31 December 2015

crawling around the undergrowth

i was recently away on holiday with a friend ... and since we were sharing hotel rooms the opportunities for "fun" were quite limited ...

after about a week, I was getting seriously horny, and so when a cute guy wanted to meet up (and he coudn't host either), i suggested that we meet up at the beach ...

the trouble was there was quite a bright moon, and that the only cover was some bushes / trees at the back of the beach, near a cycle path !

we managed to climb in, but I had visions of us being killed by snakes / alligators ...

thankfully neither of those happened ... but it was a rather rushed, and not hugely satisfying encounter !

30 December 2015

STD haven ?

i had seen this guy online who seemed to live nearby ... and whilst he looked hot ... he was on PrEP, and seemed to engage in unsafe sex.

one evening i was feeling particularly horny, and thought that as long as i didn't partake in unsafe sex, i would be ok ... so i messaged him, and he agreed to come over - possibly after having sex with another guy (it wasn't clear) !

it was a reasonably enjoyable encounter, and he did try to initiate unsafe sex, but i was strong, and didn't give in !

a couple of days afterwards i noticed loads of little tiny wart like things on my hands.  it made me wonder if there was a connection.

thankfully they disappeared in about a week, without any treatment.