15 August 2016

upgraded STD clinic

my local STD clinic was a bit run down, and last time i was there getting a Hep B vaccination, they mentioned that they would be moving into a separate building (at that stage they were in part of my local hospital).

the other day I went back for what will hopefully be my final Hep B injection - although it will take another couple of months before i find out whether they worked this time ...

the new building is very pleasant - it feels more like a fancy office block than a clap clinic !  on the outside there is barely a mention of what it is !

thankfully the obnoxious receptionists weren't on either the main entrance reception or the floor which i visited (although i did see one of them on another floor as my lift opened to let out another person - so sadly he hasn't left).

there used to be a special time allocated to "men who have sex with men" - but this is no longer available - we seem to have moved down the pecking order !  to get a separate "service" - you now have to fall into one of the following categories:

Specialist sexual difficulty - although it's not clear what constitutes one
Learning disability
Adult entertainment worker
Viral hepatisis
Under 19 years old
Black or Minority Ethnic

as well as getting my Hep B injection, i also had a full STD testing - and it turns out that they now want you to do your own throat and anal swabs.  the nurse who took my blood in fact did my throat swab, whilst i had the pleasure of visiting the bathroom to do an anal swab (and piss in a bottle). doing my own anal swab felt odd !

anwyay, the good news is that despite losing my urine sample, they found it a couple of hours later ... and all of the test results are clear.

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