30 August 2007

why do some gay couples get married in identical clothes ?

last month's Channel 4 film Clapham Junction reminded me of my dislike at seeing a couple get married in identical suits ... and it made me wonder why people have this sudden loss of good taste [you would never see them walking down the street, or going to a party wearing identical clothes] ? this behaviour is only acceptable for young twins, and even then, only just !

i haven't been to many Civil Partnership ceremonies, so have no idea how widespread this unpleasant behaviour is ... any information on the extent of this problem would be gratefully received !


Tales of the City said...

I agree. Its poor taste - where is the individuality in the relationship? I wore Paul Smith, he wore Kilgour (which he ripped when he fell over drunk in Sicily).

close encounters said...

glad to hear that i'm not the only one to find it distasteful !

Anonymous said...

I agree too!

btw, you deal with so many good questions in your blog! I'll keep an eye on it.

GBD xxx

Joshua Carrey said...

Hey, I am attempting to break free from my frigid shackles to become a shameless man-wench!

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