30 September 2016

a strange date

the other day a guy contacted me on Scruff ... but i forgot to reply ... and it was only the next day on the way to the gym that i messaged him back.

we exchanged a few messages, and it turned out that we were both free later on that evening, so we decided to meet up ... and he suggested going for a drink !

it had been a few months since i was on a proper date, and i wasn't really dressed for meeting a guy (and i needed a haircut), but why not ...

i waited outside the tube station, and as guys who i didn't find attractive walked towards me, i kept thinking "i hope this isn't him" ... not helped by Scruff only allowing you to see the most recent chats, so i couldn't look at the facepic that he'd previously sent !

he arrived a few minutes late, and he looked like a nice enough guy ... so we headed off to find a bar.  we had a pint in the bar, and the conversation was good ... so when they started closing the bar, i asked him if he wanted to come back to mine for a drink ...

he agreed, but said that "nothing would happen" ... and since i wasn't massively attracted to him, it didn't worry me too much.

after quite a few drinks at my place and some really interesting conversation (nothing more than an odd kiss) ... he decided to stay the night ... wearing his underwear !

during the night there was some fumbling ... but no ejactulations.

the next morning i walked him to the tube station.

interesting guy, but i doubt i will ever see him again.

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