30 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day thirteen

Today's job was to go back to the clap clinic and get my dick checked out !

It's still not fully healed - there's still a bit on the tip of my dick that's still a bit gooey ... but it's a huge amount better than before

A very nice female doctor made me very comfortable whilst manhandling my manhood - unfortunately the male doctor who saw me last time wasn't working today

Today's doctor agreed with last week's doctor (as they tend to do) - that it was most likely a reaction to medicine that I'd taken ... and suggested it should be fully cleared up in a week ...

That will be three weeks without sex - what a waste of my life !

As usual there was some interesting people watching to be done in the clap clinic waiting room - a couple of guys scratching their groins was fairly standard ...

what was more interesting was a couple (hetero) who were quite happy to be there together - and were both being seen by doctors.  I'm guessing that they were condirming they're both free of STDs before dispensing with condoms ... as i'm guessing they wouldn't be that happy if one of them had just picked up something !


26 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day nine

I finally did a trip into the city centre on day seven - I couldn’t walk very fast as my dick rubbing against my underwear was unpleasant / sore.

On day eight i went into town again - and it was definitely getting a bit easier. 

I phoned the clap clinic this morning for my results - all of them came back negative. Although the doctor did emphasise that since the herpes swab was taking more than a few days after it first appeared, the test result would probably show negative.

It turned out that the doctor didn’t even bother testing for Thrush / Candida - either it was too long after the original outbreak, or he was so confident it wasn’t that.

So I’m left with “wounds” that are still oozing / messy, but gradually getting better. The doctor told me to complete the course of antibiotics and anti virals - despite the test results all being negative.

The doctor I saw on Day Six said that I shouldn’t use any soap or other cleaning product on my dick - just “ bathe in salt water”. This is easier said that done when you only ever shower, and you wash your hair in the shower !

The results doctor today said I should still attend the follow up appointment, even though it is gradually improving.

Postcript - the clinic's IT system finally caught up a week later and sent me a text msg with my results:

Rectal: Negative
Throat: Negative
Urine: Negative

Urine: Negative
Rectal: Negative
Throat: Negative

On the phone, they also said that my HIV, syphillis, herpes and bacterial tests were all negative


23 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day six

So after five days where the rash didn't go away, and my dick was getting more manky ... i went to my local STD clinic (after being turned away by my local hospital the previous day) ...

On arrival you thankfully don't have to explain verbally what your symptoms are - which you do at the hospital A&E.  At the clap clinic they give you a piece of paper with lots of options to tick ... so i selected the "manky dick" box and handed it back to the receptionist !

She immediately sent me up to the treatment floor with the form I'd just ticked.  The next receptionist took the form and told me to take a seat.  It's usually fun to people watch at the clap clinic - but it wasn't so busy today, so there was less drama unfolding.

When my turn came, the doctor summoned me as "mister X" - rather than by my first name ... am I getting too old to be called by my first name ?!

I explained the last five days of woe ... and he asked me if I'd been taking any medication.  I mentioned some anti inflammatories a few weeks ago, and the hayfever pills.  He suspected it was the Ibuprofen, and that previous incidents of Thrush (he kept calling it candida, he never used the word Thrush) might actually have been drug reactions as well.

I even mentioned that the blisters appeared the day after I'd masturbated ... oh the shame !

He took a look at the mess - and told me that he didn't think it was herpes, and probably not candida either, as he would have expected candida to have cleared up by now.

He took swabs of my dick, and a decent vial of blood.  And he got me to go do a urine sample, and to swab my own throat and ass - separately !

Since it would take a while to get the test results, he decided to give me both antibiotics and anti viral medication, just in case.  I guess he reckoned that after five days, it has been long enough.

So there we are - maybe it wasn't even Thrush ... maybe we will never know.

One thing is for sure - I'm not taking those same bloody hayfever pills ever again !

22 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day five and a half

After a comment on my earlier post today ... i remembered that way back the first time i had Thrush, i was given a single pill to take ...

The commenter suggested that i should get "fluconazole" from my pharmacy ...

So i did a bit of research in advance, and discovered that fluconazole is the active ingredient in Canesten Duo - which is a combined pill and ointment treatment that's available over the counter

I had a look at an online pharmacy that i'm registered with, but this Duo treatment only showed up in the women's section ... so i was forced to head off to my local high street outlet ...

I asked the nice pharmacy man for it - pointing it out behind the counter ... and confirmed that it was for me ... and confirmed that i'd had the active ingredient before ...

But when the pharmacist read the container - he informed me that it was only for female customers ... that if a male customer wanted it, then i would need a prescription !

I should have just said that it was for my "girlfriend" ... and dared him to call me out !!

So off i wander to my local medical clinic, and inform the receptionist that I'm looking for a prescription for the Thrush tablet ...

After not too long a wait I see a doctor, and explain my Thrush symptoms, and the blisters, and the prescription i'm looking for ...

But the doctor tells me that blisters aren't normal for Thrush, and that it might be herpes !

But his clinic doesn't do STD examinations - so i will have to go to the STD clinic tomorrow


Probably not Thrush - day five

i guess it was inevitable that those blisters would burst ... but i had thought that maybe they were just full of air, and they would just deflate !

so the reality of liquid oozing from my dick was not pleasant ... but it wasn't vomit inducingly awful either ... just unpleasant.

the trouble is that now i can't put any more thrust cream on my dick for a while, until the blisters dry up.  but considering that i might have previously been putting too much on (maybe that's what caused the blisters in the first place) - maybe it's not such a bad thing.

the general itchiness is maybe a little higher than yesterday, but hard to tell what is the main thrush, and what is the blisters.

the redness might be slightly higher than yesterday, but not much different.

part of writing this day by day account was so that i would be able to refer to it in future, as i can't remembe how long it took previous instances to fade ... i think maybe a week, but considering my current state - i suspect this one will be more like 10 days before i'm fully recovered

21 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day four

I had hoped that those grim looking blister type things on my dick would miraculously disappear overnight ... but they didn't !

I think they might have gone down a bit, at least some of them ... but a couple of them don't look any better

My dick continues to look a bit less red, and it's definitely less itchy that before

I managed a decent gym session today - previous days my dick has been a bit sensitive to risk too much clothes rubbing.  No steam room though !

I finally got around to reading the instructions - it says to apply the cream two or three times a day ... maybe i was doing it too often

It also says that blisters are a possible side effect of the cream - so maybe it wasn't the wank which did it!


20 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day three

Oh shit - i really should not have had that wank last night ...

I know have weird sort of air blister looking things on my dick !

That really was the most high cost masturbation event ever :(

On the upside, my dick continues to look a bit less red, and feel less itchy

A few more ointment applications throughout the day ...


19 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day two

I woke up the morning of day two - and my dick was probably a bit less itchy

The tube of cream i had left over from last time was nearly finished - so i visited my local pharmacy to stock up.  Why do they put Thrush cream behind the counter ?!

After a couple of applications during the day - it was looking less red by evening

By evening i was feeling seriously horny ... and worked out that whilst wearing underwear ... and using frottage techniques ... i managed to get myself off

I washed my dick without soap, as i read that it could make Thrush worse, i applied more cream before going to bed ...


18 April 2019

Probably not Thrush - day one

I've mentioned before that most of my blog posts are written after the event ... often from notes that i've scribbled down immediately after the event !

This time I thought i'd try something a bit different ...

I woke up this morning even more grumpy that usual ... after a while of feeling annoyed that my grumpiness was still present, i thought i'd take a hayfever tablet, to see if that helped ...

An hour or so later, i started feeling an itchy dick and ass ... so i started to check out my local clap clinics ...

When i first wrote a blog post about my visit to an STD clinic - which i think was my second ever visit - they were probably the best funded part of the healthcare system in the UK ... government was so keen to treat STDs that they put a lot of money into it.  Since then things have gone downhill, with the transfer of funding to local government, followed by cuts in money, and cuts in service ...

The last time I tried to get treated in an STD clinic they turned me away because they said my symptoms weren't bad enough ... and the next appointment wasn't anytime soon.  A lifetime away from my original experience.

I range up a few of the local clinics, and as expected, none had appointments available - some of them were around two weeks away ... and I was pretty sure that they wouldn't consider my symptoms were bad enough to be seen straight away.

A couple of hours later i took a look at my dick ... and it had the same red look from my previous experiences of Thrush ...

In some ways it was a relief that it wasn't worse ... but it means that i will be "out of action" for some days - although I can't remember how long it took last time ...

I found the tube of cream I used last time, and applied it to my dick

After showering at the gym, i applied it again

And again before going to bed

08 April 2019

surprising steam

one of the most successful gyms that i visit has a jacuzzi in the male changing rooms ... and sometimes it's a good place to initiate contact, as lots of guys use it without swimwear

the sauna was broken on this visit, so the steam room was way too busy most of the time ...

but after almost giving up hope, i ended up there with just one guy

i had spotted him earlier wearing swimming trunks - usually a sign that he's not interested in action

as he entered the steam room, he had got rid of them, but he sat far enough away from me, that i assumed he wasn't up for it ...

but then an older guy came in, and he was blatantly playing with himself ... but it got the other guy going !

it wasn't long before i was getting close ... and as the ex swimwear guy was touching me it pushed me over the top ...

three days worth of cum exploded all around me ... and the ex swimwear guy wasn't far behind - but sadly didn't produce a significant load

it really goes to show that you never know who is up for it ... and you never know who will act as the catalyst !


06 April 2019


i don't often write about failed encounters - i try not to remind myself of them ... but sometimes i think it's useful to detail them ... partly to encourage myself to avoid similar situations again

on this occasion i was home late, somewhat drunk, after an excellent night out ...

and a guy contacted me on Grindr ... and wanted to come over ...

he warned that he was a bit drunk ... and when he arrived he didn't seem too bad ...

once he got into my flat i got him to eat some toothpaste as he wanted to kiss - but he tasted really strongly of cigarettes

we got into my bedroom ... but he suddenly decided that he was too high ... he suddenly said that he had taken too much coke ... and needed to leave ...

he apologised ... and left ...

he either blocked me on Grindr, or deleted his profile.

i wonder if he was coupled, and suddenly decided that cheating on his boyfriend wasn't a good idea.  or maybe he just decided he didn't fancy me.  or maybe he really was just too high.

whatever the cause - it wasn't a pleasant experience for me.

04 April 2019

stunning guy again

after missing the stunning looking guy's cumshot due to the lights going out ... when i ended up with him again a couple of days later, i was determined not to miss it !

it was a seriously good encounter ... there was the slighly crazy guy that i've hooked up with before ... a slightly strange guy in the corner ... and the stunning guy from last time ...

the crazy guy wanted to shoot on me - so i let him ...

then i ended up shooting on the stunning looking guy ...

and then i ended up manipulating the stunning looking guy into shooting his load ... it was his ass which needed the most attention !

this was one of the best steam room sessions i've had in a long time


02 April 2019

another stunning guy

after the previous encounter with the guy who looked a bit like tom hardy ... the next encounter was with another stunning looking guy ... whose dick wasn't overly large either !

again he was a bit shy ... and when another guy reached for his dick, i though he might react badly, but he didn't flinch !

it was almost closing time, and they were shutting down the facilities ... as i shot my load on him ...

unfortunately the lights were out as he shot his load, so i didn't get to see it