28 February 2017

getting him off ...

i've written before about focusing on a guy's dick in the steam room when i don't really like the rest of him ...

but the other day i found myself masturbating a guy off ... and letting him suck me ... even though he wasn't really my type ...

i enjoyed seeing his dick explode ... but i wasn't interested in getting off myself.

weird sensation for me - usually i'm the one who needs to shoot !

25 February 2017

no touching

i keep an eye on the gyms i go to on Squirt ... and a guy posted on there, and we started exchanging messages ...

he said he was partnered - but wouldn't say with a man or a woman ... and said that he had only ever had non touching fun in the steam room ...

eventually we managed to both get ourselves in the steam room at the same time ... and i realised that he was a hot guy that i had clocked before - really fit, quite handsome, and with a touch of greying hair that can be really hot.

the first couple of times in the steam together there was always a "cock blocker" and nothing happened ... in the mean time i had spotted him in the gym working out - and noticed that he checked out the other fit guys ... which made me wonder if he was partnered with a man ...

eventually we ended up in the steam room together alone ... and i touched his beautifully smooth, slightly muscled legs ... but he pushed me away.  neither of us shot our loads - either there, or in the showers later when we were opposite each other.

afterwards we exchanged messages, and i asked him if i had freaked him out ... he denied it, and just said it "wasn't my thing".

what a waste - beautiful guy - clearly horny as hell - shame he won't touch ... because i'm not sure i can jerk off with him without touching him ! 

22 February 2017

department store

i had finished at the gym ... without seeing any action in the steam room ... so i was on Grindr looking for some fun ...

i was running out of time, and a guy replied ... saying that he was at work ... but that there was a toilet beside the Underwear section on the Menswear floor that wasn't checked by security ...

so i headed across the road to see if we could get it on ... and he was already in the toilet ... which sort of made me wonder if he actually worked there ... or maybe he was just spending the afternoon waiting for some action !

he had a nice dick, and was tall and slim ... so it didn't take me long to shoot my load - he wanted it on his ass, and i complied with his request.  he wasn't too far behind me - shooting his load on the floor.

we cleaned up - and i headed out.  not the most satisfying encounter ever - but i've had a lot worse !

19 February 2017


i'd seen this guy in the steam room before, and thought he was probably up for fun ... and the other day i found myself alone with him in the steam room ... his hands were in his crotch ... which is usually a good sign ... but they weren't moving ... oh well - you win some you lose some ...

but then his hands started moving ... and then his hard dick appeared ... and we were off !

he looks a bit like paintings of Jesus - shoulder length salt and pepper hair, and an incredibly lean body - six pack style !

after playing with his dick, i moved to his balls, and below his (lovely) dick - and was surprised to find a huge bulge underneath.  i think this tends to happen in older guys - it was quite fun to play with.  he also had lovely nipples !

before too long he was obviously getting close - and i found it amusing that he actually looked at his own (beautiful) body as he approached ejaculation.  he shot a decent amount.

unlike some guys - he was happy to let me scoop up his cum and use it as lube for my own masturbation ... and he waited around for me to shoot.

afterwards, i said "nice" ... and he also said "nice" !

maybe we can repeat this nice experience again another time ...

Epilogue - a couple of days later, as i arrived in the gym, i saw him in the lobby ... i nodded towards him but he didn't really respond ... and a few minute later i saw him leaving with another guy - who i suspect is his boyfriend !

17 February 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

a few days ago i went to the gym - thought it would be nice and quiet, what with the day that was in it ... but it wasn't - i guess there's lots of singles at my gym, or they value their workouts over their other halves !

in the steam room afterwards, there were four of us who were clearly up for it ... but there kept being one guy who wasn't ... same old story ...

eventually we found ourselves "alone" ... one guy got a bit freaked out - so he moved to the other side of the steam room on his own - but kept watching ...

then something happened which i've never seen before - two of the guys started really going for it together - snogging / holding each other / almost lying side by side / wanking themselves off ...

they didn't want anybody else touching them ... and as far as i could tell (from watching afterwards as well) they weren't a couple and they didn't know each other !

this was so hot, it didn't take long for me to explode ... followed by one of the "couple" ... and then the other ...

but just as the third guy was shooting ... another bloke (in swimming trunks - so presumably not interested in man fun) opened the door and walked in !

i don't think i've ever seen anybody busted at the exact moment he was shooting ...

as long as you don't count that time i got busted at the thermal baths !

16 February 2017

amsterdam originals

i had chatted to this guy a few days beforehand on Scruff, when he had wanted an immediate hookup ... but it was late, and he was over a mile away ... and i had put him off ...

so we agreed to meet a couple of days later ... and he was keen to experience my urine !

once i arrived into the rather nice flat where he was staying (he had mentioned that his landlady was away) ... he asked if i wanted to use poppers - and emphasised that he only used "amsterdam originals" - not the cheap english ones !

i know i'm not very well versed in the drug scene - but it was the first time I'd ever heard discussion about the merits of different types of poppers ... it's amazing what you learn on gay hookups !  despite his encouragement - i declined.

it's wasn't a great hookup - whilst the guy wasn't bad looking, and had a nice dick - he was rather selfish.  once he realised that i hadn't been drinking (so my piss wouldn't be diluted) he lost interest in that, and quickly shot his load ... and wasn't really interested in assisting me with my ejaculation.

the next day when i looked at Scruff again, i noticed that our chat history had disappeared - he'd either blocked me, or deleted his profile !  i'm not overly upset about missing out on meeting him again.

14 February 2017

tinder guy

i recently went on a date with a guy from tinder ... and whilst i was keen to meet up again, he said he was really busy for the following 10 days, and couldn't meet.  i suspected he was playing games, and wanted to appear to be unavailable.

eventually we sorted out a time to meet up ... but it turned out that he's one of these guys who fuss around with meeting arrangements ... he moved the time to suit himself (again it appeared he was trying to appear popular - or maybe it was to exert authority) ... and generally fuss around.

when we met, we went for a bit of a walk, and he wanted to get some food, so after rejecting my first suggestion, we found somewhere that met his requirements.  we'd previously agreed that we were meeting for sex - and whilst i don't consider myself a wham-bam sort of a bloke, the delay seemed to be going on for ages !

i find it interesting to see whether people arriving into my flat notice the piles of shoes by the front door, and that i always take off mine as soon as i arrive.  most guys do notice, and remove their own shoes off.  this guy didn't - which is quite often an indication that a person is wrapped up in their own world.

soon after we arrived he seemed keen to get down to business ... but once we got naked, after some initial wood ... he lost his stiffness.  he said he was really nervous.  he's in his mid/late twenties, and i'm not sure how many guys he's been with - so maybe it's a credible excuse.  he'd also messaged me earlier that day and asked if i was "excited" - which could have been him expressing his nervousness.

he was reasonably good in bed, but i couldn't get him hard again.  after a while he said he wanted me to shoot - so i did.

as usual, i wanted some post sex cuddling ... which he seemed happy to indulge in ... and told me that i was "very romantic" for wanting to cuddle.  i'm not sure i've ever been accused of being romantic before !

before too long we were both getting hard again (maybe the cuddling helped relax him) ... and next thing he's shooting an enormous load ... which obviously makes me shoot again !

it was a strange session.  he's got a lovely body, and i do like seeing a guy shoot a big load ... but i'm not sure i could be bothered with his juvenile games. 

11 February 2017

there were three in the steamroom ...

whilst i don't participate in shower cubicle groups ... i don't avoid steam room sessions with more than one guy ...

the other day i was in the steam room, and after a few departures there were two other guys and myself ... and it was obvious the others were both up for it ... not least because i've played with one of them a few times before !

the trouble was that the really cute guy (that i've played with before) was on the far side of me ... and whilst the guy between us was ok, i really wanted to get my hands on the cute guy !

so, by standing up between them i got to play with the nearby guy's impressively thick dick ... and i got to kiss and play with the really cute guy ...

before long i was expressing my enjoyment in liquid form ...

soon followed by the thick dick guy ...

quickly followed by the cute guy.

afterwards i went for a shower, got changed and headed off ... but i noticed that the cute guy was still hanging around the steam room ... maybe one shooting is not enough for him !

08 February 2017

Tinder date

it had been a few months since my last proper date ... but this guy on Tinder seemed keen to meet up ... and after a month of failing to lock down a time, we finally agreed timings to meet for a drink.

he obviously didn't want to be first in the bar - about 15 mins before we were due to meet he started messaging me on WhatsApp to find out how far away i was.  it was a bit silly - but i don't mind being the first one at a bar - it means i can buy the first drinks, and can escape (with a clear conscience) if i don't want to have a second drink !

he turned out to be cuter than his profile pics, and very easy to chat to.

after one drink he asked about going to get some food, and suggested Nandos - which i was very happy with !  and again, the conversation flowed easily.

however, it turned out that he wasn't looking for a relationship - he seemed more interested in a fuck buddy arrangement.  and he broached a wide range of sexual compatability issues.

this was fine - but it seemed strange for a tinder person.  i had previously asked him (on Tinder) if he had another app/website profile, so i could check compatability - and he said that he didn't (which i think is probably true).  he prefers to meet and chat with a guy before having sex - so he uses Tinder.

we're due to meet up again soon - maybe we will become FBs ! 

05 February 2017

you're my third guy

i recently chatted to a guy on Manhunt ... and after exchanging facepics we decided to meet up ... and agreed for him to come over to my place a few days later ...

he turned out to be smaller and slimmer than i expected ... and maybe not quite as good looking.

i almost didn't bring him up to my flat - but thought that i would at least give him a drink, and have a chat - he didn't look like the type who would freak out if i decided later that i didn't want to do anything with him !

after a bit of a chat on the couch, we went next door to the bedroom ... and fairly early on he mentioned that i was only the third guy that he'd had sex with !

a couple of months ago i hooked up with a young guy, who turned out to be pretty damn good ... and for only his third man on man action, this guy was fairly accomplished - he didn't just lie back and wait for it to happen, he was a decent kisser and although he wouldn't do oral at least he didn't expect to receive it.

one way in which he was obviously inexperienced was his shyness about his body.  he got really embarassed when i told him he had a beautiful dick (he really did have), and he said that he would prefer to have the light off - but he accepted when i told him that i never have sex without being able to see the guy i'm with.

the last time i penetrated a guy, i used a cock ring for the first time - and since it worked well, i thought i would try it again with this guy.  the trouble is that although this guy had a nice dick, i don't think i was that turned on, and it didn't work as well :(

we did both generate respectable cumshots - and unlike the last guy, this one clearly loved post coital cuddling.  before too long we were both horny again - although this time he didn't shoot (he'd masturbated a few hours before coming over to my place - idiot), i produced another load.

again we spent some time cuddling and chatting.  after a while he had a shower, and went off to get his bus home.

nice enough guy - i hope other blokes he meets are nice to this newbie.

02 February 2017

paying back a debt

my most recent steam room encounter ended up with me cumming, and the other guy missing out ...

it turned out that the next day i bumped into him again in the steam room ... and since i had a guy due to come round that evening, i didn't want to shoot ... but he seemed very horned up ...

i moved towards him and he started feeling my ass and legs ... and despite the cleaner being right outside the steam room ... he kept playing with himself.

before long, he shot his load, with me standing in front of him.

i think that counts as my debt being paid !