16 July 2018

selfish guy

i had seen this guy in the steam room plenty of times before ... and he hadn't seemed that keen on me ...

but this time he seemed a bit more interested ...

but it turned out that he was even more interested in getting me to watch the door whilst he had a wank

seriously - does anybody think they can get away with that sort of selfishness ?

luckily somebody else came in, so it was a good excuse for me to get out of there and leave that self centred idiot to himself


14 July 2018

what counts as a date ?

a friend asked me round for dinner the other evening - but i couldn't go because i had a date ...

the next day my friend asked whether the date was worth missing out on dinner !

i told him it had been reasonably good ... and the sex wasn't bad either !!

my friend suggested that if we were having sex then it couldn't really be counted as a date ...

but i reckon that as long as you send some time outside (not public sex type thing) - preferably around other people ... even if you end up banging each others brains out ... it still counts as a date !

my friend wasn't so sure


12 July 2018

how high is your sex drive

one of the things about myself that i've realised over the years ... is that i seem to have a higher sex drive that most of the guys that i've dated / gone out with

and the trouble with that is that it feels like it transfers some of hte power in the relationship to the other guy - if you're always up for it and they are limiting your access to it ... maybe this is what it feels like to be a man in a hetero relationship !

after finishing sex (on a third date) - i asked him how high is sex drive was ... to which he said "medium" ... which didn't really tell me very much

he asked me and i said medium / high ... as i'm sure that there are guys with a higher sex drive than me !

i really would prefer to go out with a guy who wanted as much sex as me ... maybe it would be strange !

and what if he wanted more sex than me - how would i cope with that ?!


10 July 2018

3rd date

the day after he got back from holiday we had agreed to meet up ...

and after exchanging messages, he said he would come over to mine in the evening ...

after meeting him at the tube station - he seemed to want to go straight to my place ... but i persuaded him to go for some food first ...

once we got to my flat, it wasn't long until we were in my bedroom again ...

again the sex was reasonably good, without being amazing ... i noticed that he seemed to want to just lie on his back ... rather than anything more energetic ... which i don't find the best !

afterwards we had another good chat / cuddle ... before he headed off to catch a tube home


08 July 2018

quick gym trip

sometimes i just go to the gym for a quick shower

which is what i was doing the other day in one of my local gyms ... before meeting a mate to see a movie ...

but there was a guy in the steam room that was obviously interested ... and when i stood near him he started playing with my junk !

it didn't take long before i was shooting my load on him - after giving him due warning that it was about to happen !!

but he never actually got hard during the encounter - i'm not sure if he just didn't find me attractive (but then why touch me) ... or whether he was high ... or maybe he just doesn't get hard ?


06 July 2018

second date

so the guy that i'd been on a date with the previous week was about to go on holiday ... and he contacted me to suggest meeting up the day after he got back from holiday ...

then i suggested meeting up that evening ... and he agreed !

it felt a bit like he didn't want to appear too keen ... but maybe i'm over-analysing !

we agreed to meet near my place ... which i thought was a clear signal that i wanted to get naked with him ... and when i met him at the station we exchanged a quick kiss on the footpath ... after our failure to kiss at the end of the first date

i brought us for a bit of a walk to the river ... and we had a drink sitting outside the bar ...

and afterwards continued on down the river bank a little ... before i suggested going back to my place ... which he agreed to ...

and before long we were in my bedroom !

the sex was reasonably good ... not amazing.  and we chatted and cuddled for plenty of time afterwards, which is always a good sign


05 July 2018

kiss at the end of a date ?

i was on a date recently ... we went to a cafe on top of an art gallery ... and then for a walk across the city ...

it was all very enjoyable - he seems like a nice guy ... and he's definitely an attractive guy ...

but as we were saying goodbye ... i thought he was moving in for a kiss ... but i moved ... and then he didn't seem interested in a kiss !

if i hadn't moved to begin with ... it would probably have happened

then you begin to wonder if he's actually interested ...


04 July 2018

older than photos

i was chatting to a guy online, and he looked really cute

but when i arrived over to his place, he was quite a bit older

i nearly left straight away ... but i was feeling horny ... so stayed !

it was quite a good session ... but his english wasn't the best ... which was surprising since he's lived here for over 10 years

we both shot our loads ... and said goodbye ... and he suggested meeting again ...

he has contacted me a couple of times on Grindr since then ... but i'm not really that keen


03 July 2018

there were four in the steam

i was back in the steam room where i had shot recently ...

and the "no touching" guy was there again ... and a couple of other guys ... and we were all spread out ...

three of us were clearly up for it ... but there was a beautiful black guy in the corner that wasn't making any obvious signs ...

eventually he started adjusting himself ... and that was enough for proceedings to kick off !

but nobody moved closer to each other ...

so we eventually all shot our loads without any contact at all

usually four guys shooting is really hot ... but the lack of physical contact reduced the horniness considerably


02 July 2018

endless sucking

i was on holiday recently in europe ... and feeling horny !

a nearby guy was looking to suck ... and whilst i was probably looking for more ... i don't mind a fellatio session from time to time ...

getting into his apartment block became an ordeal - eventually he had to come down and let me in manually so to speak ... it turned out it was an AirBnB rental, so maybe he hadn't figured it out properly ...

he looked a bit older than his profile claimed ... or maybe he had just spent too much time in the sun which had aged his skin ...

but he turned out to be really good at sucking ... and he really was keen to keep going for a long time !

eventually it was time for me to shoot ... and since the sitting room floor was easy to clean - he was happy for me to cum over it ... and boy did i cum !  probably one of my most far reaching ejaculations ever !!

he seemed happy with it


01 July 2018

Everybody's Talking about Jamie - musical

with GB about to leave the country for a month, we were trying to arrange a night out ... and i suggested a relatively new musical called Everybody's Talking about Jamie

the strapline "a new musical for today" annoyed me when the adverts first appeared - it seemed rather meaningless ... and i feared that the musical might be a bit empty too !  but it had recevied fairly good reviews, and was one of the few musicals i hadn't already seen ...

i got tickets for us in the Dress Circle - having failed in the online lottery for front row tickets - but at least we weren't missing out on any close up nudity !

some of the songs in the first half felt a bit weak - but the second half songs were quite a bit better - without ever being "amazing"

the acting was pretty good, and i particularly liked Shobna Gulati - such an impressive transition from Coronation Street

the dancing was great fun at times, and i thought Marvyn Charles was the best - such graceful, natural movement

the ending was probably the best i've seen in the West End for years - a different take on the standard bow / encore / bow routine.  almost all the audience were on their feet.

ultimately it did feel to me a bit like it was jumping on the Billy Elliot / Kinky Boots bandwagon ... and that worry i had about the fatuous tagline presaging an empty script wasn't wholly misplaced !

if you get a decent price (as we did after failing in the lottery) - then i would recommend this musical.  but i personally wouldn't want to pay full price

if you can't make it to London anytime soon - it will also be playing in lots of cinemas on 5th July, and some more on 6th July, 15th July and finally on 16th July


30 June 2018


when action is happening in the gym ... the steam room is better than the showers ... and interactive is better than separate ... and sometimes you get what you want ... but sometimes you don't ...

this was the latter ...

the steam room was too busy with straight guys ... so we ended up in opposite shower cubicles ... with the doors open ... watching each other shoot our loads


29 June 2018


at the end of my recent holiday in Asia ... i was chatting to a guy who was keen to meet up ... and for me to visit his place

he turned out to be a bit heavier that his photos - but not too much

when we got down to action, he got quite sweaty - which was sort of fun, as it suggests that he was really turned on ... or just unfit !

eventually he shot a load ... but it wasn't very big ... but mine made up for it !


28 June 2018

a canadian

whilst still on holiday in Asia recently ... i got chatting to a young canadian guy who was also on holiday there ... and was keen to meet up ...

the only trouble was that the place where i was staying was quite small, so i was concerned about walking past reception with a random guy !

eventually we had to risk it - and it turned out to be fine - they didn't say anything to us

this guy was ethnically asian, and had beautifully smooth skin - but i think had some serious acne at some stage, as he had some big marks

we seemed to enjoy each other ... and both had respectably sized expressions of our enjoyment


27 June 2018

strange hair

i was on holiday in asia recently and was contacted by an Italian guy who was living there ... but who wasn't sexually attracted to asian guys

whilst i'm very attracted to asian guys ... i'm also attracted to european guys ... and this guy seemed cute ... so we agreed to meet up and go back to his place

it turned out that he was a bit smelly - which wasn't great ... and probably meant i wasn't as turned on and as attentive to him as i might otherwise have been

but we did eventually both get off

he also had slightly odd hair - thin, but stringy !