28 August 2017

accidental date

i contacted him on Grindr ... he seemed cute and nice ... and agreed to come over ... after checking that i was ok with him being btm !

when he arrived he seemed shy ... and not very tactile ...

we sat on my sofa and chatted ...

we kissed a bit later on ...

he seems like a nice guy ...

he said he might be able to come over tomorrow ...

26 August 2017

too much i' the steam

i wrote recently about an unpleasant dose of thrush that i'd encountered ...

when i asked the doctor if it was infectious she said that you can throw loads of it at some guys and they don't catch it ... where as some guys develop it without even coming into contact with it ...

after a long session in the steam room - which indicidentally didn't have a successful outcome - i seem to have developed it again ... without even touching another guy !

thankfully this time i recognised the red dick ... didn't freak out ... and started using the ointment again.

i guess i will have to lay off the steam for a while - or at least long sessions.

btw, there's a seriously good production of Hamlet on at the moment.

24 August 2017


when guys mention "sleaze" on their profile, it often means barebacking - which isn't something i'm into - so i usually just ignore their profiles.

the other day a guy contacted me whose profile mentioned sleaze - repeatedly !

so i thought it was worth checking what he was into ... and it turned out that it wasn't BB ... but i couldn't quite get out of him what he wanted !

eventually we agreed that i would go around to his place ... and he was up for some watersports ...

we both shot, and it was pleasant enough.

afterwars we chatted about the fact that he's in an open relationship ... but this one seems genuinely open - not the "we don't talk about it" situation that many guys seem to end up in.

he even mentioned that he helped improve his partner's online profile when he saw it !

22 August 2017

once more unto the hotel

there's a hotel not far from where i live that i've been to a good few times over the years ... i've met a lovely guy there a few times in recent months ... i was on a date there last year ... amongst others ...

and then the other day, i was chatting to a guy on Grindr, and it turned out that he was staying in the same hotel !

when i arrived he looked a bit different to his pics, but he was still a good looking guy.

before i'd arrived he'd said he didn't want the lights on during sex - but that really isn't my thing !

but he didn't seem that shy when it came down to it - maybe it's the idea of it, rather than the actuality.

we got into a position where i must have given my abs a good workout ... i was exhausted straight after cumming ... and my abs were sore for days afterwards !

sadly he didn't cum.  whilst i felt guilty - he didn't seem to mind.

he seemed to want me to leave soon afterwards ... but then when i was ready to leave, he was keen to chat !

nice guy.  maybe when he's back in london we can meet up again ... and i can get him to cum ...

20 August 2017

too good to be true ?

when a really beautiful guy contacts you and wants to meet up ... do you ever wonder if it's too good to be true ?!

once i arrived over at his place i discovered that his pics were probably taken a few years ago, and from just the right angle, and maybe slightly enhanced !

he wasn't a bad looking guy ... just not the stunner that his pics suggested.

the sex was reasonably good (despite him being a smoker) ... but it took place on a bed in his sitting room, rather than in his bedroom.

he seemed to enjoy it.

he claimed he was single ... but he's now removed his profile from Scruff (which i think he had done previously as well) ... and the whole bedroom / sitting room thing suggested otherwise.

i won't be going back !

18 August 2017

two parts of a couple

after a recent issue ... i was trying to avoid the steam room ... and ended up in the male sauna of one of my local gyms ...

there was plenty of eye contact going on ... and the beautiful guy in front of me was clearly interested ... but despite some physical contact ... he didn't get hard !

a while later another guy arrived in ... and there was some chat between them ... and later i saw them stretching each other ...

a while later the second half (assuming they were actually some kind of couple) started making eye contact with me ... and he definitely did get hard !

sadly no ejaculations took place.

16 August 2017


apparently it's not an STD ... but since i personally acquired it from a guy's dick ... at least i think that's how i got it ... i'm filing this post under STDs !

a few days after a particular encounter ... my dick went a bit red, and my ass got a bit itchy ...

i assumed the red dick was due to overuse ... and both symptoms seemed to go down after about five days ...

and then the trouble really happened.

i got a small blister on my dick !

i feared herpes or warts ... and in a state of shock, headed to my local clap clinic.

i had to write my symptoms on a piece of paper, and hand it to the beautiful receptionist (he smokes - which rules him out, not that he was probably ever in) !

he told me that i would need to see a doctor ... and to come back tomorrow ... which isn't a great response when you're freaking out.

the next day i described my horrendous blister to the doctor ... and showed it to her ... but she was somewhat underwhelmed !

she took a swab to see if it was herpes ... but she suspected it was in fact Thrush ... but i'm male ... wtf ?!

she gave me a single pill to take - which made me feel a bit rubbish ... but all in a good cause.

and a cream to put on a couple of times a day.

and a soap substitute to use on my groin - apparently soap can irritate it.

after about a week or so it went away ... finally.

14 August 2017

Let Go - update !

a couple of weeks ago i had an ecounter in the steam room with a guy who seemed nervous ...

and i speculated why he didn't want me to touch him ...

closeted, partnered, not into me ... i wondered ...

i didn't come up with ... infected !

thanks mate !!