21 May 2017

i hate it when a plan doesn't come together

most of my blog posts are about when a plan does come together (so to speak) ... since it would be pretty dull if i wrote about all the times when i try to hook up with a guy, and it doesn't work out !

but i thought it was worth mentioning today's litany of failure ... to give a smidgen of balance ...

it started off just before lunch in one of my usual gyms - i'd already worked out a lot this week, so just went to shower before meeting friends nearby for lunch.  obviously i had to spend some time in the steam room just to have a look ...

and before long a stunning guy walked in ... he made eye contact ... and before too long i was making contact with his beautiful chest, and even more gorgeous uncut dick.  the trouble was that he was really nervous about getting caught (and possibly guilty about hooking up / already attached) or possibly just not that into me !  anyway, he admitted defeat and used the "it's too hot" excuse - which to be fair, it was a bit.

in the early evening i had an hour to kill before the movie i was going to see, so i decided to check out another of my regular gyms ...

the trouble here was that the steam room was packed out !  most of the guys were probably  gay ... but the usual problem of one guy not being up for it ... or possibly just one guy not fancying the guys beside him ... and nothing happened in the steam room.

out in the showers, one of them had a towel covering the clear glass section - so it was almost certain something was going on.  i could see that the guy in next shower cublicle was down on the floor - i presumed he was getting involved.  but then one (beautiful) guy emerged from the towel covered cubicle ... following not too long afterwards by another (less beautiful) guy !

all this action, but none of it happening with me !  not my finest hours !!

19 May 2017

enough already !

i wrote recently about trying to stop myself messing around with a guy who is physically attractive, but is a jerk ...

just to report that i failed !

as i feared would happen ... we were both in the steam room ... and one thing led to another ... and next thing i'm standing over him ... he shot a little load ... and then i started cumming on his chest ...

the trouble was that it had been a few days since i last shot ... and so it just kept coming !

you could see he was getting nervous that somebody would walk in ... but what could i do !!

anyway, it doesn't seem to have put him off ... he seemed quite up for it again in the steam room the next day - but it was too busy for anything to happen.


17 May 2017

is it bad ...

i've written before about feeling uncomfortable messing around with a bloke who had a nice dick ... but the rest of him wasn't attractive ...

my latest dilemma is a bloke who is perfectly attractive ... but who is a pain in the neck !

he's a regular at my gym, and often works from the lounge area - so i hear his phone conversations ... and sometimes he even brings a work colleague into the lounge - so i hear them interact.

he's has unpleasant old fashioned sales techniques ... and is just a cliche ridden jerk !

the trouble is, when he's in the steam room, and i'm feeling horny ... how do i stop myself ?! 

15 May 2017

fully naked in the steam

there's something attractive about guys who are confident enough to walk around the gym fully naked ... especially when they know that there are plenty of gay guys at the gym !

of course some of the exhibitionists are gay themselves ... and the other day in the steam room it was incredibly quiet, and i was almost giving up hope of any action ... but a naked guy walked in ...

he wasn't that attractive ... but in the steam you can use your imagination ... and i suspect we might have exchanged fluids before ...

it played out the same way as last time ... i adjusted myself (beneath my towel) - to demostrated potential, without freaking him out, in case he turned out to be straight ...

before long his dick was elongating ... and rapidly standing to attention ...

i walked over to him ... started manipulating his member ... and before long he shot his load ...

and not long after that i followed suit.

brief, but enjoyable.

13 May 2017

Interrupted explosions

after enjoying the jacuzzi (and the cumshots), i went to a better gym to actually do some exercise !

after my workout, i had a few minutes in that gym's steam room before closing time ...

there was just one guy in the steam room with me ... but he wasn't touching himself to being with ... so i wasn't hopeful ...

but after a few minutes, with me adjusting myself from time to time ... he started to adjust himself ...

and next thing you know ... we're both openly pleasuring ourselves ...

but just as we were both starting to erupt ... an old (presumably straight) bloke walked in !

not since that time in a foreign thermal bath (that i don't seem to have written a post about) have i had to stop stimulating myself after starting to ejaculate ... and it really isn't a pleasant sensation.

maybe it was karma for cumming twice within a couple of hours !

but if only the other guy hadn't been so shy to begin with - we would both have enjoyed pleasant cumshots !!

11 May 2017

there were three in the steam room (again)

Bank holiday mondays seem to bring out the gays to one of my local gyms ... that attracts quite a lot of gay men even on a normal day.  The jacuzzi (as well as steam room and sauna) in the men's changing room is probably part of the attraction !

The trouble with a steam room with five gay men ... if one of them is feeling a bit shy at any one time ... then the others begin to wonder if he's straight ... and nothing happens !

Most of the guys in the jacuzzi are naked ... and it was fun (and different) to mess around a little with a guy in there ... but it was very exposed ... so nothing much could happen, as straight guys would appear without warning.

Back in the steam room, I found myself with the guy from the jacuzzi ... and we started to get it on ... until another guy appeared - but he was definitely up for it ... so it was all systems go ... until the guy from the jacuzzi started getting nervous ...

But that did stop me ... and i shot first ... followed by the third guy (who left soon after) ... and then the guy from the jacuzzi felt more relaxed, and he shot as well.

Phew - I'm exhuasted just writing it !

09 May 2017


sometimes encounters in the steam room can be really good ... but sometimes they leave me feeling really bad !

i know the world has it's share of idiots ... but i generally try to avoid them ...

sadly the other day in the steam i failed to avoid one particular jerk !

it started off well ... a nice enough looking guy beside me ... both of us obviously horny ... and he didn't object at all when i started to touch him ... and help him ejaculate ...

but as soon as he had shot his load ... he shot out the door of the steam room ... not giving me time to sort myself out ... or even cover myself up.

idiots like that don't deserve to be helped shoot their loads.


07 May 2017

I'm done

when i'm on the treadmill in the gym, i often check out various dating apps ... and when a guy is also on the gym's wifi, they show up as being very close !

i was chatting to this guy, and he was already in the changing room, and was looking for a dick to suck in the steam room ... so at the end of my workout, i went upstairs for my reward ...

it started off fine ... and the guy was using poppers (hiding them in a t-shirt that he carried around with him) ... but he suddenly just said: I'm Done

that was it ... no explanation (did i smell, had he suddenly turned straight ?) ... no further fellatio would occur !

not the pleasant end to my workout that i had expected.

05 May 2017


i generally try and avoid guys who are High ... and since most guys are happy to advertise their drug consumption on their app profiles, it's fairly straightforward to do !

but a couple of weeks ago, i was messaging a guy who didn't give the impression that he was High ... but he was nearby, and horny ... so i asked him over ...

it soon turned out that he had been with other guys earlier that day ... and had been "naughty" ... which i presume means he had been doing Bareback.

whilst i may mess around with a lot of guys, i don't do bareback, and i try and avoid STDs ... but this guy was not looking like a safe playmate ...

he encouraged me to cum ... but (as often happens with High guys) didn't cum himself - which is another reason i try and avoid High guys !

thankfully it was all over fairly quickly.

03 May 2017

Cum and go

i had noticed this guy a few times on Grindr and other apps ... we had messaged a few times ... but he seemed flaky, or drunk, or high ... or all of the above !

we finally managed to get it together a few weeks ago ... he came over to my place ... but he wasn't as hot as his pics ... he seemed a bit odd ... and i wasn't that turned on ...

i had warned him that it needed to be a quick session ... but it turned out to be quicker than i expected, as he started cumming without warning ... and i had to catch up quickly !

when we chatted afterwards, he said that he divides his time between London and another city, and that he deletes his profile each time he leaves London ... wtf - who does that ?!

some of the other things he said didn't really add up.

a few days later i bumped into him at my local tube station ... we both did recognise each other - but thankfully he was on his mobile, so we didn't have to chat ! 

01 May 2017

NYC bound

a few weeks ago i was on Grindr, and was messaging with a guy ...

he was a bit younger than i normally go for ... and probably a bit more feminine that i normally go for ... but he looked cute, and i was feeling horny !

he was better looking in person than his pics ... and once he started getting undressed it turned out that he had a really beautiful body ...

his heritage was apparently South American ... but he almost looked Asian.

we had a really nice time ... but it was late, and he'd missed the last metro, so he was going to have to get a couple of buses home (and i wasn't in the mood to have a stranger sleep in my bed overnight).

afterwards we chatted a bit, and he had the slightly cocky attitude that twenty somethings have before they find out what life is actually like !

06 April 2017

Wait !

when two or three are gathered together ... in the steam room ... it's almost inevitable that one will shoot before the others !

when that happens - please wait for the others to finish shooting and cover up ... and preferably even a little time to clean up !

i don't care whether you are closeted / in denial / disgusted by your own behaviour ... just in practical terms - if people outside the steam room see a guy inside still shooting whilst you walk out - you're incriminating yourself !!

don't be a wanker ... just enjoy a good wank.

03 April 2017

same hotel, same guy

the guy i met about a month ago messaged me on Grindr again (we had previously both added each other as favourites) ... he was back in town !

he asked me if i had been back to the hotel (to meet a guy) since we last me up ... seriously, who asks that sort of question !  luckily i was able to say no - truthfully !!

we met up, and he was just as cute and beautiful as i remembered ... and we had some fun ... although not as penetrative as i would have liked ... maybe we can do that next time !

afterwards, he was about to order room service ... but i convinced him we should go out and get some food.

the next day, i happened to bump into him on the street nearby - he doesn't look quite as cute without hair product !

a nice guy - shame he lives abroad.

30 March 2017


i was in the gym steam room again the other day ... and in walked a guy who i once had fun with ... and who is always fun to chat with ...

whilst we've had the odd fumble since then ... i don't think we've ever actually got off together again ... although that's more him than me !

on this occasion it was getting close to closing time at the gym ... and it looked like he needed to explode !

the trouble was that he was so hot (possibly spent too long in the steam) that he couldn't last more than a couple of minutes !

i'd forgotten what a good kisser he is.

eventually though, with him sitting down, and me standing up ... and another guy standing by the door ... i emptied my tanks on his chest.

he laughed out a "naughty" in response !

later on he unloaded in the shower - shame i wasn't there for it.

27 March 2017

the staring bloke

there's a fine line between maintaining eye contact with a guy when your eyes happen to meet (to show that you're interested) ... and staring!  i suspect that i break eye contact too quickly ... but staring really isn't attractive either!

i was in the steam room the other day, and chatting to a former hookup from 18 months ago, who is always forthright with his opinions ...

he pointed out a guy who had just left the steam room, who was clearly up for action, and who i noticed was a bit of a starer ... but my friend claimed he was even worse than i had noticed ...

after a while my friend left, and the staring bloke was back ... and one thing led to another ...

later on, the staring bloke and i both happend to be getting changed in the same area of the locker room ... and there was a really beautiful guy getting changed as well ... who i'm pretty sure was straight ... but the staring bloke just wouldn't stop looking at him.  it was unpleasant just to witness, and i felt sorry for the straight bloke to be on the receiving end.

the moral of the story - don't be a staring bloke !