28 May 2016

a Tindr date

a good few weeks ago, i started chatting to a guy on Tindr ... the trouble with Tindr (compared with dedicated gay dating apps) is that you don't get a lot of informaiton about what the guy is into when it comes to sex ...

we moved the discussion from Tindr to WhatsApp ... and we agreed to meet up at a bar ...

i came up with a trendy bar (that a friend of mine suggested) ... and we met there - but it was a bit too trendy, so we went down the street to a proper british boozer !

he was a nice guy, and really easy to chat to.

he was supposed to be staying the night at a friend's place - but i convinced him to stay the night at my place ... although he insisted there wouldn't be any action !

we went to bed in our underwear ... there was a bit of kissing and cuddling - and he clearly was aroused ... but we didn't have any sex.

afterwards he stopped communicating ... but a couple of weeks later, he reappared on WhatsApp and said that there had been a death in his family, and he had been back to Asia for the funeral.

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