31 January 2017

moaning in the steam room

the other day i was in the steam room ... and there was just one other guy there ... lying down ... not too far away ... and he started moaning !

i couldn't quite work out whether he was in pain or experiencing pleasure ... since despite  his legs being wide open, he wasn't touching himself.

his head was further away from me, and i couldn't see whether he was looking at me - he was black, and the steam room was quite dark.

after a while i decided that he had to be up for it, so i moved towards him ... he grabbed my dick, and i started dealing with his rather large tumesence !

it's not often that a guy manages to wank me off - i usually prefer to finish things myself ... but on this occasion he did - with my cum hitting his chest.

sadly i couldn't extract a load from him ... so i left oweing him one ...

28 January 2017

small and far away

i remember once hearing the Astronomer Royal being asked whether he believed there was life on other planets in the Solar System ... and he responded by describing what an amazing stroke of luck the creation of planet Earth at just the right distance from the sun, and with just the right mixture of gases to support life.

sometimes it feels like trying to have fun in a mixed/straight gym steam room requires a similar amount of luck !  all it takes is one straight guy or one nervous (gay) guy, or one shy (gay) guy ... and nothing happens.  every bloke has a right of veto - and sometimes he doesn't even realise he is exercising it.

i encountered this the other day in the gym, in a slightly different scenario to the usual.  the layout of this steam room means that there's a corner seat beside the steam vent which is slightly separate from the rest of the room.  it's great for straight guys who don't want to interact.

on this occasion there were about five guys who were all up for fun, but the one person sitting in the corner stopped anything happening.  the annoying thing was that it turned out later that he was totally gay, and totally up for it ... the trouble was that the gap between him and the rest of us meant that we didn't know he was, and he didn't know we were !

i think the moral of the story is - if you find yourself isolated in the steam room - once the obvious straight guys leave, exit and re-enter in a different seat - don't risk being an Ejac Blocker !! 

26 January 2017

there were three in the shower cubicle ...

and the little one said ... no, only kidding !

but there really were three in the shower cubicle opposite me the other day at the gym !!

it had started off so promising ... there must have been about five guys in the steam room who were up for some action ... but there kept being one guy who wasn't ... so nothing could happen.

there were two guys who kept coming in and out together - one of whom was definitely up for something, but the other guy had his towel wrapped tightly around himself, and didn't seem to be interested in getting out his crown jewels ...

as closing time approached, they turned out the lights in the steam room, and it was just me and two guys ... but then they got spooked and left - what a waste !

we were in the showers at the end of the row - and the two opposite me got down and were pleasuring each other underneath ... but not enough to get each other off ...

the guy opposite me opened his door, and whilst i stood in the aisle drying myself ... i tried to help him get off ... but he didn't cum ...

next thing i know, the two guys who kept entering the steam room together both joined him in his cubicle ... and before long it was all over !

whilst i've written before about how uncomfortable i am with guys getting it on in the showers ... this was short and sweet ... and i got off just watching !!

23 January 2017

does standing up make you twitch more ?

i've written before about how i enjoy seeing a guy jerk or twitch when he comes ...

the other day i was in the steam room, and had some hands on activity with another guy - but we got interrrupted and neither of us ejaculated ...

shortly afterwards we were in opposite shower cubicles at the end of the row ... so we had our shower doors opens playing with ourselves for each other's enjoyment !

before too long the guy opposite was shooting his load ... and he had some impressive twitching going on.

which reminded me that some of biggest (involuntary) jerking i've experienced has been when i've been standing and shooting ...

so does standing up whilst you shoot make your body twitch more ??

20 January 2017

car park ii

a couple of days after that previous encounter ... we were both online again, and both horny ...

so he drove over to me again ... and after a bit of a delay (i was out drinking with friends) - i managed to slip away for 10 mins ... enough time to walk around the corner ... and get into the back seat of his car again - where he was waiting for me.

i really tried to get him to cum this time ... but despite various contortions (which gave me cramp) ... i didn't manage to get him off ...

he seemed to enjoy my cumshot though.

note to self - no more car sex !

18 January 2017

car park

back in the day, before i was out, i messed around with guys in uncomfortable places ...

but i gradually lost patience with places where i couldn't fully enjoy the guy.

i was recently on a ski holiday - and i couldn't host in the place i was staying ... and lots of the guys on Grindr couldn't host either ...

so i ended up meeting a guy in his car !

he was really keen to suck - and it turned out that he was good at it :)

sadly he didn't cum ... but i definitely did !

by the end, the windows of his car were fully steamed up.

16 January 2017


i like to think i've seen my fair share of dicks over the years ... and of course they come in all shapes and sizes ...

but the other day i was in the steam room ... and the guy beside me was up for something ...

but when i got my hands on his dick it was a bit of a surprise ... it has almost a complete right angle to it !

i'm not sure he could get it into any orifice with that sort of a bend ...

it wasn't particularly enjoyable to play with - and i have fairly broad tastes !

i had to leave, so i didn't get to see what it looked like during a cumshot.

maybe another time.

07 January 2017

Do what you want to me

i was on Grindr the other day, and was chatting to a nearby guy who was clearly horny ...

he came over to my place straight away ... and it was a pleasant surprise to find he was more handsome than his pics ...

in the messages we exchanged on Grindr he said he wanted to be face fcked ... and after he arrived i asked if he wanted to be pissed on ... to which he replied "do what you want to me" ... which sounded like the thing a high person would say !

initially he denied it - but a second later he admitted that he had consumed quite a bit of coke - and asked me if i wanted some ... which i declined.

he stripped off and jumped into my bath ... so i was able to empty my bladder on him ... shower him down ... and get him to suck me off.

sadly he didn't shoot a load - which is partly why i try and avoid high guys.

as we chatted afterwards - it turned out that his husband was away for christmas, and that they didn't have sex anymore.  but it sounded like when his husband is at home - he doesn't meet up with other guys.


About a week later, i saw him on Grindr again, and asked him if he wanted to come over ... but he wanted to bareback - and said that he was HIV positive, but undetectable.  since i don't bareback with anybody - i declined.  shame, as he was a hot guy.

04 January 2017

That was a lot

the other day i was in the steam room ... there was just one other guy ... and he was obviously horny too ...

one thing led to another ... and before too long, i was standing in front of him (him seated) shooting my load ...

there wasn't a lot of light so i couldn't really see what i was producing ... but he commented that it was a large amount ...

i let him know that i hadn't come for a few days ... to which he replied: "Got it" !

02 January 2017

Thank You

sometimes when i'm in the steam room and two guys are mainly into each other (rather than me) it can get uncomfortable ... but the other day, i was there, and the guy beside me was vaguely interested in me, but was mostly getting it on with the guy the other side ...

they didn't take long, and soon they shot their loads ...

the guy the far side stood up - held the guy beside me's face - kissed him, and said a very genuine "thank you".

i've never heard anything like it !