28 June 2017

why do some steam rooms not work ?

most of my steam room encounters happen at two different gyms (let's call them Gym1 and Gym2) ... the thing they have in common in that the steam room is located in men's changing room area ... so you aren't distrubed (either visually or literally) by women !

but there's another nearby gym with both a steam room and a sauna in the men's locker room ... but whilst i've had a little "low level" activty in Gym3, i've never had the same success as in the other two steam rooms ... so i tried to work out why ?

i wondered if it's because the Gym3 is a cheaper place - maybe the gays prefer higher class establishments ?
but the very first gym (let's call it Gym0) that i messed around in, and was an absolute mecca for gay guys, was in a cheap and cheerful gym - so i don't buy this argument.
in fact after Gym0 closed the male steam room, some of the regulars moved to Gym3 - but they didn't seem to last too long ...

another thing that's different about the steam room in Gym3 is that it's smaller than the others - maybe the close proximity of the door makes it too risky ?
i'm not sure i buy this either - it's amazing how quick one can cover up when interrupted !

the final thing i noticed about Gym3's steam room is that it's white !
the walls are white, the benches are white, the floor is white - it's blindingly white !!
maybe the colour means it's harder to hide.  or maybe colour influences behaviour - and we think we should behave "properly" in a white place - maybe it reminds us of whitewashed churches ?


26 June 2017


i was in the steam room at my local gym the other day ... it was coming up to closing time, so it was busy ...

eventually there was just one other guy (who i recognised from previous encounters) and myself ...

we started to pleasure ourselves ... i was getting close ... and he helped me get off ...

i was afraid that a guy who left his towel in the steam room would return before my "partner in crime" was able to get off ...

but with a little help from me ... he shot his load ...

and a couple of seconds later, the third guy slowly opened the steam room door and re-entered !

17 June 2017

heavy breathing

one of the characters in the play that i went to see recently, was the type of guy who breathes heavily / exaggeratedly when he's high ...

i think i encountered another in the steam room the other day !

i arrived quite late - not long before closing time ... so wasn't expecting to see any action ...

there was just one other guy there ... and before long it was clear he was horny ...

it wasn't me who came first - for a change !

possibly because he wasn't the most attractive of guys ever !!

but unlike others ... he was really decent ... and stayed to help me get off.

14 June 2017

Too Slow or Too Shy

i was in one of my local gyms the other day ... i had spotted a beautiful looking young guy enter the locker room from the gym, just as i was entering the steam room ...

before long, he appeared in the steam room ... but sat in the corner ... with his hand away from his crotch ... so i wasn't optimistic about potential.

after a while, it was just the two of us ... and i noticed that his hands moved to his crotch ... but he was still in the far corner ... so i still wasn't very optimistic.

a short time later he moved to get close to the steam machine (which was also closer to me) ... and he adjusted his crotch ... so i started to get a bit more interested.

next thing, he undid his towel, and rearranged it ... exposing his dick (not hard) ... which would be unusual for a guy who isn't interested.

after that he sat down not far from me ... and adjusted himself again !

i reckoned that was my cue ... so got up ... stood near to him ... and exposed myself ...

he quickly grabbed my hard dick ... and he opened his legs, and exposed his own hard dick !

as i lent down to play with his dick ... we kissed ... but he tasted a bit of garlic (lots of french people live in this part of town) ... so i didn't try it again !

he also seemed to enjoy sucking my dick.

shortly afterward we got interrupted.

once again, another example of the importance of not wasting time !

11 June 2017

Pump and Pause

as i arrived into the locker room of my local gym, i spotted a guy walking around in a towel, and clearly on the lookout !

before long i was in the steam room ... and shortly afterwards he arrived ...

we were the only ones there ... and it didn't take long for things to kick off ...

he was one of these guys who pumps their dick vigorously for a few seconds ... and then pauses for a few seconds ... and then starts pumping again !

he was sitting on the edge of the bench ... so his ass was accessible ... and he seemed to enjoy me manipulating it.  i did think - if we got interrupted - how could i extricated my finger from his ass and act all innocent !

i couldn't work out whether he actually wanted to shoot (he was possibly high) ... but i wasn't going to let that stop be ... and before long i was coming on his chest ...

as i sat down, exhausted from my exertions in the heat ... i thought maybe he had shot his  load as well ...

later on in the locker room, it was so quiet that i was able to ask him ... and he hadn't.

i guess that's another guy that i owe ! 

08 June 2017

wrap your hand around it

i was chatting to this guy on Grindr the other day, and he seemed keen to come over for some fun ...

his pics looked good ... but he kept asking for my exact address - but i don't give out my apartment number, as i always go down to the front door of the block, and check that they aren't crazy / completely off their face !

i was getting close to shutting him down, but he calmed down, and before long (and after tidying up my flat a bit) he arrived over.

quite a bit better looking than his pics - and without a beard - always good for me !

we got down to business straight away (it turned out that he was late to meet friends) ... and he was the sort of guy who clearly likes to enjoy these encounters ... which was great.

i was slightly worried that he might be a bare backer ... but i managed to stop things slipping in where they shouldn't !

i shot first ... and instead of him manipulating himself ... he said "wrap your hand around it" - pointing to his dick.  it wasn't the thickest of members, so it was quite easy to do that ... and before long he produced a lovely thick white output - although it didn't travel as far as mine !

05 June 2017

choking the chicken

the american sex advice columnist Dan Savage has talked about the need to stop guys only being able to jerk off with a death grip on their dicks ... but i don't think i had ever really experienced it until the other day at the gym ...

i think we should have hooked up in the steam room ... but he was probably too shy to do anything in front of another person ... which was a shame, as he was quite cute ...

but we ended up in shower cubicles opposite each other - how did that happen ?!

and he opened the door of his shower, so i could see him jerking ...

it was a reasonably pleasant sight ... and we both produced eruptions ... but man, did he have a death grip on his dick ... it looked painful !

02 June 2017

there were five in the steam room

one of my local gyms gets quite busy at lunchtime ... but usually there's a straight guy around to spoil the party ... so normally nothing happens ... or sometimes the way people end up spread around the steam room means nothing happens ...

the other day, after some comings and goings ... it ended up with five of us in the steam room ...

on my right - cute guy, terribly shy, somehow i chat to him on Squirt encouraging him
on my left - slightly camp, obviously up for it
further left - another shy guy i've seen before, definitely into guys
far side - too steamy to see, but adjusting himself, so looking positive

i've never seen a guy sitting in the far corner with enough balls to get things moving like this guy did ... so despite him not being my type (and i was quite happy that he was over the far side), i was impressed !

as quite often happens, i was the first guy to shoot ... followed soon after by the guy on my left ... and i think both the guy on the far side and the guy further to my left shot their loads as well ... although the steam was so thick it was hard to tell.

later that afternoon i was chatting on Squirt to the guy on my right, who sadly never ejaculated ... but he said he really enjoyed it.