13 May 2012

once more unto the breach ...

After meeting a guy who seemed intent on having as much sex as possible to get over his recent break up ... I guess it wasn't surprising that I would start feeling unwell ...

The symptoms were painful and unpleasant (presumably contracted through him rimming me), and I tried to ignore them ... but even when the symptoms abated, I still felt awful ... so I finally made an appointment at my local clap clinic.  I had previously used their Saturday open clinic when meant that I didn't have to phone them up and talk to anybody ... but this time, I couldn't avoid it, and had the joy of standing on the pavement outside my office on my mobile phone describing my symptoms to the receptionist !

It turned out to be a much quicker way of getting to see a doctor, and gave much better flexibility on appointment timing.  It turns out that I had Chlamydia and a week of antibiotics (fully completed to avoid helping it become antibiotic resistant) cleared me up in short order.  Why I didn't go to the clinic as soon as the symptoms started ?!

Being the (relatively) responsible person that I am, of course I contacted the only bloke who could have given it to me ... and he texted me back soon afterwards saying that he was clear ... what bullshit.

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