22 July 2012

short guy ... big ...

I had chatted to this guy on gayromeo for quite a while, but hadn't managed to meet up ... but finally we sorted it out - although even that was painful as he didn't have any credit left on his mobile, so we had to arrange things through the website whilst he was on wifi !

We met at the tube station, and as we both seemed happy with each other, we walked back to my place.  I've lived in this city long enough to get used to people for whom english is not their first language - in fact I quite enjoy it (it forces one to change vocabulary), but this guy's english really wasn't great.

However, once we were back at my flat, and started getting down to business, of course it didn't really matter.  He was quite a sweet guy, and I knew that he was well endowed from his underwear shots on gayromeo, but I'd forgotten what a really big dick is like !

I'm definitely not a size queen, but it is fun to play with a big one from time to time - although they can be quite difficult to manipulate.  Whilst we had a good time - I'm looking forward to going back to more normal sized blokes in future ...

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