29 January 2008

what to do if a guy hits on your boyfriend ?

so what is the etiquette if a guy keeps hitting on your boyfriend ?

a bit of attention is all very well, but after a while it gets a seriously annoying ...

punching the irritant seems a bit excessive, but maybe it's the best option !


GB said...

So you're still alive close encounters LOL! I reckon, if a guy keeps hitting on your bf, it's a compliment. After all, he's your bf, not his :-).

GB xxx

Monty said...

I'd still be a bit concerned if it's obvious that you are both together and this dude is still hitting on your b/f. Tell him to F*ck off, and if that doesn't work, then biff him one! LOL

Congrats on getting yourself a B/F by the way! :-)

Unknown said...

i think in situations where your boyfriend is hit on, repeatedly, when you're right there... the onus is on the boyfriend to do what feels necessary. i would, and have in the past, express my gratitude for the attention and draw my partner closer to reassure him i'm with him and to show that mother fucker flirt he's nice but not nice enough.

is that fair?