - see you again here soon ...

14 March 2016

post encounter towel / towels

after the Jekyll and Hyde guy had finished, he had a quick shower ... and i gave him a clean towel to dry off with ...

and then when the Oh my Gosh guy had finished ... the towel was still lying around ... so i gave it to him to dry off with after he had showered !

i did feel a bit guilty ... but it seemed like a waste of water to wash the towel after just a single use ... and the 2nd guy didn't make any comment ...

do you give you encounters a clean towel each time ??

12 March 2016

oh my gosh

i've had a profile on Blued for quite a while, but don't often use it ... but recently i've started trying a bit more ... and i got chatting to a guy who seemed interesting ...

he lived about an hour away from me (and couldn't accomm) ... so i was a bit concerned about him coming all the way over, in case we decided that we weren't both up for it ... but he seemed keen ... so i agreed to it !

i met him at my local station ... and whilst he wasn't quite as good looking as his pics, he was good enough to invite back to my place :)

he was a funny mixture of camp and masculine ... one of his phrases was "you naughty man" - usually in response to me just touching him !

after a coffee - we moved into my bedroom and things started to happen ... but it came to a juddering halt, after he got me to suck his dick, and then said "oh no, not the first time i meet a guy" when i asked him to suck mine ... wtf !

fair enough if you aren't into sucking - but you sure as hell don't get the other guy to suck yours first ... and i mean push your dick into his face !

after a few minutes (where i considered throwing him out) ... i calmed down and started things up again ... and he did manage to return the favour on the felattio front ...

it was a reasonably enjoyable encounter ... and we both came at the same time, which was good ... and unlike my last encounter

afterwards we had a bit of cuddling (which is always fun) ... but one of the phrases that he kept using was "oh my gosh" (in a slightly camp way) ... which started to get really annoying !

for that, and other reasons ... he won't be getting another invite to my bed !!

09 March 2016

i need to pee

the other day i was in the steam room ... there was one guy in there already ... he didn't show any obvious signs of being interested in fun ...

after i touched myself a couple of times (through my towel) ... his hands moved towards his crotch ...

i still wasn't sure if he was interested ... so i was still being careful about touching myself too much ...

eventually he reached down to wipe his face with his towel ... and i saw his hard dick poking out ... busted !

i moved closer ... and we started to enjoy each other ...

i suspect that he may be closeted ... the classic sign being that he was fixated on seeing / touching my dick !!

he got close to shooting a load ... but i think he had been in the steam room too long - he was dripping with sweat (more than usual amounts) ... and in in the end he left without shooting ... saying "i need to pee".

04 March 2016

Jeykll and Hyde

i once went on a couple of dates with a guy (who is now a friend) ... and when we got back to my place (finally, after the 2nd or 3rd date) ... without warning, he turned in a couple and absolute bottom !

i had a similar experience the other day ... this young guy who seemed fairly straight acting (and who turns out to be trying to get a girlfriend) ... once inside my flat ... pouted his ass and demanded to be penetrated !!

we had chatted before but not managed to meet up, as he works near where i live, but he lives the other side of the city ... however, this time we did ...

under questioning in advance, he admitted that he doesn't often kiss guys (a sure sign of a guy who isn't comfortable with his sexuality) ... but despite my dislike of guys who don't kiss, i thought it might be fun to meet ... which it was !

we got down to business fairly quickly after he arrived ... it also turned out that he didn't like sucking dick, which was a shame ... but eventually i coulnd't hold back, and i came ... which freaked him out, as some/most of it went on him ...

not too long afterwards he shot his load too.

i assumed that he would leave straight away ... but he came back to bed ... and almost cuddled !

soon afterwards he was hard again, and started playing with himself ... and i provided what assistance i could (which included putting pressure on his neck - which he liked) ... although it went on for so long, that i think i drifted off at some point !  i woke up again, to rejoin the fun ... and in time for his second load :)

afterwards he had a shower, and i got to ask him about himself ... which is when i found out that he believes that he can stop having sex with men once he gets a girlfriend !

29 February 2016

welcome to london

i wrote recently about an encounter at an airport toilet ... and recently i was passing through the same airport ... so thought i would check it out to see if the clientele had improved ...

sadly they hadn't !

when i arrived, one of the cubicles was occupied ... so i selected the one beside it ... and after some foot tapping ... the occupant emerged ... and joined me in my (larger) cubicle ...

he wasn't very attractive ... but i was horny ... and needed to cum (and it was too late to visit a gym steam room) ... so i thought he would do !

but he started to get a bit aggressive ... and bit my ear ... so i pushed him away ... which he didn't seem to like ... but i was more physically capable than him - so i didn't feel in any danger ...

i shot my load ... and he left.

i need to stop visiting that airport terminal !

23 February 2016


i was in the steam room the other day, on my own ... minding my own business ... when a guy walked in ...

he sat down near me ... and didn't even attempt to cover his dick ...

it wasn't hard, so i wasn't sure if he was up for it ... or just a major show off !

i adjusted my own package ... and waited to see if there was a response ... which there was!

after barely a minute in the steam room, the guy stood up with his dick in my face ... making it clear that i could play with it ...

it was nice enough ... and i enjoyed manually and orally stimulating it ...

it turned out that he wanted more of the latter ... and just said "suck" ...

he was clearly enjoying it ... but without a word of warning ... i realised that i had a salty taste in my mouth !

after barely three minutes in the steam room ... he was on his way ...

21 February 2016


as i wrote a couple of years ago ... i don't often mess around with guys in toilets anymore ... but the other day i was at an airport that squirt told me had an active location ... so i thought i should check it out ...

when i arrived, one of the cubicles was occupied ... and shortly after the guy came out to wash his hands ...

whilst another bloke arrived, used the urinal and left ... the other guy had gone back into the cubicle ...

finally it was just the two of us ... and we both were at the urinals ...

it was vaguely fun ... and he shot a good big load ... and so did i ... without saying a word to each other ... and he walked out the door whilst i was still finishing ...

but it wasn't as exciting as some of my past encounters in such locations !

19 February 2016

he owes me

i was in the steam room the other day ... there were three of us enjoying ourselves ...

i was playing with this guy ... and next thing i know, he's shooting his load ...

before i had a chance to sort out myself, somebody else came in ...

i need to remember that this guy owes me !

17 February 2016

kiss me

i had seen this cute asian guy a few times in the steam room ... we had messed around a little, but we kept getting interrupted ...

the other day, he was there again, and we were alone ...

he's so cute ... and i leaned over to kiss him ... but he didn't respond ...

eventually, i just gave up hinting, and said "kiss me" ... which he did !

after a while ... he erupted.

09 February 2016

we need to be quiet

i met up with the guy that i messed around with in an art gallery toilet again recently ...

we had dinner ... and then went back to his place ... first time i had been to his new flat (which he shares with a few girls) ... for our first proper session in almost a year !

he seemed relatively keen to meet up ... and it was a reasonably good session ... but i think maybe he enjoys the idea of sex with me, rather than the reality of it !  afterwards he seemed a bit aloof ... and he hasn't been in contact much since.

maybe in a year's time he will be up for another session !

06 February 2016

nothing like his photos

i wrote a while ago about a guy who blatantly used another person's photos ... and then deleted his profile straight afterwards (before i had a chance to chastise him) !

the other day i had a variation on this ... where his photos were so different/old, that he might as well have used somebody else's !

he contacted me initially on Squirt - where he said that he was 30 years old ... and his body pics looked really good.  when i asked for facepics he directed me to his gaydar profile - which said he was 33 years old ... and his facepics looked pretty good.

when i arrived at his flat, i reckon he was over 40 (grey beard didn't help) ... somewhat over weight, and really nothing like his pics ...

but just as last time ... i couldn't resist the opportunity (especially having made the effort of getting to his place) ... and i went ahead ... with a mediocre encounter.

i just realised, that i suspect i'm much more likely to say no if i'm hosting ...