31 August 2012

forgive give, it's been 8 months since my last ...

a friend recently introduced me to a new app for meeting guys ... and since it's relatively new (and is still gaining a following), you get to see guys all over london (rather than a thousand guys within 1km!) ...

so it was that i ended up chatting to a guy who lives near the southbank in the centre of town ... and i somehow ended up going on a date with him!  i've been quite bad lately, and tend to meet guys for fun, rather actually going for a proper date - it looks like it's been about 8 months since my last date.

we both arrived at the pub around the same time, and the fact that he recognised me better than i did him suggested that my pics were more acurrate than his!  his profile pics were really cute, but i suspect a good few years old - he wasn't nearly as hot in person compared to his pics :(

after the initial disappointment, we sat down for a drink, and he turned out to be a really interesting guy - we had a lot of similar interests, and he had plenty of challenging takes on the world!  after a couple of pints, we went for a meal nearby.

all very pleasant, but the killer is that i just didn't fancy him.

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