29 November 2017

warning signs

one of the gyms in the chain that i belong to used to be a notorious mecca for gay guys ... but the company worked hard to straighten it out ... by removing one of the steam rooms ... putting a big glass front on the other one ... and posting signs warning that the area is "monitored" !

the equipment isn't as good as other gyms, so i haven't visited it much ... but i thought i really should check it out to compare the steam room experience ... especially as one of my regular gyms is currently being refurbished, and the steam room isn't operational !

a couple of weeks ago i tried the notorious gym ... but whilst there were obviously gay guys in the steam, it just didn't seem to happen ... maybe i didn't meet their requirements ...

the other day i tried again, and this time it definitely did happen !

one guy was keen to suck me ... but it was a rather unsatisfactory blow job - he just wasn't putting enough suction into it !

later on, the same guy was lying face down ... and clearly wanted his ass played with ... so i did ...

and soon afterwards he was sucking me again ... and i decided it was time he got a present ... so i shot my load on his chest ... which seemed to inspire another guy to do the same ... and possibly a third - i couldn't quite see !

with another two guys shooting off together on the other side ... it was one of the best steam room encounters i've had in a while ...

i may have to go back !


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