15 August 2010

another encounter with the local bloke ...

i had met a bloke a couple of times last month ... and he contacted me on grindr the other day asking if i was up for some fun ...

i couldn't accomm, but luckily he could, so i went over to his place ...

his flatmates were out, which was just as well, as his bedroom was quite small, so they would have heard what was going on !

his bed was quite a lot higher than mine, so it offered different opportunities for positions than mine afforded ! however it was a single, so it was a bit short of space, but that was sort of fun too !

we tried some different stuff, and he ended up coming using a rather unconventional technique ... but whatever works i guess !

as usual, we had some good cuddling time afterwards ... the only trouble was that by this time, one of his flatmates was using the bathroom, so we couldn't have a shower together !

i wonder how many encounters it takes before you can call a bloke a fuck buddy ?!

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