18 August 2017

two parts of a couple

after a recent issue ... i was trying to avoid the steam room ... and ended up in the male sauna of one of my local gyms ...

there was plenty of eye contact going on ... and the beautiful guy in front of me was clearly interested ... but despite some physical contact ... he didn't get hard !

a while later another guy arrived in ... and there was some chat between them ... and later i saw them stretching each other ...

a while later the second half (assuming they were actually some kind of couple) started making eye contact with me ... and he definitely did get hard !

sadly no ejaculations took place.

16 August 2017


apparently it's not an STD ... but since i personally acquired it from a guy's dick ... at least i think that's how i got it ... i'm filing this post under STDs !

a few days after a particular encounter ... my dick went a bit red, and my ass got a bit itchy ...

i assumed the red dick was due to overuse ... and both symptoms seemed to go down after about five days ...

and then the trouble really happened.

i got a small blister on my dick !

i feared herpes or warts ... and in a state of shock, headed to my local clap clinic.

i had to write my symptoms on a piece of paper, and hand it to the beautiful receptionist (he smokes - which rules him out, not that he was probably ever in) !

he told me that i would need to see a doctor ... and to come back tomorrow ... which isn't a great response when you're freaking out.

the next day i described my horrendous blister to the doctor ... and showed it to her ... but she was somewhat underwhelmed !

she took a swab to see if it was herpes ... but she suspected it was in fact Thrush ... but i'm male ... wtf ?!

she gave me a single pill to take - which made me feel a bit rubbish ... but all in a good cause.

and a cream to put on a couple of times a day.

and a soap substitute to use on my groin - apparently soap can irritate it.

after about a week or so it went away ... finally.

14 August 2017

Let Go - update !

a couple of weeks ago i had an ecounter in the steam room with a guy who seemed nervous ...

and i speculated why he didn't want me to touch him ...

closeted, partnered, not into me ... i wondered ...

i didn't come up with ... infected !

thanks mate !!

25 July 2017

itchy ass

when you get an itchy ass ... do you think:

a) do i have some sort of STD ?

b) have i been rimmed by a guy with stubble ?

c) have i got hot and sweaty and not washed frequently enough ?

d) is it an allergic reaction to a different soap / washing powder ?

e) was yesterday's curry really that hot ?

f) ??

23 July 2017

Let Go !

i was back in the steam room recently ... and there was just one guy there ... who i'd seen around the gym many times before ... but had never seen involved in any action ...

he had chosen to sit close to me ... so i assumed he was up for some fun ... and before long my hand was on his dick ... which felt slightly odd - the skin was harder than any dick i had felt before ...

he seemed to get nervous, and asked me to let go ... but he didn't leave ... so i stood up ... and let him play with my dick - as i touched his chest ...

but he got nervous again ... and soon afterwards he left.

which got me wondering ... why ?

Is he closeted ?
I guess it's possible - but he's quite camp, and is always looking around at guys in the locker room / steam room, so i don't think so.

Is he just not into me ?
Always possible !  But his dick was obviously hard, and stayed hard, so i don't think this was the problem.

Is he partnered ?
Impossible to know, i guess.

Was i just too forward - would a more subtle approach have worked ?
Quite possibly - i suspect that i'm too direct for some guys.  The trouble is that you never know how much time you will have in a steam room !

i will have to keep an eye out for him and see if i can work it out ... if he returns !

21 July 2017

watch !

i was in the gym steam room the other day ... with just one guy ... who seemed quite nervous ...

he reminded me a bit of some famous actor ... maybe he's a younger brother !

whilst he was quite keen ... he kept looking at the door, afraid that we would be interrupted ...

eventually, as i was about to shoot ... i just said "watch" !

he did ... and he seemed reasonably happy.

19 July 2017

to PEP or not to PEP

that was the question that I asked the "health advisor".

i had really enjoyed a Post Pride Pickup ... but in my more sober state the next day, i realised that my uncovered dick had slipped inside him briefly as he writhed around on top of me

on the monday morning i went along to my local clap clinic to get a dose of PEP - i knew that sooner was better, and with it being less than half the maximum 72 hours, i was confident that it would be treatable

the clinic was very good as soon as i mentioned PEP (they pronounce it as a word, rather than use the letters) ... i think they put me to the front of the queue, as i only had to wait a few minutes to be seen

when i explained to the health advisor what had happened, and that i had contacted the guy afterwards, who told me that he was HIV positive, but undetectable ... she was incredibly relaxed

apparently, even if he was detectable, my risk of contracting HIV would still have been incredibly small.  the lack of ejaculation, combined with the fact that i was the top meant that the chance of me getting HIV was unbelievably tiny

she told me that they just wouldn't prescribe PEP in such a situation - that i would have to get a private prescription if i wanted to go against their advice.  she also explained how it's a pretty rough treatment (although obviously not as rough as HIV) - and they would have to monitor my kidney and liver function over the four week treatment period.

the health advisor suggested returning in a couple of weeks to get tested for other STDs, but that i would have to wait about four weeks to get a reliable HIV test ... although of course that one should be clear !

17 July 2017

post Pride pickup

i'd been in town for a few drinks with a straight mate ... it had been a fun few hours ... and i headed home on the Underground ...

as i waited on the platform for my train ... a cute guy caught my attention ...

a few minutes later when my tube arrived, i managed to get a seat ... and shortly afterwards the cute guy took the spare seat beside me !

i was wearing shorts ... he was wearing trousers ... and there was definitely lots of contact / rubbing ... from both sides ...

and then he touched my torso - with a hidden hand !

as the train pulled into my stop ... he got up to leave - and looked at me directly ...

the first thing he said to me on the platform was "where do you normally get off"

we lived in opposite directions from the station ... but he seemed happy to come back to my place ...

he had a beautifully smooth body to go with his cute face.  and he clearly knew how to use it.  he seemed to want me to penetrate him, but i wasn't really feeling energetic enough !

i was quite surprised how turned on i was after as many pints as i had consumed !

we both came - and he was asleep after barely a minute !!

he stayed the night - and whilst i don't sleep well the first night with a bloke - this was particularly bad, as he snored a lot !

the next morning we had some more fun ... and had breakfast ... and had a good chat.

he seemed like a nice guy.

15 July 2017


it had been a week since my previous hotel fun ... a few steam room encounters had been interrupted ... and i was keen to empty my tanks ...

i was in a posh part of town around lunchtime ... and it seemed like there were loads of guys at home looking for fun !

i agreed to visit a guy whose profile looked good.  in the flesh he wasn't quite as good as his profile - but not too far off !  he had a great little house - narrow and quirky.

i've experienced it before - but having fun with a guy in a room covered in photos of him and his partner is somewhat off putting for me !

this time i managed to manoeuvre him into a corner where i couldn't see any couple photos - although i suspect that was his wedding band on the counter beside me - so at least i could shoot without being stared at by the "other half" !

afterwards we chatted a little as i got dressed ... and he expressed pleasure at volume i delivered / taste.

13 July 2017

sitting next to the popular kid

remember at school when there was a popular kid ... and everybody wanted to sit next to him ?

sometimes in the steam room it's a bit like that too !

the other day there were a few of us in there ... mostly not overly attractive ... so whilst there was plenty of tugging happening ... the were no explosions ...

then a guy walked in wearing nothing ... with a decent sized member ...

at one stage it got hilarious ... another guy walked in (not very attractive and overweight - so not exactly up there on the desirability leaderboard) ... and admirer #1 scooted over close to the "big membered guy" (so the new arrival would sit the far side) ... but the new arrival almost sat on top of admirer #1, to be beside the big membered guy !

at that stage it was too much for me, so i just left.

later on in the locker room ... i had a better look at the "big membered guy" ... and he really wasn't that attractive.

just goes to show ... that in the land of the blind ...

11 July 2017

most ejaculate volume ever ?

i recently met up with a guy that i've met a couple of times before ...

he was just as lovely as before ... beautiful body, nice to chat to ... shame he lives in Asia !

after a decent amount of time having fun in his hotel room ... we were both ready to shoot our loads ...

i didn't count how many shots ... but i think it may have been my largest number of ropes and total volume ever !

i'm sure that being very turned on by this great guy was part of it ... but i've been experiencing larger cum volumes in the last few months after making a concerted effort with certain exercies ...

before that i had noticed a reduction in my average cum volume - which i guess is normal with age ... but i wasn't happy!

after some online searching i found an article which claimed that with certain exercises, cum volume could be increased ...

i'm happy to say that it works !

09 July 2017

Standing and Delivering

the guy in the corner left ... and it was just me and one other guy ...

he had recently entered the steam room ... and had chosen a spot close enough for me to be hopeful of some action ... and his towel was starting to open at his crotch ...

very soon we were both openly stimulating ourselves ... and soon we were touching each other ...

i nearly gasped at the weight of his dick !  he wasn't tall, and was a skinny enough guy, but crikey he had a decent piece of meat on him !!

i was already hard, but there was no chance he was going to get me off - his touch was just too light

the guy from corner spot returned, and our encounter was interrupted ...

a little later we had the steam room to ourselves again, and this time i stood in front of him ...

previously he seemed to enjoy playing with my nipples ... this time he started sucking on one

before long i told him that i was getting close ... and he responded "go for it" in a slighly Celine Dion accent (or maybe Ariana Grande impression of Celion Dion style) ...

so i did !

unfortunately the corner guy arrived back in shortly afterwards, so i had to cover up in a hurry !!

07 July 2017

at the end of the night

i've written before about how the steam room at my gym can get way too busy just before closing ... but in the summer ... with more of the straight guys on holiday with their kids ... it seems to a bit better hunting ground ...

the other day there was a strange collection of guys ...

the overweight / insecure / closeted guy
the pretty / superior / towel tightly wrapped guy
the skinny / necklaced / lethargic guy
the tattooed / constantly moving / stretched out guy
the short black guy lying down with his legs open - who i've messed around with before
the staring guy

i'm pretty sure every single one was up for some action ... but as guys kept entering and leaving ... it disrupted the rhythmn ... and reset the warning radars ...

eventually the tannoy announced the facilities were starting to close ... and most of the guys left the steam room ... and it was just the staring guy and me ...

i decided it was time too shoot ... so i did !

05 July 2017

guys in shorts

i think the only time i've seen any steam room action with a guy in shorts was about 8 years ago ... this guy was in swimming trunks ... and he flopped his dick out ... and shot a load ...

after yesterday - we can make that two times !

the clue was that he kept coming and going - cooling down and coming back into the steam room ... and he kept his hands near his crotch ...

eventually i realised that he had a boner ...

and a few minutes later he and another guy were pleasuring each other ...

the trouble is that he had earlier acted as an "action blocker" - as guys that i know enjoy action assumed he was straight

the moral of the story is that whilst you might enjoy wearing shorts in the steam room ... it puts guys off their stroke !

don't do it !!

03 July 2017

sauna satisfaction

of the 109 posts that i've tagged with the label "gym" (this will be number 110) - i don't think a single one has ever included sauna action ...

i find steam rooms more enjoyable - less intense heat, and the darkness makes it easier to get things going, is kinder to guys who don't look after themselves, and makes it easier to cover up when somebody walks in !

but the other day i was in a gym that i occasionally go to over the far side of the city ... where the men's locker room has a sauna ... but the steam room is in the pool area - so it's unisex, and less usefu

this particular gym has a 4 out of 5 rating on Squirt - so i guess there must be a decent amount of action taking place - but on my occasional visits, i've never enjoyed any

however on this visit there were clearly some guys up for action ... and it was starting to get interesting, when a guy came in (who i think had probably seen me pleasuring myself before i covered up as he entered) ... the trouble was that whilst he was doing a bit of rummaging ... he seemed quite shy ...

eventually i got bored, and started openly stimulating myself ... at which point the other three in the sauna did too !

it didn't take long before i erupted in pleasure, as did the guy beside me ... but i'm not sure about the other two ...

i needed to go out and sit down to recover before showering ... saunas are definitely harder work than steam rooms ! 

01 July 2017

accidental speed date

i was visiting the Queer Art exhibition at Tate Britain - which could better be description as a history exhibition, with some topless men thrown in - and was checking Grindr ...

over a year ago, i had an enjoyable encounter with a sort of FWB at another art gallery ... so i'm always alert to opportunities !

there was a guy nearby who didn't have a clear facepic on his profile ... but looked good in some of his linked instagram pics ...

we chatted and i wasn't clear if he was looking for fun ... but we arranged to meet just outside the gallery ...

he seemed a nice enough guy ... but his english wasn't great ... he was quite camp ... he wasn't as attractive as his pics suggested ... and unfortunately he had a big ripe spot on his chin !

one or two negatives, and my horniness might have overcome the other issues ... or if we'd been in a steam room i probably wouldn't have seen ... but in the cold light of day, i couldn't ignore the negatives ... and after chatting for a few minutes, i made my excuses and headed off to the gym.

28 June 2017

why do some steam rooms not work ?

most of my steam room encounters happen at two different gyms (let's call them Gym1 and Gym2) ... the thing they have in common in that the steam room is located in men's changing room area ... so you aren't distrubed (either visually or literally) by women !

but there's another nearby gym with both a steam room and a sauna in the men's locker room ... but whilst i've had a little "low level" activty in Gym3, i've never had the same success as in the other two steam rooms ... so i tried to work out why ?

i wondered if it's because the Gym3 is a cheaper place - maybe the gays prefer higher class establishments ?
but the very first gym (let's call it Gym0) that i messed around in, and was an absolute mecca for gay guys, was in a cheap and cheerful gym - so i don't buy this argument.
in fact after Gym0 closed the male steam room, some of the regulars moved to Gym3 - but they didn't seem to last too long ...

another thing that's different about the steam room in Gym3 is that it's smaller than the others - maybe the close proximity of the door makes it too risky ?
i'm not sure i buy this either - it's amazing how quick one can cover up when interrupted !

the final thing i noticed about Gym3's steam room is that it's white !
the walls are white, the benches are white, the floor is white - it's blindingly white !!
maybe the colour means it's harder to hide.  or maybe colour influences behaviour - and we think we should behave "properly" in a white place - maybe it reminds us of whitewashed churches ?


26 June 2017


i was in the steam room at my local gym the other day ... it was coming up to closing time, so it was busy ...

eventually there was just one other guy (who i recognised from previous encounters) and myself ...

we started to pleasure ourselves ... i was getting close ... and he helped me get off ...

i was afraid that a guy who left his towel in the steam room would return before my "partner in crime" was able to get off ...

but with a little help from me ... he shot his load ...

and a couple of seconds later, the third guy slowly opened the steam room door and re-entered !

17 June 2017

heavy breathing

one of the characters in the play that i went to see recently, was the type of guy who breathes heavily / exaggeratedly when he's high ...

i think i encountered another in the steam room the other day !

i arrived quite late - not long before closing time ... so wasn't expecting to see any action ...

there was just one other guy there ... and before long it was clear he was horny ...

it wasn't me who came first - for a change !

possibly because he wasn't the most attractive of guys ever !!

but unlike others ... he was really decent ... and stayed to help me get off.

14 June 2017

Too Slow or Too Shy

i was in one of my local gyms the other day ... i had spotted a beautiful looking young guy enter the locker room from the gym, just as i was entering the steam room ...

before long, he appeared in the steam room ... but sat in the corner ... with his hand away from his crotch ... so i wasn't optimistic about potential.

after a while, it was just the two of us ... and i noticed that his hands moved to his crotch ... but he was still in the far corner ... so i still wasn't very optimistic.

a short time later he moved to get close to the steam machine (which was also closer to me) ... and he adjusted his crotch ... so i started to get a bit more interested.

next thing, he undid his towel, and rearranged it ... exposing his dick (not hard) ... which would be unusual for a guy who isn't interested.

after that he sat down not far from me ... and adjusted himself again !

i reckoned that was my cue ... so got up ... stood near to him ... and exposed myself ...

he quickly grabbed my hard dick ... and he opened his legs, and exposed his own hard dick !

as i lent down to play with his dick ... we kissed ... but he tasted a bit of garlic (lots of french people live in this part of town) ... so i didn't try it again !

he also seemed to enjoy sucking my dick.

shortly afterward we got interrupted.

once again, another example of the importance of not wasting time !

11 June 2017

Pump and Pause

as i arrived into the locker room of my local gym, i spotted a guy walking around in a towel, and clearly on the lookout !

before long i was in the steam room ... and shortly afterwards he arrived ...

we were the only ones there ... and it didn't take long for things to kick off ...

he was one of these guys who pumps their dick vigorously for a few seconds ... and then pauses for a few seconds ... and then starts pumping again !

he was sitting on the edge of the bench ... so his ass was accessible ... and he seemed to enjoy me manipulating it.  i did think - if we got interrupted - how could i extricated my finger from his ass and act all innocent !

i couldn't work out whether he actually wanted to shoot (he was possibly high) ... but i wasn't going to let that stop be ... and before long i was coming on his chest ...

as i sat down, exhausted from my exertions in the heat ... i thought maybe he had shot his  load as well ...

later on in the locker room, it was so quiet that i was able to ask him ... and he hadn't.

i guess that's another guy that i owe ! 

08 June 2017

wrap your hand around it

i was chatting to this guy on Grindr the other day, and he seemed keen to come over for some fun ...

his pics looked good ... but he kept asking for my exact address - but i don't give out my apartment number, as i always go down to the front door of the block, and check that they aren't crazy / completely off their face !

i was getting close to shutting him down, but he calmed down, and before long (and after tidying up my flat a bit) he arrived over.

quite a bit better looking than his pics - and without a beard - always good for me !

we got down to business straight away (it turned out that he was late to meet friends) ... and he was the sort of guy who clearly likes to enjoy these encounters ... which was great.

i was slightly worried that he might be a bare backer ... but i managed to stop things slipping in where they shouldn't !

i shot first ... and instead of him manipulating himself ... he said "wrap your hand around it" - pointing to his dick.  it wasn't the thickest of members, so it was quite easy to do that ... and before long he produced a lovely thick white output - although it didn't travel as far as mine !

05 June 2017

choking the chicken

the american sex advice columnist Dan Savage has talked about the need to stop guys only being able to jerk off with a death grip on their dicks ... but i don't think i had ever really experienced it until the other day at the gym ...

i think we should have hooked up in the steam room ... but he was probably too shy to do anything in front of another person ... which was a shame, as he was quite cute ...

but we ended up in shower cubicles opposite each other - how did that happen ?!

and he opened the door of his shower, so i could see him jerking ...

it was a reasonably pleasant sight ... and we both produced eruptions ... but man, did he have a death grip on his dick ... it looked painful !

02 June 2017

there were five in the steam room

one of my local gyms gets quite busy at lunchtime ... but usually there's a straight guy around to spoil the party ... so normally nothing happens ... or sometimes the way people end up spread around the steam room means nothing happens ...

the other day, after some comings and goings ... it ended up with five of us in the steam room ...

on my right - cute guy, terribly shy, somehow i chat to him on Squirt encouraging him
on my left - slightly camp, obviously up for it
further left - another shy guy i've seen before, definitely into guys
far side - too steamy to see, but adjusting himself, so looking positive

i've never seen a guy sitting in the far corner with enough balls to get things moving like this guy did ... so despite him not being my type (and i was quite happy that he was over the far side), i was impressed !

as quite often happens, i was the first guy to shoot ... followed soon after by the guy on my left ... and i think both the guy on the far side and the guy further to my left shot their loads as well ... although the steam was so thick it was hard to tell.

later that afternoon i was chatting on Squirt to the guy on my right, who sadly never ejaculated ... but he said he really enjoyed it.  

31 May 2017

5 Guys Chillin'

i saw a special offer on this gay play, and contacted GB to see if he was up for some gay drama ... and with his bf out that night with friends, he agreed !

the Kings Head theatre is at the back of a pub in Islington - it's a very small theatre, so you get very close to the actors/action!  they shouted "doors open" just before the official start time - and this production is one where the actors are already on "stage" as you walk in.

i quite like this device, although i've seen it done better before - where the actors performed the role of ushers, and then converted to actors (think it was "Shopping and Fucking").

just before the start, i asked GB about his general opinion of drugs - and he gave the common view amongst my friends - that they should be decriminalised ... and taxed !

whilst i hold similar liberal views in theory - i've written before about how i'm not really not a fan guys on drugs ... which has been formed after plenty of less than great experiences.

the play consists of a single scene with a group of five guys getting naked, taking drugs, and chatting about sex and drugs.  apparently the play is written from "50 hours of interviews with guys from Grindr and other social media".

for somebody like me who isn't involved in the "chem scene" it was interesting to hear what those people had to say.  it also helped that a couple of the actors were seriously hot. 

this run of the play finishes on 3rd june - so you've got a few days left to see it.

i went in with a negative view of the impact of drugs ... and i came out with same opinion.

i didn't get the chance to ask GB whether his views evolved ... maybe he can answer here ! 

29 May 2017

he who hesitates is lost

i've complained before about guys in the steam room who wait too long to make it clear that they're up for fun ... and once they finally do, before reaching a climax, a straight guy comes in and stops the party !

i had another variant on this problem the other day ...

i started getting it on with a nice guy in the steam room ... this was after some time toing and froing, when there kept being a straight guy blocking any action ...

i was keen to move things on, to ensure ejaculation occurred before another straight walked in ... but the guy said "not yet" ... 

it's the first time i've ever heard a guy deliberately slow things down in a steam room !

and sure enough, a minute later, a cock blocker walked in ... and it was game over.

what a waste.

the moral of the story is to seize the moment ! 

27 May 2017

The Matchmaker

i was in one of my local gym steam rooms the other day ... beside me was a hot guy ... and over the far side was a less fit guy ...

after another bloke left, the hot guy and i started eyeing each other up ... and preparing for action ...

the steam was so thick that it wasn't clear if the guy over the far side was up for action ...

so the hot guy beside me walked over towards him, letting his towel drop, to expose his tumescence!

the far guy came over to side beside me, and the three of us started getting it on.  there's something incredibly hot about being in the middle with two guys touching you !

sadly the really hot guy left (possibly needing a break from the steam) ... but the less fit guy and i couldn't wait for him to come back ... and we finished ourselves off pretty quickly.


25 May 2017

breaking my rules

they say that rules are there to be broken ... but maybe not quite like i did the other day ...

i've written before about how i'm not a fan of high guys ... and i've also written before about how i'm not a fan of guys messing around in the gym showers - it draws too much attention and risks stopping all the fun ...

call me a hypocrite ... but the other day the gym locker room wasn't very busy ... and a hot guy walked out of the steam room and headed to the shower cubicle at the end ...

a few minutes later i followed him out, and took up position in the shower cubicle opposite ...

his door was open ... and as soon as he saw i was interested ... he got down on his knees in his cubicle ... and motioned me to come over so he could suck me ...

i was very reluctant ... but once i'd showered, i went out into the corridor to dry off ... and since there was nobody around ... it seemed ok to stand close enough for him to get a mouthful ...

i was really turned on by this beautiful guy, pulling on his own (beautiful) dick, whilst sucking mine ... and soon i was shooting my load on him.

i mustn't do that again. 

23 May 2017

just sucking

shortly after writing a post about what a sexually frustrutating day it had been ... i was thinking of heading to bed ... when a guy contacted me on Grindr ...

he wasn't too far away ... and wanted to suck ... but warned me that he'd cum a few hours beforehand, so wouldn't be producing his own output.  i did warn him that i would likely be issuing a large load ... but he was up for it !

he turned out to be better looking than his pics - a sweet face, a great body, and an awesome ass that i followed up the stairs to his top floor flat.

once inside his studio flat, we soon got down to business - him completely naked, as i'd asked for ... and me not far behind.  he was a reasonably good sucker - he won't be winning any prizes (not quite enough suction), but i would let him do it again !

what was really hot, was that as he got into it, he started getting hard himself ... and he started sweating slightly - not enough to drip, but enough that i could feel it all over his body.  there's something really great about a guy who is so turned on that he's overheating !

before too long he was manipulating me to explosion (it's not often that i'm turned on enough that another guy can wank me off) ... and it was a bit of a flood (not surprising after a day of so many nearly encounters) ... and he managed to shoot a little too !

afterwards we had a bit of a chat whilst cleaning up / getting dressed ... and he seems like a nice guy ... but like many Americans - a bit stand offish / not completely comfortable in his sexuality or sensuality ... or maybe that's just the way it looks to me ...

21 May 2017

i hate it when a plan doesn't come together

most of my blog posts are about when a plan does come together (so to speak) ... since it would be pretty dull if i wrote about all the times when i try to hook up with a guy, and it doesn't work out !

but i thought it was worth mentioning today's litany of failure ... to give a smidgen of balance ...

it started off just before lunch in one of my usual gyms - i'd already worked out a lot this week, so just went to shower before meeting friends nearby for lunch.  obviously i had to spend some time in the steam room just to have a look ...

and before long a stunning guy walked in ... he made eye contact ... and before too long i was making contact with his beautiful chest, and even more gorgeous uncut dick.  the trouble was that he was really nervous about getting caught (and possibly guilty about hooking up / already attached) or possibly just not that into me !  anyway, he admitted defeat and used the "it's too hot" excuse - which to be fair, it was a bit.

in the early evening i had an hour to kill before the movie i was going to see, so i decided to check out another of my regular gyms ...

the trouble here was that the steam room was packed out !  most of the guys were probably  gay ... but the usual problem of one guy not being up for it ... or possibly just one guy not fancying the guys beside him ... and nothing happened in the steam room.

out in the showers, one of them had a towel covering the clear glass section - so it was almost certain something was going on.  i could see that the guy in next shower cublicle was down on the floor - i presumed he was getting involved.  but then one (beautiful) guy emerged from the towel covered cubicle ... following not too long afterwards by another (less beautiful) guy !

all this action, but none of it happening with me !  not my finest hours !!

19 May 2017

enough already !

i wrote recently about trying to stop myself messing around with a guy who is physically attractive, but is a jerk ...

just to report that i failed !

as i feared would happen ... we were both in the steam room ... and one thing led to another ... and next thing i'm standing over him ... he shot a little load ... and then i started cumming on his chest ...

the trouble was that it had been a few days since i last shot ... and so it just kept coming !

you could see he was getting nervous that somebody would walk in ... but what could i do !!

anyway, it doesn't seem to have put him off ... he seemed quite up for it again in the steam room the next day - but it was too busy for anything to happen.

17 May 2017

is it bad ...

i've written before about feeling uncomfortable messing around with a bloke who had a nice dick ... but the rest of him wasn't attractive ...

my latest dilemma is a bloke who is perfectly attractive ... but who is a pain in the neck !

he's a regular at my gym, and often works from the lounge area - so i hear his phone conversations ... and sometimes he even brings a work colleague into the lounge - so i hear them interact.

he's has unpleasant old fashioned sales techniques ... and is just a cliche ridden jerk !

the trouble is, when he's in the steam room, and i'm feeling horny ... how do i stop myself ?! 

15 May 2017

fully naked in the steam

there's something attractive about guys who are confident enough to walk around the gym fully naked ... especially when they know that there are plenty of gay guys at the gym !

of course some of the exhibitionists are gay themselves ... and the other day in the steam room it was incredibly quiet, and i was almost giving up hope of any action ... but a naked guy walked in ...

he wasn't that attractive ... but in the steam you can use your imagination ... and i suspect we might have exchanged fluids before ...

it played out the same way as last time ... i adjusted myself (beneath my towel) - to demostrated potential, without freaking him out, in case he turned out to be straight ...

before long his dick was elongating ... and rapidly standing to attention ...

i walked over to him ... started manipulating his member ... and before long he shot his load ...

and not long after that i followed suit.

brief, but enjoyable.

13 May 2017

Interrupted explosions

after enjoying the jacuzzi (and the cumshots), i went to a better gym to actually do some exercise !

after my workout, i had a few minutes in that gym's steam room before closing time ...

there was just one guy in the steam room with me ... but he wasn't touching himself to being with ... so i wasn't hopeful ...

but after a few minutes, with me adjusting myself from time to time ... he started to adjust himself ...

and next thing you know ... we're both openly pleasuring ourselves ...

but just as we were both starting to erupt ... an old (presumably straight) bloke walked in !

not since that time in a foreign thermal bath (that i don't seem to have written a post about) have i had to stop stimulating myself after starting to ejaculate ... and it really isn't a pleasant sensation.

maybe it was karma for cumming twice within a couple of hours !

but if only the other guy hadn't been so shy to begin with - we would both have enjoyed pleasant cumshots !!

11 May 2017

there were three in the steam room (again)

Bank holiday mondays seem to bring out the gays to one of my local gyms ... that attracts quite a lot of gay men even on a normal day.  The jacuzzi (as well as steam room and sauna) in the men's changing room is probably part of the attraction !

The trouble with a steam room with five gay men ... if one of them is feeling a bit shy at any one time ... then the others begin to wonder if he's straight ... and nothing happens !

Most of the guys in the jacuzzi are naked ... and it was fun (and different) to mess around a little with a guy in there ... but it was very exposed ... so nothing much could happen, as straight guys would appear without warning.

Back in the steam room, I found myself with the guy from the jacuzzi ... and we started to get it on ... until another guy appeared - but he was definitely up for it ... so it was all systems go ... until the guy from the jacuzzi started getting nervous ...

But that didn't stop me ... and i shot first ... followed by the third guy (who left soon after) ... and then the guy from the jacuzzi felt more relaxed, and he shot as well.

Phew - I'm exhuasted just writing it !

09 May 2017


sometimes encounters in the steam room can be really good ... but sometimes they leave me feeling really bad !

i know the world has it's share of idiots ... but i generally try to avoid them ...

sadly the other day in the steam i failed to avoid one particular jerk !

it started off well ... a nice enough looking guy beside me ... both of us obviously horny ... and he didn't object at all when i started to touch him ... and help him ejaculate ...

but as soon as he had shot his load ... he shot out the door of the steam room ... not giving me time to sort myself out ... or even cover myself up.

idiots like that don't deserve to be helped shoot their loads.


07 May 2017

I'm done

when i'm on the treadmill in the gym, i often check out various dating apps ... and when a guy is also on the gym's wifi, they show up as being very close !

i was chatting to this guy, and he was already in the changing room, and was looking for a dick to suck in the steam room ... so at the end of my workout, i went upstairs for my reward ...

it started off fine ... and the guy was using poppers (hiding them in a t-shirt that he carried around with him) ... but he suddenly just said: I'm Done

that was it ... no explanation (did i smell, had he suddenly turned straight ?) ... no further fellatio would occur !

not the pleasant end to my workout that i had expected.

05 May 2017


i generally try and avoid guys who are High ... and since most guys are happy to advertise their drug consumption on their app profiles, it's fairly straightforward to do !

but a couple of weeks ago, i was messaging a guy who didn't give the impression that he was High ... but he was nearby, and horny ... so i asked him over ...

it soon turned out that he had been with other guys earlier that day ... and had been "naughty" ... which i presume means he had been doing Bareback.

whilst i may mess around with a lot of guys, i don't do bareback, and i try and avoid STDs ... but this guy was not looking like a safe playmate ...

he encouraged me to cum ... but (as often happens with High guys) didn't cum himself - which is another reason i try and avoid High guys !

thankfully it was all over fairly quickly.

03 May 2017

Cum and go

i had noticed this guy a few times on Grindr and other apps ... we had messaged a few times ... but he seemed flaky, or drunk, or high ... or all of the above !

we finally managed to get it together a few weeks ago ... he came over to my place ... but he wasn't as hot as his pics ... he seemed a bit odd ... and i wasn't that turned on ...

i had warned him that it needed to be a quick session ... but it turned out to be quicker than i expected, as he started cumming without warning ... and i had to catch up quickly !

when we chatted afterwards, he said that he divides his time between London and another city, and that he deletes his profile each time he leaves London ... wtf - who does that ?!

some of the other things he said didn't really add up.

a few days later i bumped into him at my local tube station ... we both did recognise each other - but thankfully he was on his mobile, so we didn't have to chat ! 

01 May 2017

NYC bound

a few weeks ago i was on Grindr, and was messaging with a guy ...

he was a bit younger than i normally go for ... and probably a bit more feminine that i normally go for ... but he looked cute, and i was feeling horny !

he was better looking in person than his pics ... and once he started getting undressed it turned out that he had a really beautiful body ...

his heritage was apparently South American ... but he almost looked Asian.

we had a really nice time ... but it was late, and he'd missed the last metro, so he was going to have to get a couple of buses home (and i wasn't in the mood to have a stranger sleep in my bed overnight).

afterwards we chatted a bit, and he had the slightly cocky attitude that twenty somethings have before they find out what life is actually like !

06 April 2017

Wait !

when two or three are gathered together ... in the steam room ... it's almost inevitable that one will shoot before the others !

when that happens - please wait for the others to finish shooting and cover up ... and preferably even a little time to clean up !

i don't care whether you are closeted / in denial / disgusted by your own behaviour ... just in practical terms - if people outside the steam room see a guy inside still shooting whilst you walk out - you're incriminating yourself !!

don't be a wanker ... just enjoy a good wank.

03 April 2017

same hotel, same guy

the guy i met about a month ago messaged me on Grindr again (we had previously both added each other as favourites) ... he was back in town !

he asked me if i had been back to the hotel (to meet a guy) since we last me up ... seriously, who asks that sort of question !  luckily i was able to say no - truthfully !!

we met up, and he was just as cute and beautiful as i remembered ... and we had some fun ... although not as penetrative as i would have liked ... maybe we can do that next time !

afterwards, he was about to order room service ... but i convinced him we should go out and get some food.

the next day, i happened to bump into him on the street nearby - he doesn't look quite as cute without hair product !

a nice guy - shame he lives abroad.

30 March 2017


i was in the gym steam room again the other day ... and in walked a guy who i once had fun with ... and who is always fun to chat with ...

whilst we've had the odd fumble since then ... i don't think we've ever actually got off together again ... although that's more him than me !

on this occasion it was getting close to closing time at the gym ... and it looked like he needed to explode !

the trouble was that he was so hot (possibly spent too long in the steam) that he couldn't last more than a couple of minutes !

i'd forgotten what a good kisser he is.

eventually though, with him sitting down, and me standing up ... and another guy standing by the door ... i emptied my tanks on his chest.

he laughed out a "naughty" in response !

later on he unloaded in the shower - shame i wasn't there for it.

27 March 2017

the staring bloke

there's a fine line between maintaining eye contact with a guy when your eyes happen to meet (to show that you're interested) ... and staring!  i suspect that i break eye contact too quickly ... but staring really isn't attractive either!

i was in the steam room the other day, and chatting to a former hookup from 18 months ago, who is always forthright with his opinions ...

he pointed out a guy who had just left the steam room, who was clearly up for action, and who i noticed was a bit of a starer ... but my friend claimed he was even worse than i had noticed ...

after a while my friend left, and the staring bloke was back ... and one thing led to another ...

later on, the staring bloke and i both happend to be getting changed in the same area of the locker room ... and there was a really beautiful guy getting changed as well ... who i'm pretty sure was straight ... but the staring bloke just wouldn't stop looking at him.  it was unpleasant just to witness, and i felt sorry for the straight bloke to be on the receiving end.

the moral of the story - don't be a staring bloke !

24 March 2017

i'm about to pass out

things started off in the usual way ... i entered the steam room to find a guy without a towel wrapped around him - but holding it reasonably near his crotch ...

i sat reasonably close (but not too close) ... and adjusted myself ...

he responded ... and soon we were off ...

after a couple of minutes i shot ... and he was groaning like he had just done the same ... so i asked him ...

he responded that he hadn't ... and that he was so hot he was about to pass out !

before he left the steam room - he did express his enjoyment !!

after a few minutes i left the steam room, took a shower, and headed back to the locker room ... and as far as i could see - he was still in the shower.

after i changed, i walked past the end of the showers ... and as far as i could see - he was still in the shower.

i suspect he may have been high.

15 March 2017

naturist or adventurist ?

so many of my steam room encounters start off with trying to work out if a guy is up for some fun ...

and some of those start by noting how securely (or otherwise) he is attached to his towel (i only remember a single steam room encounter with a guy who was wearing swimming trunks) ...

the important part of this encounter started when a guy walked in carrying his towel ... but then he sat in the far corner away from me and the only other bloke ... but we weren't sitting very close to each other - so maybe he was just following our lead ...

then when the two of us started adjusting ourselves ... the towel carrying guy started doing the same ...

and then when the two of us started exposing ourselves ... the towel carrying guy started doing the same ... but i couldn't see whether he was actually playing with himself - it was too steamy / far away ...

after a couple of minutes he stood up and said something like "goodbye chaps" ... and walked out ...


i walked over to the other bloke ... and before long i was shooting ...

but later on, i heard one of the gym cleaning staff radio up to reception that he had "checked the steam room, and it's fine" ... seriously ... did that towel carrying guy report us ?!

12 March 2017

hotel fun

have you been here before - said the guy as were shedding our clothes in his hotel room ...

i explained that i had been on a date in the bar downstairs some months previously ...

and did you go back to his bedroom - asked the cute guy as we moved to his bed ...

i explained that no - we had got into a geeky argument ... and no fun happened !
i didn't feel the need to explain that over the last decade i had visited this hotel for fun on more than one occasion !!

things had started off the previous evening - he contacted me ... and when i later asked for facepics - he wanted me to go first ... dodgy git !

he did eventually produce a very cute photo ... and he seemed to like mine ... but wanted to see me naked ... which is something that i don't do ...

it was late and cold/wet outside, so we agreed to wait until the next day ...

then it didn't look like it was going to happen - the guy didn't sound too interested ...

but eventually we agreed that i would visit his hotel room ...

and boy was it worth it ... really enjoyable ... good kisser ... beautiful body ... not quite as handsome as his facepic, but still very nice to look at ...

i was so turned on that he actually jerked me off - not something that happens very often !

we both produced a decent amount ... always a good sign.

and we had some post coitus cuddling ... which is always a good end to an encounter.

09 March 2017

naked guy in the steam

when a bloked walks into the steam room completely naked, just carrying a towel - there's usually a good chance that he's interested in men ...

the other day, i was in the steam room on my own, and this happened ...

but he didn't really look in my direction ... but on the other hand he didn't sit too far away ...

eventually the question was resolved - when his dick started twitching upwards ...

he didn't touch it though !

but when i approached him with my erection, he took an interest ... and before long, i demonstrated my appreciation in liquid form.

06 March 2017

bulky clothes

the other day i was chatting to a guy on Grindr ... and after exchange facepics, and discussing activities ... we agreed that he would come over ...

when guys are coming over, i always go and meet them at the front door of my apartment building - rather than have them come up to my front door !

he looked more attractive than his facepics ... and i knew he wasn't going to be very tall ... but he looked oddly shaped in a huge coat ...

he seemed decent enough though - so we went up to my apartment ...

once his bulky coat came off, it turned out that he had a lovely body !

we had some fun - and both produced a decent volume.

28 February 2017

getting him off ...

i've written before about focusing on a guy's dick in the steam room when i don't really like the rest of him ...

but the other day i found myself masturbating a guy off ... and letting him suck me ... even though he wasn't really my type ...

i enjoyed seeing his dick explode ... but i wasn't interested in getting off myself.

weird sensation for me - usually i'm the one who needs to shoot !

25 February 2017

no touching

i keep an eye on the gyms i go to on Squirt ... and a guy posted on there, and we started exchanging messages ...

he said he was partnered - but wouldn't say with a man or a woman ... and said that he had only ever had non touching fun in the steam room ...

eventually we managed to both get ourselves in the steam room at the same time ... and i realised that he was a hot guy that i had clocked before - really fit, quite handsome, and with a touch of greying hair that can be really hot.

the first couple of times in the steam together there was always a "cock blocker" and nothing happened ... in the mean time i had spotted him in the gym working out - and noticed that he checked out the other fit guys ... which made me wonder if he was partnered with a man ...

eventually we ended up in the steam room together alone ... and i touched his beautifully smooth, slightly muscled legs ... but he pushed me away.  neither of us shot our loads - either there, or in the showers later when we were opposite each other.

afterwards we exchanged messages, and i asked him if i had freaked him out ... he denied it, and just said it "wasn't my thing".

what a waste - beautiful guy - clearly horny as hell - shame he won't touch ... because i'm not sure i can jerk off with him without touching him ! 

22 February 2017

department store

i had finished at the gym ... without seeing any action in the steam room ... so i was on Grindr looking for some fun ...

i was running out of time, and a guy replied ... saying that he was at work ... but that there was a toilet beside the Underwear section on the Menswear floor that wasn't checked by security ...

so i headed across the road to see if we could get it on ... and he was already in the toilet ... which sort of made me wonder if he actually worked there ... or maybe he was just spending the afternoon waiting for some action !

he had a nice dick, and was tall and slim ... so it didn't take me long to shoot my load - he wanted it on his ass, and i complied with his request.  he wasn't too far behind me - shooting his load on the floor.

we cleaned up - and i headed out.  not the most satisfying encounter ever - but i've had a lot worse !

19 February 2017


i'd seen this guy in the steam room before, and thought he was probably up for fun ... and the other day i found myself alone with him in the steam room ... his hands were in his crotch ... which is usually a good sign ... but they weren't moving ... oh well - you win some you lose some ...

but then his hands started moving ... and then his hard dick appeared ... and we were off !

he looks a bit like paintings of Jesus - shoulder length salt and pepper hair, and an incredibly lean body - six pack style !

after playing with his dick, i moved to his balls, and below his (lovely) dick - and was surprised to find a huge bulge underneath.  i think this tends to happen in older guys - it was quite fun to play with.  he also had lovely nipples !

before too long he was obviously getting close - and i found it amusing that he actually looked at his own (beautiful) body as he approached ejaculation.  he shot a decent amount.

unlike some guys - he was happy to let me scoop up his cum and use it as lube for my own masturbation ... and he waited around for me to shoot.

afterwards, i said "nice" ... and he also said "nice" !

maybe we can repeat this nice experience again another time ...

Epilogue - a couple of days later, as i arrived in the gym, i saw him in the lobby ... i nodded towards him but he didn't really respond ... and a few minute later i saw him leaving with another guy - who i suspect is his boyfriend !

17 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

a few days ago i went to the gym - thought it would be nice and quiet, what with the day that was in it ... but it wasn't - i guess there's lots of singles at my gym, or they value their workouts over their other halves !

in the steam room afterwards, there were four of us who were clearly up for it ... but there kept being one guy who wasn't ... same old story ...

eventually we found ourselves "alone" ... one guy got a bit freaked out - so he moved to the other side of the steam room on his own - but kept watching ...

then something happened which i've never seen before - two of the guys started really going for it together - snogging / holding each other / almost lying side by side / wanking themselves off ...

they didn't want anybody else touching them ... and as far as i could tell (from watching afterwards as well) they weren't a couple and they didn't know each other !

this was so hot, it didn't take long for me to explode ... followed by one of the "couple" ... and then the other ...

but just as the third guy was shooting ... another bloke (in swimming trunks - so presumably not interested in man fun) opened the door and walked in !

i don't think i've ever seen anybody busted at the exact moment he was shooting ...

as long as you don't count that time i got busted at the thermal baths !

16 February 2017

amsterdam originals

i had chatted to this guy a few days beforehand on Scruff, when he had wanted an immediate hookup ... but it was late, and he was over a mile away ... and i had put him off ...

so we agreed to meet a couple of days later ... and he was keen to experience my urine !

once i arrived into the rather nice flat where he was staying (he had mentioned that his landlady was away) ... he asked if i wanted to use poppers - and emphasised that he only used "amsterdam originals" - not the cheap english ones !

i know i'm not very well versed in the drug scene - but it was the first time I'd ever heard discussion about the merits of different types of poppers ... it's amazing what you learn on gay hookups !  despite his encouragement - i declined.

it's wasn't a great hookup - whilst the guy wasn't bad looking, and had a nice dick - he was rather selfish.  once he realised that i hadn't been drinking (so my piss wouldn't be diluted) he lost interest in that, and quickly shot his load ... and wasn't really interested in assisting me with my ejaculation.

the next day when i looked at Scruff again, i noticed that our chat history had disappeared - he'd either blocked me, or deleted his profile !  i'm not overly upset about missing out on meeting him again.

14 February 2017

tinder guy

i recently went on a date with a guy from tinder ... and whilst i was keen to meet up again, he said he was really busy for the following 10 days, and couldn't meet.  i suspected he was playing games, and wanted to appear to be unavailable.

eventually we sorted out a time to meet up ... but it turned out that he's one of these guys who fuss around with meeting arrangements ... he moved the time to suit himself (again it appeared he was trying to appear popular - or maybe it was to exert authority) ... and generally fuss around.

when we met, we went for a bit of a walk, and he wanted to get some food, so after rejecting my first suggestion, we found somewhere that met his requirements.  we'd previously agreed that we were meeting for sex - and whilst i don't consider myself a wham-bam sort of a bloke, the delay seemed to be going on for ages !

i find it interesting to see whether people arriving into my flat notice the piles of shoes by the front door, and that i always take off mine as soon as i arrive.  most guys do notice, and remove their own shoes off.  this guy didn't - which is quite often an indication that a person is wrapped up in their own world.

soon after we arrived he seemed keen to get down to business ... but once we got naked, after some initial wood ... he lost his stiffness.  he said he was really nervous.  he's in his mid/late twenties, and i'm not sure how many guys he's been with - so maybe it's a credible excuse.  he'd also messaged me earlier that day and asked if i was "excited" - which could have been him expressing his nervousness.

he was reasonably good in bed, but i couldn't get him hard again.  after a while he said he wanted me to shoot - so i did.

as usual, i wanted some post sex cuddling ... which he seemed happy to indulge in ... and told me that i was "very romantic" for wanting to cuddle.  i'm not sure i've ever been accused of being romantic before !

before too long we were both getting hard again (maybe the cuddling helped relax him) ... and next thing he's shooting an enormous load ... which obviously makes me shoot again !

it was a strange session.  he's got a lovely body, and i do like seeing a guy shoot a big load ... but i'm not sure i could be bothered with his juvenile games.