31 August 2018

different smelly

i was about to go to bed, and checked Grindr ... and a guy nearby contacted me ... and wanted to come over ...

he sent a Snapchat style photo - where half his face was obscured - seriously, wtf ?!

i got him to send a normal photo, and he looked ok, so agreed for him to come over for a quick one ...

he seemed nice enough ... and we were soon getting naked ... the trouble was that he must have been eating a serious amount of spicy food ... as his skin smelt

i love lots of skin on skin action ... and i love the smell of men ... but i just couldn't take it with this guy - i had to keep my nose away from him

it made me wonder what i smelt of ... and it reminded me of a recent encounter with a guy who just smelt unpleasant

he brought poppers that he used ... and at one point i had my fingers in his ass, whilst he inhaled. it was the first time i've ever felt an asshole relax ... made me want to take advantage ... but we didn't have time

we had a decent climax ... i came first and as it had been a few days, and since i was turned on by this guy ... there was quite a bit of it

his load was much more restrained - but pleasant enough !

we chatted a little after - he says he comes to london quite often ...


29 August 2018


one of my (straight) mates reckons that i should have kept a list of the nationalities of all the different guys that i've hooked up with !

the other day i got my "Curacao" flag !!

he was keen to come over, despite being nearly half an hour away.  we had tried to meet the previous day, but he had fallen asleep, and then i had better things to do than wait around for him.

the previous day he'd said that he was high (which was part of the reason i didn't mind not meeting him) ... but i didn't realise that he was still high when he came over ... big mistake !

whilst he was a nice looking guy - a bit heavier than his photos ... it turned out that he wasn't really interested in getting off

he said that i seemed very "cum focused" ... which was an interesting observation ... but then i suspect most guys are !

he seemed more interested in slow action rather than rapid movements ... and he closed his eyes a lot of the time during our interactions.  after recent problems, i wore my underwear during the encounter - which as a strange experience

he more or less admitted that he has psychological issues ... telling me that he wasn't into black guys - despite him being half black himself ... and going through the reasons why he wasn't much into nationalities other than British / Scandinavians

it was a frustrating evening - which could have been good, but wasn't really


26 August 2018

Thrush again

i wrote last summer about how i picked up Thrush ... although it wasn't clear whether i got it from a guy ... as when it returned a few weeks later, it was almost certainly from too much time in steam rooms (rather than from another guy)

it's August again, and i picked it up again ... and again it's not clear whether it was from my recent encounter with an awesome sucker ... or from too much time in steam rooms

one of my mates reckons it developed too soon after the sucking encounter to be from him

i remember the doctor i saw last summer (when i freaked out as i didn't know what it was) saying that some people pick it up very easily - they don't actually need direct contact with another person

after a few days of applying the left over ointment from last year, i was running low, so i went to the pharmacy to get some more ... and was about to use my loyalty card ... but thankfully decided against before i handed it over to the cashier !

thankfully i was able to wear very little clothing for a week to help stop my crotch getting too hot ... but it's still a nuisance / uncomfortable ... and gets in the way of hot summer fun


23 August 2018

cemetery action

i had chatted to this guy on Squirt and we agreed to meet at a nearby cruising spot ... which is what Squirt is all about, if you didn't know !  he also gave me his Grindr profile details, so i could zero in on him when i arrived ...

i got to the cruising spot soon after the agreed time ... and was wandering along a path that seems to be popular (i'd never actually hooked up at this place), and saw a couple of guys react as if they'd just been caught

one of them left rapidly (with his bicycle) ... but one of them stayed ... and it was the guy i was due to meet !

we soon got down to business ... and he was one of the smoothest suckers i've ever had the pleasure to experience - he sucked like he didn't have any teeth !  but personally i prefer a bit more suction when i'm being sucked - so whilst not quite gold medal standard, definitely very pleasant

he seemed reluctant to get out his dick ... but eventually i persuaded him to, and it really was a thing of beauty.  he said that some guys complain that a member that big should be inserted into other places - but he is exclusively a btm ... however i like playing with large uncut dicks ... and most other types of dicks too !

he was very smiley and sweet ... but obviously dirty as hell ... in a good way ... and he eventually admitted that he had already sucked off the guy that i had earlier caught him with 

after a while we got disturbed by a guy ... but thankfully he kept on walking past us ...

but i realised that he hadn't gone very far ... and was behind a nearby tree watching us ... which was fine - i don't mind being watched ... and neither did the dirty minded sucker !

eventually i shot my load in the sucker's mouth ... which he seemed to enjoy ... although he spat it out (rather than swallow it) ... which was fine with me

sadly he didn't himself didn't shoot - i guess he was waiting for the right guy !

19 August 2018


i was back in the notorious steam room the other day ... and sat down beside a guy with such a beautiful uncut dick ... over the other side were two guys who were pleasuring each other ...

but then a straight guy came in ...

after some to-ing and fro-ing, i got my hands on the beautiful uncut dick again ... but he'd spent too long in the steam, and was too hot to shoot ...

he hung around the changing room afterwards, and seemed to wanted to be touched ... but there were too many straight guys (and staff) around for my liking !

a really frustrating evening ... without an ejaculation


17 August 2018

hairy and smelly

i was in one of my regular gyms the other day ... and a fairly empty profile messaged me on Grindr - just a few metres away ...

whilst i was exercising, i was looking around trying to work out who it was ...

it turned out to be a really hairy guy that i've chatted to before on Grindr ... but he must have created a new profile

hairy really isn't my type ... but we both ended up in the steam together ... and one thing led to another ...

but the trouble was that once he got close to me i could smell him ... and it wasn't pleasant ...

eventually i ejaculated ... but it's wasn't an impressive load ... which i blame on not being overly excited by the hairy, smelly guy !


15 August 2018

constant cumming

i was back in the notorious gym steam room that has been such fertile hunting ground in the past ...

but this time it wasn't working out ... despite a few guys who were clearly up for it ... and it was time for for me to head off ...

i ended up in a shower cubicle opposite a (not very attractive0 guy from the steam who clearly also needed to cum ...

with our shower doors partly open ... i started shooting first ... and this seemed to push him over the edge ...

as he started cumming ... and cumming ... and cumming ... probably one of the biggest volume cumshots i've ever seen !

later on that day the length of time in the steam, the hot weather, and not drinking enough water seemed to catch up with me ... as i'm pretty sure i suffered (mild) dehydration symptoms !


13 August 2018

hot weather guys

with the heat wave that London is currently experiencing ... i've noticed something ...

new profiles have started appearing on Grindr - they have very little info (classic sign of closeted guys) ... and some of them are specifically not into kissing (another sign of a guy who isn't comfortable with other guys)

it's also noticeable in the steam rooms ... there are guys that seem so horny ... but really nervous ... and not just the usual newbies ...

i'm guessing that the heat is driving guys who are a little bit bisexual towards men, just to express their pent up sexual energy !

i also wonder whether some of them are attached gay guys who are normally monogamous, but who need another outlet ...


11 August 2018

locked in

i've heard many excuses for a guy arriving late to a hook-up ... but this was a novel one - the bloke said that he couldn't get out of his flat, as it had been double locked from the outside !

luckily i wasn't in a rush, and was able to wait for him ... although i sort of regret doing so !!

his height / weight stats sounded ok ... but once he took off his t-shirt, it was clear that he had lied - he was considerably over weight ...

he said afterwards that he was out - but he didn't really seem to know what he was doing ... maybe he was just young and inexperienced, but i wondered if he was attached and feeling guilty !

despite not being that turned on my him ... i was so horny after a few days without cumming ... that i ended up shooting over his shoulder ... and producing a decent volume.

his ejaculation wasn't very impressive ... so i guess i didn't really turn him on !


09 August 2018

one cumshot

and it wasn't mine !

in the gym i'd noticed an older guy who kept looking at me ... but he a bit heavier than i normally go for, so i wasn't really interested ...

in the steam room later, i ended up beside him ... but the guy on the other side, was a gay guy who doesn't get involved in any action ... so ends up blocking it for the rest of us - thanks !

evenually the cock blocker left ... and the only other guy was in the far corner ... but he had is leg positioned to obscure his crotch ... so nothing happening on that side ...

eventually the corner guy left and it was just me and the heavier guy ... but in the steam room, we all look better ... and he had a beautiful uncut cock ... which i started playing with ...

i thought he might be getting close ... but a straight guy entered ...

later on, the guy in the corner was back ... and it was just him and me ... and it turned out that he was horny too !

and before long he moved his non wanking hand to catch his cum ... with flowed out of his dick

i do like seeing a cumshot (even when it's a cum flow) ... but before i had a chance to express my pleasure ... somebody else came in ...


07 August 2018

foot fetishist

i've written before about how i get frustrated by guys in the steam room who want action without any physical contact ...

this time was in another of my regular gyms ... and it was another guy who regularly avoids physical contact ...

but this time he seemed to be taking an interest in the guy who featured in the recent shower scene !

there was a guy in the corner lying down, who didn't seem interested ... but the guy from the shower scene seemed interested in him ... and after a while, started playing with his feet ...

i'd encountered a foot fetishist before ... but i had no idea that the guy from the shower scene (who i've interacted with before) was into feet

before too long, the normally non touching guy had shot over the shower scene guy and left

i was getting close, and went over to the shower scene guy, who used his spare hand to encourage me to shoot ... which i did ... and watched it bounce off him ... which he semed to enjoy !

i then left the two of them to their foot based enjoyment


05 August 2018

movie date

i'd chatted to this guy on Tindr, and he seemed nice enough ... and we had chatted about films ... so we agreed to meet and go to see Adrift in a cinema near where i live

we met at the tube station, and he was a bit smaller than i had expected

we had some time before the film started, and he didn't know the area, so i brought him on a quick walk around ... just so he got something out of his trip, as i suspected i wouldn't be bringing him home !

we talked about the previous day, which had been London Pride ... and he mentioned that he'd been supposed to meet a guy ... but it had gone wrong, and the guy had suddenly stopped communicating

whilst i can appreciate how annoying this is, after my recent experience ... it really isn't the sort of thing that you discuss on a first date - it didn't make him seem very attractive / desirable

he seemed a reasonably interesting guy ... but a bit wet !

we bid farewell after the movie ... and we exchanged courtesy text messages afterwards


03 August 2018

late night session

i had chatted to this guy a week earlier ... but he messaged me again just as i was about to go to bed ... and was looking for a long session

he looked like a nice enough guy that i didn't want to pass up the opportunity, even though i was a bit tired

he arrived over a while later ... and he was that rare example of a guy who is significantly better in the flesh than in his photos !

he had such beautiful skin - smooth and dark ... lovely natural muscles ... great lips, which he put to good use ... and a very pleasant dick

we got down to work fairly quickly ... and it started off a bit awkward ... but we found a rhythmn after a while ...

and before too long he actually shot his load ... and i wasn't too far behind ... and i actually shot on him whilst kissing him - it's not often that i actually want to kiss a guy as i'm cumming

i've written before about how i like guys who like cum ... and this was definitely one of them - he didn't bother wiping up, despite having both his own load, and my considerable load all over him !

we lay back exhuasted after our exertions ... and chatted ...

but before long we were both getting hard again ... and this time he seemed particularly keen on sucking me ... and he actually ended up cumming with my dick in his mouth ... which was a bit unnerving, as i worried that his jaw might clamp as he shot - it didn't !  i shot another load on him

we chatted some more ... and he is clearly well aware of just how beautiful he is ... but he doesn't seem overly arrogant about it ... although at 4am, maybe my judgement was off

we showered together before he left - i really enjoy getting soapy with a hot guy ... not sure whether pre sex or post sex showers are better ... both are great


01 August 2018

don't cum on me

i was in the steam room the other day ... and there was an overweight guy ... but i was feeling horny, and he was obviously up for it ...

after some interaction ... i was standing beside him ... and told him that i was getting close ...

but he said "don't cum on me" ... which made me lose interest ... so i left the steam.

a while later we were both back there, and he asked if i was actually interested in cumming ... or only if i shot on him ...

then he asked where i was from ... and he seemed a bit more relaxed about the idea of me shooting on him !

so i did