11 January 2014

Date - Encounter

I'd been contacted by this guy on Jack'd who was a lot younger than me, and younger than i normally go for ... but in the interest of broading one's experiences, i continued chatting to him ...

After a few weeks of occasional chats, we agreed to meet up ... fun was definitely on the agenda ... but it was also a sort of date !

He turned out to be very young - his pics had made him look more mature than his age suggested ... but he was really not that mature :(

We went for a walk (via a couple of shops that I need to go to), and had a decent chat ...
Nice enough guy, but really the difference in life experience of somebody that young (not that I'm really that old!) was too much - he hadn't really even been into central london, despite living on the fringes.  He kept asking about my favourite films.

He had his first boyfriend at the age of 16 and has always been into older guys.

Once we got back to my place we did pleasure each other, and it was an enjoyable enough encounter ... but i doubt i'll be seeing him again.


GB said...

"... a lot longer than me ... "? In the trouser department?? LOL!

GB xxx

close encounters said...

thanks GB - now corrected :)