19 August 2019

Afterglow - coming back

the play must have made some money, as it's coming back - this time to Waterloo East Theatre for six weeks in October / November.  TodayTix currently have "presale" tickets for 20 quid

it'd been over a year since i'd seen a gay play or musical with GB ... but with him leaving the country again soon, i suggested we go and check out Afterglow at the Southwark Playhouse

the summary on their website says: Josh and Alex are a married couple in an open relationship. But after young Darius shares their bed for a night, a new intimate connection begins to form, and all three men must come head to head with one another’s notions of love, intimacy, and commitment

most of the reviews i saw gave it 3 out of 5, and suggested that what it lacked for in storyline, it partly made up for in naked action ... which sounded ok to me !

one of the reviews even went as far as to say that it was "no Inheritance" - a play that i really enjoyed in the West End last year ... and i have to agree, the writing was a bit uninspiring ... and the storyline was somewhat predictable, and sloppily conventional - if a threesome can be regarded as conventional !

so that left the actors to take up the weight ... and they are definitely competent actors - even though none of them stood out as being likely headed for the big time

they were also all seriously fit / slim - to the extent that one of GB's friends suggested they could all do with a "good meal" !  and they all had very pleasant equipment, that was unfolded at regular intervals.  but for some reason i just didn't find them very sexy.  sometimes i can get quite turned on watching a play - but this time there was no sticky precum in my underwear !

GB suggested that my failure to get excited by them might have been because i wasn't convinced they were actually gay.  it's also possible that it was just so damn hot in the theatre that even the gorgeous Tom Labert from Coming Clean would have failed to arouse me as i nearly melted in the hot still air !

if this hasn't actually put you off - there's still a week of performances left ... and if you want to get up close to the nakedness, Monday's matinee is the only one with more than an odd front row seat left.  maybe the sex and shower scenes will turn you on, where they failed to do it for me ...


29 July 2019

two and a half years later

i had chatted to this guy on Grindr and previously gayromeo ... and by previously i mean off and on over the last 2.5 years !

i remember him once saying that he'd never actually met up just for sex ... that it had always been for a drink or something ...

our conversations often happened after he'd been out for a few drinks ... so the other day when he contacted me, i assumed that nothing would happen ... so i was probably a bit more abrupt that usual ... i was about to go to sleep - so didn't want to waste time chatting ...

and to my surprise, he did actually agree to come over !

he said he'd only had two drinks ... but he did seem a little drunk ... and he tasted like he was a light smoker - but nothing too bad

he was pretty good at sucking my dick - which is always welcome !

i found him a strange mixture of being reasonably attractive from one angle, and then not so much from another angle ... it was a bit weird

maybe we were both a bit tired, but when we did both cum, neither were the most impressive cumshots ever

he has messaged me again ... maybe if we hooked up when we weren't so tired it might work out better ?!


27 July 2019

odd couple

i was back in the male only steam room at one of my new gyms ... it hasn't been a particularly happy hunting ground ...

this time there was an older guy in the corner ... and a seriously hot guy sitting almost beside him ...

the older guy kept looking over at me ... whilst the seriously fit guy wasn't looking anywhere !

i assumed that the older guy had arrived after the hot guy ... but the hot guy wasn't showing any interest in activities ...

the older guy eventually gave up and left the steam room ... and a good few minutes later the fit guy left as well ... after which i gave up and left too !

afterward in the changing room i thought i was making some good eye contact with the fit guy ...

but then he and the older guy left together ... talking to each other ...

wtf, they were a couple !

25 July 2019


in one of my new gyms i recently had a good time in the communal showers

i was back there again recently, and there was a guy occupying the prime communal shower ... so i took up positing at the other end (not quite as well concealed) ...

the other guy was a bit older than i normally go for ... but he had a really beautiful dick ... and he was playing with it ...

we started touching each other ... and he was good at stimulating me ...

i was about to cum ... when a regular user walked into the shower ... oh shit !

the new guy didn't say anything - either then, or in the changing room afterwards when i saw him again ... and i couldn't work out whether he was interested or unimpressed

i really need to be safer - especially as a new member of this chain of gyms !

after i was dressed i went to the toilets and knocked one out at the urinals


22 July 2019

Airport explosion

after my recent near miss with a guy at an airport ... i was back again there a couple of weeks later ...

i'd added him as a Favourite on Grindr ... but he hadn't been online for almost a week ... so i was about to give up and go through security ... when i spotted him ... and he spotted me ... and looked like he might be interested !

i left the security queue ... and headed to the Arrivals toilets where we had previously met ... and within a minute or two he arrived ...

we made a beeline for the disabled cubicle ... and i was soon playing with his beautiful dick ...

he whispered that he had to go to a meeting ... but his dick said otherwise ... and he soon exploded ... he hit the wall with an impressive cumshot.  i guess he was pretty excited !

sadly i didn't shoot ... maybe next time ...


19 July 2019

Tramp Stamp

i started chatting to this guy on Grindr ... and in one of his pics you could see some nice ink work on his shoulder ...

what i hadn't noticed from the photo, was that he had some more artwork at the base of his back !

when i arrived we got down to business straight away - and he was soon out of his single piece outfit - a bit like a sexy onesie !

and his jock strap was soon on the floor too ...

he really had a beautiful body, and beautiful southern european skin tone ...

i asked him about the writing on his back ... he said it was a signature of a "family member" ... i wondered afterwards whether it was an ex boyfriend ?!

the sex was good ... but the only problem was that each time i pulled out of him, the smell of shit was a bit strong ... which really wasn't good !

not sure i've ever experienced quite such a pungent smell whilst having sex

afterwards i was walking around an art gallery, trying not to let the condoms and cockrings in my trouser pockets be too visible !


17 July 2019


i messaged this guy on Grindr ... and he was keen to meet straight way ...

so i had a quick shower and he came around to my place

he was a bit older than his photos ... and quite a bit heavier ...

we soon got down to business ... and he kept saying "fuck my tight hole" ...

which was a bit weird, because either he was using a lot of poppers, or he just doesn't have a very tight ass !

before long he was shooting his load ... and that pushed me over the edge, and i shot mine too


13 July 2019

Airport near miss

i had an hour to kill at an airport before my flight ... it's a small airport which i use regularly ... i was on my laptop in the cafe before security ... keeping my options open in case a non traveller wanted to hookup !

i started exchanging messages with a guy on Grindr ... and he asked me whereabout i was ... and soon after a bloke walked past and looked me up and down !

turns out it was him !!  we arranged to meet up in the arrivals toilets ...

i tried the door of the disabled cubicle, and there he was - having forgotten to lock the door !

he had a beautiful dick, and was quite cute ... and i was well up for some fun ... but he whispered to me that he needed to go and work !

afterwards he sent me a message on Grindr saying he wished he could have gone to bed with me ...

maybe we will manage to finish off what we started another time ...


10 July 2019

shock and awe

after the recent experience, i was back again in one of my new gyms ... and spotted a guy i think i recognised from the steam room at one of my old gyms

since it was near closing time, this gym is always quiet, and there was only one other guy in the changing room

i made eye contact with the guy i recognised ... and he came over to my section ... and within seconds he was sucking me ... and wanking his own dick ...

we got interrupted as the other guy in the locker room moved around ... but whilst he had to stop sucking me, he kept pulling on his own beautiful dick

he was soon after to suck me again ... and i warned him that i was about to shoot, and he readied himself for my load ...

i was really turned on by the experience ... and my first ejaculation was quite substantial ... and the sucker recoiled as he was hit by my semen !

he seemed to like it though - as he soon shot his own substantial load

i think it was only my second ever encounter in a changing room

we nodded goodbye to each other as i left ... so maybe it won't be my last !


07 July 2019

communal showers

after a recent encounter in one of my new gyms ... i was back again recently ... near closing time when it was very quiet ...

in the changing rooms there was a guy who looked like he might be interested ... and we made eye contact ...

i was getting undressed after my workout ... and he looked like he might be leaving ... but i tried to suggest he follow me into the showers ...

and after a few minutes he did !

the showers at this gym are different to most ... there are a number of cubicles ... and then a handful of open communal showers at the end

i don't know why - but i find communal showers quite exciting ... maybe it reminds me of being a teenager and the communal showers at school ... when sadly, nothing ever happened !

the guy from the changing room took up a shower next to me in the communal section ... and we soon hand our hands on each other ...

and before long i shot my load ... followed soon after by hi

definitely counts as a happy ending to a gym session


04 July 2019

low quality ejac

after my recent first activity in a new steamroom ... i've been back a couple of times, without any joy ...

this time there was a guy who was up for it ...

but the trouble was that he was quite overweight - which isn't really what i go for ...

so i wasn't very turned on ...

not helped by the fact that he pinched on muy nipples - despite me telling him to stop

i didn't eventually cum ... but the low quality stimulation was matched by a low volume cumshot !


13 June 2019

see you again

i had chatted to this guy a few times on Grindr over the years ... he lived nearby ... and seemed interested in meeting ... but never actually did ...

the other day he messaged me, and was keen - mentioning that his phone battery was very low.  that probably forced him to stop wasting time, as he arrived over at my place very quickly !

he had said that he wanted to suck ... and despite being fairly drunk ... he proved to be an excellent oral pleaser !

he was struggling to get hard - and apologised saying he was drunk ... but i wonder if there's more to it than just alcohol ...

eventually i shot my load on him ... and he must have cum too, considering how much post ejaculatory twitches he had ... but there was precious little of his cum to be seen !

after we had both cleaned up and he was leaving, he said "see you again" ... which is an unusual thing to say !  despite him being a good sucker, i'm not sure i will ask him back ...


10 June 2019

alpha male

as i mentioned recently, i've changed gym chain after years of using one with a good number of cruisy male only steam rooms ...

as well as a couple of male of steam rooms, the chain has a couple of mixed ones where male only action takes place !

i tried it recently after a workout, and it was empty ... but before long a guy arrived wearing speedos

he sat close enough to be a potential player ... and after i adjusted myself a couple of times, he showed definite interest ...

before long i was standing over him with my lad in my hand (so to speak) ... which seemed to surprise him ... and he suggested that i was a real alpha male !  not something i often get called - but i guess everything is relative !!

he then asked me if i was married ... and if i was straight !  which seems odd things to ask before messing around with a guy in a gym steam room ...

before long i had shot my load on him ... but he didn't seem to interested in shooting his own load ... as i suspect he was married !


07 June 2019

inappropriate behaviour

as i mentioned the other day - i've recently changed gym chain ...

i tried out another of their gyms with a male only steam room

and on entering there is a sign that tells users to press the emergency button if they notice any "inappropriate behaviour" ... which was a hopeful indication that there might be some action !

the steam room is tiny - about four guys can sit on the bench - quite close together ... and there's space for another couple of guys to stand

which could be good ... apart from some of the customers are clearly gay, clearly up for it ... but either overly picky or just interested in prick teasing !

i've been there twice and experienced the same situation ... it's so frustrating to leave with full balls !!


04 June 2019

nervous neighbour

i chatted to a nearby guy on Grindr, and he seemed keen ... so i gave him my address ... which is a bit confusing, because there are two separate buildings with the same name, just different numbers !

after a bit of confusion he got to my front door ... and looked worried ... as he said he lived in the same building !

he came up to my apartment, but seemed really nervous, and looked like he might leave ... and said "but we're neighbours" ... so i tried my best to calm him down ... and eventually he seemed to relax !

he was quite overweight, but he carried it reasonably well ... the only downside was that he produced quite a bit of sweat at times - but not all the time ...

he said early on (when he was nervous) that he didn't want to be fucked ... but later on he seemed keen for me to play with his ass !

he had mentioned on Grindr that he hadn't cum for a couple of weeks - which seemed odd ... but it seemed like he really struggled to get himself over the edge

eventually he did

not sure if he or i will be up for meeting again ... but it will be fun to bump into each other !