25 July 2017

itchy ass

when you get an itchy ass ... do you think:

a) do i have some sort of STD ?

b) have i been rimmed by a guy with stubble ?

c) have i got hot and sweaty and not washed frequently enough ?

d) is it an allergic reaction to a different soap / washing powder ?

e) was yesterday's curry really that hot ?

f) ??

23 July 2017

Let Go !

i was back in the steam room recently ... and there was just one guy there ... who i'd seen around the gym many times before ... but had never seen involved in any action ...

he had chosen to sit close to me ... so i assumed he was up for some fun ... and before long my hand was on his dick ... which felt slightly odd - the skin was harder than any dick i had felt before ...

he seemed to get nervous, and asked me to let go ... but he didn't leave ... so i stood up ... and let him play with my dick - as i touched his chest ...

but he got nervous again ... and soon afterwards he left.

which got me wondering ... why ?

Is he closeted ?
I guess it's possible - but he's quite camp, and is always looking around at guys in the locker room / steam room, so i don't think so.

Is he just not into me ?
Always possible !  But his dick was obviously hard, and stayed hard, so i don't think this was the problem.

Is he partnered ?
Impossible to know, i guess.

Was i just too forward - would a more subtle approach have worked ?
Quite possibly - i suspect that i'm too direct for some guys.  The trouble is that you never know how much time you will have in a steam room !

i will have to keep an eye out for him and see if i can work it out ... if he returns !

21 July 2017

watch !

i was in the gym steam room the other day ... with just one guy ... who seemed quite nervous ...

he reminded me a bit of some famous actor ... maybe he's a younger brother !

whilst he was quite keen ... he kept looking at the door, afraid that we would be interrupted ...

eventually, as i was about to shoot ... i just said "watch" !

he did ... and he seemed reasonably happy.

19 July 2017

to PEP or not to PEP

that was the question that I asked the "health advisor".

i had really enjoyed a Post Pride Pickup ... but in my more sober state the next day, i realised that my uncovered dick had slipped inside him briefly as he writhed around on top of me

on the monday morning i went along to my local clap clinic to get a dose of PEP - i knew that sooner was better, and with it being less than half the maximum 72 hours, i was confident that it would be treatable

the clinic was very good as soon as i mentioned PEP (they pronounce it as a word, rather than use the letters) ... i think they put me to the front of the queue, as i only had to wait a few minutes to be seen

when i explained to the health advisor what had happened, and that i had contacted the guy afterwards, who told me that he was HIV positive, but undetectable ... she was incredibly relaxed

apparently, even if he was detectable, my risk of contracting HIV would still have been incredibly small.  the lack of ejaculation, combined with the fact that i was the top meant that the chance of me getting HIV was unbelievably tiny

she told me that they just wouldn't prescribe PEP in such a situation - that i would have to get a private prescription if i wanted to go against their advice.  she also explained how it's a pretty rough treatment (although obviously not as rough as HIV) - and they would have to monitor my kidney and liver function over the four week treatment period.

the health advisor suggested returning in a couple of weeks to get tested for other STDs, but that i would have to wait about four weeks to get a reliable HIV test ... although of course that one should be clear !

17 July 2017

post Pride pickup

i'd been in town for a few drinks with a straight mate ... it had been a fun few hours ... and i headed home on the Underground ...

as i waited on the platform for my train ... a cute guy caught my attention ...

a few minutes later when my tube arrived, i managed to get a seat ... and shortly afterwards the cute guy took the spare seat beside me !

i was wearing shorts ... he was wearing trousers ... and there was definitely lots of contact / rubbing ... from both sides ...

and then he touched my torso - with a hidden hand !

as the train pulled into my stop ... he got up to leave - and looked at me directly ...

the first thing he said to me on the platform was "where do you normally get off"

we lived in opposite directions from the station ... but he seemed happy to come back to my place ...

he had a beautifully smooth body to go with his cute face.  and he clearly knew how to use it.  he seemed to want me to penetrate him, but i wasn't really feeling energetic enough !

i was quite surprised how turned on i was after as many pints as i had consumed !

we both came - and he was asleep after barely a minute !!

he stayed the night - and whilst i don't sleep well the first night with a bloke - this was particularly bad, as he snored a lot !

the next morning we had some more fun ... and had breakfast ... and had a good chat.

he seemed like a nice guy.

15 July 2017


it had been a week since my previous hotel fun ... a few steam room encounters had been interrupted ... and i was keen to empty my tanks ...

i was in a posh part of town around lunchtime ... and it seemed like there were loads of guys at home looking for fun !

i agreed to visit a guy whose profile looked good.  in the flesh he wasn't quite as good as his profile - but not too far off !  he had a great little house - narrow and quirky.

i've experienced it before - but having fun with a guy in a room covered in photos of him and his partner is somewhat off putting for me !

this time i managed to manoeuvre him into a corner where i couldn't see any couple photos - although i suspect that was his wedding band on the counter beside me - so at least i could shoot without being stared at by the "other half" !

afterwards we chatted a little as i got dressed ... and he expressed pleasure at volume i delivered / taste.

13 July 2017

sitting next to the popular kid

remember at school when there was a popular kid ... and everybody wanted to sit next to him ?

sometimes in the steam room it's a bit like that too !

the other day there were a few of us in there ... mostly not overly attractive ... so whilst there was plenty of tugging happening ... the were no explosions ...

then a guy walked in wearing nothing ... with a decent sized member ...

at one stage it got hilarious ... another guy walked in (not very attractive and overweight - so not exactly up there on the desirability leaderboard) ... and admirer #1 scooted over close to the "big membered guy" (so the new arrival would sit the far side) ... but the new arrival almost sat on top of admirer #1, to be beside the big membered guy !

at that stage it was too much for me, so i just left.

later on in the locker room ... i had a better look at the "big membered guy" ... and he really wasn't that attractive.

just goes to show ... that in the land of the blind ...

11 July 2017

most ejaculate volume ever ?

i recently met up with a guy that i've met a couple of times before ...

he was just as lovely as before ... beautiful body, nice to chat to ... shame he lives in Asia !

after a decent amount of time having fun in his hotel room ... we were both ready to shoot our loads ...

i didn't count how many shots ... but i think it may have been my largest number of ropes and total volume ever !

i'm sure that being very turned on by this great guy was part of it ... but i've been experiencing larger cum volumes in the last few months after making a concerted effort with certain exercies ...

before that i had noticed a reduction in my average cum volume - which i guess is normal with age ... but i wasn't happy!

after some online searching i found an article which claimed that with certain exercises, cum volume could be increased ...

i'm happy to say that it works !

09 July 2017

Standing and Delivering

the guy in the corner left ... and it was just me and one other guy ...

he had recently entered the steam room ... and had chosen a spot close enough for me to be hopeful of some action ... and his towel was starting to open at his crotch ...

very soon we were both openly stimulating ourselves ... and soon we were touching each other ...

i nearly gasped at the weight of his dick !  he wasn't tall, and was a skinny enough guy, but crikey he had a decent piece of meat on him !!

i was already hard, but there was no chance he was going to get me off - his touch was just too light

the guy from corner spot returned, and our encounter was interrupted ...

a little later we had the steam room to ourselves again, and this time i stood in front of him ...

previously he seemed to enjoy playing with my nipples ... this time he started sucking on one

before long i told him that i was getting close ... and he responded "go for it" in a slighly Celine Dion accent (or maybe Ariana Grande impression of Celion Dion style) ...

so i did !

unfortunately the corner guy arrived back in shortly afterwards, so i had to cover up in a hurry !!

07 July 2017

at the end of the night

i've written before about how the steam room at my gym can get way too busy just before closing ... but in the summer ... with more of the straight guys on holiday with their kids ... it seems to a bit better hunting ground ...

the other day there was a strange collection of guys ...

the overweight / insecure / closeted guy
the pretty / superior / towel tightly wrapped guy
the skinny / necklaced / lethargic guy
the tattooed / constantly moving / stretched out guy
the short black guy lying down with his legs open - who i've messed around with before
the staring guy

i'm pretty sure every single one was up for some action ... but as guys kept entering and leaving ... it disrupted the rhythmn ... and reset the warning radars ...

eventually the tannoy announced the facilities were starting to close ... and most of the guys left the steam room ... and it was just the staring guy and me ...

i decided it was time too shoot ... so i did !

05 July 2017

guys in shorts

i think the only time i've seen any steam room action with a guy in shorts was about 8 years ago ... this guy was in swimming trunks ... and he flopped his dick out ... and shot a load ...

after yesterday - we can make that two times !

the clue was that he kept coming and going - cooling down and coming back into the steam room ... and he kept his hands near his crotch ...

eventually i realised that he had a boner ...

and a few minutes later he and another guy were pleasuring each other ...

the trouble is that he had earlier acted as an "action blocker" - as guys that i know enjoy action assumed he was straight

the moral of the story is that whilst you might enjoy wearing shorts in the steam room ... it puts guys off their stroke !

don't do it !!

03 July 2017

sauna satisfaction

of the 109 posts that i've tagged with the label "gym" (this will be number 110) - i don't think a single one has ever included sauna action ...

i find steam rooms more enjoyable - less intense heat, and the darkness makes it easier to get things going, is kinder to guys who don't look after themselves, and makes it easier to cover up when somebody walks in !

but the other day i was in a gym that i occasionally go to over the far side of the city ... where the men's locker room has a sauna ... but the steam room is in the pool area - so it's unisex, and less usefu

this particular gym has a 4 out of 5 rating on Squirt - so i guess there must be a decent amount of action taking place - but on my occasional visits, i've never enjoyed any

however on this visit there were clearly some guys up for action ... and it was starting to get interesting, when a guy came in (who i think had probably seen me pleasuring myself before i covered up as he entered) ... the trouble was that whilst he was doing a bit of rummaging ... he seemed quite shy ...

eventually i got bored, and started openly stimulating myself ... at which point the other three in the sauna did too !

it didn't take long before i erupted in pleasure, as did the guy beside me ... but i'm not sure about the other two ...

i needed to go out and sit down to recover before showering ... saunas are definitely harder work than steam rooms ! 

01 July 2017

accidental speed date

i was visiting the Queer Art exhibition at Tate Britain - which could better be description as a history exhibition, with some topless men thrown in - and was checking Grindr ...

over a year ago, i had an enjoyable encounter with a sort of FWB at another art gallery ... so i'm always alert to opportunities !

there was a guy nearby who didn't have a clear facepic on his profile ... but looked good in some of his linked instagram pics ...

we chatted and i wasn't clear if he was looking for fun ... but we arranged to meet just outside the gallery ...

he seemed a nice enough guy ... but his english wasn't great ... he was quite camp ... he wasn't as attractive as his pics suggested ... and unfortunately he had a big ripe spot on his chin !

one or two negatives, and my horniness might have overcome the other issues ... or if we'd been in a steam room i probably wouldn't have seen ... but in the cold light of day, i couldn't ignore the negatives ... and after chatting for a few minutes, i made my excuses and headed off to the gym.