31 January 2019

cocky student

i was back in the most notorious gym the othe day ... and it was mad mix of loads of gay horny guys ... but always one straight to screw things up !

but there was some minor fun along the way ... including a beautiful black guy with whom i nearly reached climax before an uninvited visitor arrived !

and then there was the asian guy who sat really close to me, and with whom i shared some caresses ...

and then in the changing room after we had both given up ... he was happily showing off his dick

what was interesting was that he wasn't the prettiest of guys ... he didn't have the most impressive body ... and he didn't even have that great a dick ... but he was clearly so comfortable in his skin that he was happy to show off ...

as it happened, we both left the building at the same time, and as i paused outside the front door of the gym, we started chatting ... and it turned out that he lived nearby - but in a student hall of residence !

unsurprisingly he didn't want to sign me in as a guest - so we didn't get to finish each other off !!

maybe another time 


29 January 2019

ejaculatus interruptus

i was back in the most notorious gym ... and was left with a odd looking guy and myself ...

luckily the steam was strong, so i could sort of ignore him strange appearance ... and he was quite skilled with his hands ... and i leaned back and enjoyed the experience ...

and just as i was about to come ... the steam room door opened !

i quickly covered my dick - but i was past the point of no return ... so my cum flowed ...

it's been so long since this happened, that i'd forgotten just how unsatisfying it is to have an ejaculation without any pressure applied to your dick - it takes away almost all of the enjoyment, at least for me

it also leaves such a feeling of anti climax and waste !


27 January 2019

not cuming

when i was writing up my recent encounters - i remembered the previous one quite clearly ... and i remembered the following one ... but i nearly forgot about this one !

which gives an idication of just how good it was !

at first i thought that he might be straight ... but his towel was joined at the middle - so there was always a chance that he was up for man fun ...

after the straight guy left ... and we started to adjust ourselves ... he moved over to sit beside me ...

unfortunately though he didn't want to shoot ... and he stopped me when i got him close ...

but he seemed happy for me to finish myself off ... so i did



25 January 2019

Making him leak

I was back at the 2nd most notorious gym (in my chain), and there was a guy in the steam who was clearly up for some fun ... and had a beautiful meaty dick that he was happy to show me ...

but there was a guy on the far side who was behaving strangely - one minute he was popping his dick out of his shorts, but then he would become uptight.  after the steam finished for the day, he roamed the showers like a bitch on heat - just a shame he hadn't shown some of that eagerness in the steam room !

after i'd showered i ended up standing beside the guy with the lovely meaty dick applying body lotion - i find that after time in the steam, i need to moisturise !  his towel was open, and his dick on show again ... and as i moisturised myself, including applying it generously to my own dick - his dick started leaking precum.

i thought that i produce quite a lot of "pre-ejaculate" - but it's usually a result of physical manipulation ... this guy was leaking without even touching his dick ... all he was doing was watching me touch mine !

it was very enjoyable to watch ... but it would have been even more fun to get my hands on his equipment

maybe next time


23 January 2019

2nd most notorious gym

as well as the notorious steam room that i write about ... there's another gym that is almost as notorious - it's the one with the jacuzzi in the men's changing rooms

a couple of months ago i hooked up with a guy there ... and when i'm feeling like a local steam - i sometimes visit the 2nd most notorious gym

just like my last visit - there was a naked guy in the jacuzzi ... and after having a look at him ... he left the jacuzzi and followed me into the steam room ...

before long we were playing with ourselves ... and soon afterwards, i was standing over him with my "lad" in my hand, waiting to unload on him ... which he seemed to want ... so i did !

it was all very quick ... and afterward i had my shower and was out of the gym within about 15 mins of arriving !


21 January 2019

caught in the act

i was back in the notorious steam room again recently ... and whilst there were plenty of guys who were up for it ... there was always somebody who wasn't in the steam ...

there was one particular guy who seemed to be interested ... but then backed away from getting involved - i suspect he was a nervous steamer !

as well as the steam room - there is also plenty of action in the showers beside the steam room at this gym ... and whilst a couple of hot guys looked like they might be up for something ... they backed away ...

but one guy was definitely up for it ... and he had such a beautiful (partly engorged) uncut dick that i was seriously turned on ...

like lots of guys, i had my shower cubicle door open (i was at the end of shower corridor) ... and he came over and started playing with my equipment ... and i warned him that i would be shooting if he kept going ... and he kept going ... so i shot my load all over him ...

i find getting wanked off by a guy where i'm not actually touching myself a really strange love/hate sort of experience - maybe it's the loss of control that i find appealing / unappealing at the same time !

the trouble was that the nervous steamer walked towards us as the guy with the beautiful dick was manipulating me !  the closeted guy took a good look at what was happening ... but sadly didn't join in ...

maybe next time


19 January 2019

Coming Clean

This Kings Head Theatre production has a short run at the Trafalgar Studios, near Trafalgar Square - finishing on 2nd February.

Whilst the play was first performed in 1982, it still feels fresh - as the question for gay couples agreeing rules as to what extra curricular activities they are allowed, are as valid today as they were 37 years ago.  And whilst some reviewers have complained about a lack of depth - I thought that the focus on a single issue, using well developed characters, packed a serious punch.

Whilst the publicity photos feature the beautiful Tom Lambert, and the handsome Stanton Plummer-Cambridge, the other two actors Lee Knight and Elliot Hadley have larger roles (but aren't quite as photogenic).  Elliot's is the most accomplished of the actors, both in his main role, and his minor (german speaking) appearance towards the end.  Lee also puts in an ejoyable performance.

Tom really has a beautiful body that we see in it's full glory in the second half - and he's a decent actor too!  Stanton seemed a bit annoyed at appearing naked, and his performance seemed the weakest of the four actors.  The adverts for the play feature warnings/boasts about "full frontal nudity" - and you never know whether it's going to be natural or forced.  In The Inheritance the nudity was brief, unneccesary and seemily there just for titillation, whereas in 5 Guys Chillin it was much more natural that a play about gay sex should feature nudity - although I can't remember how much there actually was!

The nudity in Coming Clean was probably somewhere in between - it wasn't as brief as The Inheritance, so it didn't feel quite as tokenistic.  But I'm not sure it was actually needed or integral to the play.  However, I'm sure it helps sell tickets - and I'm sure the rather aged audience (of mostly gay men) when I attended appreciated it.  And if you want the best view - the seats on the right hand side (low numbers) are probably best!

Aside from the nudity (which may provide good "wank bank" fodder) - the play is definitely worth going to see, to explore the central issue.  Although if it was written today it would probably have been a single act 90 minute production - it really has aged incredibly well.


18 January 2019

rapid firings

it was a busy day ... i had a flight in the afternoon ... but i had time for a quick workout in the morning ... and a quick visit to the steam to see if there was a chance of any action ...

and there was !  and within a few minutes we had both shot our loads ...

but the guy seemed to want to chat afterwards ... and asked me what i was up to for the rest of the day ... so i honestly told him that i was catching a plane in a few hours !

he seemed a bit disappointed ... but i'm sure he got over it.


16 January 2019

perverted dreams

i guess i have some weird dreams ... but this one seemed particularly odd !

it may have been influenced by me watching a nature documentary just before going to bed - where animals were killing each other ...

but in my dream i had a fight with four guys (i'm not sure i've ever had a proper fight in real life) ... and i successfully beat them in my dream - knocked them all out !

but then i decided that i needed to leave them in embarassing positions ... so to humiliate two of them i wanked them off and left their dicks hanging out of their trousers ... and with the other two, i pissed on them, so it looked like they had pissed themselves !

how fucked up is that !!


14 January 2019

playing games after sex

i'd arranged to go on a date with this guy ... who turned out to be a bit younger looking and shorter than this profile pictures - but still cute

we had a pleasant enough time - he talked a lot, which i was quite happy with ... but i sort of knew that there weren't really any long term prospects with him ... but he was cute ... so obviously i wanted to see him naked !

after we'd been together a couple of hours, and as we approached an underground station - i asked him if he wanted to come back to my place ... which seemed to surprise him.  but he agreed.

the sex was reasonably good ... but he really seemed to want me to penetrate him bareback ... which just isn't something i'm prepared to do with a guy that i've never met before.

afterwards i asked him if he was on PreP - and him muttered a yes, but it wasn't really convincing ... which made me thankful that i had insisted on a condom.

he said that he finds it difficult to cum - possibly related to him rather small equipment (not that i'm a size queen) ... but then he said that he had masturbated that morning ... which didn't seem to add up

anyway, after we'd finished having sex, we had some great cuddling time - which i always enjoy.

but what was really weird was that after a lot of cuddling - he got out him mobile phone, and started playing a game !

i reckon that if they're playing a computer game straight after sex - it's a sign that they're definitely too young for me !!


12 January 2019

rent boy - again !

i've written before about the strange guy who advertises himself on the apps ... although i'm not sure if he actually gets any work !

he seems to be in one of my local steam rooms a lot recently ... and once again he seemed keen for me to produce a load for him ... which i duly obliged him with ...

but once again he didn't shoot himself ...

i really can't work him out !


10 January 2019

well done !

i was back in the notorious steam room recently ... and ended up in a corner with another guy who was up for it ...

we had to be discreet, as we couldn't tell for sure whether the guys over the far side were looking for action ... but thankfully there was enough steam that we could enjoy ourselves without disturbing / disgusting them !

i'm often aware that when an opportunity to have some fun in the steam presents itself, you need to get on and grab it - you never know when somebody will walk in and kill the moment ...

so it wasn't long before i was shooting my load ... which the guy beside me seemed to appreciate ...

as he patted me on the leg - almost like you do to a dog who has just performed a trick !