31 October 2016

you can meet my other half

i enjoy observing conversations between other people ... but sometimes it takes a lot of effort not to laugh out loud !

the other day in the steam room, it appeared that two guys were flirting with each other ... and the first one suggested going to see a new exhibition that has recently opened ...

the second guy agreed, and said it would be a good opportunity for the first guy to meet his "other half" 

deathly silence from the first guy !

i'm guessing he hadn't realised he was flirting with a partenered guy.

oops !

27 October 2016

too scared to cum

i was in my gym steam room the other day - it was just me and one other guy ... and he was clearly up for it ...

but as we started getting our hands on each other ... i found out that he was petrified that somebody might walk in !

this steam room is really steamy - so you have plenty of time to rearrange yourself if somebody does interrupt things.

i don't know if it was just an excuse - maybe he was saving his cum for somebody else - but i suspect he really is terrified !

a few days later we were alone again ... and he encouraged me to shoot ... but i declined - two loads is much more fun !

22 October 2016

foot fetish

i like feet - and would almost consider myself a foot fan - i always make guys take off their socks when having sex ...

but i recently had a couple of incidents which made me realise that i'm a complete amateur !

they both happened in the showers at the gym

sometimes when there are too many straight guys in the steam room, the best you can do is get shower cubicles beside each other, and at least enjoy the sight of each other !

the other day a guy put his foot under the divider and into my shower cubicle ... so we were able to connect feet - shame we couldn't connect anything else !

then a couple of days later - the guy in the neighbouring shower cubicle put his foot to the edge in initiate contact ... and next thing i know, he's reaching down to touch my foot !

it's funny how things happen in convoys

19 October 2016

is it ok to hook up in the showers ?

there's over 60 posts on this blog about gym / steam room encounters ... so i clearly don't have a problem with guys hooking up in gyms ...

but one aspect that i'm not so comfortable with is guys who exit the steam room, go to the showers, put up towels to stop people seeing in ... and get it on ...

if i see a shower (usually at the far end of the shower room) with towels up, it's pretty obvious that there are two guys in there !

it's probably only a matter of time before staff notice / straight gym goers complain ... there's a general clampdown ... and then our steam room fun gets stopped too.

i feel it's selfish to use the showers so obvioulsy for sex.

but then the other day, there were too many people in the steam room ... and a guy in the shower cubicle opposite me got down on his knees in his cubicle, and motioned for me to join him ... which i did !

at least we didn't use any towels, and the smoked glass of the shower meant that he couldn't be seen.

i still feel like a hypocrite ! 

16 October 2016

Hep-B success

i wrote a while ago that my previous set of Hepatitis B injections didn't work ... and i wasn't overly confident that my most recent set would give me immunity either ...

having been for a blood test recently, i was bracing myself for a failed test result, and even more injections ...

but the other day i received a text message that said "You are immune to Hepatitis B" - which is good news !

next time i'm at the clinic, i need to ask them how strong the immunity is - apparently there's a massive range it could be ...

12 October 2016

why don't guys like cum ?

i've often wondered about this ... but an incident the other day really brought it to a head, so to speak !

before i'd even got to the steam room, i noticed a nice guy in the changing room checking me out ...

and a few minutes later we found ourselves alone in the steam room ...

one thing lead to another ... and before long he was shooting his own load - and wiping it off his body with his towel straight away ...

i was standing in front of him and as i got closer to coming, he held up his towel to stop my cum touching his body !

why don't guys like cum (even their own) - it's an amazing substance ?