31 August 2015

beach action

i've had an account on the website squirt for some time ... but I'm not sure that i've ever used it to actually meet a guy - it doesn't feature in my blog labels (up to now) !

i was visiting my parents in the town where i grew up, and since they live on a small street, in a relatively small town, where everybody knows everybody's business ... it's harder to have guys around for fun ...

so i thought i would check out the squirt listings to see what they recommended for places to meet guys ...

i was surprised to find that there is a nudist beach near my home town !

one sunny afternoon i drove over, and was amused to see a german car in the car parking area - good to see that the stereotype is alive and well :)

after a bit of a hike - i arrived on a beautiful, almost deserted beach ... and followed the squirt instructions (turn left for clothed, turn right for nudist) ...

i felt a bit guilty walking into the nudist section without stripping off - but there weren't that many people there (one woman and about a dozen guys) ... and since i was planning on contributing in other ways, i thought i could get away with it !

after a nice walk to the end and back, i spotted a guy at the start of the beach who showed some interest both times i walked past ... so i climbed up a sand dune to where he was camped out ...

there were a few other guys around also showing interest ... but i decided to stay with the first guy.  he was pleasant enough - and we both climaxed ... but i'm not sure how comfortable in his own skin he was.  maybe he was just a bit odd !

i will definitely try the beach again - in the hopes of an even more enjoyable encounter.

29 August 2015

Foreign encounter with a sad guy

After almost of week travelling around southeast europe, I finally found a guy that I felt comfortable meeting up with, and who wanted to meet me !

I went over to his place, and we started chatting. He worked for a charity that promoted minority rights - and he worked on promoting LGB rights ...

There was something quite sad about him ... I'm not sure if he was sad that in his home country it's quite hard to be gay (although he told me that it's worse in the neighbouring countries) ... and that he couldn't leave (not being a member of the EU, he can't easily move) ... or maybe he was sad that he didn't have a boyfriend, and was reduced to sexual encounters ... or maybe he was sad that I wasn't more fit !

Anyway, after a good chat, we got down to business ... and sorted each other out.

After I'd left, I asked him (through the app) why we hadn't gone into his bedroom for fun ... and he replied that he never takes guys into his bedroom ... which sounds a bit sad to me !

15 August 2015

When arrangements go wrong

I've written before about a local guy that I've met a good few times over the years ...

In the past I've always gone to his place, but we recently arranged for him to come over to mine ... since I don't have to worry so much about making sexual noises in my apartment !

He was going to have a shower and come over ... but before I heard from him again, I decided that since I had a bit of a cold, it's wasn't a good idea to meet up (and it wasn't fair to give it to him) ... so I texted him to let him know that I was calling a raincheck ...

It turned out he had already texted me, and was standing outside my apartment block ... but his text messages hadn't arrived.

This was obviously far from ideal ... and I apologised ... but his reaction was quite surprising.  He accused me of getting a better offer, and said he never wanted to have any contact again.

Considering how many times that we have met over the last few years - I thought he might give me the benefit of the doubt ... especially since it's quite possible that we will bump into each other - he only lives a few streets away ...

Next time I need to cancel - I will make sure that the guy hasn't already left home (I thought he would have told me before he left) ... and I will also make it clear that I'm not ditching him for a better offer !

12 August 2015


I recently met a guy for an encounter which including him performing quite a bit of rimming ...

Shortly afterwards my ass started to hurt ... and I thought that he had given my an STD ...

Whenever I go for a sexual health check, they always want to know where my partners are from ... presumably because HIV and STDs are more prevalent in certain countries ... This guy was from Russia, and he was married ... so I don't know if that put me at a greater risk ...

After a couple of days of resigning myself to a visit to my local clap clinic ... I started to wonder if it was actually just beard rash !

After a few more days, the discomfort went away - so I'm now convinced that I had beard rash on my ass from a rimmer !

10 August 2015

Economy with the truth - busted !

I know I'm not alone in shaving a couple of years off my age on dating apps / profiles !

It gets me below one of the zeros - which people use for filtering potential dates ... So it opens up more options :)

And it really is only a couple of years - and I'm pretty sure I can get away with looking a couple of years younger than my actual age !

The trouble is that when you check into a hotel / hostel ... the reception staff normally take your passport details - including your date of birth ...

And when you see that same receptionist on dating apps shortly afterwards ... your economy with the truth is totally busted !!

09 August 2015

Have you been a Master before ?

I posted recently about an encounter where I was asked if I had previously fisted ... they say things come in threes ... well the other day I had another "have you ever" ... this time it was "been a master" ...

Once again, the trouble is that whilst I've had Dom/Sub elements to encounters - I don't think I've ever had a full encounter as a Master !

We did meet up - and he was particularly keen on feet ... Not something that does it for me ... But if he finds it enjoyable - who am I to deprive him ...

Whilst the whole encounter was vaguely enjoyable - I don't think I will be rushing back for more !