31 July 2015

Eight things not to do on a date

I wrote recently about seven things not to do on a date ... and to be fair, the guy I went on a date with recently didn't do any of them !

But he did one thing that was pretty annoying ... he kept going on about how cute the waiter was !

I suspect that it was an attempt to signal that he wasn't interested in me physically / sexually ... since we stayed for a few drinks, and conversation was good !

And that's fine - i'm big enough and ugly enough not to expect everybody that I meet to want to jump my bones !  But going on and on about the waiter ... is just tacky.  I'm sure there's a better way to indicate lack of sexual interest.

And to be honest, whilst the waiter did have great eyes (and was a lot hotter than either me or my date) ... he wasn't all that !

24 July 2015

seven things not to do on a date

I recently met up with a guy for a drink ... and whilst it wasn't awful, I knew within the first few seconds that it wasn't going to go anywhere.  I thought that it could at least provide some learning points - for me, and maybe others ...

1) if you don't wear glasses in any of your profile pics - don't show up for a date wearing glasses

2) don't use decade old photos in your profile, especially if you don't look anything like them (i wasn't even sure if it was the right guy when he came over to greet me)

3) don't show up late for your date - it's just rude, and starts things off on the wrong foot

4) don't give a limp handshake - use both hands if it helps !

5) don't just have a credit card - if you want to share a round have some cash.  buying the first round lets me easily escape without a 2nd drink - but it would be nice sometimes for the other guy to buy the first round

6) if your date tries to steer conversation away from a subject matter (probably because they're bored with it) - don't keep coming back to it !

7) if your date finishes their drink whilst you're half way through yours - offer to get them another one (to numb the pain of your dull conversation)

8) don't be too surprised if your date isn't rushing to rip your clothes off, if you have failed on the above six points !

19 July 2015

have you fisted before ?

What counts as fisting ?

When soemebody asks you have you done it before, what do you say ?

I've played with a lot of asses, but have I actually fisted ... is there a technical definition for how many fingers / thumbs / inches of hand you have got in to qualify for the "fister" badge ?!

After this recent encounter, I'm pretty sure that I qualify for the badge !

He was only a few streets away, but his english wasn't the clearest ... so when he said Flat 2 ... I assumed it was buzzer marked "2nd floor" ... but when I got buzzed in, it wasn't clear what flat he was in ...

Thankfully he had left his door open ... and was on all fours, with his ass ready to be examined ...

It was a very enjoyable experience, and we both produced reasonably sized loads ... but I wouldn't want to spend all my time doing it.

Unfortunately he was a heavy smoker, so kissing wasn't very enjoyable.

17 July 2015

very quick session

I was waiting to meet a friend, and browsing the local guys on Grindr ... and since my mate seemed to be a bit late, I took the opportunity to meet a local guy who was up for some quick fun ...

When I arrived he turned out to be better looking than his profile pics - how often does that happen ?!

And had a great body!  He was a bit too bossy for my liking ... but he was so hot that it didn't take me long to cum on his face!

Despite needing to go and meet my mate (who was by now phoning me to find out where I was) ... I kept stimulating the guy until he eventually shot his load !

Thankfully my (straight) friend was understanding when I explained why I was late !!

15 July 2015

awesome session with a foreign soldier

One of the vaguely interesting aspects of travelling, is seeing what apps are most popular in different parts of the world !

I was recently in eastern europe, and it turns out that Hornet is where most of the guys hang out.  Thankfully I have a wide selections of apps installed on my phone, so there's usually something for every occasion !!

My first attempt at meeting a guy failed, when just before he was due to come over he said that he needed a bit of money to help with his study ... and whilst it really wasn't a lot of money ... and whilst I don't have a moral objection to people paying for sex ... I was annoyed about how he went about it ... and I haven't yet paid for sex ... so I told him to take a hike.

However the next attempt (in another city) was much more fruitful ...

His english was barely functional, but with the help of Google Translate, we managed to sort out arrangements for him to come to my hotel ...

We started off with a shower together ... and he turned to be the best sexual encounter that I've had in a long time!  I tend to acquire techniques from different encounters ... but he seemed to have acquired them all, and was able to deploy them in rapid order.  He was so good that I wondered whether he was in fact a professional (and I still have a nagging thought) !

He had a beautifully natural body - although he was clearly very strong/fit, he didn't have that overly developed gym bunny / bodybuilder look.  From the photos he had of himself, and from what I could gather from his broken english, I think he was a soldier.

He seemed like a genuinely nice guy, but after a couple of hours he need to leave ... so we both climaxed (he's the 2nd guy I've ever met who gets horniest when rimming) ... and there was no question of payment !

We were due to meet the following night, but he said that a friend had been taken to hospital and he wouldn't be able to come over.  I still see him on Hornet quite a lot - so maybe he is a professional sex worker ?!