17 December 2016

don't touch me

i've written before about a guy who didn't want his nipples touched ... but the other day i saw a bloke who went even further in avoiding contact ...

in the steam room, as soon as a straight guy left, the bloke beside me started jacking off frantically - he was clearly in a hurry !

the guy the far side started to touch the frantic bloke's balls ... but he was pushed away

i started to touch one of the bloke's nipples - but i was pushed away !

he shot his load quickly ... and as soon as he caught his breath ... he got up and left.

i suspect he was mostly straight ... but wanted to shoot.  i wonder if he will relax with time, and enjoy the company of men ?!

14 December 2016

first use of a ...

cock ring !

i'd been meaning to buy one for ages ... but Amex is currently running a "shop small" special offer ... so i made the effort to go to my local gay sex shop - which very handily is part of the Amex deal !

i needed to spend over 10 quid ... so i went for the OptiMale 3 C-Ring set

the other day a guy came over who had already indicated that he wanted to be penetrated ... and once we met he seemed quite a relaxed kind of a guy - so i thought he was a good candidate to try it out on !

whilst the sex was reasonably good ... the trouble was that he turned out to be a smoker - and i suspect quite a heavy smoker.  Unfortunately Manhunt doesn't have "smoker" as a profile field - so you either need to put it in your own profile text as a preference, or remember to ask ... which i didn't

early on in proceedings, i nearly called a halt to things - as the smell of smoke was almost making me retch ... but i worked out that if i avoided parts of him that smelled more of smoke, i was ok to continue !

i think the cock ring worked ok.  we didn't manage to co-ordinate our ejaculations - but we weren't too far apart

he didn't hang around for long afterwards ... but i don't think i would have wanted to cuddle him anyway :(

13 December 2016

The Pass film

this film opened London Gay Film Festival earlier this year - but assuming it would get a mainstream release, i didn't bother even applying for a ticket

i noticed the other day that it had finally been released - but it's only in a few cinemas (and small screens) - so if you want to see it, you need to get a move on !

i think it's safe to say (without giving away any big secrets) that it's not a particularly happy movie !  there aren't any heroes.

but i've been thinking about it a lot since i saw it - which is always a good sign.

definitely worth seeing - just be prepared to be unhappy afterwards !

12 December 2016

higher sex drive

normally i'm the one in the relationship / association with the higher sex drive ... or maybe i'm usually more turned on by the other guy than he is by me ...

but it definitely gives power to the other guy - or at least it makes me feel like the other guy has the power !

one ex-boyfriend - who was a bit of a game player / head screwer anyway - used to really wind me up !!

i'm currently in the unusual position that a guy who i've written about many times - who i guess is a sort of fuck buddy - is more into me than i'm into him ... so every week or so, he sends me a message on Gaydar asking me to go to his place (which is only just around the corner) to have some fun.

sometimes he keeps asking and asking - almost begging - me to go over.

i really only go when i'm absolutely gagging for it.  it makes me feel weird - the strangeness of the role reversal, and the feeling that i'm using him ... but then i guess he's using me too !

11 December 2016

don't stop !

i've always wanted to say that - when entering the steam room ... and the other day, i finally got to !

two guys, both of whom i knew were into man action, covered themselves up as i walked into the steam room ... so i finally got to say it !

not sure why i enjoyed saying it so much ... maybe it sounds like something from a porn movie ?!