30 November 2016

Warning - attending a GB party may result in being groped !

I wrote this over two years ago - but never got around to posting it.
Since I was at another GB party recently, I thought it was about time to get it out ! 

I hadn't been able to make it to a couple of GB's parties/dinners recently ... so it was great to be able to join him recently to celebrate his birthday !

I've met a few of his friends over the years, but there were lots of people that I hadn't seen before ... one of them being the guy he used to refer to as Boyfriend Number 3

Before I arrived, he texted to say that BF3 would be there ... I'm always interested to meet guys that he has blogged about, so it was another reason to make the effort to head over to the other side of town !

As well as GB's boyfriend - who I've met a few times, and who is great fun - and BF3, also there was the original BF1 who I've also met before and is a great guy ... it really was a hareem of boyfriends past and present !!

It was a really fun party ... and it's been a while since I was repeatedly groped in public ... but sadly I didn't fancy BF3 ... and most of the guys that I did like the look of were attached !

It was a fun evening, and GB really does have a great group of friends.

29 November 2016

no nipple touching

i was in the steamroom the other day - with a couple of other guys who were clearly horny ...

i started touching the guy beside me ... he was very happy for me to play with his dick ... but when i went to touch one of his nipples - he instantly pushed my hand away.

whilst some guys obviously love the nipples being played with, most other guys don't mind - even if they don't get much/any pleasure out of it ... i think this was the first guy i've met who actively didn't want it.

thankfully it didn't stop us having some fun ... and watching his abs flex as i jerked him off was particularly enjoyable !

normal service was resumed a short time later ... as i jerked off another guy, whilst a third guy pulled on his nipples !

a busy afternoon.

28 November 2016

it tickles

i was contacted the other day, by a fairly young guy ... and after exchanging pics, he was keen to meet up.

my experience of younger guys is that they don't normally actually show up - whether they get scared, get a better offer, or are just flakey ... who knows !

we had arranged for him to come over to my place late morning ... so as i was having breakfast, i was fairly sure that there wasn't any rush - he would either cancel, or i just wouldn't hear from him ...

but amazingly, he contacted me to say that he was on his way !

sometimes i'm not attracted to younger guys, as it feels too weird ... but this guy was tall, which probably helped, and very cute ... and i was instantly hard !

for a guy who has been meeting up with other guys for less than a year - he was a very good kisser / sucker ... and he didn't rush things

we had a really enjoyable session ... and it ended up with him rubbing himself off on me - no hands used - neither his nor mine ... which i think may have been a first !

25 November 2016

steamroom regular

there's a guy who i quite often seen in the steamroom - but i've never seen him get up to anthing ... i don't think i've even see him make eye contact with other guys, let alone rub himself through his towel !

but he tends to make repeat visits to the steam room in a short period of time ... which is usually a sign that a guy is up for some man action ...

and he's quite cute - so i was interested to find out what his story was !

the other day, it ended up with just three of us left in the streamroom ... with another guy between us ...

and before long ... we were enjoying each other !

we got interrupted before we could christen the occasion ... but it was good to finally find out that i wasn't going crazy !!

22 November 2016

very tight

having not met up with the guy who lives around the corner for over a year ... within a week, we met up for a second time ...

i'd been watching rugby in the afternoon, and was really in the mood to Top a guy ... and before we met up, he had agreed to it ... although he said that he hadn't been penetrated in ages, and that he was "very tight"

despite my best efforts to relax him - he just didn't enjoy it that much ... and whilst it was vaguely enjoyable for me ... it was a reminder that convincing a guy to do something doesn't always work out for the best !

17 November 2016

like a regimental soldier

there's a guy who live a couple of streets away that i used to meet occasionally ... but last time we attempted to meet up - the arrangements went wrong, and he took it badly

a few times over the last couple of months - he has seen me online, and has suggested meeting up ... but either i wasn't horny enough, or i was still upset by his reaction.

a few days ago we were both horny and online at the same time ... and we agreed that i would call into his place on my way home ...

there was the usual irritation of him saying that we couldn't make much noise ... but i was so horny, that when we came to shoot ... mine went over his shoulder !