31 January 2016

cum before opening

i recently wrote a few notes for getting the most out of your gym steam room ... but one thing i didn't mention was the need to keep the door closed whilst activities are happening !

the other day i was in the steam room, and there were a couple of guys who were up for some fun ... and we started to get it on ... but before any of us could pour out our enjoyment we got interrupted.

one of the guys gave up, got showered and headed off ... i spoke to him briefly in the changing room, and he seemed like a decent guy.

the other guy though clearly wanted to produce a load ... so a while later we ended up in the steam room together without anybody to stop us ... and i helped him get off.

he was decent enough to stay around to help me fully enjoy the occasion ... but he was so keen to finish up ... that i was still ejecting the end of my load by the time he had the steam room door open to get out !

whilst i appreciate his help in getting off ... i think "waiting to open the door until ejaculators have ejaculated" is a basic courtesy !!

30 January 2016

why wouldn't you want somebody to touch your dick

i wrote a while ago about whether different actions counted as cheating ... and whether some guys limit their activities in the steam room to preserve their fidelity !

i think i may have encountered another person in that group the other day in the steam room ... he was clearly up for something ... and was eager to touch me ... but didn't want me to touch his dick ...

my experience is that it's usually closeted guys who don't like being touched ... but the eagerness with which this guy enagaged in activities, and how much he seemed to enjoy touching me, didn't suggest a closeted guy !

so the only other options that i can think of is that either he really doesn't enjoy other guys touching his dick ... or he sees it as a way of telling himself that he's not cheating ... leaving aside the possibility that it was just me !

i can't complain too much, because he helped me get off ... and didn't complain when some of my cum landed on his leg !

29 January 2016

left holding the cum

the other day in the steam there were a couple of guys who didn't seem interested in action ... but it turned out they both were ... just not at the same time !

the first guy appeared to be the typical closeted "straight" guy ... he didn't want interaction ... but couldn't take his eyes off another dick ... although amusingly he enjoyed playing with his own nipples - not very straight !!

we were alone together in the steam room ... and he looked like he was close to cumming ... but the other guy walked in (i'm pretty sure they had messed around together before i entered) ... but i guess he's a shy type, as he instantly covered up and walked out !

the second guy opened up once it was just the two of us in the steam room ... and he seemed to enjoy me playing with his dick.

with my left hand on his balls ... and my right hand working his dick (with plenty of moisture) - it was making quite a noise ... and just as he started to cum ... the steam room door opened, and a different bloke walked in ... oops !

as his dick was still pulsing, he covered up, and left ... meanwhile i was left with a handful of his cum !

28 January 2016

opposite shower cubicles

the other day at the gym there were plenty of guys in the steam room who were up for some action ... but sadly we kept being interrupted by men in shorts !

there was a particularly cute asian guy who i really wanted to get my hands on ... but it just wasn't happening ...

however we ended up in opposite shower cubicles ... and started pleasuring ourselves with the cubicle doors slightly ajar ...

before too long he was exploding in happiness ... and it didn't take long for me to follow suit !

the trouble was that it was quite frustrating - apart from obviously not getting to touch or kiss him ... i couldn't even smell him (something i really enjoy about encounters) ... or even hear him :(

apart from the smile he gave at the end ... i'm not sure it was much better than masturbating to porn, or live action video (where at least you can hear the guy moaning) ...

next time i will wait for a better experience !

27 January 2016

people watching ... in the clap clinic

i had to go back again the other day for my 2nd Hep-B injection - i should have gone a week previously, but they were late with a test to confirm that I didn't have the virus itself (which I don't), so i missed my slot ...

anyway, since i was just there for an injection, i was probably a bit more relaxed, and spent more time looking around at people ...

there were those who didn't look happy to be there ... and some who appeared to be in pain walking, despite wearing loose fitting clothes ...

some people (perhaps more of the women) appeared slightly detached from it all - maybe they couldn't quite believe it was happening ?

and there was a ra-ra bloke who seemed to think it was a jolly good jape !  perhaps he saw it as a badge of honour ?

on of my mates who i was texting from the waiting room said he expected i would see the "serially unrepentant" ... but i'm not sure there were any in this waiting room ...

and finally, there was a girl who appeared to be taking a selfie ... but on reflection, i suspect she was just checking her makeup !

i certainly didn't update my facebook status from the clap clinic !!

26 January 2016

oh sorry - i forgot that i invited Tom

a guy recently contacted me on Grindr ... he was already with another guy ... and said that his mate was fairly high.  whilst i've never really indulged in drugs, i don't mind if others do ... so i thought i might as well head over - especially since it was on the way to my gym !

i arrived to find the guy i had been chatting to completely off his face !

but he was cute, and he wanted the contents of my bladder ... so i obliged ...

after we moved to the bedroom, he level of his intoxication became clear ... the doorbell went ... and he said "oh sorry - i forgot that i invited Tom" !

as Tom walked into the flat - it transpired that the main guy had failed to mention to Tom that there would be others there too - "i took some G" was his excuse !  Tom seemed like a nice guy, but not into this arrangement, so politely decided to leave.

i really just wanted to shoot a load and get the hell out of there ... but the main guy wanted me to cum in his ass without protection ... saying that whilst he was poz, it was "barely detectable" ... not a statement that would induce me to stick my dick into him !

so i shot on his face ... and he immediately wanted his mate to take a photo of his cum covered face !

this sorry affair reminded me why i don't take drugs.  i suspect that it may have played a part in the guy getting HIV ... and even on a more basic level - i don't see the attraction of being hard for hours without cumming !

25 January 2016

steamroom etiquette

if you're interested in some male action in a steamroom - you could do worse that take the following advice:

1) don't wear your swimwear into the steamroom
nothing says "i'm not interested" that if you have you have your dick locked away ... a bloke in the steam room recently arrived wearing his speedos ... other guys assumed nothing was going to happen, and left ... but it turned out he was up for it ... but he had killed the mood by then !

2) wear your towel with the "join" at your crotch
guys who are wrapped up like a kipper in a towel scream "i'm straight" ... but if it looks like your dick is accessible - now thats a different matter ...

3) touch yourself
one of the best ways of signalling to other guys that you are interested, is to adjust your dick ... of course sometimes it is just a straight guy adjusting himself ... but if it happens a few times ... he's usually not that straight

4) keep your hands at your crotch
if you're too shy to touch/adjust yourself ... at least keep your hands by your dick !

5) enter the steam room buck naked
nothing shouts "come and get it" as much as a guy sitting there completely naked ... although in parts of europe everybody does this, so it doesn't work !

general etiquette:

i) don't keep the door ope
seriously - a selfish guy the other stood with the door open hanging his towel up - why ?!

ii) don't lie across half the available space if people are standing

iii) don't pour cold water on the temperature sensor without asking other occupants
just because you want more steam, doesn't mean everybody does - ask !

23 January 2016

date in a cafe

it didn't take much online with this guy to agree to meet up for a coffee ...

maybe it wasn't a good omen that the place we agreed to meet (his suggestion) was actually closed for refurbishment !  but we quickly agreed on a new place ... and headed off ...

he described himself as "out" but discreet ... which i didn't really understand ... and the 2nd cafe that he wanted to go to was a basement place - so not too many people to see us ...

he was pleasant enough to chat to ... he spoke a lot, which i guess is better than somebody who doesn't speak enough !  he was chinese - and I suspect our politics are very different ... but i tried to restrain myself !

at the end of the date, he was going to use the toilets - and said that i didn't have to wait for him ... but i thought that was a bit odd ... so i insisted i would ...

outside we started to say goodbye ... and whilst i was pretty sure he wasn't interested in coming back to my place - i thought i better ask (rather than regret it later) ... but he wasn't !

a few hours later he messaged me to confirm that whilst he enjoyed the date, i wasn't really his type.  decent of him to let me know.

21 January 2016

using somebody else's photos

i was contaced recently by a guy who wanted me to visit him and facefuck him ...

his profile wasn't very informative, but he sent a couple of pics that looked good ...

when i turned up, he had the lights off in the hallway ... but even in the darkness, i could see that he didn't look anything like the photos he had just sent.

since i was horny, and had walked 20 minutes to get to his place in the freezing cold ... i went into the bedroom, and after a while, shot a load in his mouth ... which he then went into the bathroom to get rid of !

i was going to message him afterwards to tell him that he really shouldn't use another person's pics ... but it looks like he has already deleted his profile !

19 January 2016

giving and receiving

it's not unusual for me to take two trips to the gym in one day ... but usually one gym has a male steamroom, and one doesn't ...

however the other day, both of my trips were to gyms with male steam rooms ... and each steam room had a guy who was up for it !

the first guy really wanted me to shoot on him ... which i did ... and for which he seemed very grateful !!

the second guy wanted his ass played with ... which i did ... and which resulted in him shooting on me ... for which he seemed very grateful !

usually there's more than one guy in the steam room ... but maybe it was a slow steam room day ... because each of these encounters we were alone, and undisturbed ... which was just as well, as i don't think i could have rapidly extracted my digit from the second guy :)

17 January 2016

four shots

there's often more than one guy in the steam room at a time - but usually there's some interaction between some of them ...

however the other day i was in a very steamy steam room ... with four of us just looking after ourselves !

i was the first to come ... followed by the guy beside me ... followed by the guy (with an enormous dick) the far side of him ...

i assume the fourth guy shot as well ... but there was so much steam, it was hard to see !

16 January 2016

even more Hep-B injections

back in june i went for my vaguely annual STD check ... which thankfully came back clear ... but said that i needed a Hepatitis-B booster ... which was a bit annoying, as I went through a series of injections a few years ago ... actually about 6 years ago - doesn't time fly !

the other day i finally went back to my local clap clinic for some more nurse action ... but despite having asked me to return ... they seemed a bit clueless as to why i was there.  and that receptionist who looks down his down at me / everybody is still there ... although there was another amazingly cute / nice one as well :)

eventually i got to see a nurse who explained that for some people a standard series of Hep-B injections will give them immunity for life, whilst other people need a double dose of injections, whilst for rare individuals it just doesn't work at all !

so i've had my first, and will have the 2nd in a week's time, the 3rd a couple of weeks later, and the 4th (a booster) six months later.  they will do a blood test 6-8 weeks after my booster (4th) injection to see what level my Hep-B antibodies are at ... anything above 10 means that i have immunity.

hopefully it will work this time ... and actually last !

15 January 2016

nipple damage

i was recently in my gym steam room ... and the two other guys were both clearly interested in having some fun ... and by chance i was in the middle ...

it really was very enjoyable having two guys' hands on me !

the trouble came when the guy on my left started getting a bit rough with my left nipple ... first of all with his fingers, and then with his teeth !

i told him to stop, but it was too late ... as i write this a few days later, it's still a bit sore !

one of the occupational hasards of steam room action, i guess ...

14 January 2016

disabled toilets have their uses

a friend of mine told me ages ago, about a friend of his, who used the disabled toilet in his gym to have sex.  I've never done that ... but I've now used the disabled toilet in an art gallery for fun !

after we stopped seeing each other back in May, I had stayed in touch with this guy - mostly through facebook ... and he kept suggesting that we meet up for a drink ... but i kept avoiding him, as i find flaky guys annoying and depressing ...

but he suggested it again recently, and when explained how he would probably cancel ... he completely denied his flakiness !  i thought i might as well give him another chance ... so we met up for lunch ... and after some mild / overt flirting, went to see some art ...

some of the art was quite sexual ... and in the middle of the exhibition we both went to use the toilets ... and next thing, we were in the disabled toilet having fun !

the encounter was quite useful, as i had forgotten how our conversations are quite limited - we don't have that much in common.  and whilst he's a cute guy - he's not quite as good looking as i remembered him.

maybe we can become friends with benefits ... although i've never managed to pull that one off !

12 January 2016

incognito in the steam room

you might think that if you're going to get a physical with a guy in a steam room it's hard to do it anonymously (as opposed to underneath a toilet cubicle) ... but i recently found out that it can be done !

i was in the steam room, and there was a guy with a towel on his head (as well as one around his waist) ... and I assumed it was some sort of facial type thing (not really my thing) !

but after a while I found myself alone with him ... and his towel was clearly tenting :)

after some tentative steps ... i got my hand up his towel, and discovered that his member was indeed engorged ... and nicely prepared with soap / shampoo, ready for manipulation !

sadly i didn't manage to milk him ... but it was a briefly enjoyable / bizarre moment ...

10 January 2016

4th time lucky

i was beginning to think that my run of fun in the gym had come to an end ... a couple of guys who were clearly up for some steam room action ... weren't up for action with me !

usually i limit myself to three trips to the steam room (with cool downs in between) ... if something hasn't happened by then ... i have a shower and leave ...

this time, some bloke was blocking my locker ... and I couldn't be bothered asking him to move all his stuff ... so i went back to the steam room for a rare fourth appearance ...

this time there was another guy there who was clearly up for action, and a guy who had been coy earlier started to get involved as well ...

the new guy turned out to be ridiculously good at masturbating me !  to the point where he managed to get me off in just a couple of minutes !!  it's rare for a guy to be able to provide the right stimulation for me ... but this guy had the pressure / rhythm / angle just right ...

after i had ejaculated he didn't let go of my dick ... which made my whole body twitch / spasm ... which was sort of fun !

who said that gyms were boring ?!

09 January 2016

are you ok with us ...

sometimes in the steam room there are guys who seem to enjoy watching other guys get in on, but don't actually partake ...

in those situations, i like to ask if they are "ok with it" ... which sometimes results in them joining in !

the other day I had a rather surprising outcome ...

there were just three of us in the steam room - all sandwiched into the corner ... #2 guy in the corner wasn't taking an active interest ... but the way #3 guy was looking at his crotch, i guessed that #2 guy was gay and ok ...

so i asked #2 if he was "ok with us" ... but he seemed confused !

it suddenly became clear that he was neither gay, nor aware that #3 guy and i were about to get it on !!

i've chatted to #2 before in the steam room, and he's a really friendly guy ... but this time he mentioned his finnish girlfriend ... so maybe he eventually worked it out !

it all ended fine ... but it is one of the dangers / excitements of action in a straight gym steam room !

08 January 2016

funeral of a guy whose dick you've sucked

one of my schoolfriends died recently after a five year illness ... and thankfully i was able to attend his funeral with a bunch of my classmates.

although I haven't had much to do with him since we finished school, he was one of my best friends all through secondary school.

he was also the first guy that i messed around with ... one very drunken night in the summer whilst i was at university.  i don't think he had much sex at the time, and if you're that drunk and horny, and somebody offers to suck your dick ... then i guess you don't really care what gender they are !

he was happily married with a kid ... and it never happened again ... but it was really weird attending the funeral without saying a word to anybody about what had happened !

03 January 2016

do you want to come to my place

some of the guys that i mess around with at the gym aren't guys that i would meet up with for an "encounter"

when it's dark in the steam room ... you can use your imagination to pretend that you find them attractive ...

but in the cold light of the elevator down to the street ... when they suddenly blurt out "do you want to come to my place - I live locally" ... i'm confronted by my double standards !

i politely declined.