19 February 2020

Side by Side they Shot each other

A few weeks previously i had finished my shower and was drying myself in my cubicle when the cubicle door opposite me opened, and the guy was about to leave ... but he looked at me, and then decided to stay and dry himself some more !

I thought that glance and pause suggested there was potential ... and then in the changing room he had chosen a locker in the corridor which meant that other guys could see him and his beautiful body !

We ended up in the toilet both using the urinals ... and he chuckled to himself as we both played with our dicks ... almost like he was pretending that this wasn't gay ... it was just two guys who happened to each playing with themselves ...

Sadly we got interrupted, and nothing else happened.

Fast forward a few weeks, and i'm back in the same gym ... and in the sauna is a beautiful black guy who keeps his bits covered ... so i'm not hopeful ...

But then we end up in the same shower cubicles and almost the same situation ... where he's happy to show off his bits as he dries himself ... and he's using a locker in the same corridor part of the changing room ...

I can't remember what the previous guy looked like ... but he's the right colour, and there are too many similarities for it not to be the same guy !

Once again we find ourselves side by side in the urinals ... and this time i'm not wasting any time ... and i put my foot inside his so i can rub my leg against him ...

He doesn't object ... and he doesn't chuckle this time ... so maybe he's slightly less in denial that this is a gay encounter !

It doesn't take long before the sight of him playing with his beautiful uncut dick is enough to push me over the edge, and i shoot into my urinal ...

He watches, but doesn't do the same.  Maybe next time we can progress to two cumshots !


18 February 2020

Tie me up

After our intial few meetings ... i've gradually done some more interesting things with the lovely guy who lives nearby ...

This time we were chatting on Grindr in advance of meeting up ... and I asked him about being tied up ...

As usual he was up for it ... and he was quickly over to my flat ...

I've never actually tried the tying up thing - so i didn't have any "proper" ropes ... but i had some nice spare shoe laces lying around ... so i used one of them !

He seemed to enjoy it ... and eventually i released him and let him wank himself off as i shot my load over him ...

Proper fun !


17 February 2020

Dates with a younger guy

After an incident last year when a guy started playing a computer game on his phone after sex - I sort of gave myself a minimum age of 27 for dating a guy ...

The trouble is that lots of beautiful 25 year olds keep appearing on dating apps ...

And whilst they aren't normally interested in me ... one guy recently was ...

The first date was excellent - about four hours later we finally said goodbye ...

The second date was pretty good too.  Although his insistence that we not have sex until we had dated more left me wondering when it would actually happen.

The third date went pretty well too - by this stage he had his hand inside my trousers whilst we were in a pub !  In hindsight it felt a bit odd that I didn't manage to get hold of his bits, but he got to play with mine ... whilst still saying that we couldn't have sex !

Towards the end of the date, he asked me a specific question about my recent sexual history, which I declined to answer ... and this is where things fell apart.  We parted on reasonable terms ... but in text messages afterwards it felt like he was threatening me that if I didn't answer the question, then we couldn't meet again.

Quite a few of his messages were laced with "micro aggresions" - i'm not sure if they were designed to put me on the back foot, or whether he was using it as a way of protecting himself from his own insecurities.  Whatever the reason, it was annoying.

We met up for a fourth time, and the coldness between us was a bit shocking in comparison to the previous three dates.  It was incredible that the excitement could have been drained so comprehensively.  I told him that I didn't think there was any future, and whilst he protested a bit, I think he knew that it was over.

My lessons from this experience are

i) Try and keep to late 20s and above
ii) Guys who have such a limited sex life are probably not compatible
iii) Guys who are adament about a monogamous relationship, maybe aren't compatible
iv) Don't accept micro aggressions / high mainteance guys as being ok
v) Don't give up on the idea of a relationship

16 February 2020

Different gym, same outcome

One of the gyms that I regularly visit has a large number of guys who seem up for action ... but I've never seen any action actually happen

The steam room is mixed gender, which doesn't help - but I've never seen any action in the showers either

On this visit there was a beautiful guy in the steam room, but he appeared to be straight ... until it was just the two of us left there ... and he soon slipped his beautiful dick out of his swimming shorts !

After a little bit of action, he said somebody was coming, so he left ...

I headed for the showers, and he was soon in the cubicle opposite me ...

And whilst I don't normally engage in shower cubicle action - i made an exception for this gorgeous guy

It wasn't long before his manipulation of my equipment had me close to cumming ... but then somebody entered a nearby cubicle, and it put my partner in crime off his stroke ...

I couldn't stop, and shot my load on him ... but the moment seemed to have passed for him

Maybe next time I will manage to get him off


15 February 2020


Most guys when they arrive at my flat for an encounter for the first time, are a bit cautious and usually a bit nervous to ensure that they aren't about to be confronted by my flatmates (i don't have any, but they can't be so sure) !

This guy was the exact opposite - he strode in with determination to "own" his space ...

And for a btm guy he was quite bossy ... which i don't think i really enjoy !

What he really wanted was for me to cum in his face ... and everything else seemed to just be waiting for this to happen !

He had cleaned his ass very well - penetration was a pleasure ... but he was able to squeeze his ass with a force that was impressive when i had my fingers in him, but a bit unpleasant when he did it to my dick

After a somewhat unengaged encounter ... i complied with his requirement, and properly covered his face ... which made him shoot straight away

Afterwards we had a bit of a chat, and he turned out to be some sort of psychotherapist ... with an annoying line in asking questions but not answering any.  Doubt there will be a repeat session.


14 February 2020

Guy smell

This cute brazilian guy seemed eager to meet ... despite not speaking much english ... so after a couple of failed attempts to meet nearby (i didn't want to bring him home until i was sure) ... we met in the rain near where i was staying ...

When I got my hands on him he turned out to be really thin - almost too skinny for me, but just about ok ...

He had a bit of a musky smell which was mostly fine ... but I couldn't really suck him as it was too strong in his crotch !

When he took off his underwear, they seemed a bit dirty - which really put me off ... but I pushed on !

Once we were both naked, i thought it would be fun to rub our dicks together using some lube ... but he seemed uncomfortable ... and then next thing, he dick starts producing cum ... wtf !

I guess the dangers of a young guy is that he may cum too quickly ... but it makes a nice change from me bieng the first to come.  I added my load to his fairly quickly.


13 February 2020

steam bench

One of my gyms with a male only steam room has recently been refurbished.  Thankfully they retained the male only steam room, but it's now a narrow corridor with a bench running the length of it.

On my first visit there was a younger guy who was clearly up for some fun ... but a bit nervous ...

Eventually I ended up standing in front of him ... and shooting my load on him ... but unfortunately it was just as he glanced at the door to check nobody was approaching ... so he missed it !

Sadly he didn't produce any creamy stuff himself


12 February 2020


It's telling when thinking back to an encounter when you remember the post coital chat much more than the coitus itself !

This guy worked at a local hospital, and we had tried to meet up before without success ...

When he arrived he turned out to be a bit overweight, but he was just about cute enough to get away with it

We had a good chat afterwards about the goings on in the hospital, and his studies


11 February 2020

A real bisexual ?

So many guys who struggle to accept their sexuality describe themselves as "bi", especially in the early days of not being straight ... but the guy i met recently might actually be my first full on bisexual !

He meets guys more than women, but partly because guys are more available ... and he met me that night because he was flying in a few hours, and wanted some pre holiday fun !

The photos he sent made him look seriously hot, and he looked good in the flesh - just not anything much like his photos

He had a beautiful dick, but a seriously hairy ass when was slighly off putting

This was another guy who wanted me to cum in his face ... what is it about guys who want that ?!

Afterwards he became turned out to be seriously clever, and quite possibly a future high flyer ... if he doesn't get too cocky !


10 February 2020

Steam failure

I quite often write about fun times in the gym steam room ...

But for every win ... there are multiple failures !

I recently had one of them ...

There was a shy guy, a slightly shy guy, and a guy with a small dick who seemed embarassed ...

It didn't end in any explosions !


09 February 2020

Brazilian repeat

Sometimes I forget how many sessions i've had with a guy until i'm writing up my blog posts ...

This was particularly good one ... and i'm really getting into the dom role ... and the more i get into, the more he enjoys it !  i really love how hard he gets without even touching himself when i'm forcing him to suck me ...

The size of the load he shot on this encounter suggested that he had a good time

And his beautiful latin body and dick always make me shoot

Afterward I realised why he doesn't normally hang around ... and asked him on Grindr if he had a boyfriend ... which he confirmed he does ...


08 February 2020

Another Date

After not having been on a date since last May ... i went on two in two days !

After the previous guy turned out to be much older than his photos ... this guy turned out to wear glasses - which he didn't in his photos !

I'm not sure if it's just laziness about putting in contact lenses ... or they always wear glasses but just take them off for photos ... but there's something dishonest about it which annoys me !

The date went better than the previous one - I persuaded him to go see some art that i wanted to ... and then have a nice walk around London ...

He was an interesting guy, but there was something slightly asexual about him - i would touch him, but he wouldn't touch me back !

We suggested meeting again ... but I suspect it's not going to happen


07 February 2020


It had been so long since I had been on a proper date that I had to look up my previous post to find out that it was in May !

I had chatted to this guy online, and whilst one of his profile pics looked stunning, another made him look a bit older than i normally go for.  When we met up in a bar he turned out to be significantly older again !

He was an interesting enough guy, but he seemed a bit set in his ways - maybe that's partly an age thing !

He needed to go off to meet his friends for dinner after about an hour - which was absolutely fine.  When we were saying goodbye he tried to kiss me, which was awkward - he didn't seem to realise that I wasn't that into him !

He messaged me the next day, and I replied a week later to say that I'd been happy to meet again as friends ... but he didn't reply

Moral of the story - out of date profile photos just waste everybody's time !

06 February 2020

Gym nipple

One of the gyms that I use has open showers, with just enough privacy that you can get away with some fun if it's not too busy ...

On a recent visit there was a guy who was clearly up for it ... although I only got as far as touching his nipples ... it turned him on so much that he soon shot his load !

It's unusual for me to be late to the party ... but it didn't take me long to spew my load too

It was a fun little encounter - despite him being a bit overweight, but his equipment not being very heavy


05 February 2020

Suck you long time

There's a hotel near where I live that often accommodates airline crew ... who i've enjoyed over the years!

But non airline guests stay there too ... and a guy messaged me looking for fun ...

He was a bit older than i normally go for ... but seemed keen to suck me ...

So i persuaded him to have the lights off when i arrived - which allowed me to pretend that he was younger than he was !

He was indeed a keen sucker ... and kept going for ages ... and eventually got me off with the help of his finger !

Apparently he shot his load too - but sadly i didn't see it