03 November 2007

straight guys debating how gay they are ?

i was at another wedding recently - mostly traditional, but with some modern elements [lesbian bridesmaid, and a gay guy as her "attendant"] ... and i kept hearing the straight men asking each other how gay they were ... maybe they were just unused to being around an openly gay bloke - the attendant !

i have occasionally seen the odd email quiz or website circulated, with a list of questions ... which result in a gayness percentage ... but i've never heard it being discussed by so many blokes ...

i did seem to get eyed up by quite a few guys ... so maybe they weren't as straight as they professed ... or maybe they were just suspicious that i didn't have a bird on my arm !

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GB said...

OK, I confess I clicked on the link and did the Channel 4 homo test. And the result, only 43% gay :-(! But on the positive side, it said I'm a happy and well adjusted homo guy, so that sounds good :-).

GB xxx