29 August 2015

Foreign encounter with a sad guy

After almost of week travelling around southeast europe, I finally found a guy that I felt comfortable meeting up with, and who wanted to meet me !

I went over to his place, and we started chatting. He worked for a charity that promoted minority rights - and he worked on promoting LGB rights ...

There was something quite sad about him ... I'm not sure if he was sad that in his home country it's quite hard to be gay (although he told me that it's worse in the neighbouring countries) ... and that he couldn't leave (not being a member of the EU, he can't easily move) ... or maybe he was sad that he didn't have a boyfriend, and was reduced to sexual encounters ... or maybe he was sad that I wasn't more fit !

Anyway, after a good chat, we got down to business ... and sorted each other out.

After I'd left, I asked him (through the app) why we hadn't gone into his bedroom for fun ... and he replied that he never takes guys into his bedroom ... which sounds a bit sad to me !

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