31 August 2016

Out of action due to steam room damage

i was in the gym steam room recently ... and this guy was up for some fun ...

He wasn't that young, but he seemed over excited about getting it on ... and once he got his hands on my dick he couldn't stop ...

the trouble was that he wasn't using any sort of lube, and it started to get sore ... and despite me trying to get him to use some spit ... he just wasn't listening.

eventually i gave up, left the steam room ... and went to the showers to finish myself off !

later that day i realised that my dick was properly sore ... and discovered that it was damaged.

it took a couple of weeks to properly heal ... probably the longest time i haven't ejaculated since puberty !

17 August 2016

saying goodbye properly to FWB

having messed around recently with a friend who is leaving London soon ... i was due to see him a few days ago to go to a concert ... but flakey fecker that he is, he didn't make it ... but suggested going for dinner after the concert finished ...

when he finally arrived ... we had a pleasant meal ... and whilst we were finishing off ... i took off my shoe, and used my foot to massage his groin ... quite discreetly !

he was supposed to have gone out clubbing with other friends after dinner, but tiredness and a hard on convinced him that he should come back to my place instead ...

apparently he came back to my place in May ... but i don't remember it very well ... i guess it wasn't great sex !  i think i will remember this one - but not necessarily for the right reasons ...

over dinner it came up in conversation that he had never been penetrated ... and that he even found fingers sore ... so once we got naked, and started getting down to it ... i started experimenting with his ass ...

watching his face carefully to make sure that it didn't become too painful - i gradually managed to get him to relax and enjoy having his ass played with ...

the trouble was that he started getting really into it, and i was probably putting a bit too much energy into it ... and since his ass was relaxed, i was more concentrating on his dick ... and i didn't realise that his ass was bleeding a bit ...

i stopped and cleaned him up with tissues ... and he didn't seem to be in any pain ... i just hope it wasn't too painful the next day.

we eventually shot our loads ... and fell asleep together.

he got a taxi home a few hours later, as he hadn't brought his contact lenses with him.

hopefully we will see each other again in the years to come ...   

15 August 2016

upgraded STD clinic

my local STD clinic was a bit run down, and last time i was there getting a Hep B vaccination, they mentioned that they would be moving into a separate building (at that stage they were in part of my local hospital).

the other day I went back for what will hopefully be my final Hep B injection - although it will take another couple of months before i find out whether they worked this time ...

the new building is very pleasant - it feels more like a fancy office block than a clap clinic !  on the outside there is barely a mention of what it is !

thankfully the obnoxious receptionists weren't on either the main entrance reception or the floor which i visited (although i did see one of them on another floor as my lift opened to let out another person - so sadly he hasn't left).

there used to be a special time allocated to "men who have sex with men" - but this is no longer available - we seem to have moved down the pecking order !  to get a separate "service" - you now have to fall into one of the following categories:

Specialist sexual difficulty - although it's not clear what constitutes one
Learning disability
Adult entertainment worker
Viral hepatisis
Under 19 years old
Black or Minority Ethnic

as well as getting my Hep B injection, i also had a full STD testing - and it turns out that they now want you to do your own throat and anal swabs.  the nurse who took my blood in fact did my throat swab, whilst i had the pleasure of visiting the bathroom to do an anal swab (and piss in a bottle). doing my own anal swab felt odd !

anwyay, the good news is that despite losing my urine sample, they found it a couple of hours later ... and all of the test results are clear.

13 August 2016

stuck in the middle with you

a good few months ago i was "lucky" enough to be in the steamroom with two guys who both had their hands on me ... although it did result in some pain !

the other day i was back in the same steamroom ... and was again between two guys ... and again they both had their hands on me ... and again it resulted in some pain !

on my left was a lovely asian guy, with a relatively short but extremely hard dick ... and whilst i played with his dick, he played with my ass ...

on my right was a nice enough white guy with a large dick ... and whilst i played with his dick, he played with mine ... and that's where the problem occurred ...

he just wasn't using enough spit / lube ... and was working away fairly vigorously ... and it just got a bit sore ... still is a bit !

eventually i got him to stop, and i worked on it myself ... and he seemed keen for me to shoot my load on him ... so standing in front of him, and leaning into him, i did.

the two guys didn't seem like they were about to cum ... and i was in danger of overheating ... so i left without seeing either of their cumshots :(

02 August 2016

saying goodbye to FWB

the closest i've ever managed to having a Friend With Benefits, is the guy who I dated for a while about 18 months ago ... but whom I now just see occasionally ...

sadly his job in London is coming to an end ... and he sort of looked for a replacement here ... but he's decided to go back home to Asia ...

whilst he was too flaky ever to be a boyfriend ... and probably too flaky to even count as FWB ... but we had fun / enjoyed each other when we did manage to meet !

for probably our last meeting (i might just see him one last time next week) ... we arranged to go to one of the nice gyms in the chain that i'm a member of ... although this gym doesn't have a male only steam room ... there aren't usually many women around towards closing time ...

and so it was again this time ... so i took a chance, and in the far corner of the steam room - that hopefully couldn't be seen through the glass wall ... i started playing with him ... and before too long he was shooting his load ... and shortly afterwards, using his cum as lube ... i shot mine on him !

goodbye.  i will miss our occasional sessions.