30 April 2012

recently single

i was chatting on Grindr to this guy who turned out to be recently single ... he seemed keen to meet up for some fun ... and his pics showed that he had a particularly attractive feature !

so we agreed that he would come over to my place later that day ...

when he arrived, he turned out to be rather heavier than his pic suggested, and rather strangely dressed ... but not a bad looking guy ...

his kissing was rather wet and slobbery, and he seemed very keen to get on with things ... so we headed to my bedroom ... the particularly attractive feature that i'd seen in his pic, was nice, but again he seemed to be in a rush ...

whilst the act itself was reasonably pleasant, it was over rather quickly !

afterwards we chatted for a while, and had a bit of cuddling ... discussing relationships, breakups, jobs etc.

before long he was heading off.  i don't plan to meet him again.

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