31 December 2017

saying no ... again

sometimes my straight friends think that gay life is all instant hookups, without any work involved ... and whilst i admit that i'm sure men picking up women have to do more work ... i think heteros underestimate the amount of time it takes to find a suitable guy on the apps !

i wonder if my blog give the same, false impression ?

not only is there the amount of time trying to meet a guy ... but sometimes you meet a guy, and the encounter just goes wrong ... or sometimes they just aren't what you thought they were !

i recently agreed to meet up with a guy who was staying in a hotel right by my gym ...

as soon as he opened his bedroom door (in his underwear), i realised that it wasn't going to work ...

he was quite different to his photos.  he wasn't bad looking, but just not what i was expecting.  probably not my type - but if he had used more representative photos, it might have managed my expectations !

i stood by the door as he chatted away.  he seemed a bit shocked when i said that i wasn't going to stay.

sometimes it just doens't work, and you have to say no.


16 December 2017

California bound

i hooked up with this guy about six months ago ... and we've kept in touch on Grindr ...

a couple of times previously he's suggested coming over, if i would pay for his taxi home (when the tube trains had finished for the night) ... but that felt a bit too much like paying for sex ... so i always declined

recently though he contacted me again, and didn't mention about paying for his taxi ... so i agreed for him to come over ...

it turns out that he's currently working in the gym chain that i use ... it was quite fun having somebody in their red uniform in my bedroom !

after a quick shower (he'd just finished work) ... we both got naked ...

it was fun ... not quite a relaxed as i would have liked, but still fun ...

we chatted a bit afterwards ... and he seems a bit less cocky that last time !


14 December 2017

Assisted JO

i was recently in the notorious gym steam room that i've written about before ...

the steam was so thick that i couldn't see what was going on over the far side ... but i could hear the sounds ... which was quite horny !

the guy beside seemed shy ... but interested ... and didn't want to get his dick out ... but after i showed some interest ... he started playing with mine ... and i got to play with him through his towel ...

he was a bit rough with my dick, so i didn't let him keep hold of it for long ... but he seemed keen to play with my balls whilst i pleasured myself ...

and before long i exploded.  sadly he didn't seem interested in doing the same.


12 December 2017

the persistent guy

in one of my regular gyms, there's a guy who is a bit strange ...

he spends huge amounts of time in the steam ... often going back in even after he's already shot his load ...

and he doesn't seem to like to get his own cum on himself, so he puts a little towel on his chest when he's about to shoot ...

i really don't find his behaviour attractive ... and i try to avoid him ... but ...

the other day steam room pickings were slim, and i was about to leave without action ... but he was sitting by the steam room door ...

and as i paused at the door before leaving ... he reached for me ...

and i couldn't help myself ... and before long i exploded !

i really shouldn't waste a good cumshot on a guy i don't enjoy.


02 December 2017

Silent Cumming

i wouldn't describe myself as a "screamer" but i do enjoy expressing myself during sexual contact, and that includes vocally !  and i also enjoy a guy to make a bit of noise ... including letting me know when he's about to shoot ...

but the other day i was back the in the notorious cruisy gym ... and one thing led to another in the very steamy steam room ...

but the trouble was that there was a straight guy over the other side ... or at least a guy who wasn't interested in man on man action ...

so i couldn't make any noise ...

so the first thing the guy beside me (who i'd already been playing with) knew about my ejaculation ... was when he noticed white stuff on his leg !

he didn't seem to mind !!


01 December 2017

Relaxing trip to the clap clinic

most of my previous trips to my local STD clinic have been worrying times ... either due symptoms i have experienced or, during my annual checkup, the concern that something will be found, despite my careful approach to encounters !

the other day i went for my second dose of HPV vaccine ... so i didn't have anything to worry about ... although the injection did turn out to be a little uncomfortable

when i was at the clinic a few months ago, there was a female patient who was FaceTiming her baby from the waiting room ... which seemed odd !

this time, nothing so strange ... just a few nervous looking people ...


30 November 2017

Unexpected Sucking

as i mentioned recently, one of my regular gyms is currently being refurbished ... and as part of that, there are temporary showers installed ...

one of the consequences is that guys don't dry themselves in the shower cubicles (too small, too damp, and nowhere to hang your towel) ... instead they stand in the "lobby" outside the showers ...

the other day there was just one other guy having a shower, and he finished before me ...

as i got out and grabbed my towel, i noticed that he was checking out my dick ... which made it grow ... which made him look more ...

next thing i know he's touching it ... and then sucking it ... in the shower lobby !

sadly some voices got closer, so he stopped sucking

not the happy ending i could have done with ... but a nice surprise !


29 November 2017

warning signs

one of the gyms in the chain that i belong to used to be a notorious mecca for gay guys ... but the company worked hard to straighten it out ... by removing one of the steam rooms ... putting a big glass front on the other one ... and posting signs warning that the area is "monitored" !

the equipment isn't as good as other gyms, so i haven't visited it much ... but i thought i really should check it out to compare the steam room experience ... especially as one of my regular gyms is currently being refurbished, and the steam room isn't operational !

a couple of weeks ago i tried the notorious gym ... but whilst there were obviously gay guys in the steam, it just didn't seem to happen ... maybe i didn't meet their requirements ...

the other day i tried again, and this time it definitely did happen !

one guy was keen to suck me ... but it was a rather unsatisfactory blow job - he just wasn't putting enough suction into it !

later on, the same guy was lying face down ... and clearly wanted his ass played with ... so i did ...

and soon afterwards he was sucking me again ... and i decided it was time he got a present ... so i shot my load on his chest ... which seemed to inspire another guy to do the same ... and possibly a third - i couldn't quite see !

with another two guys shooting off together on the other side ... it was one of the best steam room encounters i've had in a while ...

i may have to go back !


28 November 2017

just say no

i had chatted to this guy on Grindr ... he seemed nice enough ... possibly a bit too old for me ...

he lived close to my gym, so we agreed to try and hook up later that day when i was nearby ...

as i was finishing up in the gym, i messaged him again, and he said to come over for a quick session ...

we had previously agreed to have some naked BJ fun ... so i was looking forward to a quick "blow and go" ...

he turned out to be a lovely looking guy, with a great body ...

but as we were preparing, it turned out that he didn't want to remove his t-shirt ... he said that he had spent time getting ready to go out ... and i suspect he didn't want to mess up his hair !

part of what i enjoy about getting a BJ is being able to run my hands over a guy ... and a t-shirt doesn't really allow that to happen ... so i called a halt to proceedings ... and started getting dressed again

we parted on reasonable terms ... and he hasn't blocked me on Grindr ... so hopefully we will get the chance to do it properly another time !

i told a straight mate afterwards ... and he was gobsmacked that i would look a gift horse in the mouth ... so to speak !


27 November 2017


there's a guy in my gym that i first chatted to a couple of years ago ... he seemed like a nice guy ... and appeared interested in me ... but after a while he seemed a bit moody, and seemed to lose interest in me ...

recently he's been a bit more friendly again ... maybe because i've been less interested in him !

he's definitely gay ... and frequents the steam room ... and uses the "gay" showers ... but i've never seen him actually get up to anything ...

the other day there was a guy wandering around showing off his dick, and clearly looking for some shower cubicle action ... and i saw him go into my "friends" cubicle !

finally, confirmation that he does actually have a libido ... and that he's probably more interested in chubbier guys !!


26 November 2017

efficient action

usually my steam room encounters involve lots of toing and froing, as i try and work out if the other guys are up for fun ... and wait for the straights to leave ... and try and avoid the guys who don't turn me on ...

but the other day i had the most efficient steam room encounter ever ...

i walked in, and there was just one other guy ... and he was fully naked ...

and within a minute we were both playing with ourselves ... and shortly thereafter with each other ...

and within a few minutes we had both shot our loads !

25 November 2017

steam room darkness

usually low level light is a good thing in a steam room ... it means that you don't have to worry about guys walking in and seeing what you're up to ... and it allows you to imagine that the guy you're interacting with is better looking / younger / thinner than he actually is !

but sometimes it's a bad thing ...

there are some beautiful black guys who i've had fun with in the steam room ... but the trouble is that if they aren't really close ... it can be hard to see if they are playing with themselves / up for fun !

the other day, i missed out on an opportunity with a black guy, because i just couldn't be sure that he was up for it ...

next time i will just have to get closer !


24 November 2017

disturbed in the cottage

this is my 8th blog post labelled toilet ...

i keep an eye on Squirt - mostly for my local gyms ... but a new local cottage showed up recently ... so i thought i should check it out ...

first time i visited, the other guy wasn't my type ... and nothing happened ...

second time i visited ... the other guy was quite attractive ... and we were starting to enjoy each other ...

but a member of the public arrived to have a piss ... damn !

23 November 2017

even more hypocrisy

i've written before about my failure to live up to my desire not to hook up in gym showers ...

but it happened again the other day ...

it was quiet in the gym ... and the guy was cute ... and i was feeling horny ... and i couldn't stop myself ...

must try harder.


22 November 2017

popping my cherry

another day ... a different steam room ...

this one is beside the swimming pool ... so it is mixed ... and i had never had any action in it ... despite there being lots of gay guys at this gym ...

until the other day ... i was just wearing a towel ... there was just one guy in there ... wearing swimming trunks ... and a wedding ring ... but adjusting himself ...

before long he was pulling on my dick ... a bit too hard ... so i had to stop him ...

and before long i was starting to cum ... and as soon as i said that ... he whipped out his dick, and shot his load as well !

not a great looking guy ... but it was good to break my duck at this gym !!


21 November 2017

Of Kith and Kin

this isn't strictly a gay play ... but it features a gay couple ... and i persuaded the blogger formerly known as GB to come and see it with me !

it really was an excellent play, with some really interesting ideas / questions about surrogacy ... and couples ... and parenting ... and violence ...

needless to say GB took the side of the cute guy !

i took the other guy's side ...

it's on for another few days ... if you're in London go see it, and let me know whose side you take ...

31 October 2017

Pump and Pause failure

i've written before about that strange masturbating action some guys have ... vigorous jerking ... pause ... and repeat !

i encountered another one the other day ... or possibly the same guy ... hard to remember !

it was just the two of us in the steam room ... and before long we were pleasuring ourselves ... and then pleasuring each other - although i had to tell him to calm down as he tugged a bit to hard on both my dick and my nipples

at one stage he was standing over me looking like he might shoot ... but whether it was too hot / he wasn't turned on enough / maybe he was high ... nothing came out !

i didn't waste time and soon afterward i was standing over him ... emptying my balls


29 October 2017

tugs, shoots, shovels and leaves

i was the in the steam the other day ... and there was a promising looking opportunity at one end ... and a straight guy at the other end ...

whilst taking a break in the shower ... i spotted the promising looking opportunity ... and discovered he had a beautiful looking dick !

back in the steam ... the straight guy eventually left ... and i moved in the direction of the fit guy ... to find him already masturbating furiously ...

all he seemed to want to do was to tug on mine !

he didn't seem to want much interaction ... and before long he started shooting ... and thankfully handed the output over for me to use as lube ...

sadly he didn't stick around the extra minute it took for me to cum ... but at least he opened and closed the steam room door carefully to avoid exposing me !

27 October 2017

MCP deep

i was in the steam room the other day ... and it was seriously busy with gay guys !

i happened to be beside a guy who was fit ... lying on his back on the bench ... and completely naked

as things started kicking off ... he spread his legs and started touching his asshole ...

it seemed rude not to help out ... and before long i was finger deep !

he stopped wanking ... i suspect because he was aproaching climax ...

but i wasn't prepared to wait ... so i let him know that i was close ... and he seemed keen to wear my cum ...

as i shot my load on him ... he rubbed it into his skin like sun tan lotion !

there was another guy masturbating on his own ... and a pair of guys in the corner manipulating each other ...

there were at least two other explosion before i had to leave - due to over heating !

fun times.

25 October 2017

new arrival

i had chatted to this guy for a couple of weeks ... and we finally managed to meet up ...

we hadn't actually agreed what exactly we were meeting for ... but i suggested going back to my place for a beer !

he wasn't quite as handsome as his photos ... but not bad at all ...

we had a good chat ... and after a while we ended up in my bedroom ...

the sex was fine - but not particularly memorable !

afterwards he stayed and we cuddled and chatted - which was great.

as he was leaving, he said that he didn't expect to end up in bed with me !

21 October 2017

fifth time unlucky

i usually try and restrict myself to three times in the steam ... with cooling showers / drinks in between ...

but the other day it wasn't that busy, but there kept being one person who wasn't up for fun ... a couple of times it was guys who i know are gay ... but just don't partake ... which makes it even worse !

eventually it was just me and a bloke who i've seen there for years ... but whom i'm not sure i've ever actually had fun with ...

i moved over towards him ... and went to touch him - but he moved my hand away ... seriously !

having waited all that time ?!

shortly afterwards an old guy entered who didn't seem to be up for it.

i left the steam, had my shower, and went upstairs to have my lunch ... i wasn't wasting any more time with a "no touching" guy !

a good while later i went back down to the locker room to collect my bag ... and the "no touching" guy was still there ... that's dedication !!


19 October 2017

rude or shy ?

i've written before about steam room etiquette ... and also about the need to wait for your fellow wankers to shoot / clean up !

i encountered another annoying guy in the steam the other day ...

after some comings and goings it was just this one guy and me ... at first i thought he wasn't going to get his dick out from under his towel ... but eventually he did ...

he shot first, whilst constantly looking at the door  ...

i wasn't far behind ... but was still in the throes of post ejaculatory twitching when he opened the steam room door and exited

i don't care how shy he is - that's just rude.

17 October 2017

when two or three are gathered together

but mostly three ... to mix sacrileges ...

i had just chatted to a beautiful guy in the locker room who i normally just chat to on Squirt ... sadly he was on his way out ... but the trouble with seeing a really hot guy is that average guys then become disappointing !

when i arrived in the steam there was a guy who regularly spends a lot of time there, and who i've hooked up with before ...

i wasn't planning on doing anything with him ... but he moved towards me and started wanking me ...

but then another guy arrived, and sat over the far side ...

but it turned out that he was up for action as well ... and with a bit of encouragement he came and sat the other side of me ...

it really is hard to beat a guy on either side of you playing with you ...

and before long i exploded !

sadly neither of them seemed interested in shooting their loads ... so i thanked them for their efforts ... and went and showered !


15 October 2017

Close Knit film

yesterday evening (straight after another queer film) ... i went to my last movie of this year's London straight film festival

as always - the text below contains SPOILERS

one of my favourite films of all time is a Japanese movie called I Just Didn't Do It ... which i reckon had a gay twist to it ... as well as a beautiful lead actor !  and the more recent Japanese movie Our Little Sister was very sweet.

so whilst trans films aren't normally my thing ... i thought Close Knit looked like it might be good ...

and it was !

the trans character is played by a male actor who isn't always hugely convincing as a trans person ... but he's a good actor ... and a cute guy.

there's a nice balance with one of the kids experiencing trans thoughts ... the only trouble is that what turned out to be a flashback scene for the main character, appeared to me as a scene for the kid character ... oops!

there's also the standard conservative character (who gets her comeuppance nicely) ... and an array of taunting school mates.

one of the central themes of the film is about containing your emotions ... and the director was asked about that in the Q&A after the screening ... but she wasn't really able to say anything much about it ... which seemed odd !

it's a well made, pleasant film ... but i'm not sure whether it will stay in my mind for long.

my top choice from the festival is 120 BPM ... or if that's too full on for you ... then The Cakemaker was also excellent.

Saturday Church film

as i've written a few times recently that it's London hetero film festival time ... and i've been out sampling some of the produce ... both gay and straight - even though i've only blogged about the gay ones !

as usual - the words below contain SPOILERS ...

in many ways Saturday Church is a typical tale of a queer teenager suffering at the hands of jocks and conservative family members ... the clip below is not typical of the film - but they don't seem to have a released proper trailer.

the standard story is interspersed by random acts of singing and dancing ... much to its benefit.  why wouldn't you interrupt a locker room intimidation scene with the jocks carrying around our hero to music.

the songs aren't the most amazing you will hear - but they're perfectly enjoyable.  the acting perfomances are the most insightful you will ever see - but they are perfectly acceptable.  the story isn't the most original ever written - but it has an interesting twist on the standard teenage coming out fare.

Marquis Rodriguez plays one of the supporting roles - lovely looking guy ... hopefully he gets some more movies that we can see him in.

If you like musicals, and don't mind a storyline that isn't the most original - you will probably like this movie.  just don't go for titillation - my boner count was zero !

13 October 2017

hooking up with a rent boy

for free !

as i was entering my gym the other day, i noticed a guy at the reception desk who i recognised ... from the steam room ... and from the dating apps - where he advertises himself !

i hadn't seem him around the gym for months.  when he was previously a regular, i never actually saw him engage in any fun - he didn't usually even display his dick.

a while later we were both in the steam room - and to my surprise he was actually up for some action.

when i told him that i was getting close - he said that he had cum just before arriving in the gym !

what was slightly odd was he kept saying how nice different parts of me were ... and making encouraging sounds ... sort of like you would if you were being paid !

whilst he has a nice enough body, and pleasant if unexceptional dick - i can't imagine paying for his services (or anybody else's for that matter).

unlike the recent guy, this guy was happy for me to shoot on him.

it will be interesting to see if he becomes a regular in the steam ... or if he was just high and needed constant action the day in encountered him !

11 October 2017

The Wound film

another day, another gay film at the breeders' film festival !

as usual - the words below contain SPOILERS - look away now if you don't want them

The Wound is a south african film ... which proceeds at quite a slow pace ... so don't go expecting an action packed couple of hours.

the three main characters are all very different - and each sort of tragic in their own way - it's not a hugely uplifting film.

some people say that movie characters are only interesting if they have some sort of "arc" - where they develop in the course of the film.  the lead character definitely does ... the other adult does a bit ... but the young guy doesn't at all - and i did find him a bit dull.

apparently the film was originally written from the perspective of the young guy ... but i'm glad they changed it, as i think he was the weakest of the actors.  although still pleasant to look at.

the first sex scene wasn't overly convincing - even though it was a bit horny.  the sex got better though.  but it was always very discreet - almost old style.  still quite enjoyable!  the lead actor (who is gay in real life) said that he watched it with his parents - rather him than me!

the director was onstage afterwards and was asked by the audience about the rather depressing ending.  aparently he wanted to jolt us out of taking the urban liberal viewpoint - and challenge us to see if from the more rural, traditional angle.  he also emphasised that there is an element of hope at the end for the lead character - if you look closely.

the lead actor was at the screening as well - more handsome and less butch in the flesh than he was on screen.

afterwards i got a msg on Grindr from another audience member ... but sadly he was a bit too old for me.

if you're interested in the subject matter, and you have the patience for a slow two hours, then go see it - there's still another screening in London.  don't just go to see it for the beautiful actors - you will get bored !

10 October 2017

Too hot to shoot

i was in the steam room ... opposite me was a guy who i'd messed around with before ... and beside me was a guy who i'd come close to messing around with, but never quite (and who is definitely up for fun) ...

a guy walked in who was very cute ... and sat fairly close ... making eye contact ... but with the guy opposite me being a bit shy ... the new cute guy lay down ...

after the guy opposite me left ... the new cute guy sat up ... and we started getting it on ...

i kissed him ... but he tasted a bit garlicy - not great !

he had a beautiful dick ... and goregous body ... and i warned him that i was getting close ... and he pushed me around - to avoid me cumming on him ...

maybe i've got too used ot shooting on guys ... but this sort of put me off ... and together with the fact that it was seriously hot in there ... i gave up and went and had my shower

in the changing room afterwards, it turned out that the cute guy had a locker beside me ... so i asked him if he had shot a load ... after pause, he confirmed he had !

08 October 2017

120 BPM Beats Per Minute film

over the last couple of days i've written about two gay films that i've seen at the mainstream london film festival ...

yesterday i went to see a french movie called 120 BPM with my friend GB

as usual the text below contains SPOILERS - look away now if you want to see it blind !

i go and see most gay films that i find on the subject of HIV/AIDS - I find both the biological evolution of the virus fascinating (although this film didn't focus on that) and the impact it had on the acceptance of gay people.  writers have suggested that the HIV epidemic forced / allowed gay people to become visible, and the horrendous death toll humanised gay people in the view of general western populations.

i grew up with the tombstone adverts - and the fear that it invoked probably helped keep me alive (and stopped me having sex / accepting my sexuality).  there's a line in the film about France having double the infection rate than UK or Germany - those tombstone adverts really did work !

I don't know anybody who has died of AIDS - not sure if that's a consequence of my late coming out, or my lack of involvement in gay activism.

As is almost inevitable with a film about HIV - there are a couple of deaths ... but the emotions around the death scenes are universal - the scenes reminded me of a vaguely recent death in my family ... and of course i cried !

There's a line in the film, after a sex scene, where the main character asks "was i your first poz guy" ... and it forced me to consider my general reluctance to meet / have sex with guys who are positive.  A recent encounter with a poz guy ended up with me considering taking PEP - but maybe i should be more open to it.  the main character in the film even uses condoms for oral sex ... i'm not sure i could do that !

some of the sex was very good - and as usual i got hard.  in the first sex scene i was thinking that you hardly ever see lubricant being used in film sex ... and a few seconds later the lube appeared on screen !

the director was on stage afterwards - and talked really openly about the film.  some directors try and keep their intentions to themselves (so the audience projects their own ideas onto the film) - but this director was refreshingly forthright.  sadly though he wasn't asked about the slightly strange closing scene - if anybody can explain it, please let me know !

at 140 minutes, i feared the film would be flabby - but it really wasn't.  i don't believe a single scene could or should have been cut.

it really is a great movie - if you get a chance - definitely go and see it.

07 October 2017

A Moment in the Reeds film

As i mentioned the other day ... the hetero London film festival is currenlty on ... but it's showing a few gay films !

Yesterday evening I went to see the world premiere of the Finnish film A Moment in the Reeds ... whose director is based in London ... which presumably explains why it isn't premiering in Finland !

The text below containts some SPOILERS ... so look away now if you want to watch it without knowing too much about it.

When the director came on stage to introduce it, he said that he felt Finland needed a queer movie ... which sounds a bit arrogant ... and a bit worthy.

And the film felt a bit worthy at times.

The first 60 or 70 minutes was quite good ... despite the partly improvised dialogue - although I accept that some viewers are probably more accepting of the slightly awkward / natural feel that improvisation brings.

After 70 minutes the film seemed to lose its way and featured lots of arty scenes where nothing much happened.

The two main actors were ok, but I didn't overly rate them - they may become good actors in future, but I don't think they are at this stage in their development.

One of the audience (which seemed mostly overweight, older, over perfumed men) in the Q&A afterwards talked about the great sex scenes ... but I think he was being overly generous.  Whilst I admist that I got a boner at least once, possibly twice - one of the sex scenes just didn't work.

The director was also asked about each of the lead actors topping (in slightly more delicate language) ... and he confirmed that he and the actors had decided that it was important.  The trouble was that one of the actors just wasn't a convincing top !

The film is showing in London a couple more times - there's currently a few seats left for each performance ... if you like slightly improvised, arty, cliched fare !

06 October 2017

The Cakemaker film

The "straight" london film festival is on at the moment ... and luckily they have quite a few gay films!

Last night I went to see The Cakemaker - an Israeli/German film.

Like any review - the text below contains some SPOILERS - but not much more than in the trailer ... look away now if you don't want to know !

The film centres around a married Israeli guy, and his German boyfriend.

One of the strange/different things about the portrayal is that the german guy asks his boyfriend not just when he and his wife last had sex ... but what they actually did !
I must admit that i do ask guys when they last ejaculated ... and what they were doing at the time ... and sometimes they tell me about another guy ...
So maybe it's not that different.
And maybe my lack of interest in hearing about a bloke and a woman is more about the fact that i'm too gay to want to hear about hetero sex!

Maybe the two men in the film talking about straight sex whilst they have gay sex is a sort of threesome in itself ...

The director was at the screening yesterday - and talked about trying to avoid labels / definitions - whether that be sexuality or religion or nationality.

Go see it and let me know what you think !

05 October 2017


i've written a couple of times before about how i'm not a fan of multiple guys in a single shower cubicle ...

i've also written a couple of times before about my hypocrisy - not that i actually remember either encounter particularly !

the other day i was in the steam ... eventually it was just me and two beautiful guys - both of whom i think i've messed around with before - but sadly one had his eyes closed and didn't seem to be up for it ...

it was quiet in the gym, the showers weren't busy ... and i found myself in the end cubicle with one of the beautiful guys from the steam in the opposite cubicle ...

his gorgeous dick was hard ... and he was clearly up for it ... and he put his towel over the gap in the glass ... and next thing i found myself exiting my cubicle and entering his ...

before long i was whispering to him that i was about to cum ... and he dropped to his knees to take my load ... which ended up bouncing off his face it was so strong !

i couldn't wait to sort him out (not sure if he actually wanted to) ... i had to get out of there ...

in the two seconds it took to cross back to my cubicle ... a nice gay guy i've chatted to before spotted me !

i musn't do that again.

03 October 2017

i need to fuck you

i had seen him in the sauna, and he looked like he was up for some fun ... but the other guy (who i suspect was also gay) seemed shy ... and nothing happened.

later he was in the steam ... but there was a straight guy in there ... who eventually left ...

then he started playing with himself ... and i walked over to him ...

his dick was one of the smallest i've ever touched ... almost disturbingly small

next thing he was behind me and sort of dry humping me ... odd

i was getting close ... but he said to wait, because he needed to fuck me ... wtf ?!

i don't do unsafe - no way that was ever going to happen.

i didn't quite stop manipulating myself in time ... so a little cum dribbled out ... strange sensation.

01 October 2017

comical miscommunication

i was in the gym ... checking the apps ... and started chatting with a guy who seemed keen to meet ...

the trouble was that i didn't have a lot of time ... so i had to try and get him to arrive at my flat around the same time that i got back from the gym ...

it was further complicated by the fact that he had recently arrived in London, and didn't have a mobile phone - so once he left his flat he would be out of communication range !

just as i arrived at the front door of my flat ... he was turning around to leave ... and he looked quite different to his profile pics, so for a second i wasn't sure if it was actually him ... but it was !

he seemed like a nice guy ... a bit camper that i usually go for ... and a bit heavier than his profile pics.

we got down to fun fairly quickly ... it was fine ... but sort of forgettable
usually some aspect of an encounter sticks in my mind for a while ... but there really wasn't anything particularly interesting about this one ...
apart from the bizarre moment when i looked down at him sucking me, and thought the way his hair started from a circle - almost looked like an asshole !

afterwards he jumped in the shower (i had fairly drenched him with my load) ... and we had a hilarious crossed wires conversation ... he would say one thing (about leaving his phone in the airport) ... i would ask a follow it up question (asking which route he took) ... and he would answer a completely different question (about where he was staying in london) ... his english wasn't quite good enough !

nice guy.  not sure i will see him again.

29 September 2017

i wasn't expecting that

i was sitting alone in the steam room ... my towel was open, with my hand covering my junk ...

a guy walked in wearing shorts ... but sat a bit too close for somebody who was straight ... but not close enough for somebody who was up for it ...

he started looking at my crotch ... which got me excited ...

after a few minutes he took off his shorts ...

before long i was standing in front of him ... and discovered that he had a Prince Albert !
can't remember the last time i saw one of those !!

i kissed him ... but he didn't taste so good.

he was nervous, kept looking at the door, and thought it was "incredibly risky".  I tried to assure him it wasn't.

great body.  rock hard dick.  it was so hot in the steam that i needed a break.

when i returned he was gone, and didn't return.

sadly no explosion


27 September 2017

effing awesome

what is it about americans that they can't say "fucking" ... even after they've just cum ?!

we had chatted previously - and he told me that without a dick pic (which i don't have / send) he wasn't interested in meeting ... since he was primarily looking to suck ...

but a couple of days later his horniness must have got the better of him ... and he was keen to meet ...

i went over to his place.  my inherent curiosity / nosiness means that i normally enjoy travelling for encounters ... but this guy's flat was a bit of a pigsty !

he wasn't quite as attractive as his photos ... seriously overweight ... but he seemed keen ... and i needed a BJ !

he shot first - although sadly i didn't really see it

he seemed to really enjoy the encounter

it wasn't bad ... but i don't think i will go back for more.

22 September 2017

did i really ?

do you ever get the horrible "oh shit" thought when you see a guy outside the steam room ... and realise that they weren't quite what you thought ?

the other day it was just me and one other bloke ... who was lying down so i couldn't see him so well ...

one thing led to another ... and before long we both had our dicks out ... and i was walking over to him ... and he was reaching for my dick ...

when another bloke walked in - and we hurriedly covered up.

a few minutes later i was drying off after a shower ... when the "near miss" bloke entered the shower cubicle opposite me ...

oh shit !

at least it was a near miss !!

and i'm sure that others have thought the same thing about me - i'm not that arrogant !

19 September 2017

i have to get out

this guy had posted on Squirt in one of the gyms that i frequent ... and i messaged him ... and eventually we agreed to meet in one of the gym steam rooms ...

i was late arriving ... so he had been there a while ... and then we kept being interrupted - partly by a stunningly beautiful guy, with an amazing dick !

by the time we finally got down to it ... we were both probably over heating ...

he shot first ... and i was close ... but he wanted to leave straight away ... but i was in front of him and about to cum ... which i did ... and then he left ...

i feel slightly guilty about blocking him getting out ... but i saw him later, and he was fine !

an older guy was there watching, but didn't contribute.

16 September 2017

two encounters, no climax

sometimes a plan just doesn't come together ... and i don't love it !

yesterday afternoon i was passing a shopping mall that has a basement toilet that is somewhat renowned ... and i really did need a piss ... so i dropped in ... one guy at the urinals ran away ... but the other stuck around ... and looked like he was close ... but a minute later other people came in ... so i empty my bladder and left ...

in the evening i was in the steam room at my gym ... and there was a lovely looking guy ... who eventually started playing with himself ... so i got to play with him too ... and he seemed close ... but we got interrupted ...

close but no cigar ... twice in one day !!

14 September 2017

you can take it with you

i've visited a fair few guys in hotels over the years ... but i don't think i've ever visited a guy who worked in a hotel...

he was doing the night shift ... and he said he there was an empty hotel room we could use ... and it was nearby ... so it seemed worth a punt ...

he turned out to be heavier, and less attractive than his photos ... and i nearly walked away ... but i was horny, and thought it would be worth a shot ...

he was seriously good at sucking ... including the proper deep throating, almost choking technique !

but he really was a bit overweight ... and he had that sweaty feel that overweight guys get.  i like guys to get sweaty when they get going ... but sweaty from the outset isn't so attractive ...

he started shooting first, and i scooped up some of his cum to use it as lube on my own dick - first time i've done that in a while ... cum really is an amazing lube !

i didn't shoot as big a load as sometimes - guess i just wasn't quite as turned on.

12 September 2017

projectile cumshot

i can't remember the last time i met a guy without seeing facepics first.  when i was still very shy / somewhat closeted ... but it often turned into a waste of time ... so i broke that habit years ago ...

so when a guy the other day wanted to meet ... after only sending a photo of himself in large sunglasses, i wasn't having any of it !

he did eventually send a facepic, and it was fine, so he came over ...

he had an unusual habit of only wanting to kiss for a few seconds ... but then wanting to kiss again ... it was slightly confusing / unsettling ... but i eventually got used to it ...

he seemed quite horny, and keen to get on with it ...

and before long, he was lying on my bed and cumming, and i was above him ... and cumming ... but i was so turned on that despite our dicks being together, my cumshot actually hit him in the face ... twice !

hopefully he took it as a compliment that he made me that horny !!

10 September 2017

standing over you with his lad in his hand

it had been well over a week since my last encounter - i'd been away on holiday with family ...

so i really needed to empty the tanks !

a guy contacted me who was staying in a hotel nearby ... i nearly said no - he was a bit too overweight for my tastes ... but i was horny, and thought maybe a quick cum and go would work ...

he turned out to be a bit heavier than his pics ... but i was horny, so i didn't walk away !

after a while i could see that he was getting close (lying on the bed) ... and i often enjoy ejaculating more when i'm standing up ... so i stood up ... and just after he started cumming ... i started pulsing ... the trouble was that it didn't stay on the bed (or him) - some fired out onto the carpet (not that we could find it later) ...

the combination of his own (reasonable) cumshot ... and my rather larger one ... meant that he had to take a shower !

08 September 2017

sound and light show

i've never seen the film "Pay it Forward" ... but sometimes i like to do a good turn ... and maybe somebody it will be returned !

the other day i was in the steam room ... and an older guy was in the far corner ... but he seemed interested ...

and when he saw me adjusting myself he got really interested ...

and when he heard the sound of my hand on my dick he really, really got interested ... and moved towards me ...

he was a bit too old for me ... even in the darkness of the steam room ... and he didn't try to touch me ...

he was one of those guys who likes the sound of masturbation ... so i put on a bit of a show for him (with no intention of actually cumming) ... and before long he was erupting in pleasure !

28 August 2017

accidental date

i contacted him on Grindr ... he seemed cute and nice ... and agreed to come over ... after checking that i was ok with him being btm !

when he arrived he seemed shy ... and not very tactile ...

we sat on my sofa and chatted ...

we kissed a bit later on ...

he seems like a nice guy ...

he said he might be able to come over tomorrow ...

26 August 2017

too much i' the steam

i wrote recently about an unpleasant dose of thrush that i'd encountered ...

when i asked the doctor if it was infectious she said that you can throw loads of it at some guys and they don't catch it ... where as some guys develop it without even coming into contact with it ...

after a long session in the steam room - which indicidentally didn't have a successful outcome - i seem to have developed it again ... without even touching another guy !

thankfully this time i recognised the red dick ... didn't freak out ... and started using the ointment again.

i guess i will have to lay off the steam for a while - or at least long sessions.

btw, there's a seriously good production of Hamlet on at the moment.

24 August 2017


when guys mention "sleaze" on their profile, it often means barebacking - which isn't something i'm into - so i usually just ignore their profiles.

the other day a guy contacted me whose profile mentioned sleaze - repeatedly !

so i thought it was worth checking what he was into ... and it turned out that it wasn't BB ... but i couldn't quite get out of him what he wanted !

eventually we agreed that i would go around to his place ... and he was up for some watersports ...

we both shot, and it was pleasant enough.

afterwars we chatted about the fact that he's in an open relationship ... but this one seems genuinely open - not the "we don't talk about it" situation that many guys seem to end up in.

he even mentioned that he helped improve his partner's online profile when he saw it !

22 August 2017

once more unto the hotel

there's a hotel not far from where i live that i've been to a good few times over the years ... i've met a lovely guy there a few times in recent months ... i was on a date there last year ... amongst others ...

and then the other day, i was chatting to a guy on Grindr, and it turned out that he was staying in the same hotel !

when i arrived he looked a bit different to his pics, but he was still a good looking guy.

before i'd arrived he'd said he didn't want the lights on during sex - but that really isn't my thing !

but he didn't seem that shy when it came down to it - maybe it's the idea of it, rather than the actuality.

we got into a position where i must have given my abs a good workout ... i was exhausted straight after cumming ... and my abs were sore for days afterwards !

sadly he didn't cum.  whilst i felt guilty - he didn't seem to mind.

he seemed to want me to leave soon afterwards ... but then when i was ready to leave, he was keen to chat !

nice guy.  maybe when he's back in london we can meet up again ... and i can get him to cum ...

20 August 2017

too good to be true ?

when a really beautiful guy contacts you and wants to meet up ... do you ever wonder if it's too good to be true ?!

once i arrived over at his place i discovered that his pics were probably taken a few years ago, and from just the right angle, and maybe slightly enhanced !

he wasn't a bad looking guy ... just not the stunner that his pics suggested.

the sex was reasonably good (despite him being a smoker) ... but it took place on a bed in his sitting room, rather than in his bedroom.

he seemed to enjoy it.

he claimed he was single ... but he's now removed his profile from Scruff (which i think he had done previously as well) ... and the whole bedroom / sitting room thing suggested otherwise.

i won't be going back !

18 August 2017

two parts of a couple

after a recent issue ... i was trying to avoid the steam room ... and ended up in the male sauna of one of my local gyms ...

there was plenty of eye contact going on ... and the beautiful guy in front of me was clearly interested ... but despite some physical contact ... he didn't get hard !

a while later another guy arrived in ... and there was some chat between them ... and later i saw them stretching each other ...

a while later the second half (assuming they were actually some kind of couple) started making eye contact with me ... and he definitely did get hard !

sadly no ejaculations took place.

16 August 2017


apparently it's not an STD ... but since i personally acquired it from a guy's dick ... at least i think that's how i got it ... i'm filing this post under STDs !

a few days after a particular encounter ... my dick went a bit red, and my ass got a bit itchy ...

i assumed the red dick was due to overuse ... and both symptoms seemed to go down after about five days ...

and then the trouble really happened.

i got a small blister on my dick !

i feared herpes or warts ... and in a state of shock, headed to my local clap clinic.

i had to write my symptoms on a piece of paper, and hand it to the beautiful receptionist (he smokes - which rules him out, not that he was probably ever in) !

he told me that i would need to see a doctor ... and to come back tomorrow ... which isn't a great response when you're freaking out.

the next day i described my horrendous blister to the doctor ... and showed it to her ... but she was somewhat underwhelmed !

she took a swab to see if it was herpes ... but she suspected it was in fact Thrush ... but i'm male ... wtf ?!

she gave me a single pill to take - which made me feel a bit rubbish ... but all in a good cause.

and a cream to put on a couple of times a day.

and a soap substitute to use on my groin - apparently soap can irritate it.

after about a week or so it went away ... finally.

14 August 2017

Let Go - update !

a couple of weeks ago i had an ecounter in the steam room with a guy who seemed nervous ...

and i speculated why he didn't want me to touch him ...

closeted, partnered, not into me ... i wondered ...

i didn't come up with ... infected !

thanks mate !!

25 July 2017

itchy ass

when you get an itchy ass ... do you think:

a) do i have some sort of STD ?

b) have i been rimmed by a guy with stubble ?

c) have i got hot and sweaty and not washed frequently enough ?

d) is it an allergic reaction to a different soap / washing powder ?

e) was yesterday's curry really that hot ?

f) ??

23 July 2017

Let Go !

i was back in the steam room recently ... and there was just one guy there ... who i'd seen around the gym many times before ... but had never seen involved in any action ...

he had chosen to sit close to me ... so i assumed he was up for some fun ... and before long my hand was on his dick ... which felt slightly odd - the skin was harder than any dick i had felt before ...

he seemed to get nervous, and asked me to let go ... but he didn't leave ... so i stood up ... and let him play with my dick - as i touched his chest ...

but he got nervous again ... and soon afterwards he left.

which got me wondering ... why ?

Is he closeted ?
I guess it's possible - but he's quite camp, and is always looking around at guys in the locker room / steam room, so i don't think so.

Is he just not into me ?
Always possible !  But his dick was obviously hard, and stayed hard, so i don't think this was the problem.

Is he partnered ?
Impossible to know, i guess.

Was i just too forward - would a more subtle approach have worked ?
Quite possibly - i suspect that i'm too direct for some guys.  The trouble is that you never know how much time you will have in a steam room !

i will have to keep an eye out for him and see if i can work it out ... if he returns !

21 July 2017

watch !

i was in the gym steam room the other day ... with just one guy ... who seemed quite nervous ...

he reminded me a bit of some famous actor ... maybe he's a younger brother !

whilst he was quite keen ... he kept looking at the door, afraid that we would be interrupted ...

eventually, as i was about to shoot ... i just said "watch" !

he did ... and he seemed reasonably happy.

19 July 2017

to PEP or not to PEP

that was the question that I asked the "health advisor".

i had really enjoyed a Post Pride Pickup ... but in my more sober state the next day, i realised that my uncovered dick had slipped inside him briefly as he writhed around on top of me

on the monday morning i went along to my local clap clinic to get a dose of PEP - i knew that sooner was better, and with it being less than half the maximum 72 hours, i was confident that it would be treatable

the clinic was very good as soon as i mentioned PEP (they pronounce it as a word, rather than use the letters) ... i think they put me to the front of the queue, as i only had to wait a few minutes to be seen

when i explained to the health advisor what had happened, and that i had contacted the guy afterwards, who told me that he was HIV positive, but undetectable ... she was incredibly relaxed

apparently, even if he was detectable, my risk of contracting HIV would still have been incredibly small.  the lack of ejaculation, combined with the fact that i was the top meant that the chance of me getting HIV was unbelievably tiny

she told me that they just wouldn't prescribe PEP in such a situation - that i would have to get a private prescription if i wanted to go against their advice.  she also explained how it's a pretty rough treatment (although obviously not as rough as HIV) - and they would have to monitor my kidney and liver function over the four week treatment period.

the health advisor suggested returning in a couple of weeks to get tested for other STDs, but that i would have to wait about four weeks to get a reliable HIV test ... although of course that one should be clear !

17 July 2017

post Pride pickup

i'd been in town for a few drinks with a straight mate ... it had been a fun few hours ... and i headed home on the Underground ...

as i waited on the platform for my train ... a cute guy caught my attention ...

a few minutes later when my tube arrived, i managed to get a seat ... and shortly afterwards the cute guy took the spare seat beside me !

i was wearing shorts ... he was wearing trousers ... and there was definitely lots of contact / rubbing ... from both sides ...

and then he touched my torso - with a hidden hand !

as the train pulled into my stop ... he got up to leave - and looked at me directly ...

the first thing he said to me on the platform was "where do you normally get off"

we lived in opposite directions from the station ... but he seemed happy to come back to my place ...

he had a beautifully smooth body to go with his cute face.  and he clearly knew how to use it.  he seemed to want me to penetrate him, but i wasn't really feeling energetic enough !

i was quite surprised how turned on i was after as many pints as i had consumed !

we both came - and he was asleep after barely a minute !!

he stayed the night - and whilst i don't sleep well the first night with a bloke - this was particularly bad, as he snored a lot !

the next morning we had some more fun ... and had breakfast ... and had a good chat.

he seemed like a nice guy.

15 July 2017


it had been a week since my previous hotel fun ... a few steam room encounters had been interrupted ... and i was keen to empty my tanks ...

i was in a posh part of town around lunchtime ... and it seemed like there were loads of guys at home looking for fun !

i agreed to visit a guy whose profile looked good.  in the flesh he wasn't quite as good as his profile - but not too far off !  he had a great little house - narrow and quirky.

i've experienced it before - but having fun with a guy in a room covered in photos of him and his partner is somewhat off putting for me !

this time i managed to manoeuvre him into a corner where i couldn't see any couple photos - although i suspect that was his wedding band on the counter beside me - so at least i could shoot without being stared at by the "other half" !

afterwards we chatted a little as i got dressed ... and he expressed pleasure at volume i delivered / taste.

13 July 2017

sitting next to the popular kid

remember at school when there was a popular kid ... and everybody wanted to sit next to him ?

sometimes in the steam room it's a bit like that too !

the other day there were a few of us in there ... mostly not overly attractive ... so whilst there was plenty of tugging happening ... the were no explosions ...

then a guy walked in wearing nothing ... with a decent sized member ...

at one stage it got hilarious ... another guy walked in (not very attractive and overweight - so not exactly up there on the desirability leaderboard) ... and admirer #1 scooted over close to the "big membered guy" (so the new arrival would sit the far side) ... but the new arrival almost sat on top of admirer #1, to be beside the big membered guy !

at that stage it was too much for me, so i just left.

later on in the locker room ... i had a better look at the "big membered guy" ... and he really wasn't that attractive.

just goes to show ... that in the land of the blind ...

11 July 2017

most ejaculate volume ever ?

i recently met up with a guy that i've met a couple of times before ...

he was just as lovely as before ... beautiful body, nice to chat to ... shame he lives in Asia !

after a decent amount of time having fun in his hotel room ... we were both ready to shoot our loads ...

i didn't count how many shots ... but i think it may have been my largest number of ropes and total volume ever !

i'm sure that being very turned on by this great guy was part of it ... but i've been experiencing larger cum volumes in the last few months after making a concerted effort with certain exercies ...

before that i had noticed a reduction in my average cum volume - which i guess is normal with age ... but i wasn't happy!

after some online searching i found an article which claimed that with certain exercises, cum volume could be increased ...

i'm happy to say that it works !

09 July 2017

Standing and Delivering

the guy in the corner left ... and it was just me and one other guy ...

he had recently entered the steam room ... and had chosen a spot close enough for me to be hopeful of some action ... and his towel was starting to open at his crotch ...

very soon we were both openly stimulating ourselves ... and soon we were touching each other ...

i nearly gasped at the weight of his dick !  he wasn't tall, and was a skinny enough guy, but crikey he had a decent piece of meat on him !!

i was already hard, but there was no chance he was going to get me off - his touch was just too light

the guy from corner spot returned, and our encounter was interrupted ...

a little later we had the steam room to ourselves again, and this time i stood in front of him ...

previously he seemed to enjoy playing with my nipples ... this time he started sucking on one

before long i told him that i was getting close ... and he responded "go for it" in a slighly Celine Dion accent (or maybe Ariana Grande impression of Celion Dion style) ...

so i did !

unfortunately the corner guy arrived back in shortly afterwards, so i had to cover up in a hurry !!

07 July 2017

at the end of the night

i've written before about how the steam room at my gym can get way too busy just before closing ... but in the summer ... with more of the straight guys on holiday with their kids ... it seems to a bit better hunting ground ...

the other day there was a strange collection of guys ...

the overweight / insecure / closeted guy
the pretty / superior / towel tightly wrapped guy
the skinny / necklaced / lethargic guy
the tattooed / constantly moving / stretched out guy
the short black guy lying down with his legs open - who i've messed around with before
the staring guy

i'm pretty sure every single one was up for some action ... but as guys kept entering and leaving ... it disrupted the rhythmn ... and reset the warning radars ...

eventually the tannoy announced the facilities were starting to close ... and most of the guys left the steam room ... and it was just the staring guy and me ...

i decided it was time too shoot ... so i did !

05 July 2017

guys in shorts

i think the only time i've seen any steam room action with a guy in shorts was about 8 years ago ... this guy was in swimming trunks ... and he flopped his dick out ... and shot a load ...

after yesterday - we can make that two times !

the clue was that he kept coming and going - cooling down and coming back into the steam room ... and he kept his hands near his crotch ...

eventually i realised that he had a boner ...

and a few minutes later he and another guy were pleasuring each other ...

the trouble is that he had earlier acted as an "action blocker" - as guys that i know enjoy action assumed he was straight

the moral of the story is that whilst you might enjoy wearing shorts in the steam room ... it puts guys off their stroke !

don't do it !!

03 July 2017

sauna satisfaction

of the 109 posts that i've tagged with the label "gym" (this will be number 110) - i don't think a single one has ever included sauna action ...

i find steam rooms more enjoyable - less intense heat, and the darkness makes it easier to get things going, is kinder to guys who don't look after themselves, and makes it easier to cover up when somebody walks in !

but the other day i was in a gym that i occasionally go to over the far side of the city ... where the men's locker room has a sauna ... but the steam room is in the pool area - so it's unisex, and less usefu

this particular gym has a 4 out of 5 rating on Squirt - so i guess there must be a decent amount of action taking place - but on my occasional visits, i've never enjoyed any

however on this visit there were clearly some guys up for action ... and it was starting to get interesting, when a guy came in (who i think had probably seen me pleasuring myself before i covered up as he entered) ... the trouble was that whilst he was doing a bit of rummaging ... he seemed quite shy ...

eventually i got bored, and started openly stimulating myself ... at which point the other three in the sauna did too !

it didn't take long before i erupted in pleasure, as did the guy beside me ... but i'm not sure about the other two ...

i needed to go out and sit down to recover before showering ... saunas are definitely harder work than steam rooms ! 

01 July 2017

accidental speed date

i was visiting the Queer Art exhibition at Tate Britain - which could better be description as a history exhibition, with some topless men thrown in - and was checking Grindr ...

over a year ago, i had an enjoyable encounter with a sort of FWB at another art gallery ... so i'm always alert to opportunities !

there was a guy nearby who didn't have a clear facepic on his profile ... but looked good in some of his linked instagram pics ...

we chatted and i wasn't clear if he was looking for fun ... but we arranged to meet just outside the gallery ...

he seemed a nice enough guy ... but his english wasn't great ... he was quite camp ... he wasn't as attractive as his pics suggested ... and unfortunately he had a big ripe spot on his chin !

one or two negatives, and my horniness might have overcome the other issues ... or if we'd been in a steam room i probably wouldn't have seen ... but in the cold light of day, i couldn't ignore the negatives ... and after chatting for a few minutes, i made my excuses and headed off to the gym.

28 June 2017

why do some steam rooms not work ?

most of my steam room encounters happen at two different gyms (let's call them Gym1 and Gym2) ... the thing they have in common in that the steam room is located in men's changing room area ... so you aren't distrubed (either visually or literally) by women !

but there's another nearby gym with both a steam room and a sauna in the men's locker room ... but whilst i've had a little "low level" activty in Gym3, i've never had the same success as in the other two steam rooms ... so i tried to work out why ?

i wondered if it's because the Gym3 is a cheaper place - maybe the gays prefer higher class establishments ?
but the very first gym (let's call it Gym0) that i messed around in, and was an absolute mecca for gay guys, was in a cheap and cheerful gym - so i don't buy this argument.
in fact after Gym0 closed the male steam room, some of the regulars moved to Gym3 - but they didn't seem to last too long ...

another thing that's different about the steam room in Gym3 is that it's smaller than the others - maybe the close proximity of the door makes it too risky ?
i'm not sure i buy this either - it's amazing how quick one can cover up when interrupted !

the final thing i noticed about Gym3's steam room is that it's white !
the walls are white, the benches are white, the floor is white - it's blindingly white !!
maybe the colour means it's harder to hide.  or maybe colour influences behaviour - and we think we should behave "properly" in a white place - maybe it reminds us of whitewashed churches ?


26 June 2017


i was in the steam room at my local gym the other day ... it was coming up to closing time, so it was busy ...

eventually there was just one other guy (who i recognised from previous encounters) and myself ...

we started to pleasure ourselves ... i was getting close ... and he helped me get off ...

i was afraid that a guy who left his towel in the steam room would return before my "partner in crime" was able to get off ...

but with a little help from me ... he shot his load ...

and a couple of seconds later, the third guy slowly opened the steam room door and re-entered !

17 June 2017

heavy breathing

one of the characters in the play that i went to see recently, was the type of guy who breathes heavily / exaggeratedly when he's high ...

i think i encountered another in the steam room the other day !

i arrived quite late - not long before closing time ... so wasn't expecting to see any action ...

there was just one other guy there ... and before long it was clear he was horny ...

it wasn't me who came first - for a change !

possibly because he wasn't the most attractive of guys ever !!

but unlike others ... he was really decent ... and stayed to help me get off.

14 June 2017

Too Slow or Too Shy

i was in one of my local gyms the other day ... i had spotted a beautiful looking young guy enter the locker room from the gym, just as i was entering the steam room ...

before long, he appeared in the steam room ... but sat in the corner ... with his hand away from his crotch ... so i wasn't optimistic about potential.

after a while, it was just the two of us ... and i noticed that his hands moved to his crotch ... but he was still in the far corner ... so i still wasn't very optimistic.

a short time later he moved to get close to the steam machine (which was also closer to me) ... and he adjusted his crotch ... so i started to get a bit more interested.

next thing, he undid his towel, and rearranged it ... exposing his dick (not hard) ... which would be unusual for a guy who isn't interested.

after that he sat down not far from me ... and adjusted himself again !

i reckoned that was my cue ... so got up ... stood near to him ... and exposed myself ...

he quickly grabbed my hard dick ... and he opened his legs, and exposed his own hard dick !

as i lent down to play with his dick ... we kissed ... but he tasted a bit of garlic (lots of french people live in this part of town) ... so i didn't try it again !

he also seemed to enjoy sucking my dick.

shortly afterward we got interrupted.

once again, another example of the importance of not wasting time !

11 June 2017

Pump and Pause

as i arrived into the locker room of my local gym, i spotted a guy walking around in a towel, and clearly on the lookout !

before long i was in the steam room ... and shortly afterwards he arrived ...

we were the only ones there ... and it didn't take long for things to kick off ...

he was one of these guys who pumps their dick vigorously for a few seconds ... and then pauses for a few seconds ... and then starts pumping again !

he was sitting on the edge of the bench ... so his ass was accessible ... and he seemed to enjoy me manipulating it.  i did think - if we got interrupted - how could i extricated my finger from his ass and act all innocent !

i couldn't work out whether he actually wanted to shoot (he was possibly high) ... but i wasn't going to let that stop be ... and before long i was coming on his chest ...

as i sat down, exhausted from my exertions in the heat ... i thought maybe he had shot his  load as well ...

later on in the locker room, it was so quiet that i was able to ask him ... and he hadn't.

i guess that's another guy that i owe ! 

08 June 2017

wrap your hand around it

i was chatting to this guy on Grindr the other day, and he seemed keen to come over for some fun ...

his pics looked good ... but he kept asking for my exact address - but i don't give out my apartment number, as i always go down to the front door of the block, and check that they aren't crazy / completely off their face !

i was getting close to shutting him down, but he calmed down, and before long (and after tidying up my flat a bit) he arrived over.

quite a bit better looking than his pics - and without a beard - always good for me !

we got down to business straight away (it turned out that he was late to meet friends) ... and he was the sort of guy who clearly likes to enjoy these encounters ... which was great.

i was slightly worried that he might be a bare backer ... but i managed to stop things slipping in where they shouldn't !

i shot first ... and instead of him manipulating himself ... he said "wrap your hand around it" - pointing to his dick.  it wasn't the thickest of members, so it was quite easy to do that ... and before long he produced a lovely thick white output - although it didn't travel as far as mine !

05 June 2017

choking the chicken

the american sex advice columnist Dan Savage has talked about the need to stop guys only being able to jerk off with a death grip on their dicks ... but i don't think i had ever really experienced it until the other day at the gym ...

i think we should have hooked up in the steam room ... but he was probably too shy to do anything in front of another person ... which was a shame, as he was quite cute ...

but we ended up in shower cubicles opposite each other - how did that happen ?!

and he opened the door of his shower, so i could see him jerking ...

it was a reasonably pleasant sight ... and we both produced eruptions ... but man, did he have a death grip on his dick ... it looked painful !

02 June 2017

there were five in the steam room

one of my local gyms gets quite busy at lunchtime ... but usually there's a straight guy around to spoil the party ... so normally nothing happens ... or sometimes the way people end up spread around the steam room means nothing happens ...

the other day, after some comings and goings ... it ended up with five of us in the steam room ...

on my right - cute guy, terribly shy, somehow i chat to him on Squirt encouraging him
on my left - slightly camp, obviously up for it
further left - another shy guy i've seen before, definitely into guys
far side - too steamy to see, but adjusting himself, so looking positive

i've never seen a guy sitting in the far corner with enough balls to get things moving like this guy did ... so despite him not being my type (and i was quite happy that he was over the far side), i was impressed !

as quite often happens, i was the first guy to shoot ... followed soon after by the guy on my left ... and i think both the guy on the far side and the guy further to my left shot their loads as well ... although the steam was so thick it was hard to tell.

later that afternoon i was chatting on Squirt to the guy on my right, who sadly never ejaculated ... but he said he really enjoyed it.  

31 May 2017

5 Guys Chillin'

i saw a special offer on this gay play, and contacted GB to see if he was up for some gay drama ... and with his bf out that night with friends, he agreed !

the Kings Head theatre is at the back of a pub in Islington - it's a very small theatre, so you get very close to the actors/action!  they shouted "doors open" just before the official start time - and this production is one where the actors are already on "stage" as you walk in.

i quite like this device, although i've seen it done better before - where the actors performed the role of ushers, and then converted to actors (think it was "Shopping and Fucking").

just before the start, i asked GB about his general opinion of drugs - and he gave the common view amongst my friends - that they should be decriminalised ... and taxed !

whilst i hold similar liberal views in theory - i've written before about how i'm not really not a fan guys on drugs ... which has been formed after plenty of less than great experiences.

the play consists of a single scene with a group of five guys getting naked, taking drugs, and chatting about sex and drugs.  apparently the play is written from "50 hours of interviews with guys from Grindr and other social media".

for somebody like me who isn't involved in the "chem scene" it was interesting to hear what those people had to say.  it also helped that a couple of the actors were seriously hot. 

this run of the play finishes on 3rd june - so you've got a few days left to see it.

i went in with a negative view of the impact of drugs ... and i came out with same opinion.

i didn't get the chance to ask GB whether his views evolved ... maybe he can answer here ! 

29 May 2017

he who hesitates is lost

i've complained before about guys in the steam room who wait too long to make it clear that they're up for fun ... and once they finally do, before reaching a climax, a straight guy comes in and stops the party !

i had another variant on this problem the other day ...

i started getting it on with a nice guy in the steam room ... this was after some time toing and froing, when there kept being a straight guy blocking any action ...

i was keen to move things on, to ensure ejaculation occurred before another straight walked in ... but the guy said "not yet" ... 

it's the first time i've ever heard a guy deliberately slow things down in a steam room !

and sure enough, a minute later, a cock blocker walked in ... and it was game over.

what a waste.

the moral of the story is to seize the moment ! 

27 May 2017

The Matchmaker

i was in one of my local gym steam rooms the other day ... beside me was a hot guy ... and over the far side was a less fit guy ...

after another bloke left, the hot guy and i started eyeing each other up ... and preparing for action ...

the steam was so thick that it wasn't clear if the guy over the far side was up for action ...

so the hot guy beside me walked over towards him, letting his towel drop, to expose his tumescence!

the far guy came over to side beside me, and the three of us started getting it on.  there's something incredibly hot about being in the middle with two guys touching you !

sadly the really hot guy left (possibly needing a break from the steam) ... but the less fit guy and i couldn't wait for him to come back ... and we finished ourselves off pretty quickly.