31 October 2012

foreign encounter of the pleasant kind ...

i was on holiday recently and inevitably got horny ... whilst gay sex is apparently illegal in the country, judging by the amount of guys on different websites, the law is clearly ignored !

the most popular website in this country appears to be Manjam - not one that I use very often ... and unfortunately it's blocked by the main hotel wifi provider :(

however guys do use the other apps and websites, and i eventually agreed to meet a guy who seemed very keen ...

i had been worried about guys coming over to my hotel room, but i thought this guy was worth the risk ... he turned out to be a bit older than his pics, and not quite as hot, but still damn good.  one of the hardest abs that i've ever seen ... and generally a beautifully lean body ..

he seemed fairly turned on initially, but said that he'd already had a couple of wanks that day, so he wouldn't be ejaculating - which was disappointing !  however, it had been a couple of weeks for me, so it didn't stop me covering him ;)

afterwards we had a bit of a chat and some pleasant cuddling.

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