17 July 2007

do all gay relationships end up sexless ?

when i hear people talking about friends in long term gay male relationships, almost all of them seem to be sexless ... which begs the questions:

i) what proportion of gay relationships do end up sexless ?

ii) is it higher for gay male relationships than for straights ?

any information either anecdotal or evidence based would be welcome !


Tales of the City said...

That would be telling.. to be honest it does decrease.. in my case I had a good run for the 1st 5 years..
Btw we are having a mini-bloggers meeting tonight in the City if you are interested (Thursday).

Poobaba said...

Hi there, I'm an avid reader of your blog and have you on my blog roll, I was wondering if you'd return the favour. I've also just posted something that relates to your question about gay relationships ending up sexless.


Guy In London said...

Hey Chris, now I've gone private, mail me at guy-in-london@hotmail.co.uk if you want an invite.