15 August 2015

When arrangements go wrong

I've written before about a local guy that I've met a good few times over the years ...

In the past I've always gone to his place, but we recently arranged for him to come over to mine ... since I don't have to worry so much about making sexual noises in my apartment !

He was going to have a shower and come over ... but before I heard from him again, I decided that since I had a bit of a cold, it's wasn't a good idea to meet up (and it wasn't fair to give it to him) ... so I texted him to let him know that I was calling a raincheck ...

It turned out he had already texted me, and was standing outside my apartment block ... but his text messages hadn't arrived.

This was obviously far from ideal ... and I apologised ... but his reaction was quite surprising.  He accused me of getting a better offer, and said he never wanted to have any contact again.

Considering how many times that we have met over the last few years - I thought he might give me the benefit of the doubt ... especially since it's quite possible that we will bump into each other - he only lives a few streets away ...

Next time I need to cancel - I will make sure that the guy hasn't already left home (I thought he would have told me before he left) ... and I will also make it clear that I'm not ditching him for a better offer !

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