06 April 2017

Wait !

when two or three are gathered together ... in the steam room ... it's almost inevitable that one will shoot before the others !

when that happens - please wait for the others to finish shooting and cover up ... and preferably even a little time to clean up !

i don't care whether you are closeted / in denial / disgusted by your own behaviour ... just in practical terms - if people outside the steam room see a guy inside still shooting whilst you walk out - you're incriminating yourself !!

don't be a wanker ... just enjoy a good wank.

03 April 2017

same hotel, same guy

the guy i met about a month ago messaged me on Grindr again (we had previously both added each other as favourites) ... he was back in town !

he asked me if i had been back to the hotel (to meet a guy) since we last me up ... seriously, who asks that sort of question !  luckily i was able to say no - truthfully !!

we met up, and he was just as cute and beautiful as i remembered ... and we had some fun ... although not as penetrative as i would have liked ... maybe we can do that next time !

afterwards, he was about to order room service ... but i convinced him we should go out and get some food.

the next day, i happened to bump into him on the street nearby - he doesn't look quite as cute without hair product !

a nice guy - shame he lives abroad.