30 November 2015

what counts as cheating ?

i was recently enjoying myself in the gym steam room ... where there was a guy who appeared to be gay, but didn't partake ... so i guess he might be partnered ...

which made me think ... what counts as cheating ?

if you watch other guys wanking off, but don't do it yourself ?
if you wank yourself off (whilst watching other guys) but don't touch them ?
if you let another guy touch your nipples, but don't let him touch your dick ?
if a guy asks you to turn around so he can see your ass ... so he can wank off (but not close enough to shoot on you) ?
if a guy asks you to part your cheeks so he can see your asshole ?

where do you draw the line ?!


Bruce said...

And one extreme is that some people think that just thinking about sex with another is cheating while others think that full on sex is isn't cheating unless you get emotionally attached. For me, though, cheating is less defined by you but by your partner. Even through its name, cheating is a breach of a contract and the terms are set less by the individual but by the party you're in contract with. So it depends on what the partner defines as cheating. However, there's a difference between what constitutes as cheating for a specific couple and what an individual is comfortable with doing before he feels like a cheater

close encounters said...

Bruce - whilst you may be right, I wonder how many couples actually get into the specific details of what each person thinks cheating looks like ?!

it's a glib comment - but I like Dan Savage's response when asked if he had cheated on his husband ... "when i cheat on my partner, he's cheating on me at the same time at the other end of the same guy" !