17 October 2017

when two or three are gathered together

but mostly three ... to mix sacrileges ...

i had just chatted to a beautiful guy in the locker room who i normally just chat to on Squirt ... sadly he was on his way out ... but the trouble with seeing a really hot guy is that average guys then become disappointing !

when i arrived in the steam there was a guy who regularly spends a lot of time there, and who i've hooked up with before ...

i wasn't planning on doing anything with him ... but he moved towards me and started wanking me ...

but then another guy arrived, and sat over the far side ...

but it turned out that he was up for action as well ... and with a bit of encouragement he came and sat the other side of me ...

it really is hard to beat a guy on either side of you playing with you ...

and before long i exploded !

sadly neither of them seemed interested in shooting their loads ... so i thanked them for their efforts ... and went and showered !


15 October 2017

Close Knit film

yesterday evening (straight after another queer film) ... i went to my last movie of this year's London straight film festival

as always - the text below contains SPOILERS

one of my favourite films of all time is a Japanese movie called I Just Didn't Do It ... which i reckon had a gay twist to it ... as well as a beautiful lead actor !  and the more recent Japanese movie Our Little Sister was very sweet.

so whilst trans films aren't normally my thing ... i thought Close Knit looked like it might be good ...

and it was !

the trans character is played by a male actor who isn't always hugely convincing as a trans person ... but he's a good actor ... and a cute guy.

there's a nice balance with one of the kids experiencing trans thoughts ... the only trouble is that what turned out to be a flashback scene for the main character, appeared to me as a scene for the kid character ... oops!

there's also the standard conservative character (who gets her comeuppance nicely) ... and an array of taunting school mates.

one of the central themes of the film is about containing your emotions ... and the director was asked about that in the Q&A after the screening ... but she wasn't really able to say anything much about it ... which seemed odd !

it's a well made, pleasant film ... but i'm not sure whether it will stay in my mind for long.

my top choice from the festival is 120 BPM ... or if that's too full on for you ... then The Cakemaker was also excellent.

Saturday Church film

as i've written a few times recently that it's London hetero film festival time ... and i've been out sampling some of the produce ... both gay and straight - even though i've only blogged about the gay ones !

as usual - the words below contain SPOILERS ...

in many ways Saturday Church is a typical tale of a queer teenager suffering at the hands of jocks and conservative family members ... the clip below is not typical of the film - but they don't seem to have a released proper trailer.

the standard story is interspersed by random acts of singing and dancing ... much to its benefit.  why wouldn't you interrupt a locker room intimidation scene with the jocks carrying around our hero to music.

the songs aren't the most amazing you will hear - but they're perfectly enjoyable.  the acting perfomances are the most insightful you will ever see - but they are perfectly acceptable.  the story isn't the most original ever written - but it has an interesting twist on the standard teenage coming out fare.

Marquis Rodriguez plays one of the supporting roles - lovely looking guy ... hopefully he gets some more movies that we can see him in.

If you like musicals, and don't mind a storyline that isn't the most original - you will probably like this movie.  just don't go for titillation - my boner count was zero !

13 October 2017

hooking up with a rent boy

for free !

as i was entering my gym the other day, i noticed a guy at the reception desk who i recognised ... from the steam room ... and from the dating apps - where he advertises himself !

i hadn't seem him around the gym for months.  when he was previously a regular, i never actually saw him engage in any fun - he didn't usually even display his dick.

a while later we were both in the steam room - and to my surprise he was actually up for some action.

when i told him that i was getting close - he said that he had cum just before arriving in the gym !

what was slightly odd was he kept saying how nice different parts of me were ... and making encouraging sounds ... sort of like you would if you were being paid !

whilst he has a nice enough body, and pleasant if unexceptional dick - i can't imagine paying for his services (or anybody else's for that matter).

unlike the recent guy, this guy was happy for me to shoot on him.

it will be interesting to see if he becomes a regular in the steam ... or if he was just high and needed constant action the day in encountered him !

11 October 2017

The Wound film

another day, another gay film at the breeders' film festival !

as usual - the words below contain SPOILERS - look away now if you don't want them

The Wound is a south african film ... which proceeds at quite a slow pace ... so don't go expecting an action packed couple of hours.

the three main characters are all very different - and each sort of tragic in their own way - it's not a hugely uplifting film.

some people say that movie characters are only interesting if they have some sort of "arc" - where they develop in the course of the film.  the lead character definitely does ... the other adult does a bit ... but the young guy doesn't at all - and i did find him a bit dull.

apparently the film was originally written from the perspective of the young guy ... but i'm glad they changed it, as i think he was the weakest of the actors.  although still pleasant to look at.

the first sex scene wasn't overly convincing - even though it was a bit horny.  the sex got better though.  but it was always very discreet - almost old style.  still quite enjoyable!  the lead actor (who is gay in real life) said that he watched it with his parents - rather him than me!

the director was onstage afterwards and was asked by the audience about the rather depressing ending.  aparently he wanted to jolt us out of taking the urban liberal viewpoint - and challenge us to see if from the more rural, traditional angle.  he also emphasised that there is an element of hope at the end for the lead character - if you look closely.

the lead actor was at the screening as well - more handsome and less butch in the flesh than he was on screen.

afterwards i got a msg on Grindr from another audience member ... but sadly he was a bit too old for me.

if you're interested in the subject matter, and you have the patience for a slow two hours, then go see it - there's still another screening in London.  don't just go to see it for the beautiful actors - you will get bored !

10 October 2017

Too hot to shoot

i was in the steam room ... opposite me was a guy who i'd messed around with before ... and beside me was a guy who i'd come close to messing around with, but never quite (and who is definitely up for fun) ...

a guy walked in who was very cute ... and sat fairly close ... making eye contact ... but with the guy opposite me being a bit shy ... the new cute guy lay down ...

after the guy opposite me left ... the new cute guy sat up ... and we started getting it on ...

i kissed him ... but he tasted a bit garlicy - not great !

he had a beautiful dick ... and goregous body ... and i warned him that i was getting close ... and he pushed me around - to avoid me cumming on him ...

maybe i've got too used ot shooting on guys ... but this sort of put me off ... and together with the fact that it was seriously hot in there ... i gave up and went and had my shower

in the changing room afterwards, it turned out that the cute guy had a locker beside me ... so i asked him if he had shot a load ... after pause, he confirmed he had !

08 October 2017

120 BPM Beats Per Minute film

over the last couple of days i've written about two gay films that i've seen at the mainstream london film festival ...

yesterday i went to see a french movie called 120 BPM with my friend GB

as usual the text below contains SPOILERS - look away now if you want to see it blind !

i go and see most gay films that i find on the subject of HIV/AIDS - I find both the biological evolution of the virus fascinating (although this film didn't focus on that) and the impact it had on the acceptance of gay people.  writers have suggested that the HIV epidemic forced / allowed gay people to become visible, and the horrendous death toll humanised gay people in the view of general western populations.

i grew up with the tombstone adverts - and the fear that it invoked probably helped keep me alive (and stopped me having sex / accepting my sexuality).  there's a line in the film about France having double the infection rate than UK or Germany - those tombstone adverts really did work !

I don't know anybody who has died of AIDS - not sure if that's a consequence of my late coming out, or my lack of involvement in gay activism.

As is almost inevitable with a film about HIV - there are a couple of deaths ... but the emotions around the death scenes are universal - the scenes reminded me of a vaguely recent death in my family ... and of course i cried !

There's a line in the film, after a sex scene, where the main character asks "was i your first poz guy" ... and it forced me to consider my general reluctance to meet / have sex with guys who are positive.  A recent encounter with a poz guy ended up with me considering taking PEP - but maybe i should be more open to it.  the main character in the film even uses condoms for oral sex ... i'm not sure i could do that !

some of the sex was very good - and as usual i got hard.  in the first sex scene i was thinking that you hardly ever see lubricant being used in film sex ... and a few seconds later the lube appeared on screen !

the director was on stage afterwards - and talked really openly about the film.  some directors try and keep their intentions to themselves (so the audience projects their own ideas onto the film) - but this director was refreshingly forthright.  sadly though he wasn't asked about the slightly strange closing scene - if anybody can explain it, please let me know !

at 140 minutes, i feared the film would be flabby - but it really wasn't.  i don't believe a single scene could or should have been cut.

it really is a great movie - if you get a chance - definitely go and see it.

07 October 2017

A Moment in the Reeds film

As i mentioned the other day ... the hetero London film festival is currenlty on ... but it's showing a few gay films !

Yesterday evening I went to see the world premiere of the Finnish film A Moment in the Reeds ... whose director is based in London ... which presumably explains why it isn't premiering in Finland !

The text below containts some SPOILERS ... so look away now if you want to watch it without knowing too much about it.

When the director came on stage to introduce it, he said that he felt Finland needed a queer movie ... which sounds a bit arrogant ... and a bit worthy.

And the film felt a bit worthy at times.

The first 60 or 70 minutes was quite good ... despite the partly improvised dialogue - although I accept that some viewers are probably more accepting of the slightly awkward / natural feel that improvisation brings.

After 70 minutes the film seemed to lose its way and featured lots of arty scenes where nothing much happened.

The two main actors were ok, but I didn't overly rate them - they may become good actors in future, but I don't think they are at this stage in their development.

One of the audience (which seemed mostly overweight, older, over perfumed men) in the Q&A afterwards talked about the great sex scenes ... but I think he was being overly generous.  Whilst I admist that I got a boner at least once, possibly twice - one of the sex scenes just didn't work.

The director was also asked about each of the lead actors topping (in slightly more delicate language) ... and he confirmed that he and the actors had decided that it was important.  The trouble was that one of the actors just wasn't a convincing top !

The film is showing in London a couple more times - there's currently a few seats left for each performance ... if you like slightly improvised, arty, cliched fare !

06 October 2017

The Cakemaker film

The "straight" london film festival is on at the moment ... and luckily they have quite a few gay films!

Last night I went to see The Cakemaker - an Israeli/German film.

Like any review - the text below contains some SPOILERS - but not much more than in the trailer ... look away now if you don't want to know !

The film centres around a married Israeli guy, and his German boyfriend.

One of the strange/different things about the portrayal is that the german guy asks his boyfriend not just when he and his wife last had sex ... but what they actually did !
I must admit that i do ask guys when they last ejaculated ... and what they were doing at the time ... and sometimes they tell me about another guy ...
So maybe it's not that different.
And maybe my lack of interest in hearing about a bloke and a woman is more about the fact that i'm too gay to want to hear about hetero sex!

Maybe the two men in the film talking about straight sex whilst they have gay sex is a sort of threesome in itself ...

The director was at the screening yesterday - and talked about trying to avoid labels / definitions - whether that be sexuality or religion or nationality.

Go see it and let me know what you think !

05 October 2017


i've written a couple of times before about how i'm not a fan of multiple guys in a single shower cubicle ...

i've also written a couple of times before about my hypocrisy - not that i actually remember either encounter particularly !

the other day i was in the steam ... eventually it was just me and two beautiful guys - both of whom i think i've messed around with before - but sadly one had his eyes closed and didn't seem to be up for it ...

it was quiet in the gym, the showers weren't busy ... and i found myself in the end cubicle with one of the beautiful guys from the steam in the opposite cubicle ...

his gorgeous dick was hard ... and he was clearly up for it ... and he put his towel over the gap in the glass ... and next thing i found myself exiting my cubicle and entering his ...

before long i was whispering to him that i was about to cum ... and he dropped to his knees to take my load ... which ended up bouncing off his face it was so strong !

i couldn't wait to sort him out (not sure if he actually wanted to) ... i had to get out of there ...

in the two seconds it took to cross back to my cubicle ... a nice gay guy i've chatted to before spotted me !

i musn't do that again.

03 October 2017

i need to fuck you

i had seen him in the sauna, and he looked like he was up for some fun ... but the other guy (who i suspect was also gay) seemed shy ... and nothing happened.

later he was in the steam ... but there was a straight guy in there ... who eventually left ...

then he started playing with himself ... and i walked over to him ...

his dick was one of the smallest i've ever touched ... almost disturbingly small

next thing he was behind me and sort of dry humping me ... odd

i was getting close ... but he said to wait, because he needed to fuck me ... wtf ?!

i don't do unsafe - no way that was ever going to happen.

i didn't quite stop manipulating myself in time ... so a little cum dribbled out ... strange sensation.

01 October 2017

comical miscommunication

i was in the gym ... checking the apps ... and started chatting with a guy who seemed keen to meet ...

the trouble was that i didn't have a lot of time ... so i had to try and get him to arrive at my flat around the same time that i got back from the gym ...

it was further complicated by the fact that he had recently arrived in London, and didn't have a mobile phone - so once he left his flat he would be out of communication range !

just as i arrived at the front door of my flat ... he was turning around to leave ... and he looked quite different to his profile pics, so for a second i wasn't sure if it was actually him ... but it was !

he seemed like a nice guy ... a bit camper that i usually go for ... and a bit heavier than his profile pics.

we got down to fun fairly quickly ... it was fine ... but sort of forgettable
usually some aspect of an encounter sticks in my mind for a while ... but there really wasn't anything particularly interesting about this one ...
apart from the bizarre moment when i looked down at him sucking me, and thought the way his hair started from a circle - almost looked like an asshole !

afterwards he jumped in the shower (i had fairly drenched him with my load) ... and we had a hilarious crossed wires conversation ... he would say one thing (about leaving his phone in the airport) ... i would ask a follow it up question (asking which route he took) ... and he would answer a completely different question (about where he was staying in london) ... his english wasn't quite good enough !

nice guy.  not sure i will see him again.

29 September 2017

i wasn't expecting that

i was sitting alone in the steam room ... my towel was open, with my hand covering my junk ...

a guy walked in wearing shorts ... but sat a bit too close for somebody who was straight ... but not close enough for somebody who was up for it ...

he started looking at my crotch ... which got me excited ...

after a few minutes he took off his shorts ...

before long i was standing in front of him ... and discovered that he had a Prince Albert !
can't remember the last time i saw one of those !!

i kissed him ... but he didn't taste so good.

he was nervous, kept looking at the door, and thought it was "incredibly risky".  I tried to assure him it wasn't.

great body.  rock hard dick.  it was so hot in the steam that i needed a break.

when i returned he was gone, and didn't return.

sadly no explosion


27 September 2017

effing awesome

what is it about americans that they can't say "fucking" ... even after they've just cum ?!

we had chatted previously - and he told me that without a dick pic (which i don't have / send) he wasn't interested in meeting ... since he was primarily looking to suck ...

but a couple of days later his horniness must have got the better of him ... and he was keen to meet ...

i went over to his place.  my inherent curiosity / nosiness means that i normally enjoy travelling for encounters ... but this guy's flat was a bit of a pigsty !

he wasn't quite as attractive as his photos ... seriously overweight ... but he seemed keen ... and i needed a BJ !

he shot first - although sadly i didn't really see it

he seemed to really enjoy the encounter

it wasn't bad ... but i don't think i will go back for more.

22 September 2017

did i really ?

do you ever get the horrible "oh shit" thought when you see a guy outside the steam room ... and realise that they weren't quite what you thought ?

the other day it was just me and one other bloke ... who was lying down so i couldn't see him so well ...

one thing led to another ... and before long we both had our dicks out ... and i was walking over to him ... and he was reaching for my dick ...

when another bloke walked in - and we hurriedly covered up.

a few minutes later i was drying off after a shower ... when the "near miss" bloke entered the shower cubicle opposite me ...

oh shit !

at least it was a near miss !!

and i'm sure that others have thought the same thing about me - i'm not that arrogant !